Red Heart Survey Chapter 1342

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On the large bed, Liang Jiu lay on his back and panted slightly, his face flushed.

The upper body is naked, showing in the air, below the waist, hidden in the bedding.

A slender finger, walking around his chest, painted meaningless symbols.

The woman wearing a faceless mask, holding her forehead with her other hand, is just half curled up next to it...


The curve is exquisite, like a clever pen outline.

Feng and thin, like a delicacy... and the bedding supporting her is the dinner plate.

Liang Jiu is already full.

I don’t want to move a finger anymore.

But the slender jade finger walking on the chest seems to have some magical power.

He couldn't help but look to the side, the mountains and the water.

Sink into the mountains and sink into the water.

"What are you looking at?" the woman asked in a charming voice.

Liang Jiu looked at her idiotically, couldn’t help but his Adam’s apple rolled, swallowed, and muttered: "Can I see you under the mask? I want to see you, want to see You are more, I want to remember everything about you..."

"No way." Yanzi refused without the slightest hesitation.

In response to Liang Jiu’s somewhat lost eyes, he scratched his nose and explained: "Fool. I'm protecting you, forgot my nickname?"

Human Demon Fifth, revealing Human Demon, revealing will kill people.

Like cold water pouring through, Liang Jiu suddenly woke up from that dreary lust, and fear appeared in his eyes.

The swallow gently touched his face, bringing a soft and charming feeling like a smoke and a dream: "Be good, don't be afraid, elder sister is reluctant to hurt you."

" I understand." Liang Jiu said with tears in his eyes, "I don't know how to live without you..."

"foolish child." The swallow pressed his chest, listening to his heartbeat: "Without me, you have to live well, because I want you to live well..."

Swallow closed his eyes: "Because I really like you, really, miss you so much..."

The mask clung to the chest without any discomfort, just like...a human face.

Liang Jiu has long been accustomed to this feeling, feeling that he is trapped in a certain kind of happiness, softly said: "elder sister, we want to be together forever..."

"Always more Far away? Can we have what we want?" Swallow pressed against his chest and asked softly: "If someone wants to kill me, what will happen to you?"

Liang Jiu gritted his teeth: "I will kill him!"

Swallow asked again: "If even I can't match that person?"

"Then I will die in front of you." Liang Jiudao .

"You are so kind..."

The swallow whispered, and the voice went down, down, and down—hiss!


The door was kicked open.

Jiang Wang, dressed in azure clothes, walked in and uncovered his cloak, revealing his increasingly sharp face. Putting away the lead stick, pulling out the Sauvignon Blanc, politely said: "Excuse me."

Surprised and angry Liang Jiu, who turned his head, was instantly stunned!

How could he forget Yu Songhai?

He will always remember Yu Songhai!

In that bloody night, this man walked out in the dark. In the hands of the four Human Demons, he rescued Feng Ming and broke the lock Great Mountain Formation...

How much he hoped that Yu Songhai saved him!

He thinks he will be grateful, and pay back the work extremely hard for the rest of his life.

But the hero's shot was only a moment, and the ray of light did not shine on him.

In the beginning, I could only save people and run away, but today I can chase and kill the door with my sword?

This is genius?

This is the hero?

Is this the real protagonist of this world?

And he is humble like a reptile, and he has to hug his life...what is it?

Liang Jiu jumped up from the bed, naked, opened his arms and rushed towards Jiang Wang, angrily roared: "Swallow, go!"

cold light flashed past.

He held his neck with both hands and fell directly from the air, blood continuously rushing out of his fingers.

He fell to the ground in a kneeling position, his head knocked on the floor, his eyes startled, and he crossed his arms, just looking at the direction of the window.

The world is upside-down...

He only saw an afterimage, disappearing outside the window.

Then it was the back of Yu Songhai Zongjian chasing out.

No one left a word for him.

No one, look at him more.

This is what the world is like.



"Surname Jiang! We meet on a narrow road, life and death are divided! Is it not enough to kill the three of them? Why do you still be poor to your mother? Chasing you!"

Human Demon flew in the air, both shocked and angry.

After escaping from Broken Soul Gorge, she went around from Shen State to Rong State to Zheng State.

The Gua Master is not there. She knows that she can no longer run around as before without fear of leaving marks, so she is extra cautious. When it was necessary to show up, Liang Jiu did it for him.

But didn't expect it was found in Zheng Guo!

Jiang Wang steps on the blue clouds, his steps are calm, and his voice is calm: "With one enemy four, naturally you have to kill four to finish. If the world speaks of which, I think my name is not true! "

This is a city within the territory of Zheng Kingdom. Jiang Wang followed the memorial instructions and did not pay attention to its name.

But they flew directly high above the city one after the other, and naturally a local powerhouse quickly lifted off to intercept them.

"Who is the newcomer! Report your name..."

"Great Qi Jiang Wang arrested and uncovered Human Demon. With the Zhuhe alliance, no one can fly directly to your realm. Intervene!"

At this moment, Jiang Wang didn't care about revealing his identity. Anyway, Xingyueyuan has already been fighting, and it doesn't matter whether he is missing or not.

Directly show your identity and take out the Zhuhe Alliance to suppress others.

The only thing he didn't expect was that the cultivators flying high above the ground, as if they had seen some Legendary characters, shouted: "Come and see, come and see. It’s Jiang Wang!"

From all over the city, cultivators keep flying up and shouting: "Is the first palace in Qing history coming?"

"Where, which is Jiang Wang ?"

Jiang Wang was stunned and reacted quickly.

No matter what happens to it, just use it. He directly shouted: "Help me stop her!"

Thinking about the ferocity of Human Demon, in order to avoid hurting the innocent, the first sentence was uttered, and the next sentence was immediately added: "Don't die below the outer building. !"

But he obviously thinks too much.

There are indeed many silhouettes of lift-off, but none of the Human Demon dared to stop and expose them, all of them were onlookers from a distance.

"This is Jiang Wang? I really have a temperament! Good figure!"

"You fool, Jiang Wang is the one behind!"

After all It's just a small town in the territory of Zheng State that can match the powerhouse of Human Demon, which is basically difficult to find.

When I heard Jiang Wang chasing Human Demon, they all came out to watch the show...and they were all just watching the show.

Jiang Wang didn't know what to say, so he could only carry his sword and bury his head in the chase.

As everyone knows, Yanzi is also full of heartbreak. I wanted to create a riot and took the opportunity to escape. Didn't expect that there was no turmoil in this city. All those people watched the show calmly...

No one was afraid of Human Demon!

But I didn’t even think about it. The first inner palace that broke the historical legend was present, afraid of who?

The swallow exploded in the air, divided into three afterimages, and flew to three directions.

If you change before, Jiang Wang will be lost this time.

But at this moment, only a wisp of smoke lit up at the fingertips, and he decisively chased south.

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