Red Heart Survey Chapter 1343

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Yu Big Dipper personally walked up to Heaven Xingya, and after the Three Xing Palace was publicly named Jiang Wang...

Jing Guo always remained silent.

Neither insist that Jiang Wang is guilty nor try to explain anything.

There have been people in the following countries who have come forward to criticize Mirror World’s injustice to Jiang Wang’s scandal, but those who have the most weight have never expressed their views.

There seems to be an invisible cover that limits the boiling matter to a certain extent.

Clearly the waves are turbulent, but they can't make the waves.

Everyone knows that Jing Guo will never deal with this matter in a dilute way. Under Qi State's close watch, this matter is not likely to be downplayed.

People are waiting for the statement of the strongest country in the world, with countless pairs of eyes watching the overlord of the middle domain.

At such a moment...

Jingguo West Heavenly Master Yu Mi, suddenly appeared in the city of Shengguo Jiang Prefecture, on behalf of King King to participate in the birthday banquet of the Queen Mother of Shengguo, and personally Offer He Yi. It should be noted that this birthday banquet was originally cancelled due to the war in the original city!

In addition, the commander of the Dou'er Army of Ranked 1st in Jingbajia, the true monarch Yuque, went to the capital of Xiangguo to see the giant elephant in Wanhe Temple!

At such a sensitive moment, the two true monarchs of Qiangjing went abroad one after another and approached two battlefields. Jingguo’s attitude has been very clear--

They will use two victories, Let the world shut up!



Regarding Jing Shitai’s injustice against Huang He leader Jiang Wang, Jing Guo did not make any statement at all.

There is a great posture of "Ren Er East, West, North, and South wind".

But it was only the departure of the two true monarchs of Jingguo, and the trend of public opinion in the world had quietly begun to change.

Some voices have begun to say: "Jiang Wang's escape from the crime of conspiracy is nothing more than Qi State's vain attempt to challenge Jingguo's layout. Big Dipper has long wanted to enter the Stargazing Building. The reputation is a note, I’m showing my favor to Qi State. It’s all a deal! Since ancient times, I tried to challenge the ambitious of Jing Guo. I don’t know how many, Yang Guo, who united the Eastern Regions back then, also sent his army to the west. Is it here today? Repeat the same mistakes!"

Someone said: "Sanxinggong has been trying to compete for the first place in education for a long time, but I don’t know what to compare with dao sect? This time is really suspicious..."

Some people even said: "Yu Big Dipper is eager to restore the status of the art of fate, and it is not surprising to do anything. For example, Jiang Wang's record of breaking the legend this time...It is not impossible to fabricate it."

Jingguo doesn't seem to say anything, but the world is for scenery, and I don't know where it is.

Like before, Jing Guo publicly announced that Jiang Wang was suspected of being able to communicate with demons and needed to be arrested to go to Yujingshan for a public trial. However, the relevant evidence was not even released, and Jiang Wang had already been scolded by the world. Sounds.

For many times, Jing Guo can almost be equated with truth.

Every move has countless fans.

This is Jingguo in the last ages in an absolutely strong position. The profound influence left in this world can be easier overnight.



The discussion about Jiang Wang on Xingyue has never stopped.

Although Jiang Wang was not present in this war that brought together the young Heaven's Chosen from the two forces of Jing and Qi, he has always been the focus of discussion among the Heaven's Chosen.

In the military account, Wen Lianmu deliberated and deliberated, and finally opened the mouth and said: "In fact, the so-called there are people who comprehends certain knowledge faster than the others, everyone has their own field of specialisation......"

Wang Yiwu expressionlessly: "I am the first to pass the sky, I am the first to take the dragon, and I am also the first to the inner palace. As for the'technical industry', I specialize in combat."


"Ha, it seems like this." Wen Lianmu scratched his head, his thoughts turned sharply, and finally found the reason: "Heaven's Chosen on the Guanhe Platform is like clouds, colliding with each other, as it should be by rights will inspire a lot of inspiration. You were in the army at the time, and you failed to board the Guanhetai, and missed many opportunities. If not, you should also..."

Wang Yiwu looked at the military newspaper in his hand , Said casually: "I couldn't go to Guanhetai because I lost to him at Dongjiekou and then was banned." In Wen Lianmu's view, the more he was inattentive. , The more I care about the uncertainty. Wiping a cold sweat, he quickly defended him: "Can't say that, that time you first fought against Chongxuan Sheng and the fourteenth, then Jiang Wang, inevitably a little weaker, failed to show Peak..."

Wang Yiwu finally glanced at him: "I'm still weak when I beat the Chongxuan. Are you sure Wen Lianmu will humiliate me like this?"

"Ah! I actually wanted to say "..." Wen Lianmu only felt his head was about to explode. After holding back for a long time, he said: "This is different from the past. Your soldier's divine ability needs time to grow and experience to supplement. In the future...days It's still long!"

Wang Yiwu faint smile: "do not bully extremely the youngster, don't bully the middle-aged poor, and then don't force it when you get older, and then you die as big?"

"...I didn't mean that." Wen Lianmu said with a tangled expression: "I mean...Heaven and Earth have the same strength, and the heroes are transported...There is always a chance!"

"It's OK." Wang Yiwu waved his hand: "It's not a great thing to be one step away. Others can fall behind. Isn't Wang Yiwu a Child of Destiny, one step behind?"

He looked at Wen Lianmu very uncomfortably: "But you don't have to keep reminding me?!"

"hehe, hehe." Wen Lianmu scratched the back of his head and pretended Silly Chong laughed blankly.

Of course, he was afraid that Jiang Wang's record in the No. 1 Inner Palace in Qing History would break Wang Yiwu's fighting spirit, so he was looking for supplements here in every possible way.

But for a while...

Why Wang Yiwu is Wang Yiwu!

That is the Heaven's Chosen, which is the military exercise of the whole army, step by step to today, the true powerhouse that has beaten the nine pawns in the name of invincible.

He can come to this day not by the praise of others, but by a pair of Iron Fist and a firm heart.

So is he worried that Wang Yiwu's fighting spirit will be damaged, or is it because he retreats before the legendary record is forged?

Is he making excuses for Wang Yiwu, or is he trying to comfort himself?

With the realm of the inner palace, defeat the four Human Demon of the Peak Outer Building...How can it be done?

Now that I know the results of the battle, I reverse the process, but I can't think of what to do!

"Let's go." Wang Yiwu released the military report in his hand: "The former army has been fighting for several times without pain. Let's see what is being discussed today."

Wen Lianmu curl one's lip: "It's all perfunctory things. Fang You hopes that the war will always be so painless."

"After all, it's his own soldier, and one kills one less. , Of course, I want to play chess with Lianjing." Wang Yiwu helped to explain, and said coldly: "You can't help him."

The two got up and walked out of the military tent,

The so-called "playing chess" is a means of delaying time in chess. It refers to the constant use of repeated and meaningless threats to maintain the situation, which is usually prohibited.

Lian Jingzhi and Great Marshal Fang You, the great pillar of the country, and the great Marshal of the Xu country, can be said to have a tacit understanding during this period.

Of course this cannot escape the eyes of Wen Lianmu and Wang Yiwu.

They have been living in the military since they were young. You can tell at a glance whether they have been fighting seriously.

Two Heaven's Chosen from the inner kingdom, they made random comments on a top god, a famous general in the world, and there is no lack of mockery... This scene is a bit Meng Lang. But the two of them have become accustomed to it, and even if Fang You heard it himself, I am afraid he can only pretend not to hear it.

This is the gap between Qi State and Xu State.

There are so many realms that cannot be filled.

Han Shentu, a great sage of the legalist, said in his "Shi Lun" published in the world: "A strong nation is a urchin who holds a weapon in a weak country, and no one dares to be a weapon. Are you afraid of a weapon? A fear of a urchin? "

I will answer the next sentence--

"Fear the country is strong!"

The world is nothing more than the same.

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