Red Heart Survey Chapter 1344

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"Shi Lun" is hailed as "Complete the situation with two characters", and it is a must-learn essay for the legal school's discipline.

Han Shentu is the powerhouse of the law school.

His famous articles, Wen Lianmu and Wang Yiwu, have naturally also been read.

But I’m afraid I don’t think I’m a child.

Floating world, it’s difficult for everyone to observe themselves.

When Wang Yiwu and Wen Lianmu walked into the Shuai Tent, Heaven's Chosen from the Eastern Regions were all seated.

Apart from the people like Bao Bozhao, Chao Yu, and Xie Baoshu who have already arrived at Xingyue Plain, there are also Lei Zhanqian who have been a few days late.

Fang You has not yet arrived, but there is an extra chair beside the empty handsome position.

A cold-faced woman with phoenix eyes is sitting on that chair.

Look at the appearance of about forty, it looks very difficult to get close to.

In the whole Xu country, the woman who can sit side by side with Fang You in this handsome account is naturally only the famous Mrs. Xidu.

She is also the only other powerhouse in Xu Country.

Fang You and Mrs. Xidu both went to the battlefield of Xingyueyuan. At least Xu Guo has done enough work on the face.

Wang Yiwu has always eyes high above the top, and no one looks at it. After the money is paid, each minding their own business sits down,

Wen Lianmu is silently paying attention. Take a look at Mrs. Xidu, and at the same time take a good look at the new Lei Zhanqian.

This Heaven's Chosen, who became famous earlier than Wang Yiwu and was also trampled harder by Jiang Wang, seemed to be haggard between his brows, sitting there still awe-inspiring, but it was once monopolized. The imposing manner of the universe is hard to find.

This time the battle of Xingyueyuan, in the entire Qi State’s young Heaven's Chosen, there are those who focus on the green brand career like Zheng Shangming, and some who do not look down on this young Heaven's Chosen like Chong Xuan Zun. The battlefield, from the fan world to fight for the sea honor list. (The other one is in accordance with the customary rules. Usually a family will not send two direct children to the battlefield at the same time. If Bob Zhao came to Xingyueyuan, Bao Zhongqing did not come. Li Longchuan came, but Li Fengyao did not come.)

Lei Family does not have a foundation in the army, but I don't know why Lei Zhanqian came so late.

Wen Lianmu sat down beside Wang Yiwu and swept around. A crowd of young Heaven's Chosen on the court whispered to each other, each speaking each other's words, but Mrs. Xidu remained silent, just staring at it coldly.

I don't know whether it was intentional or not, the fatty with the surname Chongxuan always heard words like "The First Inner Palace in Ancient and Modern" and "What is Invincible in the Same Realm".

It is really annoying to make people hear the cocoon.

After a while, Fang You walked into the tent with armor.

After all, the battlefield is a handsome man. No matter which country Heaven's Chosen in the account, they all got up and saluted.

"Sit." Fang You pressed his hand to finish the greeting.

This is a gentle-looking man with warm eyes.

But the words and actions are very simple, and I don't like procrastination.

"Say one thing." He sat down and said: "Recently the war situation is relatively stalemate, this coach often cherishes this concern. In order to break the situation as soon as possible, and also give full play to the talents of the young Heaven's Chosen. Now the coach decides , Took out the main army of 50,000, and organized it into ten battalions."

Fang You looked around: "These ten battalions will be controlled by you youngsters and have absolute autonomy. You are hunters and prey. The whole thing. Xingyueyuan is the boundary of your hunting."

It is obvious that the battle of Xingyueyuan will enter a new stage from this moment. That kind of collision that doesn't break the skin or bleed is no longer allowed.

Like Wang Yiwu and Chongxuan defeated them, of course they knew that Qi State Bingshitang came under the pressure.

But what even they didn't expect was that Fang You was so decisive that he directly let the young Heaven's Chosen of the nations control the military power.

There are five thousand people in the camp, which is definitely not stingy.

It's just that... there are only ten battalions in total.

There are so many Heaven's Chosen present, and there are eleven people from Qi State alone. Who can take the hand, and who can’t take the hand?

Or to put it another way, who can take credit, who can only watch?

Who can watch!

"The ten commanders of the camp will be announced tomorrow. You can also discuss first, who is suitable and who is not. Your opinions, Mrs. Xidu will listen."

Fang You spoke very simply, got up and left the meeting after speaking without any delay.

The curtain fell heavily, blocking the starlight from the outside.

In the military account, there was a moment of silence.

There are only ten camps in total, so Qi State Heaven's Chosen has priority.

And in these Heaven's Chosen in Qi State.

Bao Bozhao, Chaoyu, and Xie Baoshu, the three Heaven's Chosen in the outer building realm, are beyond one level, and there is no doubt that they can each lead a battalion.

Wang Yiwu, Chong Xuansheng, Li Longchuan, and Yan Fu have good strength and top backgrounds, and of course they will not fall behind.

In this way, I have gone to the Seventh Camp.

This battle is dominated by the army of the Xu State. No matter how great the Qi State people, Xu State Heaven's Chosen Li Shuwen should have a place.

Therefore, eight of the ten camps have been occupied, and only two places can be obtained.

The Tian family does not lose to the Li Family and the Yan family, but Tian Chang himself does not have enough status in the Tian family. He is neither a direct Young Master nor the strength to crush his peers. Although this year has been highly valued by the Tian family, he was sent to Xingyue to participate in the war. But if you want to get this place, you need to fight for it.

In addition, Gao Zhe also has the qualifications to win the spot. Although Gao Family is not the top Aristocratic Family, Gao Zhe is the heir to the patriarch, and his weight within the family is not lost.

Lei Zhanqian's situation is similar to that of Gao Zhe, but he is better in every respect. Lei Family is also not in the list of Great Qi's top Aristocratic Family, but it is better than Gao Family. Lei Zhanqian himself is not as strong as Bob Zhao, who has more than one level of strength, but he is a bit stronger than Gao Zhe. So there is more hope of getting a spot...Of course Gao Zhe may not agree with this.

Wen Lianmu is a well-known military genius. He was born in the military and won the number one in military exercises many times. Relatively speaking, in fact, he should be alone. The only problem is that he doesn't have any strong background.

Those who consciously must have a position, can sit firmly on the Diaoyutai, and if they know they need to fight, they are observing each other.

"I think I should take the lead." Gao Zhe was the first to open the mouth and said: "My uncle was the solicitor of the town of Akao County and became famous during the Battle of Jingyang. I was young. Uncle Suijia learns the art of war, and I will do great work for me Great Qi in Xingyueyuan!"

Hearing this, Li Longchuan couldn't help but glance at Chong Xuansheng.

And Chong Xuan Sheng smiled and said nothing.

Regarding the battle of Qiyang, it is natural not to say "Extinguish the sun" but to say "Jingyang" to the outside world, which means to re-stabilize the order of Yangdi, help the people of Yangdi solve the black disaster and kill Evil God, Sweep away Yang Jiande's stale rule of darkly repairing demon art.

But the problem is that everyone who really understands that battle knows it. It was Chongxuan's victory that led the war to begin, and Chongxuan Chu Liang was in charge of the battle. Gao Shaoling was just taking a position through the exchange of interests, and his art of war hadn't been tested, but Gao Zhe had already been tortured.

Since it’s a tiger's skin, it's better to say that you have learned the art of war from Chong Xuan Sheng. Anyway, this fatty made a greater contribution to the Battle of Qiyang...

The expression in Li Longchuan's eyes is just such a meaning.

Of course, this is also the reason why the Gao family really has no background.

Patriarch Gao Xianchang is just a mediocre brother and sister, and the rest of the Gao family is even more unknown.

Throughout the whole clan, there is only one Gao Shaoling to come up with.

Gao Zhe can never say that he learned the art of war from the concubine Jing in the palace...

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