Red Heart Survey Chapter 1345

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Of the ten camp leaders, eight positions have been set. Everyone knows this well.

There are two positions left, and Tian Chang, Wen Lianmu, and Lei Zhan can compete with Gao Zhe. As for Heaven's Chosen outside of Qi State, it is not in his consideration at all.

This sudden war seems to be vigorous, but in essence, it is just a collision between Qi State and the younger generation of Jing Guo. Both sides have to check each other's fineness, but are unwilling to increase the intensity.

If the country of hegemony fights hard, countries like Xu and Xu will be crushed to ruins.

So from the perspective of Xiang and Xu, they would rather play this battle on their own behalf, at least after the war, there will be compensation from the hegemony.

Two evils have the right to choose.

That’s why the present situation is here. The younger generation of Heaven's Chosen from Qi Jing and the two countries went to Xingyueyuan together, which can be regarded as a constellation of stars.

So Yuque, the commander of the Dou'er Army, only observes the Wanhe Temple, but does not come to the Xingyueyuan battlefield, which is a manifestation of this attitude. In fact, it is the power of the world, not the power of the Qi.

On Xingyue Plain, all countries except Qi Jing are all playing the side drum.

With the eight people such as Bao Bozhao sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai, Gao Zhe thought that he was the first to speak. It is very likely that everyone will sell him a face and lock a place.

After all, Gao Zhe is one of the few famous Young Masters who has established the position of heir, and the social circle is very important. Yan Fu, Jiang Wang, Chong Xuansheng, Li Longchuan... are all regulars. Go drinking and having fun. Although there were some minor contradictions yesterday, they did not affect the overall situation. Gao Family and Xuan Family have interests involved, and Gao Zhe is also of great investment value!

But Gao Zhe had just dropped this remark, Lei Zhangan, who was sitting diagonally across from him, immediately raised his eyes and looked towards him.

He sits like a tiger.

The eyes are like an angry sea.

"Wu Jie or Wu Jie, you choose." Lei Zhan said.

Gao Zhe:......

Are you fucking sick? ?

There are two more places there. As soon as I speak, do you want to compete with me?

I talked about my advantages. You can also talk about your advantages. Can we discuss it together?

You fucking take a look at who is competing for the next spot, can't you pick the softest persimmon and pinch it?

impossible, bully intolerably!

But under these circumstances, he would show weakness when he was impossible, otherwise "making meritorious work for Great Qi" would become a joke.

So said with a sneer: "How about Wen Jiao? What about Wu Jiao?"

Actually, after hearing Gao Zhe’s speech, Wen Lianmu wanted to say--" I'm not sleepy when it comes to the art of war." But seeing that Lei Zhangan's mouth was so hot, he suppressed it first.

At this time, I heard Gao Zhe's mouth hard, and he became more energetic, and raised his ears happily.

The biggest problem with Gao Zhe is that he can't figure it out. This is exactly the same as the abolished Gao Qing. In the entire Jinghai Gao family, the most outstanding person of the younger generation may be Gao Jing, but unfortunately he has been lost in the Tianfu Secret Realm.

And Gao Jing also has the same problem-this is probably the problem of the entire Jinghai Gao family-they regard Qi Tianzi's love for Jinggui concubine as the authority of Jinghai Gao family that will not decay, so He claims to be the top Aristocratic Family of Great Qi.

Last time at Tianfu Secret Realm, they were able to get two places, Gao Shaoling could easily sit down as the caretaker of Akao...These things gave them a illusion.

But this foundation is extremely weak.

Jiang Wuqi's natural flesh and blood, and the appearance of a father-in-law, all fell out of favor one day. Can Concubine Jing really endure grace?

Not to mention a fatal weakness-Concubine Jing Gui has no children.

The value of Gao Zhe is not as great as he imagined.

Yan Fu Li Longchuan and they have been playing with him, because he used to be able to carry him clearly, not because of how great his Gao Family is.

Even a foreigner like Lin Xian could see the rift between him and Chongxuan Sheng these people at a glance, but for himself, he only felt that it was a trivial matter.

Of course there are many people in the world who are willing to give Jinghai Gao's face, but unfortunately there are not many in this military tent.

Lei Zhan didn't slap his face, Wen Lianmu also got on.

See how even Tian Chang is there be eager to have a try?

And for people like Lei Zhanqian, since he raised his hand, he wouldn’t be able to slap his hand, he said without hesitation: "Wen Jie is the two of us who catch each other and fight. Wu Jie is the lead of us to fight against each other. Life and death There is life, no grievances. It's up to you to choose one, and I can do it!"

Speaking of which, he Lei Zhanqian was originally qualified to fix the position of a general. Although Lei Family is not up to the top Aristocratic Family, he is the cousin of Changsheng Palace Lord Jiang Wuqi.

Jiang Wuqi can be successful, and Jiang Wuqi will be defeated. He was destined to be with Jiang Wuqi if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers.

The wave of Cui Zhu’s assassination case seems to have ended in the early morning in front of the Ziji Temple.

But the ripples from this wave have never stopped in Qi State.

At least for Changsheng Palace...

Compared with Changle Palace, Huaying Palace, Yangxin Palace, the influence of Changsheng Palace has obviously dropped a thousand zhang in one fall.

Although the emperor has been tolerant of Jiang Wuqi, he is not as intimate as before when he treats the eleventh prince.

In the past, I was summoned into the palace to accompany me every three forks and fives, but it has never happened since Cui Zhu's case.

Because of this, Lei Zhanqian still needs to fight again on this Xingyue Plain.


What a shame it is to compete with Gao Zhe and other upstart children for places!

So when he opened his mouth, he was alive and dead, and he didn't save any face for Gao Zhe.

Gao Zhe:...

Fuck your mother. Where is the word "wen" in this choice between Wen Jiao and Wu Jiao? Except desperately or desperately!

But how dare he fight Lei Zhan desperately?

Don’t look at Jiang Wang’s thundering and fighting like a child, he is also qualified to fight for the view of the river platform!

Gao Zhe’s face was sour in embarrassment, but fortunately, he was embarrassed once yesterday, and he is no longer so unfamiliar with this feeling.

Said: "Why is it that there is no complaint between the literary and the military than the life and death, which is a joke. There are two positions of the chief general, we can probably each one. There is no need to both sides suffer, the face must be unsightly."

Speaking of which, I am already softened, and I just barely support a layer of skin.

Besides ridiculous, it's actually a bit pitiful.

But he simply scored the position neatly, how could Wen Lianmu and Tian Chang agree?

"Whether Brother Lei can get a position, I don't know." Tian Chang said in a calm tone: "But Brother Gao, you completely excluded me, this is still open to question. Otherwise... …Welcome to war, would you choose one with me?"

This low-key and even dull person, with his fangs, even cold glow!

Wen Lianmu said with a slight smile: "If it is to lead the army to hedge, I don't mind meeting anyone."

No one will give in!

Gao Zhe in the heart quickly weighed the pros and cons, and decisively opened the mouth and said: "Since Brother Tian said so, I will fight for a spot with you. Brother Lei and Brother Wen are fighting for a spot, everyone They are all for Great Qi, and there is no complaint about winning or losing!"

He is not a complete idiot, there are some cleverness, otherwise he would never think of Jiang Wang's tiger skin pressing Lin Xian. .

This remark looks fair, but it actually changed the form of four people competing for two quotas into a form of two people competing for one quota.

He asked himself that the cultivation base is not as good as Lei Zhanqian, and the leader is not as good as Wen Lianmu.

But the two battles are different, because the "persimmon" that seems to be the best among the four has been naturally grouped together by him.

This is the most beneficial choice he can think of in a short time.

Lei Zhanqian doesn't say anything, because he doesn't care about anyone. Wen Lianmu didn't say a word. When it comes to rushing into the battle, he is proud of himself.

Tian Chang was even more silent. Gao Zhe used him as a soft persimmon, and he couldn't be more satisfied.

But Chongxuan Sheng’s voice sounded at this moment: "No, you actually only have the position of the main general."

Gao Zhe both shocked and angry looked over. .

Chong Xuan Sheng did not look at him, leaning on a special chair, and looking around, Shi Shiran said: "I believe Jiang Wang, everyone already knows. I originally persuaded him to cultivation at ease, but now that the world knows about it, I should come to Xingyueyuan and pay the Jingguo people a gift..."

"I have asked someone to invite him, It should be possible to come within two days."

Speaking of which, he laughed: "The first inner palace of Qingshi will come to occupy a camp. I don't think anyone will object to it, right?"

"Naturally not!" Someone immediately responded: "With Jiang Wang here, what is Xu San? What about Wang Kun? What is there to fear Pei Hongjiu?"

The speaker is Yi Country Heaven's Chosen Lin Jie.

Chong Xuansheng glanced at him, surprised that he was so accurate.

Yiguo is a small country south of Changguo, not far from Tianxing Cliff, and it is deeply influenced by legalism. People in this country admire the quality of being upright and have a more genuine spirit.

The names mentioned in Lin Jie's mouth are all the famous inner kingdom Heaven's Chosen in Jingguo.

It is not arrogant to say that arrogance is not considered arrogant. After all, Jiang Wang has achieved the name of the first inner palace in ancient and modern times. There is indeed no need to be humble in the inner palace.

If Lin Jie mentioned Heaven's Chosen in the outer building realm like Jing Guo Chen Suan, he would have several points of suspicion. Now this scale is very subtle... it's a personal talent.

Chongxuansheng was in the mood to comment on the characters here, but Gao Zhe was ruined by a sentence.

Looking at Chong Xuan Sheng, he reluctantly said with a smile: "A Sheng, don't be kidding. Jiang Wang is not here yet."

Chong Xuan Sheng looked at him with a smile : "I never make jokes with people I don't know."

As soon as this sentence came out, the standpoint was clear and the boundaries were clear. From then on, I no longer play with Gao Zhe.

Gao Zhe was stunned for a moment, but he couldn't react for a while.

"Despite Jiang Wang's big name, but no one is there, he will occupy the main force of the battalion. Isn't it appropriate? This is a battlefield, not a place to be trivial. We are here to divide life and death, and win Negative, it's not about drawing a sandboard or placing a chess piece. He wants to take a place... Don't you know how to come early?" A voice suddenly said in the back rows of seats.

"Who is this person?" Chongxuan Sheng asked the people on the left and right.

"Zhaoguo Gu Yan!" This youngster said loudly with a stubborn expression.

He stared at Chong Xuansheng hard, and refused to show weakness.

Among the countries of the Eastern Region, if you want to comment on the ranking of a small country that admires Qi State most, Zhaoguo will definitely be in the top of the list. Compared with the Yang State of the year, it is even closer to Qi State. Regardless of those in power, the overwhelming majority of Zhaoguo people are eager to merge into Qi State.

Unexpectedly, in such a country, there can be a temperamental person who dares to question the famous Heaven's Chosen from Qi State.

Li Longchuan got up directly, walked in front of this person, and lifted his chin: "Get out, let's talk."

It's too simple, and the imposing manner is too bullying.

Gu Yan was visibly stunned, and couldn't help turning his head to look at Mrs. Xidu.

Ms. Xidu, who has the highest cultivation base in the account and the highest nominal status, just sits quietly next to the handsome position, indifferent to this.

Obviously she is very sober and knows who is the master of this war.

Those who are not sober, seeing her attitude, should also be sober.

Gu Yan's face was blue and white, and in the end he gritted his teeth and got up and walked outside the military tent.

"Then I will chat with you!" he said fiercely.

The two went out of the military account one after the other.

No one in the account expressed an opinion about this.

I have to say that Gu Yan’s question is not theoretically problematic.

The essence of this matter is to question the dominance of Qi State Heaven's Chosen on this battlefield.

So Li Longchuan didn't reason with him at all, and directly suppressed people with power and took him out of the account. It is to point directly at the bullseye and break through the enemy's momentum.

Gu Yan either wants to fight for the rights of a small country, or he wants to win...

Li Longchuan is too lazy to care. As the Young Master of Li's stone gate, he also has the qualifications that he doesn't need to care about.

The position of the ten camp released by Fang You is definitely more important than the value it shows right now. Otherwise, Chong Xuan Sheng won't have to speak up for Jiang Wang.

Jiang Wang, who has become the No. 1 Inner Mansion in ancient and modern times, has a future needless to say. Returning to Qi State doesn't talk about accepting and asking, and the emperor's reward is indispensable.

It is said that general interests do not need to be taken into account.

But now Gao Zhe, Tian Chang, and Wen Lianmu are all red-faced in the fight. They didn’t seem to be planning to participate in the battlefield of Xingyueyuan, Lei Zhangan, and hurried to arrive before tonight...

I have received a bit of wind when I want to come.

Based on some news he heard, Li Longchuan determined a seven-eighth point, and decisively came forward to cooperate, and even none of the expressions had been matched by Chongxuan.

Chong Xuan Sheng's heart... only has the word "saving worry".

It is worthy of being a general Aristocratic Family, from elementary school art of war. It saves much worry than Jiang Wang!

Chong Xuansheng and Li Longchuan easily controlled the situation here, and there was Yan Fu who watched indifferently.

Gao Zhe was caught in a rage, unable to break free for a long time.

It is absolutely impossible to compete with Lei Zhanqian. He is very clear about this. If Jiang Wang also wants to occupy a position as a leader, then he will not be in charge this time.

He came to the Xingyueyuan battlefield this time for the purpose of gilding, drenching, and becoming famous.

How can we stop here?

If he just gives up covered in dirt, then why should he come to suffer. Isn’t it cool enough to be a local tyrant in Jinghai County?

He knew that taking advantage of Jiang Wang's absence, he was already wicked against Chong Xuan Sheng by using him as a tiger skin to crush others. But I didn't expect that the other party could be so unrelenting!

Is this really necessary?

Must push Gao Zhe to the opposite side?

Isn't the relationship of interests between Gao Family and Xuan Family considered?

But Chongxuansheng has no reason at all. He can only turn his head and look towards Yan Fu: "Brother Yan, Jiang Wang is the number one in ancient and modern times, and he is a legendary character. There is no shortage of these two. Fame. Even if you come later, you can arrange it wherever you camp. We are all friends, is it necessary?"

Yan Fu took a deep look at him, and finally just said warmly: "Jiang You know Wang's character. If you open your mouth to his camp, you can hold it as a lieutenant."

There are a lot of hurtful things to say, and Yan Fu will save him face in the end.

But Gao Zhe didn't feel relieved at all, he only felt absurd.

I dignified the heir of the Gao clan in Jinghai, where can I go to the battalion to hold the lieutenant? This still needs Jiang Wang?

"You have to force me, are you?" He gritted his teeth.

Yan Fu shook his head and laughed, but stopped talking.

He treats others gently, but that doesn't mean he is afraid of things. How could a person who once said that he wants to use his sword to cut through the gossip, regardless of the other's background, can be afraid of things?

Just keep the last bit of affection and don’t care about it.

This is similar to the tolerance of adults to children.

Realizing this, Gao Zhe almost broke his teeth.

What he hates most is consciously not getting enough respect from this group of people, and now even Yan Fu treats him like this!

But after Chong Xuan Sheng spoke, he didn't know what really meant by "disrespect".

"You seem to think that Jiang Wang does not occupy this camp, you have the same position." Chong Xuansheng, who held back his anger for a long time, looked at the gnashing teeth's Gao Zhe coldly: "You are Biwen Lianmu Is it stronger or stronger than Tian Chang? You know you are more expensive, but I think you don’t know what you are doing! Tian Chang is no harder to kill you than to kill a chicken. Do you think you picked soft persimmons?"

Tian Chang smiled silently. Although he was surprised at Chong Xuan Sheng's sharpness, he didn't show it on the face.

Chong Xuansheng’s this remark blasted Gao Zhe all at once, and the resentment he had accumulated for a long time exploded: "What about Jiang Wang!? Does he have Three Heads Six Arms? I. I ate and drank with him, but I didn’t see any difference between him! His impressive record, I don’t know if it’s true!"

"Challenge the legend of the old man in Tianfu? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? All evil, cutting flesh, exposing face, beheading, which is not the existence of powerhouse and evil in the outer building realm? Can Jiang Wang be one enemy four? When those three Human Demon were killed by Jiang Wang, they were really peaks. Is the state? Or is it the state after being suppressed by Yu Big Dipper? From Linzi to overseas, Jiang Wang used to build momentum, do you follow to lie to yourself?"

"Your hostility to Jiang Wang is really unfathomable mystery It's hard to understand." Yan Fu frowned: "Why did he offend you?"

Gao Zhe is really fed up with the contempt of these people, and he is ready to break the jar and completely tear his face. Chongxuan Sheng, they didn't give him a face, he dignified a heir to a big Aristocratic Family, should he continue to coax them?

"I can’t justify it, so this is it?" He said with a sneer: "What we want to talk about is not that he didn’t offend me, but that he was not present by who, but by a name. To win the position of the chief general! Who is he? Is he enough?!"

"It seems that you have been grudges against Jiang Qingyang for a long time." Chongxuan Sheng lightly said: "Wait for him to come, Should I ask him to apologize to you and ask how he upset you?"

"Then wait for him to come!" Gao Zhe coldly said.

At this moment, behind Wang Yiwu, there was a voice saying: "All evil, cutting flesh, exposing face, beheading, when the four Human Demon besieged Jiang Wang, they were all in peak state. It's true."

Everyone followed the sound, but it was Lin Xian of Heaven's Chosen from Rong Guo.

Gao Zhe will explode in this, quite an imposing manner of talking to the confucians, haha ​​smiled: "Do you know it again?"

To Lin Xian, he did not leave any room. "Does he know if you are licking Jiang Qingyang like this here? Will he touch your head and reward your bones?"

"Of course I can."

Regarding Gao Zhe's insult, Lin Xian was still neither humble nor overbearing. He looked directly at him and said clearly: "Because I was on the scene when the Big Four Human Demon was besieging Jiang Wang, and I could see clearly! I practiced Lin Xian at the age of three. Knife, fifteenth crown of peers of the country of exquisiteness, seventeen raised the sword to watch the river platform, and confronted the heroes of the world. Although I failed to win the fame, no one expected to underestimate me. Gao Zhe, please ask yourself, maybe you can take me a knife? Why are you so insulting me today? Take advantage of Qi State? Jinghai Gao Family? When will you be like Jiang Wang, dignified is on your own, and then question Jiang Wang's record!"

"You said..." Mrs. Xidu, who has remained silent, was also a little moved: "When Jiang Wang was fighting the Four Human Demon alone, were you on the scene?"

" In the Chaotic Rock Valley of Broken Soul Gorge, I was hiding in the Innate Disruption Array at that time and witnessed the battle with my own eyes!"

Lin Xian resolutely and decisively said: "The evil of all evil pays for the divine ability, the same as cutting flesh."

It belongs to the divine ability, the divine ability of the human face, and the extremely hungry ghost of the beheaded Human Demon. They are all extremely powerful. Jiang Wang's strength in that battle completely broke my inner government. The imagination limit of the realm, I have not seen such a person in the history books! I Lin Xian was not convinced all his life, but for Jiang Qingyang, I was convinced, only looking up!"

The audience was silent.

Even Gao Zhe had to cool down. Able to weigh himself carefully as Chongxuan Sheng said.

Until now, people finally understand why Lin Xian, such a stubborn and stubborn character, can say the phrase "Gang Qingyang is a runaway dog".

Put yourself on the ground, if they can witness the legend with their own eyes, I am afraid they will be much more fanatical than Lin Xian.

"I think I know who Jiang Wang is." Mrs. Xidu said lightly.

This sentence is in response to Gao Zhe’s previous question. Of course, she has always known who Jiang Wang is, but she still has some doubts about the terrifying record. After all, there are a lot of rumors in the world. Until now, he was confirmed by Lin Xian, so he really "knows who Jiang Wang is".

"If Jiang Wang is coming..." Tian Chang said with a slight smile: "He should have a position as a general, I have no opinion."

Wen Lianmu shrugged: "Within the same realm, who can compare with Jiang Qingyang?"

After saying this, he gave Wang Yiwu a somewhat guilty glance, but Wang Yiwu was expressionless.

Lei Zhanqian said: "Then don't waste time. There is one battalion left, I will take the hand. Tian Chang, Wen Lianmu, Gao Zhe..."

His gaze swept one after another: "If you are not satisfied, then go together!"

The atmosphere in the military tent boiled for a while.

And Chongxuan Sheng sat lazily, grinning proudly.

Speaking of which, the two most arrogant people in the account today were defeated by Jiang Wang himself. For them, it is one of the deepest memories in their life——

The supercilious Wang Yiwu, acquiesced that Jiang Wang is no one in the same territory.

We must take a one-on-three Lei to occupy the army and acquiesce in Jiang Wang's presence before they are on the scene.

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