Red Heart Survey Chapter 1346

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Under pressure from Qi Ting, Fang You had to intensify the intensity of the war.

But this time Xingyue turned out to have so many Heaven's Chosen characters. He only gave the ten camp quota, and then left the seat and left the seat, leaving only a lady Xidu who didn’t care about everything to sit down. psychology.

Of course, this kind of psychology can only exist in the stage of doubt, and there is no possibility of being determined.

Fang You can't find the slightest fault on the face.

However, few people who can be called Heaven's Chosen are really stupid.

Even if we know the importance of this battle, the competition for the tenth battalion is very rational.

From beginning to end, Gao Zhe was probably the only one who came up. Maybe it was because he needed a sense of existence and wanted to prove himself too much.

So Chongxuan Sheng poured him a few pots of cold water-the effect was very good.

The world has calmed down.

Last night's battle for the place of the last chief general...

Don't mention it.

Lei Zhanqian is so arrogant that he wants to fight one against three.

Tian Chang, Wen Lianmu, and Gao Zhe were not polite with him, and they went side by side.

But there is no cooperation between the three, especially Gao Zhe. The court is almost like a sleepwalking, without rules, the bigger the mess.

Finally, he was strongly defeated by Lei Zhanqian.

Tian Chang, who can't see people with Chaoxin Knife, has not exerted the strongest battle strength, but there is nothing that cannot accept the result. For that terrifying thunder world, he was indeed unbreakable.

For Wen Lianmu, it is better to let him fight against Lei Zhanqian alone with this chaotic three people.

If you can fight against the army, if there are fewer soldiers, it will inevitably be broken by Lei Zhangan...How can Mrs. Xidu give him too much force to fight?

So it was still an unsolvable problem, so he had to turn around and continue to assist Wang Yiwu.

The ten battalions that Fang You promised, all set the quota for the leader.

Except for Li Shuwen of Xuguo Heaven's Chosen as the host, Qi State Heaven's Chosen is in charge.

Fang You allocated 50,000 yuan to the main army and classified it as a tenth battalion with similar strength. It was indeed not at all biased. The soldiers under Li Shuwen's hands were not much different from the soldiers under other people's hands, and they were considered equal in strength.

Everyone, Heaven's Chosen, brought their soldiers and horses to perform.

Because Jiang Wang hasn't arrived yet, Chong Xuan Sheng camped his camp and asked Lin Xian to take the lead for the time being.

At first, he wanted to give Yiguo Heaven's Chosen this opportunity to Lin Jie, because he praised Jiang Wang very accurately, and he was very suitable to be the deputy of the first inner palace in history. But obviously, Lin Xian praised consistently, praised aloof and remote, and showed his unique style... and finally won the approval of Chongxuan Fat.

Lin Jie didn't suffer, so he was taken by Yan Fu and served as his deputy.

With Young Master Yan covered, in this Xingyueyuan... there is no chance of suffering.

His battalion, among other things, all kinds of weapons and equipment are definitely the best in the whole army! What is eating and drinking medicine will not be lacking.

The immediately in charge of Young Master Yan is to arrange the entire army to change outfits. Eliminate all of Xu Guo's own ordnance and replace it with the fine ordnance he purchased. Some more military resources were also provided to support Chongxuansheng and Li Longchuan.

The two pampered young masters of the Aristocratic Family, happily accepted. There is no arrogance after the slightest call of the famous general. Brother Yan Xian took a bite, and he clamored for Brother Yan Xian to give instructions on the art of war...



"Next, you will let go all of you?" Mrs. Xidu asked in the handsome account where everyone was gone.

"Otherwise?" Fang You leaned on the handsome chair, his eyes closed slightly.

"Maybe there is another way, maybe you can direct them yourself..."

"Don't be naive." Fang You interrupted: "This is what those people want In the situation, then we can only give it like this."

"The one who was born and died on the battlefield..." Mrs. Xidu sighed: "After all, I am Asukunijiro!"

"From the very beginning, there is no choice. It is time to be satisfied if it can be delayed until today." Fang You's tone was calm.

It's so calm that there is even a matter of no concern to oneself as cold.

Mrs. Xidu also reduced her short-lived fragility, and her face became indifferent again. She and Fang You are the only powerhouses of Xu Guo.

As the pillar of Asahi Kingdom, there is absolutely no room for vulnerability.

"Are you a general, must your heart be like a rock? Otherwise, you can't become a famous general?" she asked indifferently.

Fang You’s expressionless face: "Emotions are after the war. In the war, we only have gains and losses."

"I just received the news." Mrs. Xidu said. : "The military god is here too."

"Where did you come?" Fang You asked.

"I also went to Wanhe Temple to observe the sight!"

This answer is really unexpected, but it makes people think...this is what Jiang Mengxiong would do!

Yu Que moved to Xiangguo Wanhe Temple, which in itself was a shock to the original battlefield of Xingyue.

According to common sense, Qi State should also send a true monarch powerhouse. The equivalent is somewhere in the Xu country, facing away from each other. This is in line with the situation of Xingyueyuan.

Xu Guo is even ready to welcome him...

Who would have thought that Jiang Mengxiong came, but squeezed to Yuque's side?

During the Xingyueyuan War, the Xiang Country can almost be regarded as the territory of the Jing Country. For Jiang Mengxiong, although it is not enough to go deep into the tiger's den, there is always some risk.

I really regard the Wanjun as nothing, and have the courage to go to the country alone.

"It's really breathless..." Fang You muttered.

"Where's your majesty?" Mrs. Xidu asked after a moment of silence.

Fang You opened his eyes and looked at the dome.

"He is old," said Great Marshal, Xu Guo's soldier.

The country lord who failed to make a golden body and chalcedony is indeed aging at a rate visible to naked eye.

Power of Time is the most ruthless.

Since then, there has been silence in the account.



The largest temple of worship in the Xiang country, named "Wanhe", which means "all things harmony".

The giant elephant stationed here is the Holy Spirit among the population of Xiangguo.

The giant elephant enshrined in Wanhe Temple, named Songshan, is also the leader of all the giant elephants in the territory of Xiang.

He is huge in size, has the power close to the cultivator of the cave realm, is gentle by nature, and never takes the initiative to hurt people.

Xiang people built temples to worship them in exchange for the sanctuary of praise.

In the last ages, it is so strangely symbiotic.

Wanhe Temple is also regarded as the national temple of Xiangguo, and it is an extremely sacred place in the hearts of Xiangguo people.

At this time in the temple, a man wearing a two-in-law martial arts uniform was leaning on the railing with his hands and his hands, looking at Songshan, a giant elephant like a hill in the distance.

The so-called appreciation is also.

He is clearly on the ground, but he is like being in the clouds.

He has no hiding his face, but he can't see his face at all.

Only his Liangyi martial arts uniform, scrolling in the field of vision, there is a real sense of majesty flowing.

At this time, Song Shan is bowing his head and devouring a big tree, moving slowly, with a sense of tranquility and happiness.

But suddenly, the entire huge body knelt down!

The elephant trunk is motionless on the ground.

The tree was still biting in his mouth, but he didn't dare to continue to swallow or vomit out.

There is a giant beast with a terrifying force in this body. It is regarded as the existence of the Holy Spirit by the people of the Xiang country, and he dared not make even the slightest gesture of resistance.

And the man in the Liangyi martial arts uniform is just frowned: "Why did you come?"

A dull but sweeping voice with endless majesty, it fell. ——

"Jingguo people appreciate this giant elephant, but Qi State people can't appreciate it?"

Jingguo Dou'e army commander Yuque tilted his head slightly and saw a short beard The man with hairpin has been standing beside him on the railing.

This person is about middle-aged, with a calm face and a vast temperament.

Looking into the distance, nature is like a deep sea.

"Why do you have you everywhere?" Yu Que asked unceremoniously: "Is there no one else in Qi State?"

"The wind and rain beat the child, just idle It's also idle." Jiang Mengxiong said without thinking.

"I came here uninvited for a thief." Yu Que said.

Jiang Mengxiong smiled faintly: "The one who breaks the gate, the king is also. The guardian is also the bandit. The king and the bandit, do you still need the bandit to please?"

Yu Que coldly said: "Since ancient times, all kings and masters have been from the center."

Jiang Mengxiong said: "Now the east is here."

Yu Que looked at him with his eyes Some stern words: "Do you think that if you get to the sword edge mountain, you can go to the world?"

Jiang Mengxiong spread out both hands, and said casually: "Try it."

Yu Que's face is not true to most people, but in Jiang Mengxiong's eyes, he has missed everything.

This is a very young face, with thin lips, high nose and sword eyebrows. The years flow only in the eyes and never leave any traces elsewhere.

"You, you." Yu Que shook his head, took away the imposing manner with swords drawn and bows bent, and turned his gaze back to the giant elephant: "After so many years, nothing has changed."

"In fact, it has changed." Jiang Mengxiong said.

"oh?" Yu Que asked.

"I am stronger." Jiang Mengxiong said lightly.

If Wen Lianmu was present, he would definitely be able to understand. Wang Yiwu's tone of deserves a beating, from whom did he learn it?

Yu Que froze for a while, then laughed. Facing the Holy Spirit giant elephant, which was crawling on the ground, raised his chin: "No matter how strong you are, you shouldn't scare the little animal. Look what you scared it into?"

The terrifying giant beast, which is close to the real power of the hole, is just a "little animal" in his mouth.

"A kid under twenty years old was chased by your Jingguo people when Up Into the Heavens, Down into the Earth. I didn't see your kindness." Jiang Mengxiong also looked towards The giant elephant named Songshan, but his words were not polite: "Why, can a beast make you more empathetic?"

He glanced at it, and the hill-like elephant body instantly cracked. , Blood surges!

Songshan is mentally complete, and he dare not resist at all, so he can only accept it in a muffled voice.

At this time, a hand stretched out and blocked Jiang Mengxiong, blocking his vision.

Yu Que made a faint whistling sound in his clean palm. There were squally roars, raging seas, and thunderstorms, all of which gradually fell silent.

"This matter has nothing to do with me." Yu Que said with a smile: "It's not suitable for you to sigh with me... isn't it?"

He was talking to Jiang Mengxiong while he was talking to Jiang Mengxiong. An idea was passed to the giant elephant Songshan.

With support, the giant elephant quickly got up and staggered away. Although I walked in the posture of The earth shook and the mountain quivered, each step fell silently, for fear of annoying the powerhouse behind me.

Jiang Mengxiong didn't stop him, he just looked at Yu Que and said: "It has nothing to do with you? The majesty of provoking my Great Qi, you actually don't need your presence nodded... You Jing Guo really is It’s amazing."

Yu Que retracted his palm and said in a relaxed tone: "The thousand-year-old tree is unavoidable. Is there no mulch in the domain of thousands of miles? Jingguo is an Immemorial old country, it is undeniable. In some respects, it’s really slow."

"It’s okay. Wrong perceptions always take time and external forces to correct." Jiang Mengxiong lightly said: "I, Great Qi, don’t mind providing A little help."

"Then you have to work harder." Yu Que said with a smile: "How can this level be enough now?"

"It's very simple! Jiang Mengxiong said straightforwardly: "If you say it is not enough, my Great Qi will increase it. Keep adding, keep adding, until you say it's enough."

"Do you have so many chips?" Yu Que turned Look at him.

Jiang Mengxiong smiled: "Why don't you try."

He has said this sentence twice, every time he is so calm and confident. The invincible self-confidence has penetrated into the bones of the bone, and there is no need to be publicized, but can be seen everywhere.

The two true monarchs looked at each other, like a sea, and collided with another sea.

The power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth is hidden in the quiet sea.

This vast temple of Wanhe, dedicated to the Holy Spirit, is destroyed or survived, perhaps in a single thought.

For the two true monarchs, what a brief look at each other.

But for the entire Xiang Country, it may be a destiny shift.

"What do you want?" Yu Que finally asked.

"Qi State doesn't ask for much, only the word'justice'." Jiang Mengxiong said: "Firstly, Jingshitai publicly apologized to me, Great Qi Heaven's Chosen, repaid my reputation, and made up for it. Loss. Second, since the Ancient Slayer Covenant cannot be used fairly in Yujing Mountain, I am willing to worship it in the Great Qi Stargazing Building. In the sense of Human Race, I have never been unwilling to follow the Qi State."

"These two conditions, one is more fantastic than the other." Yu Que said indifferently: "You know this is impossible."

Jiang Mengxiong said: "I enjoy making impossible possible. Process."

Yu Que sneered a few words, but had to admit that Jiang Mengxiong was indeed such a person.

Finally, he said: "Then I wait and see."

"Oh, I forgot to remind you." Jiang Mengxiong said: "These two conditions are limited to the present."

"Oh, I forgot to remind you." p>

"It is a good thing to have confidence." Yu Que grinned: "Then look at the results of the battle of Xingyueyuan."

"The past few days I will be here with you Look." Jiang Mengxiong said calmly.

"It's not necessary." Yu Que said: "If you have something to do, you can go elsewhere. You can rest assured that I will not end up bullying the little child."

Jiang Mengxiong Just said: "If I leave, how can you look like you with swords drawn and bows bent?"

Yu Que avoided talking about this, and only asked suddenly: "Zhao Xuanyang is a life or death "

Jiang Mengxiong shook the head: "I don't know."

"hehe." Yu Que smiled: "You dare not even give a result?"


Jiang Mengxiong looked at him strangely: "I don't know what to give? Jiang Wang woke up in a coma, and Zhao Xuanyang was gone. Where did you let him, a little child in the inner palace, go and give you an answer?"

He paused for a while, and then asked: "This matter is very strange, is there something wrong with Jingguo?"

"Can this answer convince Jingtianfu, I don’t know." Yu Que completely ignored Jiang Mengxiong’s temptation to see the needle, and gently shook the head, his tone was still very relaxed: "I have the right to be persuaded."

Jiang Mengxiong is only laughed——

"This is the only answer. Whoever is not satisfied will come to me."

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