Red Heart Survey Chapter 1347

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Xingyueyuan, sandwiched between the two countries of Xiangxu, has always been a treasure.

The highest resources in the world are, of course, cultivation resources.

Xingyue was originally one of the "closest" places to the star dome in this world. This "nearest" does not mean distance, not that this place is the highest and closest to the sky... but this place Easiest to have contact with the distant star dome.

Relatively speaking, it is easier to build a starlight holy building here than in other places.

There may be other places in this world that are more closely related to the distant star dome... but I don't think it will be wider than the Xingyueyuan.

Both Qi Jing and the two countries regarded it as a stalemate, stalemate with each other, and did not allow other forces to get involved.

So although Xiang Xu is close, he cannot have a stronghold here. Although Zheng Guo was not far to the north of Xingyue Plain, he couldn't make a half-step southward.

This created a peculiar strange phenomenon here——

On the Xingyue Plain, only small forces were active. The basis for their survival is the trading of specialty products between several countries. Because Xingyueyuan, the most direct trade channel, is not open to these countries...

Qi Jing's hegemony is evident from this.

Of course, apart from the habit of sending cultivators to the Xingyueyuan Upright Tower on a regular basis in both Qijing and Qing dynasties, the Floating Buddhist Temple in the south of Xingyueyuan and the Great Buddhist Monk also often come here.

Furthermore, these small forces on Xingyue Plain are not really masterless forces.

See how to fight together, the various forces on the Xingyue Plain, spread a roll, then enter Zheng into Zheng, into Xiang into Xiang, into Xu into Xu?

It's as natural as going home.

The real thing is to find a place to stay everywhere, but there are only a few...

This is also tacit.

The preciousness of the original Xingyue lies in the "Xingyue", and its beauty comes from this.

It seems that the night when one can reach for the stars, how many beautiful dreams have been woven.

The daytime here is also the sky is blue and the clouds are broad, and the fields are vast...

But now, the flags are densely covered.

The flags gathered like heavy clouds, the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses stand in the wilderness!

Two generals with a height of several ten zhang, stand apart from the crowded battlefield and the surging battlefield.

On the stage on the west side, the leader of the country is like the big pillar of the country, who is standing upright with his sword, looking out over the battlefield. A giant elephant with a height of three feet and a body length of more than four feet, standing in front of the stage, wearing heavy armor, is truly awe-inspiring. Even the trunk is covered with leather armor embedded with spikes.

On the east side of the stage, the Great Marshal Fang You of Xu Guo's soldiers, but he sat firmly on the big chair with no expression on his face.

For many years, Lian Jingzhi and Fang You seem to have been facing each other like this. I've heard of each other's reputation, and imagined each other as opponents countless times, of course there were some secret confrontations, but when it came time to engage the troops in the battle, they still just confronted each other.

Because this is not their battlefield, this is not their war...

The real battlefield is before the generals, it is between the east and the west, encompassing almost The vast battlefield of half a star and moon.

Or to put it more directly, it is nearly 100,000 people commanded by the young Heaven's Chosen of the two forces of Qi and Jing.

It looks like Lian Jingzhi made the same decision as Fang You, and also took out 50,000 main force to let the young Heaven's Chosen from the Jingguo camp dominate...

but How can the will of the two main generals be so the same?

So this still implements the will of both Qi and Jing.

Tear off the fog of Xiangxu's dispute and penetrate the illusion of confrontation between Lian Jingzhi and Fang You.

The truth of this war is that the young Heaven's Chosen of the Two Great Overlords country, who dominates the soldiers of the two countries, uses the lives of these soldiers to temper themselves and prove themselves... the two countries come to Asahi Say, how cruel this is!

Those who are in it, do not know the truth, and think they are fighting for the country, but they really don’t know whether they are fortunate or unfortunate.

The real war is on the front line, and the young Heaven's Chosen from the two forces are facing each other.

After the front line, the soldiers and horses of the Chinese army and the escorting generals... are actually just supplementing the positions of the front-line soldiers.

This is the weird place of this war, and the embarrassment of the two famous generals...

Of course, their embarrassment is not important. Even if they are Lian Jingzhi, Fang You.

Under the iron hoof of the hegemony, there are all ants.

There are ten battalions in the Qi State camp, with one battalion of 5,000 people. Among these five thousand people, there are about a hundred extraordinary cultivators, which are the core of all military formations. The cultivation base is under Heavenspan Realm. The Xu State army, even if it is the main force. "Persuade" Xie Baoshu.

In short, Xie Baoshu is also the same as the "younger brothers" in the inner palace, leading the camp.

Time is very tight. The soldiers and horses are also from the Xu country. They were not familiar with it in the past, so they used the formation diagram commonly used by the Xu country army.

The formation diagram of the riding camp is called "front arrow" and the formation diagram of the foot camp is called "fish scale", both of which are offensive formation diagrams.

Whether it is Chaoyu, who can be regarded as a lieutenant general, Wang Yiwu, who has been in the military since childhood, Li Longchuan and Chongxuansheng who are born in the Aristocratic Family, did not try to transform the military formation.

This is precisely the performance of Zhibing. On the real battlefield, "stability" may be the most important thing.

Lin Xian is currently leading the army by Jiang Wang, who has not yet arrived.

"This battle is about to start, when will Jiang Qingyang arrive?" He couldn't help but ask.

"Already on the road." Chong Xuan Sheng neither fast nor slow said authentically: "You will lead the army to kill for a while, it is also a chance for you."

He is here On the battlefield, there is no way to immediately contact Jiang Wang, but he has already let people pass through the Taixu turret in Tianfu City and enter the Grand Void Illusory Realm to inform Jiang Wang as quickly as possible.

If you want to come to Jiang Wang, you should be on the way.

Lin Xian pressed the knife to look forward and stopped speaking. Chong Xuan Sheng was right, it was an opportunity for him to be able to lead the army alone in Xingyue Plain. What he was worried about was that Jiang Wang came too late and was not familiar with the army, so that he could not take advantage of the battle formation.

Like this kind of frontal battle, what you fight is all-round strength.

The wind blows the flag, and 100,000 people are silent.

The Jingguo camp, opposite to the Qi State camp, is divided into 20 teams.

The two sides opened up a posture on the Xingyue Plain, each forming an army.

While the flags were flying, the soldiers were surging.

Just wait for the horn of a charge to sound, then the most tragic fight will begin.

But at this tense moment with swords drawn and bows bent...

Bao Bozhao turned his head first, and then Chaoyu, Xie Baoshu, Wang Yiwu...

They were surprised to see that in the north direction, there were two silhouettes of one after the other, coming from north to south at high speed, approaching the battlefield!

Who actually crossed the battlefield?

Is it crazy?

Jingqi's Two Great Factions flared their troops and confronted each other. Would anyone dare to trespass?

If the war is in full swing, the intruder with unknown origin will be immediately strangled by both sides.

But it is precisely at the moment when the Great War General has yet to make an announcement.

This is the front line of 100,000 troops belonging to the Qijing camp, and Heaven's Chosen of the nations in the army.

There was a huge sense of absurdity to watch the two people flying in and approaching in a straight line--

I was the first one, a woman. Wearing a faceless mask and covering only the body with thin clothes, the endless spring light can hardly be concealed, revealing more than three points.

Flying behind, but with azure clothes, he is confident with his sword, his posture is chic, and his feet are on the blue sky!

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