Red Heart Survey Chapter 1348

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Swallow’s mood is dull.

She has used a full eight "collections", almost exhausted everything she could think of, but she couldn't get away from the killing star at all.

Perforating Xingyue was not what she wanted, but was indeed forced to escape.

She knew that Xingyue had a great war.

I thought that after I arrived at Xingyue Plain, I might be able to isolate Jiang Wang's tracking technique with the help of the war soldiers. Then use the secret technique to escape.

Didn't expect that as soon as he entered the Xingyue Plain, the killer of Surname Jiang seemed to have taken an aphrodisiac, becoming more and more lively dragon and animated tiger.

Forcing her to not even have a chance to turn.

Just like this, she plunged into the battlefield and flew straight under the gaze of hundreds of thousands...

As the notorious Human Demon, she flew to the left No, neither is flying to the right.

I believe that no matter which camp, she doesn't mind slaughtering her smoothly.

Therefore, we can only step on a so-called middle line. In the confrontation between the two armies, brace oneself continues to move forward.

She wished that no one could see her, so she let her fly away quietly from this battlefield.

The weight of the visible line is huge!

"Who are these two people?" Jingguo Heaven's Chosen Pei Hongjiu couldn't help asking.

He is the Young Master of the famous Pei Family in Jingguo. He is a first-class character in terms of birth and talent. His uncle is the commander of the killing army, Star River.

At the meeting of the Yellow River, Jing Guo even abandoned the inner palace and the outer building. He like Heaven's Chosen in the inner palace, he simply didn't go to watch the river platform.

Wang Kunshun, who is not far away from him, replied: "If I am not mistaken, it should be Human Demon...and Jiang Wang!"

With handsome looks Compared with Pei Hongjiu, Wang Kun looks relatively mediocre, but he looks very honest and reliable, the kind of looks that is not very defensive.

Wang Kun has a post in Mirror World, so his news is very reliable.

Pei Hongjiu couldn't help but raise his attention.

Jiang Wang is chasing and exposing Human Demon!

In Broken Soul Gorge, with one enemy and four, fighting alone with the four outer-building realm Human Demon, killing three of them one by one, no one doubts this.

Even in the Jingguo camp, the most distrustful of Jiang Wang's record, those Heaven's Chosen cannot deceive their eyes at this moment.

As for the Qi State camp, not to mention. The ordinary person may not recognize Jiang Wang. The more Heaven's Chosen, the more clearly he remembers the appearance of Jiang Wang.

As the Heaven's Chosen of the same generation, Jiang Wang is an unavoidable name.

However, since the two armies are currently in the confrontation phase, no one dares to act rashly.

Even Chongxuansheng, Li Longchuan, and Yan Fu didn't want to help out, because in such a situation with swords drawn and bows bent, a single move could detonate the entire battlefield. When the time comes, Jiang Wang, who is at the center of the battlefield, is very difficult to ensure safety.

Of course, trusting Jiang Wang's strength is a more important reason.

Swallow's mood is dull, and Jiang Wang is actually quite dumbfounded.

If he can, of course he wants to kill the swallow quickly.

But revealing the name of Human Demon does not have the slightest water, all kinds of weird divine ability, you can't guard against it.

Although the swallow is not as good as him in frontal attack, he escaped with great cleverness.

The strength of Immortal Technique lies in its ingenuity and dexterity. It is not outstanding on long journeys, and the swallow is still a realm higher after all.

If Shanfu Qingyun had not enough reserves, he would have been left behind many times.

Relying on the steady progress and not much consumption of dao essence, can we bite all the way and chase down to this point.

Swallow plunged into Xingyue Plain, of course he would not dislike this "old place".

Relying on his familiarity with Xingyueyuan, and the everywhere star power that he communicated with the Burning Bone Lotus, he chased closer and closer.

Although Chongxuansheng's people did not find him, he did not have time to read the letters in Grand Void Illusory Realm.

But of course he knew that there was a big battle on Xingyueyuan.

However, Xingyue is so vast that I want to come to him and expose Human Demon, but there are two drops in the ocean, and I shouldn’t be able to make any waves. While saving starlight in Xingyueyuan, he chased and killed the Unmasked Human Demon. After killing the fifth Human Demon, he just wanted to see if he should join the Xingyueyuan battlefield. Maybe he could be a hand of God to lock the big The victory...

The plan was perfect, but the changes were weird.

Flying across the middle of the confrontation between the two armies was something he had never thought of.

But Yanzi ran here, he couldn't let it go.

Jiang Wang could already feel the weight of his sight. With nearly 100,000 sights falling, his powerful enough Divine Soul couldn't work, and he had to temporarily cut off the perception of the sight of others.

This situation is really beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

When there are tens of thousands of people, it is boundless.

Nearly one hundred thousand troops are deployed in various formations, either like a front arrow or like a big fish. The top helmet and the bracken, the soldiers stand in great numbers, and the baleful aura soars into the sky, causing the clouds on both sides to roll, and the sky seems to be lowered by half!

He chased after Human Demon, and flew on the only peaceful line...

It was...exciting.

Just like walking on the tip of a knife.

Swallow may hope that this section of the road will pass quickly, but Jiang Wang no longer intends to pursue it anymore.

He is not accustomed to pinning his hope of victory in the unknown, and pinning it on the battlefields on both sides that no one makes trouble.

It is true that Human Demon is full of evil, and everyone gets punishable. His pursuit of Human Demon should never be blocked. This is almost a kind of public order and good customs... But if anyone in the Jingguo camp secretly gave him a look, it might not be able to be seen.

The Burning Bone Lotus is constantly absorbing the dissipated star power, and it is far less efficient during the day than at night, especially under the suppression of the evil spirits.

But after chasing it all the way to this, I finally gained some accumulation.

Jiang Wang screamed for a long time: "Human Demon is full of evil, and I should be condemned now!"

This sound shook the Xingyue Plain, and everyone who called it was heard.

Whoever interferes with him at this time is to be with Human Demon.

And Jiang Wang twisted the long sword lightly to penetrate all the star power.

The five houses are rumbling.

Immediately the five houses are shining together, and the light of divine ability appears!

The eyes illuminate the immortal light, around the stream of fire, the frost cape flutters, and the long sword drums the starlight.

In the midst of all the attention, the sword immortal is coming to Xingyue Plain!

Hidden sparks, chasing wind, throttling, and piercing front, all open!

The swallow who flew in front seemed to feel the crisis, and suddenly turned around.

The voice is extremely awkward—"You forced me too much!"

Tear your hand to the face, tearing out a bloody face!

This Human Demon, who cares very much about her own feminine charm, finally stopped scrupulous at the critical moment.

The thin clothes on her body were directly smashed, and a pair of gray bat wings emerged from her back spine and spread out directly.

On the wings of a bat, there are lines in the form of ghost faces.

Ling just glanced at it and felt disgusted.

Black ghost mist appeared with him, and there seemed to be infinite evil ghosts hidden in it, and he cried again and again.

Actually, Zheng Fei, Li Shou, and Yanzi have their real strengths almost on par. It's just that Zheng Fei and Li Shou are more arrogant, so he ranks first.

Such a terrifying side proves her ability to expose Human Demon.

It even makes Jiang Wang a little worried.

So Human Demon, can the cultivator of the inner palace be killed?

But this worry is obviously unnecessary.

Because of that sword.

That superb sword in the immortal state of the sword.

People have heard the legend of the sword immortal breaking the Emperor of Yama on the Guanhe Platform many times, but not everyone is lucky enough to see this sword in person.

When it appears before your eyes.

Like an immortal, he pushed down the peak of the sky and used it as a sword, and the sword hit the world!

Human Demon screamed when he opened his face, and the ghost-faced bat wings behind him showed a hideous expression...

But all to no avail.

But after hearing the ghost cry.

But the fog is gone.

So the bat wings broke and the blood surface disintegrated.

Life Aura, who was just as powerful as the horror, fell to the bottom in an instant.

It's for——

Before the army, cut Human Demon!

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