Red Heart Survey Chapter 1349

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Furthermore, Jiang Wang used a sword that fell into the mountains, and the sword hit the world, dispelling all the ghost fog surrounding the swallows, breaking the blood surface and breaking the bat wings, like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

The edge of this sword shines in front of the Ten Thousand Army.

The 100,000 troops of both sides of Qi Jing can see clearly.

This sword divides east and west, runs through north and south, and kills on the spot in the outer building realm. It can definitely be regarded as the Human Demon of the powerhouse.

Everyone is shocked.

The Qi State camp is here. People finally understood more intuitively what Lin Xian said, the so-called "the strongest battle strength in the inner palace". Understand what is beyond the limits of imagination in the inner palace.

That’s the case for killing the face today. Then, when you kill all evil, cut meat, and behead your head, what kind of grace will it be?

Lin Xian was very lucky to see that battle in person!

Xie Baoshu has no expression on his face, but he feels sour and uncomfortable. Although as early as in Linzi, his uncle Xie Huaian repeatedly urged him to reconcile with Jiang Wang as soon as possible, but he was arrogant in his heart and still had many grievances. The favorite Wen Tinglan and Yan kissed each other. He bullied Jiang Wang by the way, but he was bullied several times...

Lying in the hospital, he was called to the door to greet him. Blocked in the street, he was mocked...

He dignified a Heaven's Chosen in an outer building, whose name is not as good as Jiang Wang, and the official is not as good as Jiang Wang...Therefore, there are various reasons. I was mad at Jiang Wang, but couldn't impudent to do it.

I'm so stupefied!

This time I came to Xingyueyuan, and I also officially made meritorious deeds.

He has even thought about it. When he gets his great work and the name is added, which time will he meet Jiang Wang on Linzi Street, he will provoke him on the street and give him a violent beating. wind and rain ……

It is known to the world. Linzi still has him Xie Baoshu!

But today, I suddenly found out... It seems that if you really start your hands, you may not be able to win.

I was really stunned.

I feel itchy all over my body.

But it can only be pressed.

In the Jingguo camp, a young Heaven's Chosen with a green bottle gourd hanging around his waist said: "If the war starts, you must kill this person first!"

The sound of Heaven's Chosen's ear.

The person who said this is Xu San, who "must be peach blossoms and green plums" and is famous for his romantic love.

He considers the problem purely from the perspective of the outcome of the war. The invincible Heaven's Chosen like Jiang Wang is too easy to create an advantage on the local battlefield. If it is not resolved as soon as possible, the variables of this Heaven's Chosen dispute are difficult to grasp.

Wang Kun, who was on the Mirror World Stage, responded immediately: "Brother Xu is right. The two armies fight together to kill the biggest Jiang Qingyang first. It is precisely to cut the flag and seize the power!"

This sword that was cut down on Xingyue Plain has caused ripples not only in the front army.

Even if there are two generals at the two ends of Xingyueyuan, they cannot ignore this brilliant sword.

Although it is the power of the inner palace, it has already seen a peerless posture.

"Did you see it?" asked Lian Jingzhi, the great pillar of the country.

Standing not far behind him is his daughter Lian Yuchan, who is also the most talented cultivator of the younger generation in Xiang Country. Now he only hangs up the post of a personal soldier, guarding the stage.

Lian Jingzhi took her this time, just let her observe.

"I saw it." said Lian Yuchan, who had an oval face and a very delicate face.

I added another sentence: "I can see clearly."

She looks like a person in the painting, but with a helmet and armor, she also sees murderous aura cold.

Lian Jingzhi lightly said: "When will you be able to stab this sword, I can remove my armor with peace of mind."

Lian Yuchan pressed his lips slightly and said nothing. Hair, but with double swords hanging from the waist... Both swords sounded.

The east and the west are far away, and each has its own waves.

On the east side of the general platform, Fang You, who is in charge of Xu Guo’s soldiers and horses, couldn’t help but tilt his upper body slightly: "Is this Jiang Wang?"

"This It’s Jiang Wang.” Mrs. Xidu said in a cold voice: “With this strength, you deserve a big name. I’m Rongguo youngster, and there is no one that can match it.”

“He is already recognized. The first inner mansion in ancient and modern times, opponents will no longer be confined to the same generation." Fang You shook his head and said profoundly: "I am afraid that it will be a few years before we Old Guy will compare with him."

"The years you said..." Mrs. Xidu was halfway through her words, suddenly turned her head, looked towards the front of the battlefield, with a shock on her face!

Fang You also suddenly lost his color.

They all sensed that a terrifying power...come!

At the position where Qijing Two Great Factions Heaven's Chosen confronts, at the place where Jiang Wang slashed to reveal the vitality of Human Demon...

That clear so-called boundary .

The blood surface disintegrated, the bat wings broke, and the entire fleshy body began to shrink. Human Demon...

In her heart, there was a silver white projectile, suddenly Leap out.

In a flash, the silver light is shining, and the light is endless!

All those who were watching here were all stabbed and had to close their eyes.

There were many soldiers, and even their eyes bleed.

In the eyes of the extraordinary cultivator, this silver white projectile leaped up and turned into a silver Divine Dragon in the glare of sudden release, and when it circulated on the ground, it rolled up and revealed the Human Demon, go straight to the sky!

In the end, only a bright light of silver white can be seen, shining in the sky. It is the high dome that is the brightest, even over the daylight, while getting smaller and farther away...


The silver white glow gradually became clearer and closer again.

Go to the sky first, then turn back from the sky!

Until...In people’s sight, the bright light is already clear enough to see the concrete image——

It is an already formed handleless long sword with the tip of the sword facing Down, facing Jiang Wang's direction...falling.

There is a sword cry above the sky.

It looks like Nine Heavens moves thunder.

The bright white sword light soars, centering on the flying long sword, spreading across the sky.

Look like a silver and electric dance.

The sky is a piece of paper that can be daubed freely, and the sword qi is a pulsating, never-ending book mark.

Sword qi is booming, like a power grid spread all over the sky.

Amidst the horrible screams, it became denser and more public.

So the sea of ​​sword light was formed.

The sea of ​​swords pours above the sky.

Let's fall into the world!

The bright white sword light sea occupied the sky and fell ruthlessly.

The evil spirits produced by the confrontation of a hundred thousand army have been suppressed several feet!

Only the endless sword light is falling.

It's like...

The sky is falling!

The sky collapsed, and the entire sky was pressed down.

The sky opened a hole, and the sword sea was like Heavenly River Water, dumping with Jiang Wang as the center! By the way, it covered the battlefield of nearly 100,000 people.

What kind of powerhouse is it, without a word, just fall here and kill?

Jiang Wang immediately, he thought of what Yu Big Dipper had said, Number One Person Demon Swallows Springback.

Even Big Dipper, one of the most powerful daoist in the world, can only come back to life in the face of Flying Sword who returned to Yanchun. Besides, he Jiang Wang? !

When he killed the beheading Human Demon, Yan Chun never made a move. When killing the evil Human Demon and the meat-cutting Human Demon, Yan Chun never made a move when he returned.

Those who want to come to Number One Person’s demon’s sight do not fall on these low-ranked Human Demons.

That's why he came to chase and expose him alone.

Unexpectedly, I hit a hornet's nest!

We can only say that time is also fortune. Sometimes destiny likes to make some bad jokes.

What kind of spectacle is this?

Dumping the sea of ​​swords from the sky, the bright white sword light resembles waves and tides, like a waterfall hanging upside down.

"It is suspected that the Milky Way falls in Nine Heavens!"

Who is doing this?

Isn’t it Heavenly God?

This is such a terrifying sword!

Jiang Wang's sword is just as supreme as a sword. Under this sea of ​​swords, it is like a waterweed, soft and weak.

Weak in comparison.

Anyone who is on the battlefield here is the sea of ​​sword qi, and there is nowhere to escape.

No matter which country it is Heaven's Chosen, no matter which country it is a soldier.

Under such a sea of ​​swords, everyone can only feel deep despair.

This is how impossible to smooth out the gap, and how impossible to surpass the sky.

Who can fill in the moat?

When the sky falls, who can live?

Critical moment, who can be fearless?

At this moment, Jiang Wang was standing in the air, and he had just cut through Human Demon. Before he had time to clean up, he encountered this sword.

Although he is cloak in flames, and the five provinces are shining, but like everyone covered by this sea of ​​swords, he has no power to deal with.

Under the inclination of the sea, the ants do nothing.

Thousands are worthless, tens of thousands are worthless, and one hundred thousand are still just ants!

I can't blame it!

You must die!

But Jiang Wang goes up.

He didn't say a word, he just raised the sword. Toward the sea of ​​sword light, marching lonely.

This is a critical moment, his only choice.

He never had another choice!

The frosty hunting behind him, the blazing flames swaying around him, the immortal red golden light in his eyes, as if it had solidified into a god sculpture.

The blue clouds dispersed one by one, and five groups of blazing light sources were embedded in his body.

He knew he couldn't escape, but he didn't wait to die.

If death is a fixed ending, if you really face Tianqi. He wants to call this "Heaven" of dumping...see his sword!

Jiang Wang is a capitalized "person" in the air.

The herringbone stands between Heaven and Earth.

Sauvignon Blanc trembled.

He stabbed a sword into the sky!

Single sword against the sea of ​​swords.

This is a youngster who is less than twenty years old, charging towards an unmatched force.

This is an inner palace cultivator, bravely challenging the might of the sky.

On the battlefield of Wanmaqi.

In the silence of a hundred thousand army.

He alone recoils at Gao Qiong, so determined and so dazzling.

After ten and a hundred years, this scene will not be forgotten by those present.

Those who still use swords when there is no hope are the true heroes in the world.

Suddenly angry roar, resounding through Heaven and Earth: "Jiang Qingyang! Where do you want to go? Chongxuan Sheng will go with you!"

The army in the Qi State camp In the middle, a fat body suddenly swelled and turned into a giant with ten five-six zhang, shaking the world and roaring like thunder. One step up to the sky, straight into the sword sea.

This piece of sword sea appeared too accidentally, and it appeared too powerful.

The narrow road faces life and death, and suddenly sees the might of the sky...This is the power of the sky that can't be crossed by wisdom.

Everything that can be used at this time cannot cope with this sea of ​​sword qi.

Chong Xuan Sheng is extremely clever, so he understands things better.

Simply give up all thoughts, give the choice to my own impulse, show Heaven and Earth's Law Manifestation, and ascend to the sky.

Jiang Wang will go to death, and I will go to death too!

A black armor silhouette, carrying a heavy sword, and silently following him.

Wherever Chongxuansheng goes, she will go wherever she goes.

Regardless of the cause, regardless of life or death.

If you cut a mountain, you cut the mountain, if you cut the sword sea, you cut the sword sea.

Even if it doesn't help, even if...skeleton doesn't exist.

Together with Chong Xuan Sheng!

"The whole army is in formation! Listen to my orders! Gather at the nearest place where the arrow falls!" Li Longchuan, who was wrapped in a jade belt, turned his hand over. The arrows flew out and landed in ten different positions, which corresponded to the ten camps on Qifang's side.

"I shall bring the kings to death!"

He wants to unite the forces of the army in the shortest possible time and do that desperate fight.

Take the reputation after destroying the city as proof!

Almost all Heaven's Chosen in the Qifang camp gave up their grasp of the military formation and gave them all to Li Longchuan to unify.

"Everyone knows the stone gate Li!"

This sentence is never empty talk!

And Yan Fu didn't have any impassioned words. Even on this fierce battlefield, he still looked like the gentle and calm expensive Young Master.

With just a flick of the left hand, there are eight four-winged ink warriors lifted into the air. The right hand grabbed a handful of talisman.

In time, I also threw a storage box into the hands of Lin Jie next to him, leaving only the phrase "use whatever you want," and he was already flying high in the sky.

Yiguo Heaven's Chosen froze for a moment, and was a little dizzy by this full box of talisman. But for some reason, he had already held the long knife in his hand, and people couldn't help flying into the sky.

I have studied countless legalist decrees, none of which can explain his impulse at the moment.

Perhaps the dying person must be stupid?

There was a voice that sounded unpleasantly--

"How can I let the younger generation be so beautiful!"

But see Shao Fangbo eldest son and Bob Zhaoxu Standing in the air, with a vertical touch of eyebrows, immediately opened the "Tianmu"!

There are two eyes open. One look is clear about the details, and the other...for heavenly punishment.

From those eyebrows, a streak of divine light shot straight into the sky, for "heavenly punishment" Zhao Jianhai!

Heavenly punishment is of course impossible to penetrate such a terrifying sea of ​​sword qi, but Bob Zhao, how can he let a group of younger brothers Heaven's Chosen die in front of him?

I sent it back to Linzi, and I don’t know how the younger brother who is used to disgusting people would laugh at it!

Chong Xuan Zun can't look down on this battlefield, he, Bob Zhao, came here, as the example of the young Heaven's Chosen in the Eastern Region!

It’s a step slower than Jiang Wang, so you can’t be slower than others.

Chaoyu, who was born in the army, was even more straightforward. The person has risen into the sky, the ghost with red eyes and blue face leaps forward, and the sharp and sharp long knife is hidden behind her...

She charges towards the sea of ​​swords. This thief is on the line!

It is also Heaven's Chosen in the outer building realm. Xie Baoshu is shaking like a giant pen on a rafter, with scattered hair, singing crazy songs--

" Suffering should also be called God’s knowledge!"

When things are coming, how can surname Jiang take the limelight!" ?

He uses a bright mirror to control wild songs and displays the strongest dao technique. Shake the giant pen, draw a stroke from the bottom up, face the sword sea...

Write the ending yourself!

No one wants to be left behind.

Especially Lei Zhanqian's insane temperament.

The strength loses to Jiang Wang and the cultivation base loses to Jiang Wang, can it be the courage to lose again?

critical moment, who dare not give a punch!

So he punched into the sea of ​​thunder and slammed into the sea of ​​sword qi with the sea of ​​thunder and lightning.

Although the gap is so great, it is like a river facing the ocean.

But his boxing force is grand and magnificent, not half weak.

Nine heavenly thunder is decided, with Thunder Punishment instead of heavenly punishment. After completely controlling the thunder world, his this fist is the real..."Human hair murderous intention, Heaven and Earth repetition!"

Lin Xian, Tian Chang, Wen Lianmu... even Gao Philosopher.

All Heaven's Chosen in the Qi State camp, at the critical moment, after the silhouette of Jiang Qingyang’s recoil, they were all aroused and rushed to the sky one after another.

No one hesitates, no one shrinks.

I want to come to the battlefield to make contributions, and I want to compete with Jingguo Heaven's Chosen.


The nations of Heaven's Chosen hit the sword sea!

Chen's vertical arms dare to support the sky!

In all the Heaven's Chosen who charge after Jiang Wang.

Duwang Yiwu is the most arrogant.

He clenched his fist to face the sword sea, he couldn't even see the face of the sword master, and he didn't know who it was. But punched out, soldiers boiled in the air, and the number of soldiers and horses condensed was difficult to count, and the jade blade patterns were all specific...

Then the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses went to the blue sky!

One man becomes a ten thousand army.

I only said in my mouth: "If you don’t die today, you will be killed in the future!"

The sword that can display the might of the sky can be used directly in the sea of ​​sword qi. To dump the world must be an existence standing on the top of the extraordinary.

Heaven's Chosen, although they rushed bravely, but everyone just desperately died.

The only one, Wang Yiwu, was speaking wildly at the powerhouse behind this sea of ​​swords!

It's really crazy to the extreme.

Different from Heaven's Chosen from the Qi State camp.

On the Jingguo camp, as soon as the bright white sword glow turned, there was a calm voice in the ears of Heaven's Chosen——"Now listen to my orders."

When the sea of ​​sword qi flows down.

The voice also said almost at the same time: "The power of this true monarch does not have to be brave. Yu Shuai is in the Wanhe Temple. We must be able to get there soon. What we have to do is to delay as much time as possible!"


"All ministries listen to orders! Just take the Formation rehearsed last night, Xu San led the army to the five, Wang Kun led the army to the four, Pei Hongjiu led the army..."

In an instant, the positions of everyone were clearly arranged, without any omissions.

The situation of the entire battlefield, the army of nearly fifty thousand people, seems to be in this person's mind.

And as soon as his order came out, no one had any objections.

Because the person speaking at this time is Jingguo now recognized as the strongest outer building, born in Penglai Island!

Following his command, the twenty teams of Jingguo moved quickly, and each team rushed to the designated position, forming a simple and stable Defensive Great Array in an instant.

With the combined efforts of 50,000 people, I hope to fall in Jianhai and stay alive.

Even if you buy more time to breathe, it is likely to be the dividing line between life and death.

The sea of ​​sword qi falls on Nine Heavens. These young Heaven's Chosen, regardless of camp, country, or giving up, can be said to show the grace and posture that Heaven's Chosen should have.

However, whether it is the offense chosen by the Qi State camp Heaven's Chosen or the defense chosen by the Jingguo camp Heaven's Chosen...

Facing this majestic sea of ​​swords, in fact It's the same powerlessness!

A thousand people are ants, and ten thousand people are ants.

Waiting for death is an ant, so why not struggling?

It means that welcoming and dying, avoiding and dying, fleeing and dying, fighting and dying.

Only the true monarch can control the true monarch, and there are all flying dust under the path of evolution!

The sea of ​​tens of thousands of miles of sword qi roars endlessly, and the bright white sword qi is like the waves of the Tianhe River, which seems to fall into the world from the top of Nine Heavens.

Seeing this "Tianhe" is about to "water out" the ants.

Especially Jiang Wang, who is at the forefront of swordsmanship, is almost only less than a hundred zhang away from Jianhai, so he can go there in no time.

Suddenly there was a silhouette standing in front of everyone.

Short beard, hairpin, a martial suit with no visible material.

It’s not particularly tall, but standing high in the sky, it seems to support a pillar of heaven.

The violent wind suppressed by the sea of ​​swords can't even lift the corners of his clothes!

Behind him is a group of Heaven's Chosen who charged up, and in front of him is the sea of ​​sword qi roaring and falling.

His voice is flat, but there is endless majesty, in the middle of it: "I can see my Eastern Heaven's Chosen fighting martial arts today. I am very relieved. I should use this punch to cheer you!"

So he punched the sky.

At this moment, in this situation, this person, of course, can only be the Great Qi military god Jiang Mengxiong!

His fists are simple, with peaks scattered and distinct.

Lift up like a dragon, like a lofty mountain, on the vast earth, rise up! Audaciously there is a potential to hit the gate of heaven.

When the fist moves, the terrifying fist wind has swept the sky first, and the clouds are moving upwards!

The howling fist wind expanded rapidly, stretching like a mountain range, facing...half the sword sea.

With Jiang Wang as the boundary, the sky within the Qi State camp was held up by Jiang Mengxiong's fist.

On the Jingguo camp, the sea of ​​sword qi is still falling...

" are too stingy!"

Amid a helpless sigh, Yu Que, who was wearing Liangyi martial arts uniform, suddenly appeared, and drew his sword with his backhand!

He speaks very casually, his appearance is very casual, and his sword-drawing posture is also very casual.

But a sword light immediately rose up into the sky, evolving into a rainbow, traversing the sky! Sword qi continues to soar, and then rises into the cloud of sword qi, the layers of clouds are connected, and the sword qi becomes a sea of ​​clouds, and the sea of ​​clouds rushes to the sky!

This sea of ​​clouds... firmly resisted the other half of the sword Qi Sea Yang that fell down.

It is still based on Jiang Wang. The one facing the majestic sword Qi Sea is half Jiang Mengxiong and half Yu Que.

Jiang Mengxiong deliberately controlled his power and only accurately blocked the half of the sword Qi Sea Yang. In fact, it was more strenuous and more laborious than facing the entire sword Qi Sea Yang with one punch. But he is obviously not tired of this, and would rather use more effort than give Yu Que a chance to sit and watch the theater.

Whoever controls it!

Seeing that Yu Que finally made a move, his fist suddenly moved up.

I looked up at the sword Qi Sea Yang, shouted angrily: "Dare to take action against me Great Qi Heaven's Chosen, Yan Chun will return, are you here to court death today?!"

bang!! !

Fist wind mountain range hit the sword Qi Sea.

The entire Heaven and Earth is dimmed!

The scene is like Heaven and Earth have joined together, and the chaos suddenly returns.

At least in this Xingyue Plain, there is a feeling of the end of the world coming!

Unspeakable, unable to describe.

The power of terror has swept everything, including people's perception.



I heard this loud drum-like sound again.

The short bleakness was torn apart.

So people saw that the entire bright white, surging Qi Sea Yang, the naked eye was visible, and moved up a few distances...

It collapsed "Heaven" was beaten back!

This is the true king of Yan Dao Jiang Mengxiong, this is Jiang Mengxiong's fist!

Who can stay still?

"...Who are you?"

An old voice fell.

"Yan Chunhui...who is it?"

These two questions fell one after another.

Like an old man who hasn't awakened, talking foolishly.

The sword Qi Sea Yang that covered the sky suddenly disappeared.

It seems that the mythical scene of the sky falling and the Tianhe River overflowing is just an illusion.

The sky is clear and the clouds are clear, and thousands of miles are peaceful.

People looked far away, only to see a silver white light spot, flashing in the air, it has disappeared.

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