Red Heart Survey Chapter 1350

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Number One Person Moyan Chunhui suddenly appeared, and dropped a sword without saying a word, directly covering the battlefield of nearly 100,000 troops. After confronting Jiang Mengxiong, he suddenly left, and it was almost do as one pleases to the extreme.

I don't care about the deterrence of the hegemony, so there are no rules in the world to restrain him.

It seems that the Great Qi military god Jiang Mengxiong and the head of the Jing Bajia Yuque have no intention of catching up.


Yu Que suddenly laughed, shaking his shoulders.

His sword is divided into black and white, separated from the spine, one side is pitch black as ink, and the other side is white as snow.

The sword grid is also a Tai Chi Chart, with the white side facing the black blade, and the black side facing the white blade.

The whole sword gives people a complex feeling of inclusiveness and breaking yin and yang.

He was put back into the sheath casually, and disappeared.

He looked at Jiang Mengxiong and laughed for a long time: " threw a punch in the sky there, spitting out wild words. Others only asked...who are you? hahahaha..."

"He forgot about me, it can only mean that he was on the wrong path." Jiang Mengxiong said blankly: "Should we give way? This war is not over yet."

"Of course, of course. This is the youngster's round." Yu Que laughed and disappeared without any explanation.

Jiang Mengxiong also took a step forward and disappeared in the air, leaving no expressions.

Both sides showed great confidence in Heaven's Chosen in their home country, and they can be regarded as grasping the yardstick of high-level battle strength not to interfere with this war.

Two real monarchs are talking here, and everyone in Xingyueyuan can only listen to them.

When they leave, people seem to be autonomous.


After experiencing the scene of Heaven and Earth turning upside down just now, where life and death are almost impossible, let Heaven's Chosen of the two camps immediately return to the emotion of confrontation, it is true It is difficult for some strong people.

Jingguo Heaven's Chosen are connected in a series of small formations to form a large defensive army.

Qi State Heaven's Chosen all followed Jiang Wang and rushed into the sky, while the army was temporarily guided by Li Longchuan with feather arrows to form a battle.

Heaven's Chosen on both sides went up and down, looking at each other...There is really no fighting intent.

It's like two ants, who were aggressively confronting each other and were about to fight desperately.

There is indeed the will to fight to the death.

But suddenly a person came over and stepped on, both of the ants were almost dead...

Although the person walked far away, the ants were also alive for a while. The lingering palpitations are hard to dissipate.

The two sides looked at each other, and the weird atmosphere continued for a while...

clang! clang! clang! The sound of Zheng sounded.

Strike the hammer with the mallet, it is the sound of gold, but the sound of the retreat.

Probably even Jingzhi and Fang You are aware of the military spirit and know that it is difficult to fight today. Even to say, they probably have similar feelings...

In front of the powerhouses like Yan Chunhui, Yu Que, Jiang Mengxiong, the Great Marshal of the Great Pillar of the Xiang Kingdom and the Great Marshal of the Xu Kingdom, What's the difference from any pawn on this Xingyue Plain?

Heaven's Chosen on both sides organized their teams and returned to camp, and did not say anything in the meantime.

Today’s encounter is really complicated. No one even releases cruel words such as "Tomorrow will break your array" and "Pick your dog's head".

Of course... The sight of Jiang Wang has never been less.

He was the first to kill Human Demon in front of the army, and then the first to recoil into the sky and the sword. It is really dazzling and can not be ignored,


Recovering Heaven and Earth's Law Manifestation divine ability of the heavy profound victory, beckoned, and even used the power of heavy profound: "Come here!"

Jiang Wang withdrew from the sword immortal He returned his sword in the sheath, followed the gravitational force, and fell lightly beside him. Somewhat amusedly said: "You are too strong in the strength of the Chongxuan, let's go back and practice it." There are no "men".

At this moment, with 14 heavy armors on the left and Jiang Qingyang from Tianfu on the right, he leads the way in the middle and walks towards the Qifang army camp with a total annihilation, which is really magnificent.

Li Longchuan turned his hand to collect the Qiushan bow, and flew over, lightly said with a smile: "Our first inner palace in history, how can it grow and become handsome?"

" ah ha ha ." Jiang Wang maintained a humble quality: "It depends on who you are compared with."

Fourteen gave him a dissatisfied look.

"I mean compared to who I was yesterday!" Jiang Wang quickly explained.

Yan Fu handed over the control mechanism in his hand to Lin Jie, signaled him to put the eight ink warriors away, and at the same time handed him a talisman that was too late to use, asking him to put them together.

These things of incalculable value are simply a bunch of shining essence stones.

He was too troublesome. Lin Jie casually cleaned it up, as if he didn't worry that the other party would be greedy for ink... It was obviously only two days before he got acquainted!

It’s not credulous...

The most fundamental reason is wealth.

Change to Jiang Wang, he must do it himself, so he won’t even leave a piece of shredded paper for others, let alone any chance of being greedy for ink...

Leave things behind Behind him, the man walked towards Jiang Wang relaxedly with a gentle smile: "How? How much essence stone did it cost for this trip?"

Jiang Wang just remembered, the dog Big...oh no, brother Yan Xian promised to be responsible for all the expenses of his trip abroad.

"Don't worry." He greeted this wise brother with the brightest smile: "I haven't gone back yet?"

There may be more in Xingyueyuan afterwards. As for the cost, he is as witty as Jiang Qingyang, and of course he cannot suffer the losses of the past few days.

Everyone laughed.

Chong Xuansheng beckoned to Lin Xian again, and said to Jiang Wang: "I will introduce you to someone."

Jiang Wang had already noticed that, except for a few friends , And a few gazes falling on his body, especially enthusiastic.

One is a lieutenant who is helping Brother Yan Xian to pack things up, but I don’t know who it is.

The other is Lin Xian.

He looked over with a smile on his face.

"I am your lieutenant." Lin Xian was somewhat sorry and authentic.

Jiang Wang is a little unclear, but he smiled gently: "It feels good to meet again. I don't know much about the situation of the battle. I will work together in the next few days. I hope you can bear it."

"No no." Lin Xian waved his hand again and again: "I will learn by your side."

"Our front army is divided into ten battalions, and you have the position of the leader of the battalion. Because of that. Before you came to the battlefield, I asked Lin Xian to help you take the lead..." Chong Xuan Sheng explained to the side: "You two should know each other?"

Jiang Wang didn't know that the other side was watching him. Breaking the battle of legends, laughed: "I am deeply impressed by Brother Lin."

Lin Xian hurriedly said: "Where can I afford Qingyangzi!"

At this time, Gao Zhe left far away. Come, with a smile on his face, he greeted: "Brother Jiang! long time no see!"

Jiang Wang also smiled nodded: "Brother Gao."

Chong Xuansheng stretched out his hand Pulling him to stop his usual politeness. But at last I left a little bit of affection, and didn't say anything directly. Don't pay attention to anything like any cat or dog.

Gao Zhe's expression was stiff and nodded, but he finally said nothing, and turned to leave.

Jiang Wang cast a questioning look at Chong Xuan Sheng, Chong Xuan Sheng only said: "Go back to the camp and talk about it."

Including Bao Bozhao, Chao Yu... those who don’t know. , Almost all took the initiative to greet Jiang Wang.

Even Xie Baoshu sullenly said "Welcome into the battle." It was Lei Zhanqian who dullly said something like "The Eleventh Prince asked me to send greetings." Even if it is Wang Yiwu, he also raised his chin and said, "I hope you will show more"......

Jiang Wang is not very comfortable with these scenes, but he also responded politely one after another, never right Who is arrogant.

He has always been arrogant and humble. This is true at low times, and it is also true at Peak.

Finally gathered the Mo warrior's Lin Jie, overtook the team, and after handing over to Yan Fu, he hurriedly jumped in front of Jiang Wang with a big smile: "Jian Jue, I've been admired for a long time! See you today, my style is better than legend! I am Yi Guo Lin Jie, you can call me Xiao Lin, you can also call me Xiao Jie!"

"Brother Lin, hello, hello......"

Jiang Wang was surrounded all the way to the camp where the army was stationed.

Later, the marching ambitions have been carried--

"...The three armies have heard of Jiang Qingyang, who are eager to see each other, so don’t be anxious."

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