Red Heart Survey Chapter 1351

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After a long talk in the military account at night, Jiang Wang knew why Chong Xuan Sheng had cut his seat from Gao Zhe.

For Gao Zhe, he has no emotions. When I was playing together earlier, I didn't get along well. Some of the most fundamental things cannot be concealed, such as the jealousy that Gao Zhe has always revealed to Yan Fu...

It's just that the jealousy transferred to him Jiang Wang.

Since Chongxuan Sheng has made a decision, he should deal with it this way and cut the seat.

Not to mention that Chong Xuan Sheng's grasp of Qi State's political environment and understanding of people's hearts are far above him. Follow Sheng brother to make choices, and there are very few times when you make mistakes.

Some people always think that only long sleeves help one dance beautifully is called a communicative method, but they do not realize that temper is also a very important point in interpersonal communication. To whom, under what circumstances, and how to lose your temper, it’s a college question.

Chong Xuan Sheng also learned at this time that Jiang Wang did not receive his notice, but by chance, he crashed into the Xingyue Plain and caught up with the battle.

I couldn’t help but curl one’s lip: "I thought you deliberately drove Human Demon to make a name for yourself, but when you think about it, you don’t seem to be someone who can come up with this... it’s just a coincidence. !"

Jiang Wang glanced at him with a dangerous expression in his eyes: "You don't seem to respect the first inner palace since ancient times."

"Hey!" Chong Xuansheng He slapped his arm affectionately: "I praise you for being honest, kind, modest and restrained! You can't do that kind of publicity!" Fourteen is right next to him, Jiang Wang tentatively gave this fatty Save a bit of face and don't care too much.

Only laughed: "Really? I think you are also very honest and kind!"

"That is!" Chongxuan wins boosted shamelessly: "How else are we two? Is it similar to the biological brother? It’s divided into groups, and the simple and the simple meet each other!"

Jiang Wang thoughtfully said that it’s not easy to meet you. But after thinking about it, I haven't seen it for so long, so it's better to keep a little warm. Followed and boasted: "Chong Xuan Young Master morality reaching up to the clouds, who doesn't know?"

Chong Xuan Sheng grinned said with a smile: "Low-key, low-key, this Young Master does not I like to make public. It’s not like those with long faces and who love to wear white clothed."

"By the way, Brother Simple." Jiang Wang looked at him, faint smiled: "I heard that I put it on Fiefdom The unparalleled Heavenly Grade body protection symbol in here, someone has lost money to me?"

Most people must subconsciously ask "Who told you", and they can’t wait to find the informer to settle the account immediately and expose themselves. Clean.

But who is Chongxuan fat?

It is natural to pat the forehead: "Look at my memory! I almost forgot if you didn't say it! There is something like this, your body protection symbol has an accident...I I will help you get the compensation back!"

After that, I solemnly took out a knife and put it in Jiang Wang's hands.

Jiang Wang looked at the sword money in his hand, then looked at Zhong Xuansheng, and then looked at the sword money.

"What's the matter?" Chong Xuansheng asked with a confused look: "Didn't you buy it for a knife?"

Jiang Wang was speechless for a while.

Simply exploit strengths and avoid weaknesses, and politely looked towards Fourteen: "Fourteen girls, fine moment and beautiful scene tonight, or you can go out to enjoy the month..."

... …

Fourteen finally failed to appreciate the moon.

Because I am in the Xingyue Plain at this time, there will still be a big battle tomorrow. Almost everyone in Heaven's Chosen is seizing the time to get acquainted with the army, understand the battlefield, and revise the goal...

Xuan Sheng had a big heart, and he took Jiang Wang to chat for half a night.

From Chongxuansheng’s military tent, Jiang Wang went to find his tenth battalion.

Most of the soldiers in the camp are ordinary persons, who only understand some simple martial skills in the military. Except for the vigil team, most of them have fallen asleep.

Lin Xian took the two people and patrolled the camp conscientiously.

When Jiang Wang came to the camp, he was chatting with a night watchman.

Normally, the opponent's corporal and his soldiers are warm and cold, and the soldiers can only get their lives in war...This is about the necessary quality of the famous general. At this point, Lin Xian did a good job.

When he saw Jiang Wang from a distance, he hurried to greet him, respectfully saying: "Master Jiang."

Jiang Wang already knew at this time that he was fighting the Four Human Demon alone. At that time, Lin Xian was watching the battle. I also know how Lin Xian defends herself in front of everyone, saying "I am willing to run a dog" and so on, as if he is a fanatic follower...

It is inevitable that there is some subtle mood.

"General Lin has worked hard. I talked to Brother Xuan for too long, and it was too much time, but I made you suffer here alone."

"This is within the limits. It’s hard work." Lin Xian’s attitude is very humble: "Is the general free now? I will report to you the specific situation of our camp at the end."

"Just about to follow General Lin asks..." Jiang Wang said: "Let’s say it in the camp."

After entering the main general’s tent, both sides are seated. Lin Xian said without delay, "We have 5,000 people in our battalion. All of them are good guys full of blood energy, enough to support the ordinary blood energy army. The camp is divided into five teams, each with a thousand people, and the five teams are Heavenspan Realm cultivation base......"

As far as the ordinary person is concerned, there is indeed a difference in Innate Physique between men and women. Generally speaking, men's blood energy will be stronger.

The military battle array is to mobilize the body's blood energy to make the ordinary person show extraordinary battle strength.

"The power of the people, with the supernatural power".

So the ordinary soldiers in the armies of the nations are mostly men.

After being extraordinary, the difference in Innate Physique's power was erased. What determines the strength of battle strength lies in each person's own cultivation base.

Therefore, in the army, among all kinds of officers with extraordinary cultivation bases, it is common for men and women regardless of gender.

Jiang Wang quietly listened to Lin Xian's introduction, and then he had a general understanding of the tenth camp he was holding.

There are a total of fifty extraordinary cultivators, that is, for every one hundred soldiers, there is one extraordinary cultivator. For Xu Guo, it is indeed the main lineup of genuine.

These extraordinary cultivators are the core of connecting various blood energy battle formations, and other ordinary soldiers are the foundation of various blood energy battle formations.

If it is an army composed entirely of extraordinary cultivators, naturally you can directly use all kinds of true essence battle formations. Of course, it does not mean that the true essence battle formation is necessarily stronger than the blood energy battle formation, but the extraordinary cultivator has more choices after all.

"I probably know it." Jiang Wang praised: "General Lin combed it very clearly... from a general?"

"Have learned some art of war..." Lin Xian shook his head Said: "Let the adults laugh."

Although he didn't show much, but he didn't just learn some...

Rong Guo is really training Lin Xian as a pillar of the future. , Not just a cultivation innate talent amazing thug.

Jiang Wang thought for a while and said: "I heard that in Broken Soul Gorge, when I was fighting with the evil Human Demon, you were there?"

"Yes, I Relying on the unrestrained divine ability to hide in the formation..." Lin Xian said with some shame: "I have the honor to watch Lord Jiang create the legendary battle."

"I actually have a doubt..." Jiang Wang smiled Looking at him: "When I had a array was very weak, why didn't you sneak attack me since you were watching?"

Lin Xian was silent for a while, purse one's lip, and then said "To tell you the truth, I have thoughts like this. You are Heaven's Chosen from Qi State, like a mountain, too heavy for me to breathe. I did think about...remove you."

"But There are two factors that influence my choice."

"One is that when you first entered Broken Soul Gorge, you could obliterate me easily, but you just asked me to keep it secret, apart from this there was nothing. Do. The picture at that time always jumped into my mind."

"One is the fear of you. Even if you are in that state, I feel that you are invincible in my heart."


He sat on his knees, with his hands on his knees, expressing a kind of obedience, and frankly confessed to himself: "To be honest, I don't know whether I respect you more or fear you more. In short, I hesitated for a long time. , I couldn't pull out my knife at the time. I can only choose to leave quietly..."

After Lin Xian said these words, he bowed his head to Jiang Wang and saluted: "This is the mood of a weak person like me. If Mr. Jiang minds, expel me out of the camp now. I can understand it too."

Jiang Wang laughed dumbfounded: "General Lin is too worried! A gentleman doesn’t care about his thoughts, there is no perfect person in the world. . When I met you in Broken Soul Gorge, didn’t the thought of killing you pass in my heart?"

He said frankly: "There will be such a voice in my heart telling me— -'Perhaps killing this talent is the best way to keep secret'. But I also ask myself, what is this person's crime? Is there any reason for killing? Although we belong to two countries, we are not seeing each other on the battlefield. , And no hatred for each other.

I think. This person must have shouldered the expectations of many people, and must be cared by many people. If he dies, many people will be sad.

If I just kill people for no reason just because I am better than this person, what is the difference between me and Human Demon?

I have no intention of doing anything after asking myself like this. Now."

"The sages said,'One heart has a thousand thoughts'. I think that people’s Evil Thought is constantly being produced, then In a flash, neither Kindness nor Evil Thought can determine what kind of person we are.

What determines the background of our lives is the final choice we make...

People are determined by his choices. It doesn't matter what you think about. What you choose is what you are. "

Lin Xian looked at Jiang Wang earnestly, and this time he bowed deeply: "Listening to the Lord's words is better than reading for ten years." Lin Xian has been taught! "

Jiang Wang hurriedly supported his arm and lifted him up: "We are all peers, we are just discussing life with each other." Don't let Brother Lin be such a gift! "

Lin Xian couldn't go down, so she straightened up and exclaimed: "I seem to know how you can become the No. 1 Inner Mansion in Qing History." "

"On the long road of cultivation, the inner government is just one of the small hills. Even if it is the number one in ancient and modern times, it can't stand a blow from the gods. Today, I am too powerless to be like an ant under the sword. "Jiang Wang shook his head and said, "Don't praise me anymore. We are all pedestrians who have just left, and we must try to look farther. "

Lin Xianken said: "Jiang Jun's good words today, Lin Xian will never forget. I hope that the rest of my life will work hard and be able to look back on Jiang Jun. "

Jiang Wang is really not an arrogant person, except for sometimes deliberately irritating or fighting in wartime, usually only a few boasts in front of his younger sister. For Lin Xian's words He is really not very comfortable with the fanatical flattery inside and out for a while.

Even...a bit shy.

Hurry up and change the subject and say: "this time the battle of Xingyueyuan , The opponent should not be underestimated..."

Lin Xian said with confidence: "I believe we will be able to win under your leadership! "

"..." Jiang Wang said: "What I want to say is, you will be the chief general, and I will be your deputy. "

Lin Xian was taken aback, and quickly avoided the table: "Master Jiang, what dissatisfaction with Lin Xian?" "

"no no no. Jiang Wang supported him and said seriously: "On the contrary! When I was in Guanhetai, I admired you very much. Please don't worry too much. "

"I am telling you this matter sincerely. I have to say truthfully, I don't know anything about the art of war, and I really don't know how to rush into the battle. Fighting and killing the enemy regards me as brave, but I can command the army, I am powerless! What face do I have if you are a thief?

If it's an ordinary war, that's it. This time our opponent is Jingguo, the strongest in the world, with profound background, are we qualified to underestimate it? It is for the victory or defeat of the war that I ask you to be the master. "

He had such a plan a long time ago, and only made such a decision after getting to know Lin Xian.

It is not a hypocritical temptation, but a sincere attempt to make Position.

Lin Xian looked at him fixedly for a while and confirmed that he was not pretending, before sighing: "Your realm makes me like a mountain!"

"But I can't promise! "He said.

"Why?" "Jiang Wang asked.

"There are three undesirable things in this matter. "Lin Xian said earnestly: "General is the courage of the army." You all know the world, but I am unknown. The ruler is the general, and the army is open for change, and the general is the people who were alarmed. It is for bravery, this is not advisable. "

"In this chaotic place, a lone army is easy to die. The formation is divided into ten battalions, and the leaders of the nine battalions are all together. The king is the master and everyone helps, and I am the master and everyone avoids it. It is for the potential to lose, neither of which is advisable. "

"The so-called'virtue is not coordinated, there must be disaster'. I cannot be as virtuous as the king, and I cannot be as strong as the king, and the nobles are not as good as the courageous. An Neng is above the king? It is for virtue to lose, and these three are not desirable. "

After speaking, he said sincerely, "Please don't think about it!" "

After Jiang Wang listened, although he still didn't think he had enough military ability, he was persuaded by Lin Xian. Especially the theory of "power loss" was completely foreseeable by him. Chong Xuan Sheng and the others certainly spared no effort to help him, but who is Lin Xian?

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but said with a bitter smile: "But I really have neither studied military books nor experienced wars. For fear of missing his subordinates' life! "

"If you trust the end, the end will be in charge. "Lin Xian said: "The king is a banner, and at the end it will be a wing." Qi Feng has something to say, and the end general leads the army straight into it. "

He has said everything for this purpose, Jiang Wang has no room to refuse, only said: "Then let's discuss it. You can't fight, how to fight, you bother. I am willing to be a long forward for this team. If you say to cut anyone, I will cut anyone! "

In general, the two sides reached an agreement. Jiang Wang remains as the main general, as the banner of the 10th Battalion. Lin Xian controls the army and serves as the core of the 10th Battalion.

The two talked very happily, and the more they talked, the more they felt that each other was trustworthy.

Now they discussed many situations on the battlefield and set up a few contingency plans...

until the night patrol The soldiers went out of the book again, and the two people were shocked that a long time had passed.

"The subordinates retired first. "Lin Xian stood up and said.

Jiang Wang is no longer so polite with him this time, only said with a smile: "Then I won't give it away." "

Lin Xian laughed: "Don't send it, don't send it. "

Leave the seat and walk out.

Before leaving the house, but suddenly turned around, deeply admired Jiang Wang: "No matter what the victory or defeat is in this battle. It is Lin Xian's honor to be able to work with Jun, and be like a robe! "

After that, without waiting for Jiang Wang's response, he strode around and lifted the curtain and left.

The stars and moon outside the curtain were all pressed very low, and it seemed to be reachable.

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