Red Heart Survey Chapter 1352

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Chen Guo has no return.

It is foggy all year round, day and night...There are endless rumors of ghosts.

The mountain within the valley is quiet and peaceful, especially the moon is rare tonight. The wood house is located in front of the clear stream, and the feeling of tranquility flows quietly.

"wang wang wang~!"

The Old Huang dog suddenly barked.

This scream disturbed the night, and the clear stream also rippled, and the moon shadow shattered the water shadow.

The valley woke up.

There is a horse in front of the wood house, and a white-haired old man who is dozing off sits on the horse.

"What is the noise?" He muttered dissatisfiedly without opening his eyes.

"Boss, it's me."

A young man with long hair and blood eyes broke through the light night and walked quickly to the old man.

"wang wang wang~!"

The Old Huang dog lying in the corner of the house yelled at him again, very brutal.

Unfortunately, the old state of tired bones really has no deterrent effect.

I also bullied this "newcomer" and did not dare to confront it.

The old man sitting on Mazha opened his eyes and looked at: "Oh, little snake."

Fang Heling has long been used to it.

Said calmly: "I am Xiaohe."

"Xiaohe..." The old man stood up and leaned in front of him. There is a woman, do you know who she is? Lying on my bed makes me unable to sleep!"

"It's Master Revealer." Fang Heling replied.

"Oh..." The old man pondered for a while: "Who?"

Fang Heling thought for a while and put his left hand on his face: "It's Lord Swallow."


"Swallow...zi." The old man murmured: "Yan...I am Yanchunhui...Yanchunhui is me!"

"Jiang Mengxiong!"

He suddenly twisted his body and looked at the east. The turbidity in those old eyes suddenly washed away, like a clear stream washing the moon, and a layer of clear light surged, so sharp!

The clear stream in front of the wood house seems to freeze.

Old Huang dog caught his tail instantly.

There is no wind, and it seems that there is no star or moon.

Fang Heling looked down and stood still, motionless.

"How are you going out this time?" The old man has completely changed his tone, although his voice is still old, but at this moment there is an indifferent smell of overlooking the common people.

"The things you explained have been done." Fang Heling said.

The old man took out a yellowed ancient book from his arms, and handed it to him: "This is the Sword Manual you want, a fierce sword that has been inexhaustible in the Flying Sword era..."

Fang Heling took it silently.

He did not thank him, because there is no need to thank him.

At the head of Human Demon, giving and getting are always equal.

And this is what he deserves.

"You can still think about it now." The old man said.

"This is my choice." Fang Heling said.

"You rest early." He gave a salute to the old man, turned and walked out.

Go very sure.

This is an era when Heaven's Chosen was born in large numbers.

He can't walk fast, so he can only go like this.

"wang wang wang~!"

It was probably calm for a while, and the Old Huang dog felt that he could do it again, so he barked at Fang Heling's back again, majestic and majestic .

The old man glanced at it.

It shut up immediately and wagged its tail fawningly.

"Stupid dog, you can't pinch a persimmon to soften it." The old man shook the head and walked into the wood house.

Old Huang's dog wagged his tail and sent him in, very submissive.

After he walked into the wood house.

The Old Huang dog immediately tilted his head and sipped: "Bah!"

Speak human's words: "Do you have a good person within the valley? Lao Tzu Where can I squeeze the soft persimmon?"

It cursed angrily, and lay down again, squinting his eyes.

The structure of the wood house is very simple.

There is only one kitchen, one hall, and one bedroom.

The entrance is the main room, the kitchen is on the left, and the bedroom is on the right.

There is a table of Eight Immortals on the top wall of the hall, and three stools are surrounded by it.

There are a few small dishes on the table, which are covered with a bamboo cover to avoid pests and flies.

Looking up, there is a black wooden shrine hanging on the wall.

There is an incense burner in the shrine, there is incense, and even the incense ash has been accumulated for half of the furnace... but there is no god sculpture.

Not even a portrait of a god.

I don’t know what it is offering.

Apart from this, the hall is empty.

Yan Chunhui turned right and walked into the bedroom.

This bedroom still maintains a simple overall style.

The bed is a very simple and narrow single bamboo bed, just leaning against the wall alone, without a curtain, let alone other decorations.

Something incompatible with the style of the whole house is——

In the bedroom by the window, there is a very beautiful stringed piano.

From the carvings to the luster of the strings...all tell the word "precious".

That is the ultimate exquisiteness, the ultimate ingenuity, to make such a treasure.

And it is placed there quietly, waiting for a hand to caress.

The wooden window is closed. It should have been closed for a long time.

So this piano should have been lonely for a long time...even if it is as bright as new.

Yan Chunhui's eyes fell on the bamboo bed.

At this time there is a "person" lying on the bed...

If you can still call it a person.

She has a human "shape", a human head, facial features...but not exactly a human body.

The position of the left hand is probably a paw.

The position of the right hand is like an elephant leg.

The torso is like some different animals put together, some with hairy, some with thorns, not only uneven, but also the color is inconsistent...

It should be both legs The location is relatively uniform, with two colorful snake tails.

The eyes of the lying "man" closed tightly.

Blood on the face.

Yan Chun stepped forward and took a closer look, her old wrinkled eyelids lifted slightly.

So the sword sounded.

The "man" on the bed immediately opened his eyes.

She watched the gray-haired Yan Chun return, and she was in a trance for a moment.

But the sudden trance was quickly broken.

The first handsome man in the country of Chen back then, is now just a forgetful old fogey.

And she...

Her eyes didn't dare to turn, but after gradually waking up, she showed extreme fear.

"I'm dead. Then me?" she asked tremblingly.

Yan Chun returned to nodded.

The horrible conjecture has been verified. Tears shed all of a sudden, and she almost lost control.

Yelled: "Surnamed Yan's, Yan Chun will return! Why do you want to save me! Why do you want to save me? You bastard! You damn... damn! Who allows you Use that dirty means to save me!"

Yan Chun looked at her quietly, without saying a word.

She on the bamboo bed scolded for a while, and finally seemed to lose her strength, sobbing and crying: "I should have died a long time ago, I should have died three hundred years ago! Why do you... What!"

"Don't cry." Yanchun replied.

His comfort is weak and muddy. Like two drops of sewage squeezed out by twisting a rag hard. I squeezed it out as if something was finally done, but it fell and soiled the place.

Only the eyeballs can move Yanzi's whole body, but the remaining shadow she caught is enough for her to prove her conjecture and know what a ghost she is like.

"Ah...ah...wu wu..."

She began to cry very badly.

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