Red Heart Survey Chapter 1353

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"Stop crying."

The old man standing in front of the bamboo bed gave another dry comfort.

I probably saw that it was really useless, so he said slowly: "When you absorb their life force, I will help you deal with it, and you can look back."

"Wait, wait, wait! You always only know to wait!" The swallow on the bamboo bed yelled angrily: "I don't want to wait, I don't want a moment! You kill me, kill me, kill me!"

Yan Chun looked at her back, and only said: "You know I won't do that."

His voice can be called gentle, but compared to the pain of Yanzi, it is unavoidable. It's cruel.

"You bastard! Surnamed Yan, you are going to kill me! Kill me!"

The swallow was crying and shouting, and his voice became muted.

"I don't want to...I don't want to live like this! I don't want to even for a moment! I don't want to...!"

The more pain I see, the more powerless.

But Yan Chun's eyes quietly turned cloudy again.

He seemed to shook his head: "I always feel, have I forgotten something..."

I thought about it for a while, to no avail.

He sighed a little bit sighed: "Nothing..."

What's the matter in the world?

Who is not in the world?

That's it!

"Snake, it's been three months since I was out of the valley." He frowned and said, "I don't know if things are done?"

It seems like this time, the swallow is crying. It passed into his ears.

He moved forward and squinted at the woman on the bamboo bed...

Somewhat surprised: "Swallow, why are you hurt so badly?"

Swallow, who had been crying and howling, was suddenly silent. The eyes were still crying, and there was no sound in the mouth. The pain seemed to be swallowed in my heart.

He almost forgot everything in the world...

But he still remembers this name.



Jiang Wang sits alone in the military tent, silently adjusts his breath, seizes all time for cultivation, and prevents it from passing away in vain. tip.

Objectively speaking, even with his current strength, there is still a lot of room for exploration at the level of the Inner Realm alone.

For example, Divine Soul killing method, such as defense dao technique, such as Illusion Technique, such as medical dao technique......

But no matter which aspect of filling, it is impossible to bring quality The promotion.

Because he is now the strongest in the inner government.

It is not only the first in the inner palace of the same generation, but also the first in the history of the past and the present.

On this path in the inner mansion, only in terms of battle strength, he has reached a certain limit.

Current cultivation is more about self-examination, checking for deficiencies, and making final improvements.

If you want to build the tallest building, you should build the most solid foundation.

The invincibility at the inner government level is something that has already happened.

Jiang Wang is not satisfied with this.

He has been looking farther.

The burning bone lotus absorbs the ubiquitous star power.

Because this time Xingyue was originally to participate in the battle between the two forces of Qi and Jing, and Jiang Mengxiong and Yu Que, two true monarchs, were obviously sitting in the vicinity.

So he didn't contact Guanyan Master's idea, just silently cultivation.

He who made Tianfu has a clearer understanding of star power.

After establishing the Starlight Holy Building, starlight body tempering is a necessary step. The advantage of Tianfu cultivator is that Wufu Tongyao also has body tempering this step.

The strengthening of fleshy body by the light of five divine ability is obvious.

Jiang Wang was able to fight fiercely because of his broken heart and legs. The body tempering of the Wufu Tongyao at the time of the achievement of Tianfu was indispensable.

The light of divine ability communicates and smudges with every muscle, bringing stronger defense, more strength, and faster speed.

Jiang Wang after the body tempering of Tongyao in the Five Houses, the strength of Fleshy body is not incomparable with those skilled in body training.

Like Chongxuanzun, who is extremely strong in body refining, after experiencing the five-family Tongyao and starlight body tempering, once the state of heaven is turned on, it can even be used to fight against Muguo’s good-near-god body. .

Of course, the current Jiang Wang, if you want to compare with Chong Xuan Zun in fleshy body strength, the probability is really not high. After all, Chongxuan is a divine ability that is too suitable for body refining, and Xuan Family's development of this divine ability has almost reached the extreme...

It is probably because of the uniqueness of the burning bone lotus, very early In the past, Jiang Wang was able to perceive that the "star power" of everywhere is actually different.

The star power derived from different stars has very subtle differences in itself...Although it does not affect the use of the Burning Bone Lotus, this difference does exist after all.

This difference is like a certain "attribute", a kind of "imprint", like the different identities between people.

The purest star power he has come into contact with so far is just the feedback he got after slaying the star beast in the Floating Land World Wuzhi Cavern.

Any star power apart from this carries different "imprints".

For example, Yuheng star power is obviously unpredictable compared to other star powers.

Imagine from this perspective.

The endless starlight meets in the vast universe... Will they also say hello to each other?

"I am Yuheng", "I am Ziwei", "long time no see"......

There are many thoughts in one heart, the miscellaneous thoughts of unfathomable mystery in the cultivation Inevitable.

Jiang Wang cut it off naturally, allowing himself to focus more on the cultivation.

Suddenly a voice rang in my ears——

"Jiang Xiaoyou."

"Guan Yan senior?" Jiang Wang withdrew from the cultivation state, some surprise.

He never expected that Master Guanyan would speak to Xingyueyuan in such an environment.

Except for Yuque and Jiang Mengxiong, two true monarchs are paying attention here. In a state of war, Xingyue was originally isolated from the transmission of information.

Even Grand Void Illusory Realm can't communicate anymore, and the difficulty of the voice coming from Senhai Source World must be much greater than before.

What is it that makes Master Guanyan have to speak at this time?

"Little friend, I have something to please." Yuheng star power heard Guan Yan's voice.

Although there is no sentiment, but it can make Guanyan Master at this time breakthrough blockade, and the sound from the distant Senhai world will be very urgent. He was always calm in dealing with the terror powerhouse of the equal country. Tonight, without even a little greeting, he asked Jiang Wang to help...

Jiang Wang didn’t have time to think about it, so he immediately said solemnly, “I need me. Please don't hesitate to ask Master to do anything."

"Come to Senhai Yuanjie, there are some things here that need your help." Guan Yan said.

"I'll go right away." Jiang Wang said.

paused, and said: " do I go?"

"You go to Seven Star Valley first, and I will pick you up there."

The last time I went to Senhai Yuanyuan was through the Secret Realm of Seven Stars in Seven Star Valley. Jiang Wang is no stranger to that place.

He only asked: "How do I know you when I reach Seven Star Valley?"

"When you arrive at Seven Star Valley, I will know."

Jiang Wang didn't hesitate at all: "Okay, I'll leave right away."

After waiting for a while, Yuheng star power didn't hear any more voices.

Master Guan Yan didn't even leave a word of goodbye...

Things may be more urgent than imagined.

Senhai Yuanyuan...what happened again?

Jiang Wang held the long sword and lifted the curtain out in the night.

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