Red Heart Survey Chapter 1354

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"The significance of Xingyueyuan’s battle is more important than you think. If you make a contribution here, it may affect your future for the next ten years. Especially if you are leaving now. , There are more things to lose than you think... Do you have to go?"

Chong Xuansheng looked serious and stared at Jiang Wang closely.

"I have to go." Jiang Wang said: "Fame, honor and disgrace are of course important, but to me, some things are more important than this... I'm just here to tell you. Battlefield Go to swords don't have eyes, after I leave, you will protect yourself!"

"Bill." Chongxuan Sheng shook his hand: "How can I not live without you? Lao Tzu is a general. After!"

Jiang Wang said: "Longchuan and Yanfu, you help me convey the news. And Lin Xian is also in charge of that battalion, and he is good at managing the army. People are also reliable, so I won’t hold you back."

Chong Xuan Sheng was obviously unwilling, but he still pinched his nose and said, "I’m done, I remember!"


Jiang Wang stopped talking nonsense with him, turned around and left the camp.

The military account that stretches out is neat and orderly under the starlight. The brilliant torch in the dark night swaggered away with a hard-to-see end... Do you look at this place from a certain part of the sky, and it also seems to be looking at the stars?

There are too many trances in life, not all questions need answers.

Jiang Wang held his breath and quietly got into a military tent.


Failed to take control of the first battalion personally, Tian Chang, who was assigned to Chao Yu's command, raised his sword.

The flashing cold glow shows that this is also a good knife, but it cannot be compared with Chaoxin.

"It's me." Jiang Wang walked into his field of vision, sound transmission said.

Tian Chang took the knife into its sheath, sound transmission in a calm tone, and returned: "Among the army, there is noisy ears and eyes. It is not a wise choice for you to see me at this time."

"It is precisely in the army, where the evil spirits are gathered, Divine Soul is deterred, and it is not easy to be spied on." Jiang Wang said.

"be that as it may ......Like our situation, always be more careful."

"Give me a map of the Seven Star Valley." Jiang Wang does not follow He talks nonsense, straight to the point.

"I came to Xingyueyuan to fight, why would I bring this?" Tian Chang subconsciously refused, and then asked: "What do you want this for?"

"I believe you have Way." Jiang Wang glanced at him lightly: "You know, my time is very tight."

This calm glance made Tian Chang's heart suddenly cold.

He seemed to see the scene of this man rushing straight into the sword sea during the day, the decisiveness of the press forward, and the courage to hang life and death under the sword...

Of course there is The most terrifying strength of the inner palace in ancient and modern times.

He turned around and walked to the front of the case, spread the paper directly, and started drawing with a pen.

"I remember it in my heart, but I don't know if there has been any change in the time since I came out." He said.

"Just tell me what you know." Jiang Wang said.

The Seven Star Building Secret Realm is after all the prohibition of the Tian family in Great Lake. Although it hasn’t been long since the last opening, but even if you want to come to Tian’s family, you won’t give up the monitoring of the Seven Star Valley.

Of course, he is going to help Guanyan Master in Senhai Yuanjie, but he doesn't want to fall into the big pit of Tian family and have any disputes with him, especially he doesn't want to run into Tian Anping's lunatic.

So it is necessary to get a defense map of the Seven Star Valley to avoid the troubles of the Tian family and sneak into it quietly.

Tian Chang, a deeply hidden figure, has lived in the Tian family for so many years, went to Seven Star Valley to participate in Secret Realm, and went to Lost Heart Valley to be tortured. Xingyueyuan participated in the war...

Jiang Wang believes that he will be able to give correct information.

On the other hand, if he can't even do this, why does Tian Chang try to get rid of Tian Anping?

Not long after, the defense plan has been drawn.

This is a very detailed picture.

The details of the Great Lake Tian’s defense in the Seven Star Valley are clearly outlined. There are not only various key positions, hidden sentinels, and even the guard's cultivation base, but also a general description of the scope.

In addition, he also gave a path into and out of the Seven Star Valley...

To say that Tian Chang has not thought about the Seven Star Valley, he probably doesn't even believe it.

As Jiang Wang expected, when the Seven Star Building Secret Realm was not open, the defense of the Seven Star Valley was indeed loosened a lot.

"Thank you."

Jiang Wang rolled the picture and turned around.

Tian Chang didn't say a word, and didn't ask a redundant question.

Even if he is crazy about being curious in his heart, he really wants to know why Jiang Wang left the Xingyueyuan battlefield at such a critical time, giving up his almost handy feats and taking the risk of being held accountable, he has to leave here. , And then dive into the Seven Star Valley in Great Lake County.

Is there any key treasure of Seven Star Building Secret Realm to be born? But isn't Secret Realm still open?

He has climbed to a certain position in Tian's house, and he has not received the slightest news. Where did Jiang Wang get the wind?

But Tian Chang has already learned to be patient.

He just took out a white towel and wiped the long knife over and over again.

Patience with curiosity is more difficult than bearing with pain.



Jiang Wang, who got the defense map of Seven Star Valley, left Xingyue Plain overnight.

I don't know if Fang You didn't notice, or didn't want to care at all. In short, he was not hindered in the process of leaving Xingyueyuan.

Jiang Mengxiong, the military god who asked Jiang Wang to carry a heart, did not move.

I want to come, even if he is a military god on the top of the extraordinary, he will not always pay attention to the troubles on the Xingyue Plain.

The two countries of Xiangxu almost came out in full force, and they deployed nearly a million troops throughout the Xingyue Plain.

The dignified Great Qi army god, he does not do anything proper, to monitor everyone in the army.

Leaving Xingyueyuan behind, Jiang Wang checked the direction and flew fast all the way.

To be honest, it is not a wise choice to leave the Xingyueyuan battlefield rashly this time.

As a battalion leader, but left alone on the eve of the war, it is not unreasonable to convict a deserter.

The position of this camp leader was Chongxuansheng who opened his mouth to help fight for it, and it was left to him by default after discussion by Heaven's Chosen... He just left, and too many people were offended.

Chongxuansheng and other friends may be considerate, but it is difficult for others not to mind.

But from another perspective, he was still "missing for the country" before the start of this war, and he had clearly refused to participate in the battle of Xingyueyuan, and he had never been called up.

He broke into the battlefield of Xingyueyuan in order to hunt down Human Demon... Hunting down Human Demon is not only to punish evil and promote good, but also to wash away the guilt and give Jingguo Jingshitai a heavy burden. Slap and win the battle for Qi State's righteousness.

It was against this background that I stayed in Xingyueyuan for a long time.

From this point of view, he has never really participated in the war, has not participated in a military meeting, has not been involved in a battle...The deserter may not be charged.

But one thing is inevitable--

This matter will definitely make him lose points in the Military Academy. If you want to enter the military service hall in the future, I am afraid that you will have to pay ten times to make up for today's choice.

So Chongxuan Sheng said that he would lose more than he imagined when he made such a decision.

These problems Jiang Wang is not unexpected.

Of course, he also understands that the danger of things that can make Guanyan Master take the initiative to ask for help is by no means small. He rushed into it without any guarantee of safety.

Even the trespassing of the Seven Star Valley in Great Lake County alone is already a lot of trouble...

He was already impressed.


Once on the Xingyue Plain.

Master Guan Yan said: "Maybe one day, I will also ask you."

And Jiang Wang's answer at that time was——

" But if you ask me, I dare not give up."

This is his promise.

Nothing about other...

He promised this, so he did it.

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