Red Heart Survey Chapter 1355

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When Xu Guo goes east, Qi is the same.

In order to reduce the possibility of head-on conflict with the Great Lake Tian's family, Jiang Wang had to hide himself again. Changed the style of Ruyi Immortal Cloth and put on a cloak.

Knowing that Yu Big Dipper helped him speak out on Tianxing Cliff and was approved by the Third Penal Palace, Jiang Wang had already imagined a scene where his scenery would return...

didn' t expect is back home, but I still want to be sneaky.

However, there is no room for him to lose his heart because of the things that concern Guanyan Master.

Since you want to go sneakily, you can't fly freely in Qi State. It is a very dangerous thing to fly across the borders of a hegemonic country without being able to clearly identify one's identity.

It is very likely that someone will be beaten down in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Wang wanders in different business teams during the day, riding on horseback and riding a car, and at night alone wearing the stars and the moon.

So day and night, without revealing your identity, you can drive as fast as you can.

From entering Qi Jing to entering Great Lake County, it only took three days.

Great Lake County is located in the north of Qi Jing, that is, the city is the center of Great Lake County, and Qixing Valley is in the north of the city.

Jiang Wang has been to the city more than once.

The first time I came, I was driving with Li Fengyao, the second time I flew directly by order, and the third time I was hiding...

In short, it was like alive. gone back.

It is the word "ji" in the city, like a person near a food container. As a result, there are rumors between the ruling and opposition parties that "Tian has a desire for gluttony, and is greedy and eager."

I don't know if it was from Ulay and the others.

Jiang Wang doesn't care much about it, he just thinks about how to steal into the Seven Star Valley.

The Tian clan built a watchtower, Formation, and a clan army stationed here. On the surface, there is only one way in and out of the valley. When the Seven Star Building Secret Realm is not open, this passage will be closed.

Because the only value here lies in Secret Realm. Some people may think that when Secret Realm is not open, there is no need to guard the Seven Star Valley, but it is not.

Every place in Secret Realm of Seven Star Building is precious, and not everyone can get it. There are so many people who are willing to hide in the valley and wait for the day when it is open-similar things have happened in history.

However, guarding against the defensive power of that kind of role is impossible to guard against Jiang Wang.

Tian Chang drew a remote path through the mountains and forests to the east. Jiang Wang went to see it specially and said it was a road, but it was actually a beast path... I don't know how Tian Chang found it.

Judging from Jiang Wang's current understanding of this person, he must have a lot of similar information.

Even if it is sorted within the Tian family, Tian Chang must be among the best among the people who know the Tian family best.

If anyone else is observing the Tian family must be above Tian Chang, the only candidate Jiang Wang can think of is Tian He.

I don't know what Tian He is doing now... Jiang Wang thought of it inexplicably.

This is Tian Chang's absolute confidant, but he didn't even bring him to Xingyueyuan.

Jiang Wang doesn't plan to take the path that Tian Chang drew. He needs Tian Chang's information, but he is not completely at ease with Tian Chang. Even the parts of this information currently verified are basically correct.

He has a seamless concealment. This is a hole card that few people know about, and it is also the basis for him to steal into the Valley of Seven Stars.

While fully aware of the sentinel points, he wore a concealed suit and moved a few steps, perfectly avoiding the surveillance points in the intelligence, and generously entered the Valley of Seven Stars from the top of the valley.

In this quiet night, everything went well...

Except for the starlight that hit him suddenly when he fell down the valley!

This beam of starlight comes from an unknown distance, one after another, shining brightly for a long night, and it cages Jiang Wang in it in an instant.

The sudden arrival of this starlight outlines the outline of Jiang Wang's body, so that the hidden clothes can't quickly adapt to the adjustment. After two breaths of late, Jiang Wang's traces disappeared-but What's the point of this?

With such a splendid starlight, the Tian family are not all blind!

The entire Seven Star Valley is boiling.

"Someone broke in!"

"Quickly send the police to the city!"

"Take him!"

Noisy The sound came from all directions, followed by the sound. It was a densely packed cultivator carrying a sword and holding a sword.

Jiang Wang is stupid.

If this bunch of starlight were not for the familiar Yuheng starlight, with traces of Guanyan Master, he would definitely turn around and run.

But if I don’t run now, it doesn’t seem to work either...

What should I do if Tian Xili is here?

What should I do if Tian Anping is here?

Guanyan Master...what is it doing? !

Jiang Wang has already heard the sound of chains mopping the ground...

He is full of entanglements, and suddenly his body becomes lighter, and the whole person is enveloped by a gentle force, constantly Uplift.

Jiang Wang let go of himself, and as that force rose, he flew to the sky at an astonishing speed.

At this moment, a man with a slightly thin body and gentle temperament suddenly appeared in Jiang Wang's field of vision. The person stepped in the air from afar, and the night was trembling with each step.

"I don't know where the guests are visiting, so sneaky! Are you afraid that my Tian's family will not entertain me well?"

Gaochang Houtian Xili!

Where does Jiang Wang dare to reply, he can only hope that the stash and the cloak can actually cover his face. As for the hidden traces, he has no hope at all, and it is difficult to hide the cultivator from the cultivator, let alone the high-speed rise in the starlight column at this moment.

"Stay!" Tian Xili opened her right hand from a distance.

Jiang Wang saw that the night nearby began to surging, and quickly formed a giant dark hand, he grasped it!

The dao essence in his body surged wildly, he was about to take action to block one or two——

In the endless night, at the top of the beam of starlight, a spot of light suddenly magnified , A splendid star building appeared, crossing the space, with only one flicker, and the radiance of the star building covered him.

Then before the giant black hands were squeezed together, with a light jump, he took Jiang Wang to break the shackles and jumped back into the high dome!

In an instant, Tian Xili was thrown far away.

Jiang Wang is in the glow of the star building, hanging under the brilliant star building. Just sighed in relief, another warning came from the sound of the immortal state...

The extremely light and fine screaming sound is approaching at a terrifying high speed!

He saw...

In that distant sky, there was a starlight flying like an arrow with a positive pole.

It seems to have penetrated the night, leaving faint scratches in the night sky!

The arrow-like starlight has not arrived yet.

Jiang Wang already felt his heart and started to ache.

He saw a weird little building in a trance before his eyes, under the skylight of that little building...

Tian Anping in single clothes and haircut looked up!

The starlight from far away is like an arrow, and its momentum is like an arrow! From this small building, from Tian Anping!

Did he see me? Did you see me clearly?

Jiang Wang has such a surprise question in his heart.

The feeling of being locked in has disappeared.

He fell into the splendid star building and suddenly found peace in the brilliant brilliance.

In the Valley of Seven Stars, people saw that the star building enclosing the mysterious person was just a flicker, and it had completely disappeared.

In the night sky, the hanging starlight is missing, and the splendid star building is also invisible.

There is only a horizontal starlight that runs through the empty night, like a lonely rainbow.

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