Red Heart Survey Chapter 1356

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The interior of the star building resembles a pagoda.

Jiang Wang stands in the middle of the room, not knowing which floor he is on.

Looking around, the ceiling, floor, and walls all have the color of gold powder.

On a circle on the wall, at intervals, there is a golden Buddha niche hanging.

In the niches are various golden Buddha statues, which are lifelike.

The way this star building appeared is not exactly the same as the Seven Star Building that appeared when the Seven Star Secret Realm opened, but it probably follows a similar principle.

Or it can be said that Master Guanyan imitated the opening scene of Seven Stars Secret Realm by some means, thus completing his introduction.

Jiang Wang can't see the outside world, and can only feel the whole star building moving.

Because there is no comparison target, there is no way to judge the speed. But it must be faster than Tian Xili's dao technique, and also faster than the horizontal starlight that Tian Anping borrowed from the auxiliary building.

Thinking of Tian Anping, Jiang Wang couldn't help but think--

That is, the city is his fortress, and the auxiliary building is his crossbow?

The last time Jiang Wang delivered the decree, he had a very strange feeling. Tian Anping's inner palace seemed to be placed outside, and he was with Jicheng Lian.

And on this night when he stole into the Valley of the Seven Stars, he showed his hand again, launching an attack from far away through the auxiliary building, and that power does not seem to be lost to Tian Xili.

Did these all are Tian Anping bypass the ban on the cultivation base? Under the restriction of the cultivation base of the realm in the inner palace, use the auxiliary building and the city to use the power of the gods in disguise?

He seems to have put the cultivation system outside of his body to escape the ban imposed on the fleshy body. Speaking from a certain perspective, Auxiliary Building and Jicheng may be regarded as his body...

He is really a terrifying figure who breaks common sense.

If it had not been banned for these ten years, how terrifying would Tian Anping today be?

Tian Chang's low-key, Tian He's dormant, although each has its own purpose, is it not because Tian Anping is too terrifying. They didn't dare to take the risk of Tian Anping's gaze too soon.

Otherwise, with the abilities of these two people, it would have been a good time.

Without let Jiang Wang reverie for too long, the Star Tower flew for a while and suddenly stopped.

The towers built like sand disintegrate in the wind, and everything that builds the star tower is naturalized as a little bit of star sand flowing in the air...all in the palm of one hand.

The owner of the palm of his hand is wearing a moon white monk's clothes, his bright scalp is glowing with jade white light, and his face is very beautiful.

It is Guanyan.

This place is still towering with giant trees, and the forest is deep to cover the sun, so the starlight is so conspicuous.

But the surrounding environment is indeed difficult to take away a little sight from Guan Yan.

"senior!" Jiang Wang was surprised, and of course there was joy.

The last time Guanyan Master left, only True Spirit wandering in the cracks of the world, or with the help of Su Qiyun’s Divine Jade, was able to appear briefly.

Now it has directly emerged, obviously there is a great breakthrough.

Guan Yan's face was a bit tired, but his smile was still warm, he put away the star sand, and said: "Little friends follow me."

See Jiang Wang. Holding the star sand in his hand, he explained, "This is the star building that I erected when I made the outer building. Because of some hard work, I died later, it didn’t disintegrate, it just lost contact... …

Then I look like this, and I don’t need it anymore. This time, in order to attract you, I specially found it back. I use it to hook up the Seven-Star Building Secret Realm."

This once again penetrated Jiang Wang's cognition!

It turns out that the Star Tower can be so powerful that it can exist independently after death!

It turns out that in addition to refining the body, interpreting the Tao, and projecting starlight, the Star Tower can also be used as a Magical Artifact!

He instantly felt that the cultivators of the outer buildings he had known before, and the star buildings he had seen before, were all unreal.

Master Guan Yan seemed to have completely guessed Jiang Wang’s thoughts, and then explained: “Of course, the star building I set up is a bit different from the ordinary star building. I said it, I spent some Hard work..."

This is just "something different"? What level of hard work you said "it took some hard work"...

Jiang Wang was speechless for a while, but thinking about the His Heart Connects of Guanyan Master, he didn't dare to slander too much.

And Guan Yan said again: "Don't worry, I did not use His Heart Connects for you. It is my ability, but it is not my right. Under normal circumstances, I will not use it. Last time you came When I was in the source world of Senhai... I didn’t have enough control over the True Spirit state, and I couldn’t control the divine ability that I recovered. Now I have controlled it. The reason why I seem to be able to see what you are thinking is just a rough idea. It feels that it is not the power of divine ability..."

Jiang Wang can fully understand the words of Guanyan Master.

When he does not use the divine ability of the wrong way, he can sometimes create the effect of the wrong way through the grasp of the battle situation. This is the inertia, or instinct, gradually formed after controlling the divine ability.

Guan Yan's body has His Heart Connects divine ability. People who have seen it do not know how many hearts are. Naturally, most of the time, they can see some people clearly without using the divine ability.

What really moved Jiang Wang was the sentence of Guanyan Master, "It is my ability, but not my right."

After mastering a powerful force, an extraordinary cultivator can easily produce the illusion of "I am a Spiritual God", seeing all beings like grass, and taking it as the object of deprivation.

But in Jiang Wang's view, it is just a manifestation of temperament not being able to control power.

I really have the power to peer into the minds of others. How many people can restrain themselves from peering?

Even Jiang Wang himself is not sure if he can do it.

He said with emotion: "For many people, the ability to achieve is where the right lies..."

Guan Yan took a deep look at him: "At least for the little friends For you, it's not like that... here."

Unconsciously, Jiang Wang discovered that he was unconsciously following Guan Yan to a fallen dead wood."

This is an unusually huge, decayed Divine Dragon wood, lying on the ground like a wall.

Jiang Wang certainly recognizes it—this is the landmark to reach the Forest of Hanging Skulls, which is the nest of Yan Xiao.

But he has just arrived in the source world of Senhai, and he has only followed Guanyan for two steps, why has he already reached the forest of hanging skulls? At the beginning, it took them a while to set off from the place of the shadow of the gods to the forest of the hanging skulls.

"This is the power of rules." Master Guan Yan's explanation has always been timely, and it is rarely necessary to wait for Jiang Wang to ask.

It turned out that the Master Guanyan exerted the influence, so I got here in two steps!

Jiang Wang probably has some understanding.

He had a similar experience once.

When the Diaohailou Sogo daoist sent him to the maze to wash his crimes, the color was lost, the picture peeled off, and the scenery was exchanged...It was just a short time before he arrived.

But at the time of Sogo Daoist, Master this time was natural.

Naturally, Jiang Wang only felt that he had followed two steps from beginning to end. It was so peaceful and without smoke.

But this is not the focus of this trip. Jiang Wang looked at the all around environment and couldn’t help but ask: “senior let me come to Senhaiyuan world this time...there is another Yanxiao born. Already?"

In addition to the Guanyan Master in the outer world of Senhai Yuanjie, there is another point that impressed Jiang Wang...... Yan Xiao.

The evil bird that does not die, the evil bird that eats the skull.

"When the Yan Xiao calls, he must eat a hundred poems."

At the beginning, their entire group had clearly killed Yan Xiao and completed the so-called Dragon God's task, but they were leaving The moment before Senhai Yuanjie...he heard Yan Xiao's voice again!

So when the Master in Xingyueyuan Guanyan said something was going on, Jiang Wang thought of Yanxiao.

This time he returned to the source world of Senhai, Guanyan Master immediately led the way to the Forest of Hanging Skulls, which verified the guess in his mind.

So he asked directly.

And Guan Yan looked at the huge rotten wood in front of him, and sighed softly: "Yan Xiao never died."

"Why?" Jiang Wang couldn't believe him. Ears.

The last time he went to the source world of Senhai, he joined forces with Wu Quji, Su Qiyun, and Qing Qishu to kill Yan Xiao. Even the Green Seven Trees, who always wanted to "make a good relationship", were sacrificed in that battle.

After the war, they also dissected Yan Xiao’s body. He took the Yan Xiao’s beak back to the world, and asked Lian Que to make it into a killing nail, and then he made the killing nail into the wind... …

All this is true.

How could Yan Xiao never die?

Then what did they kill?

Guan Yan said: "The last time you killed... it was the projection, the body, and the Divine Rank."

"Projection? Body? Divine Rank?" Jiang Wang Yue The more difficult it is to understand.

Guan Yan raised a finger and tapped it on his forehead.

His Heart Connects, also called him to know my heart, and also called him to know my intention.

Guanyan’s related memories flow slowly in Jiang Wang’s mind——

In the source world of Senhai more than 800 years ago, Yan Xiao was born in Evil Thought , Knocking on the door for food, devouring human skulls.

Senhai Saint Race decisively made the "head hunting" choice after many resistance actions failed. They gave up the direct confrontation with Yan Xiao, and chose to hunt and kill other tribes in Senhai Source Realm, beheaded and sacrificed Yan Xiao, sacrificing External Race people to protect their own clan.

Senhai Saint Race, blessed by the dragon god, is the strongest tribe in this world. No tribe can prevent Senhai Saint Race from hunting.

Since then, Senhai Yuanjie has plunged into a long dark period.

This is a cruel history of killing, a bloody story full of blood, and the chaos lasted for three hundred years.

At the time when Guanyan descended, Senhai Yuanjie was already in a completely chaotic environment. Hatred, killing, blood...All the evil of human nature surged in the Senhai Origin Realm at that time.

If Yan Xiao was the biggest demon in the source world of Senhai at that time, then Senhai Saint Race was the most brutal executioner.

The "Dragon God Envoys" who arrived at the same time as Guanyan were all killed by Senhai Saint Race, and their heads were eaten by Yan Xiao. Only Guanyan is a special case...

Five hundred years later, Jiang Wang and the others came, and the other "Dragon God Envoys" who came in the same batch also died in various accidents. Only Jiang Wang, Su Qiyun, and Wu Quji survived, and helped Senhai Saint Race who hid in the shadow of the gods, killed Yan Xiao and completed the task of the dragon god...

But this is not the whole truth.

How was Yan Xiao born?

Like Jiang Wang at the time, Guan Yan was also looking for the answer to this question.

According to the ancient book that Su Qiyun once saw--

"After the death of the owl, Evil Thought is endless. Only one of the 100,000 owls whose heads are suspended will be shown in public. The most evil bird bred from Xiaoshouli...named Yan Xiao."

This is probably the oldest record of Yan Xiao in Stealing Heaven, and it is recorded in a form similar to a legend. .

It is certainly very credible.

But the Yanxiao who caused the turmoil in Senhai Yuanyuan was not born like this.

With His Heart Connects, once devoted to finding the answer, the secret of the human heart will be invisible.

After "inquiring" all the people who had direct contact with Yan Xiao, especially after "inquiring" the old group of the former Senhai Saint patriarch before the little troubled mother...

Guan Yan found the answer.

The Yanxiao in the source world of Senhai is not born naturally in Evil Thought, but formed under the deliberate cultivation of some existence.

And that the "Dragon God" of Senhai Source World!

It was the Dragon God who created Yan Xiao, which caused the fear of Senhai Saint Race. .

It was the dragon god who guided Senhai Saint Race to make the choice to kill other tribes.

Including the "Night Assault" that later swept across the entire Senhai Source Realm and killed countless creatures. It was also the forbidden method used by Senhai Saint patriarch and the Dragon Power of God to do it! That is essentially the situation led by Dragon God!

So what is the Dragon God?

Why did Dragon God do this?

Why did it become the source of all the sufferings in the source world of Senhai?

Guan Yan began to trace the entire history of Senhai Saint Race.

With great courage and wisdom, he braved the mortal danger to explore the truth lost in time alone.

He discovered that Senhai Saint Race is not at first or "Saint Race", and even the land of the gods with great significance in Senhai Saint Race was snatched from other tribes.

After believing in the Dragon God, he obtained the protection of the Dragon God and was given the Dragon Power of God... Under the guidance of the divine decree, Senhai Saint Race has risen and become stronger step by step, becoming the most powerful in the source world of Senhai The strong tribe became the so-called "Saint Race".

And finally became the master of Senhai Yuanjie.

During this process, the Dragon God has become stronger and stronger, and has gradually become the only True God in the source world of Senhai!

The memory of Guan Yan has ended here. These are the truths he found in the history of Senhai Yuanjie. You know, when he first arrived in the source world of Senhai, he was just the cultivation base of the inner palace.

He is fighting against the entire Senhaiyuan world, fighting the dragon god who made all the tragedies, and discovering the history of this world alone!

Jiang Wang's heart was shaken and couldn't help asking: "So Yan Xiao, the invasion of the night, the dark period... are all the plans made by the Dragon God to strengthen himself? It's like supporting Senhai Saint Like the rise of Race?"

The relationship between the Dragon God and Yan Xiao explained the many doubts left in Senhai Yuanyuan last time, but it has also created many new problems.

"I think it should be of common origins." Guan Yan said.

"Does the dragon god want to exterminate the entire Senhaiyuan realm? Or do you want to devour it?" Jiang Wang became more puzzled: "As a god, I can't kill my own believers. Understand, how does he profit from it!"

Although Jiang Wang didn't dare to say that he knew the cultivation of Shinto, he probably knew some common sense things. After all, the world's Heguo and Pastoral Country are all Shinto countries, and he has also been there. He also came into contact with the bones who intended to establish the Divine Kingdom in this world.

Know that Shinto values ​​believers very much.

And this dragon god, finally guided Senhai Saint Race to grow, and didn't want to unify the beliefs of the entire Senhai source world, instead, he tried his best to create the most evil bird in the legend to kill this world creatures.

It is really puzzling.

"At first, I don’t understand either. Later I found out that the goal of the Dragon God is not the position of God at all..."

Guanyan lifts the head, come and look at the sky——

"It's it!"

Jiang Wang followed his line of sight, only to see the lonely Yuheng Star, hanging in the high sky!

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