Red Heart Survey Chapter 1357

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"The Dragon God's goal is Yuheng Star?" Jiang Wang asked in surprise.

Guan Yan said: "After I have exhausted all the possibilities, this is the only true answer."

"This...He..." Jiang Wang is still incomprehensible.

How can you regard the stars as your goals?

The stars hanging in the night sky, aloof and remote, shining on Myriad Realms.

"What do you think the stars are?" Guan Yan asked.

What are stars?

Many people have many answers.

For most cultivators, the stars represent the distant star dome and are the beacon of the starlight holy building.

In terms of astrology. The stars are the basis of hexagram calculations, linking the river of destiny.

If Jiang An'an were to answer, she might say that it was the father and mother who looked at her from a distance...

Looking up at the long night, the sky was full of stars.

People always have this kind of curiosity--

How high does it take to jump, and how long does it take to fly to touch the stars?

What kind of secrets are there on the stars that seem to be infinitely distant?

But the extraordinary cultivator who arrives at a certain realm should know that the distance between the stars and the world is not reflected in the sense of space.

Every star is reflected in Myriad Realms.

For example, the source world of Senhai is within the shining range of Jade Hengxing, and it is shining exclusively by Jade Hengxing. But Yuhengxing not only illuminates the source world of Senhai, but also projects rays of light to reality.

For example, the floating land world is within the shining range of the Tianshu star, and it is only illuminated by the Tianshu star. However, Qinghuoqiming once told the legend of floating land——

It is said that there were many stars above the blue sky. They fell from the blue sky to the sky, and in the process penetrated the earth, thus forming Crypt. And above the blue sky, because of the falling of the stars, there is only one Tianshu star left from now on.

From this legend, it can be reflected that the floating land world at first seems to be illuminated by many stars. Because of some change, only Tianshu is left.

In the source world of Senhai, I have never heard of such a saying. It seems that there is only one Yuheng star in the high sky, eternally ancient.

Of course, maybe it’s just that Jiang Wang’s time in Senhaiyuan is too short, and I have never heard of more legends...

In the sense of this unique Yuheng, Sen Haiyuan World is of course special.

But it's not special enough.

Including the hidden world where Jiang Wang has been to, there is only one hidden star hanging in the sky.

It can be said roughly that the entire Seven-Star Building Secret Realm seems to send participants to the only world shining by Seven Stars...

In terms of the richness of the world, The floating land world is obviously larger than the Senhai source world, and the Senhai source world far exceeds the hidden element world.

"The stars are connected to the River of Destiny to some extent, and they are also the beacon that establishes the position of the starlight holy building." Jiang Wang said.

He did not hesitate to show Guan Yan some knowledge he knew, and of course he knew how shallow his knowledge was.

"It is very rare. You also have an understanding of the astrology, which will make it easier for you to understand the stars." Guan Yan said, "Stars exist specifically, but they do not exist in specific places. It is fascinating and ethereal. It is difficult for us to touch it in a realistic sense, usually the only thing we can touch is the starlight...... How do you understand the star building?"

Jiang Wang thought about it seriously and replied : "The foundation of Taoism."

With his current strength, of course he is not satisfied with just standing up an ordinary star building. He is the first inner mansion in ancient and modern times. If he wants to build a starlight sacred building, he must become an outer building on the road.

What starlight body tempering, the introduction of starlight for battle, and the anchoring position are not what Jiang Wang values ​​most. What he values ​​is that the starlight holy building radiates and shines in the vast universe, describing his Jiang Wang’s way !

So he understands the outer building in this way.

Guan Yan could of course get enough information from this answer, so laughed satisfactorily and asked: "What if your foundation of narration is changed from your starlight sacred building to the stars of the universe? "

One stone stirred up waves!

When the cultivator echoes the power of the stars, it is indeed very similar to echo the stars in the sky. But who would really regard the star building as a star?

Who can think so? Who dares to think so!

The cultivator’s personal starlight building, and the cosmic stars that really illuminate Myriad Realms, are two things that have no room for comparison.

The former often dissipates with the death of the cultivator. So far, the only one that Jiang Wang has seen is the "stubborn" star tower, and it is the one that Guan Yan has found. After Guan Yan's "death", he still wandered tenaciously in the starry sky... and the stars in the universe are an eternal, Inextinguishable Immortal existence.

Through the long river of time, how many heroes have passed away, the stars of today are still the stars of the ages ago!

Jiang Wang understood almost instantly, why the Dragon God is targeting Yuheng stars!

Yuheng stars are real stars that illuminate Myriad Realms. If you can tell the truth in this way, the Orthodoxy will naturally spread throughout Myriad Realms!

Even if the Dragon God unites the Senhai Origin Realm, it is only the belief of one realm. If you can control Yuhengxing, then you have a chance to become the Dragon God of Myriad Realms!


Can it be done?

With Jiang Wang’s current cultivation base and knowledge, I can’t understand and imagine how to achieve this. Even after knowing the ultimate goal and knowing many things, the principle cannot be reversed.

But there is no doubt that the Dragon God had already started his plan eight hundred years ago, and was pushing forward unswervingly.

And the Master Guanyan five hundred years ago, by analyzing his various layouts, he came up with his purpose!

His Inner Palace, the first in history, may not be able to count the Inner Palace Realm that came to Senhai Source Realm more than 500 years ago...

Tweet, since ancient times, I don’t know how many young supreme talents are hidden, but because of various circumstances, it failed to shine. The record of the old man of Tianfu is really unbeatable, maybe it's just that no one knows, no one is known...

Of course, purely in terms of battle strength, no matter which inner palace is facing. The cultivator, Jiang Wang, who has reached the limit of battle strength in the inner palace, has the confidence to win in battle.

This is a victory, confidence that has been built. He can't be invincible at first, but he has walked steadily all the way to the present, he no longer doubts himself.

He believes that in the long river of history, there must be a lot of Heaven's Chosen, who has the strength to defeat him. But he also believes that at the end of the life and death battle, he must be the winner.

But... he still couldn't understand the layout of the Dragon God.

I don’t know if Chong Xuan Sheng can understand... What about Zhao Xiaowu? Jiang Wang couldn't help thinking.

So he asked aloud: "How can it be done?"

Guan Yan said: "First of all, you have to know one thing-the stars have their own will. This will. Perhaps it is not the thought and thinking of a creature, but a great existence that is indescribable. It is similar to the will of the world-do you know the will of the world?"

Of course, Jiang Wang knows.

Isn't the White Bone Evil God just because of the rejection of the will of the world, it took many troubles and was found by Zhuang Chengqian to take advantage of it?

"Know some." Jiang Wang said.

"At your age, and don't like reading. It is not easy to understand so much." Guan Yan praised.

"Senior don't talk nonsense." Jiang Wang was a little unhappy: "I like reading very much! I read frequently recently!"

Guan Yan glanced at him: "I When I asked you to go to the bookstore to get my monk's clothes, you really only took the monk's clothes and left without turning over a book... There are actually some of my cultivation experience, which I wanted to give you as a reward."

"I was in a hurry...too hurry! I was with one's heart set on speeding home, and I didn't like reading." Jiang Wang was embarrassed and quickly changed the subject and said: "senior, if Dragon God wants to achieve his goal , What do I need to do? Keep talking!"

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