Red Heart Survey Chapter 1358

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"The stars have their own will, of course, there is no possibility of being tainted. But Yu Hengxing does not know why, the will of the stars has dissipated...I think the Dragon God has seen this gap. "

Guan Yan said: "Senhai Source Realm is the realm of Yuheng alone, and it has a very close and unique connection with Yuheng Star. The Dragon God must control the Senhai Source World, and then take the Senhai Source World as a ladder. , In turn control Yuheng."

"The world will of Senhai Source Realm itself will never recognize this. There must be a struggle between the two sides...and Dragon God’s method is very cruel."


"Any life in the source world of Senhai will affect this world more or less. The dragon god wants to penetrate the truth of this world through the fear, riots, and killings sweeping the entire source world of Senhai, thereby capturing the world Will."

Jiang Wang can understand this.

Isn't the technique of blood occupation created by Big Dipper Senior Brother based on a similar principle? Observe the ripples of the river of destiny by killing the protagonist (Human Race).

It’s just that the Dragon God’s hand is bigger and he asks for more.

Guan Yan continued: "He guided Senhai Saint Race to become the'protagonist' of Senhai Source World, and then the Yanxiao cultivated with this world Evil Thought, which gave birth to hatred, killing, and panic. Yan Xiao Constantly eating skulls is also replacing the character of the'protagonist' of Senhai Source World. Although Yan Xiao is extremely evil, it is born from this world and is not resisted by the will of the world. The Dragon God controls Senhai Saint Race with one hand and Yan with the other. Xiao, you can also control the entire Senhai Source Realm wantonly."

"But there is another problem that Yuheng is the cosmic star shining on Myriad Realms. The imprint of the creatures of Senhai Source Realm is not enough to make it. It is completely locked. The Dragon God still needs an important anchor point...that is, the living beings! In the vast universe, two roads are laid out, one is the Spirit Seal of the Senhai Yuansheng who is most closely connected with Yuheng stars. One is the most stable spiritual seal of the present life. The two roads meet... he can capture Yuheng."

"But the present life is not the source world of Senhai, and the present Human Race will not let him slaughter, no It’s so easy to hunt. Once some powerhouse finds out his behavior, even if he has Power of True God, even if he hides in the source world of Senhai... he will not be spared."

Jiang Wang was shocked when he heard this. "Dragon God Messenger?"

"Your sharpness is indeed surprising." Guan Yan had a taste of approval in his eyes, and nodded said: "The so-called Dragon God Messenger is just the Dragon God devouring the human race. Strategies. The Dragon God did not know how to connect with the Secret Realm of the Seven-Star Building, and quietly replaced the original Secret Realm, creating the so-called Divine Vestige of the "Dragon God Shoulder", which was given to a few people with the task of the Dragon God messenger. The good thing is to cheat for continuously food..."


Jiang Wang understands too much!

The big question that plagued them at the beginning was that Su Qiyun's friend who died in "Night Invasion", why was the storage box missing except for the body?

In the past experience of Senhai Saint Race, the invasion of the night has always only taken away people, not objects...

At that time, they doubted whether it was still There are other beings who can walk freely in the invasion of night. He even wondered if it was the other people who came to the source world of Senhai together.

Now it seems... the one who took the storage box is obviously Yan Xiao controlled by the Dragon God.

Because Xiaoyu’s storage box comes from this world.

Because the "Dragon God" needs to check the remains of Xiaoyu to learn more about the outside world and the world, so as to help him control the stars of Yuheng!

The displacement of the Jade Hengxing star landed on the throne formed by the light of the altar. The so-called "Dragon God's Seat" Divine Vestige once made Jiang Wang puzzled. Now it seems that it clearly describes the ambition of the Dragon God. He wants to control Yuheng and replace the will of Yuheng Xingchen with his own will, so as to occupy the Myriad Realms divine throne!

Not to mention how difficult and dangerous the process of discovering this historical truth is.

Just say such an opponent.

Jiang Wang in the heart asked himself, if he had discovered the ambition of the Dragon God, what choice would he make.

Will you pretend to be ignorant, "complete the task" cooperatively, and leave Senhai Yuanyuan?

I want to come back to this world, I should also find a way to report the matter to the powerhouse in this world. But the universe is so vast, how to find the source world of Senhai without a definite beacon?

In fact, leaving Senhai Yuanyuan is equivalent to giving up the creatures of this world-this is also understandable.

This has nothing to do with Senhaiyuan world, and there is no need to be responsible for this world. Moreover, this is an event far beyond the scope of the inner palace cultivator's ability. No one has the right to force others to sacrifice.

To be honest, Jiang Wang didn't know what he would choose if he were at such a juncture. Everything imagined at this time cannot represent the final result.

But Guan Yan's choice is very clear-face it.

He faces the Dragon God!

Faced with such a terrifying existence that takes the stars of the universe as the goal, takes the entire Senhai Origin Realm as the layout, and even touches the human race in the world.

What kind of courage is this?

"So senior..." Jiang Wang asked: "How do you deal with such a dragon god?"

"To fight against the dragon god is not a task that can be done overnight. How can it be done? Defeating Him, this issue, I have been thinking about this problem since more than five hundred years ago, and I have worked hard to this day."

Guan Yan looked at the decayed Divine Dragon tree in front of him, with inevitable vicissitudes. The color: "The layout of the Dragon God is very complete, and the plan is going very smoothly. Using a legendary evil bird Yanxiao, almost completed all the actions, step by step manipulated the source world of Senhai, and locked the source of Senhai The world will of the world.

So he began to move further, forcibly squeezing into the World Source, began to swallow the world will of the source world of Senhai, and reached out to Yuheng Xingchen... And this is my only Opportunity is also the time I have waited for a long time."

"While the dragon god swallows the will of the world, he is also restrained and assimilated by the will of the world. This is destined to be a long struggle, and the final is determined. Before the winner, no one can get away. He is an extremely cautious guy. Even in this period, he has three hands to prepare. One is to wipe out the time of this world with the invasion of night; Control the Senhai Saint Race, who has always believed in him."

"Night is the nightmare of Senhai Source World. This world, for half of the life of the creatures, can only hide in the so-called divine shade. It not only strengthens the belief in Him, but also cuts off more development possibilities. Yan Xiao and Senhai Saint Race are enemies, standing on both sides to slaughter Senhai at the same time, no creature can break free."

"The first thing I did was to kill the old patriarch group of Senhai Saint Race, and cut off the direct connection between the Dragon God and Senhai Saint Race. Then reformed history, cultivated tradition, and cut off the source of Yan Xiao's power. This weakens the dragon god and delays his assimilation of the will of the world."

So far, Guanyan’s arrangements five hundred years ago have all been reasonably explained.

Jiang Wang couldn't help but praised: "Senior is really great generosity. With five hundred years of education, it is to fight chaos and contain the dragon god. It is to kill evil with good and immeasurable merits. No wonder it is made into a golden body! "

Guan Yan just gave a wry smile, shook the head: "The dragon god cultivated the legendary evil bird Yan Owl, and used it as one of his own shells. He also often projected his body, acting on behalf of the forest. Haiyuan Realm. In order to hide himself and not be disturbed by other powerhouses, Yan Xiao appeared in everything. Including skull-eating, including hunting and killing dragon god messengers... He cultivated Yan Xiao, manipulated Yan Xiao, and became more and more dependent on Yan Xiao. speaking from a certain perspective, Yan Xiao is also his Divine Rank, a step from man to god."

"But Yan Xiao is the most evil bird after all. In the process of devouring human skulls, It also gave birth to its own will and wisdom. It not content with has always been controlled by the Dragon God, taking advantage of the power of resentment, loss of power, and the opportunity to find a new way, choose to devour chaos to strengthen itself, which produces it once a year The weak period of the chaotic backlash... But this is also the design of the Dragon God."

"Due to the reason of avoiding the will of the world, the Dragon God cannot make a shot himself. So he guided Senhai Saint Race and made it' "Night Invasion", with the original creatures of Senhai world, killed the most creatures of this world at the fastest speed.

But the essence of "Night Invasion" is the leak of the "world source" and the invasion of chaos. This has caused Senhai Source World to be riddled with holes. This situation, in turn, affects the actions of the dragon Divine Palm after he controls Senhai Source World. He will use the secret connection between Senhai Source World and Jade Hengxing to invade jade. Heng Xingchen needs a complete Senhai Origin Realm, so he deliberately cultivated Yan Xiao’s ability to swallow chaos in order to mend this world."

Hearing this, Jiang Wang felt a little chilly: "So. , Dragon God has always been aware of the existence of senior?"

Since Yan Xiao swallowing chaos is the design of Dragon God, then is everything Guan Yan doing in Senhai Source Realm under his control? Woolen cloth?

So what is the possibility of defeating the Dragon God!

"I don’t know when he discovered me and when he started playing against me. But I did become a part of his plan. This is a terrifyingly powerful opponent, but since With this board, I must miss the last word."

Guan Yan's expression is peaceful, as if telling a story that has nothing to do with him: "I'm fighting the old group of Senhai Saint patriarch. At that time, I accidentally discovered in the battle that I was actually noticed by the Dragon God a long time ago. Their voices...gave me information."

"Playing against the gods in the source world of Senhai, fighting head-on There is no chance of winning, in order to turn into the dark again, I burned Relic, manifested Vajra, and made the illusion of desperately killing Senhai Saint Race. There is only a little True Spirit left, hiding in the cracks of the world... I'm betting on Senhaiyuan world The will of the world will protect me."

"I made the right bet." He said calmly.

Jiang Wang couldn't help thinking, how can it be said that it is an illusion after the battle is exhausted and the lamp is dry and only a little True Spirit remains? Obviously, you can't die anymore, and you can't die anymore.

If it weren't for this, there is absolutely no possibility of cheating the cunning dragon god.

Guan Yan continued: "Under the protection of the will of this world world, my True Spirit survives. I have specifically explored the possibility of a true spirit cultivator, and I just took this opportunity to start exploring."

When he said this, his tone was still calm and gentle.

It seems that there is only a little True Spirit left to fight. It is really a very novel experience-of course it is novel, but it should never be so easy.

This is a strong enough heart, the true gentleness that comes out of it.

He can calmly deal with all the problems in this world, so he can treat this world gently, even against this world.

"To be a true spirit cultivator, this is indeed a great achievement." For Guan Yan, Jiang Wang admires and admires him, and he can't help but say: "It can be said that it opened up the history of cultivation!"

Guan Yan was very sober, shook his head and said: "It is difficult to retain the will with a little True Spirit. To get the protection of the will of the world instead of assimilation, it may come by with luck, but not by searching for it . And with a true spirit cultivator, there are many inconveniences, far inferior to the orthodox cultivation...the cultivation that cannot be reproduced, what about creating history?"

Jiang Wang said resolutely: "I think, if anyone After being beaten with only a little True Spirit to escape, that person must really hope that there is such a cultivation method that can return in a swirl of dust, right? It can give the world one more opportunity, which in itself is an infinite merit."

"Indeed, what the little friend said is reasonable." Guan Yan was obviously able to listen to his opinions, and praised: "Deep Buddha charm."

"..." Jiang Wang asked: " In the state of True Spirit, how did you fight against the Dragon God?"

"Little annoyance..."

Jiang Wang heard Guan Yan call this name every time , Can hear the infinite tenderness.

The powerhouse, who was lonely against the dragon god, just called a name, and couldn't help but his mouth cocked. After a little smile, she continued: "Xiaofan did a good job, firmly controlled the history of Senhai Saint Race, shaped a new tradition, completed the plan I left, and slowly transformed the entire Senhai Saint Race... …Created an opportunity for me.

Yan Xiao’s power is constantly losing, in order to open up a new path, choose to devour chaos... Although this fell into the design of the Dragon God, it itself is for the Dragon God Resistance, and the inevitable period of weakness, are also facts."

Jiang Wang looked thoughtful: "Since the Dragon God uses Yan Xiao as his body, he is a Divine Rank. Then, in turn, Yan Xiao must also be able to influence He. It can even be said that Yan Xiao is one of his weaknesses?"

"I have observed Yan Xiao for a whole year before I came to this conclusion!" Guan Yan praised: "You are fighting The wisdom of "is really extraordinary!"

"No no..." Jiang Wang modestly said: "I am analyzing on the basis of senior intelligence, and it is incomparable with the difficulty of your insight into the truth. And, I just When you put forward a guess, you are sure of the conclusion."

That’s what he said, but he immediately thought of it very sensitively...

Then where is my wisdom? ?

The Guanyan who didn't use His Heart Connects obviously didn't care about the repercussions that Jiang Wang was mocked by Chongxuansheng all the time. I just continued: "The cultivation of the True Spirit state has allowed me to gradually find some results. The old group of Senhai Saint patriarch died, and the Dragon God lost the direct control of Senhai Saint Race. The cutting off of the Dragon God faith is itself. It's another rare opportunity."

"With my knowledge of Senhai Saint Race, I began to erode the handle... This process is not easy. I spent about two hundred years. It is inch by inch. Go in, fight bit by bit."

Guanyan smiled at the corner of his mouth: "In a nutshell... When the Dragon God and Senhai Source World world will fight, I temporarily replaced him. The god position of Senhai Source Realm has seized his divine handle."

The person who speaks casually, the person who listens to earth shattering.

Jiang Wang thought too much in a moment, and finally just asked: "So the Dragon God should be seated..."

"Yes, I modified the task of the Dragon God seated "Guan Yan laughed, and said slowly: "Although the Dragon God will sometimes issue a mission to kill Yan Xiao, how can it be possible for people to kill Yan Xiao? Only I will really choose Yan Xiao’s weakness. Period, use your strength to kill it. Although Yan Xiao will be able to come back to life as long as the Dragon God is not dead, but one of your beheads is enough to spread to World Source and give the Dragon God a sap."

Jiang Wang remembered that he once asked Guanyan a question in Yanchao, but he didn't get an answer at that time. At that time, he asked--

"Yan Xiao is dead, why didn't the passage to the boundary open?"

At that time, Guanyan replied: "This question involves the Dragon God, I I don't want to deceive you, so I can't answer you."

Looking at it now, the answer to that question is actually very simple.

Because the one who presided over this time when the Dragon God took the seat and secretly modified the task, it was Guan Yan!

Because the True Dragon God is still struggling with the will of the world in World Source.

Guan Yan temporarily seized the position of God, but it was not as good as Dragon God's control of Senhai Yuanyuan. There is no way to directly open the way out of the boundary, only through the altar of trees.

"This battle is really unimaginable." Jiang Wang sighed, and then said: "So when I left Senhai Yuanyuan, I came into contact with the World Source..."

View Yan has become accustomed to his keenness, and said casually: "That part of World Source will soon be eroded by the Dragon God. Taking advantage of the opportunity of you to kill Yan Xiao and hit him with a sap, I simply let him You take away that part of the World Source and let him take it away. It also allows you to grow faster... At that time, I thought, maybe one day, you can help me. But I did not expect that this day will Come so fast."

Jiang Wang always thought that when he swam through Senhaiyuan World Source, his body origin was blessed by Senhaiyuan World Source.

Didn't expect actually took away a part of World Source with the help of Guanyan Master!

In addition to making the Heaven and Earth island more stable and liberating more dao essence, that experience seemed to have no other effect. At least Jiang Wang didn't notice it himself. But thinking about it at this time, the effect is definitely more than that.

That's World Source!

The sword immortal divine ability can complete the integration of the inner palaces in the state of the four palaces. Is it also related to this?

Master Guan Yan really paid so much silently.

However, he never mentioned these in Xingyueyuan's repeated consultations. Only tireless teaching, and consistent compassion.

The more you understand Guanyan Master, the more you will be impressed by him. Although he has returned to vulgarity, he is a true Buddha in the world!

"Senior and Dragon God's game, is it time to divide the game?" Jiang Wang asked.

"Now, it can be said that I am another God in the source world of Senhai. But it can only be regarded as a false god, because this is a god of stealing, and ultimately it is not as orthodox as the Dragon God. Once the Dragon God seizes Yuheng, telling Myriad Realms can crush me. Even if he returns from World Source, he can easily drive me out."

Guan Yan said: "But I won His divine handle, of course, is not to help him keep it. So... after real Dao of Spirit cultivated some results, holding the divine handle, I also stepped into the battlefield of World Source."

Use the calmest tone to describe the most magnificent waves.

The star building that does not collapse after death and can go to the present world to introduce Jiang Wang, the Guan Yan Master just said that "it took some hard work."

For his true Dao of Spirit, he used the word "achievement".

Although I only said "some".

But that kind of powerful reverie has filled Jiang Wang's imagination.

First, grab the handle of the Dragon God in Senhai Source Realm, occupy the position of God, and then directly enter World Source to confront the Dragon God head-on!

Jiang Wang can't predict the power of Guanyan Master.

He just recalled the feeling of being bred in World Source when he first traveled in World Source... In the warm surrounding, he experienced the most natural and stretched state, and felt the beauty of the body.

At that time, how could you think that in the beginning of life and the origin of the world, the dragon god, the world will of Senhai source world, and the master of Guanyan were fighting fiercely?

Jiang Wang said seriously: "I don't know who the dragon god is, but I have seen the evil of the dragon god. I don't know how miserable this world was, but only scale claws are left behind. It hurts me. This god is an evil god, an Evil God. Anyone who has a spirit of wisdom can get it and punish it! You are doing a great thing. Although I am weak, I am weak in wisdom, and I am weak in wisdom and virtue. I am very willing to be able to participate in what I can do during this period!"

I rushed to Senhaiyuan Realm without saying a word, because of promise.

At this time, I want to draw the sword, and even want to follow Guanyan Master to enter the World Source, because of the deep compassion of human nature.

"Xiaoyou Jiang is a man with a red heart, peerless Heaven's Chosen. I've only been obsessed for years."

Guan Yan whispered: "I am not that great. I stay here. It’s not for thousands of people, just for one person..."

He has dreams in his eyes and a smile on his face: "The flower of bliss should be blooming in a clean world."

Holding a beautiful vision of the future, he can hold on to this day.

Jiang Wang already knows at this time that the real Guanyan Master is still competing with the Dragon God in World Source.

It was only the projection of theocracy that brought him to the source world of Senhai. Replaced the Seven Star Building with the missing Fallen Star Building he recovered, and took the Secret Realm passage of the Seven Star Building left by the Dragon God Ying Zuo...

It was just the matter of bringing him to the source world of Senhai. Has shown ingenuity. During so many years of fighting with the Dragon God, Master Guan Yan did not know how much he did silently.

"I believe that day will come." Jiang Wang said firmly.

Guan Yan looked up at Yuheng star in the sky, and was stunned for a while: "Little friend accompany me to wait a little longer."

"For a bunch of flowers, you waited five hundred Years."

For five hundred years, Senhai Source World has gradually calmed down, and Senhai Saint Race has been well-educated. There are those who see righteousness, those who see love, and those who are in charge...and under the appearance of where water flows, a canal is formed, Guanyan Master day after day struggles with the dragon god.

Jiang Wang has too many emotions in his heart to describe all, and finally turned into a sigh: "It is really quiet, but it has been surging forward with great momentum for five hundred years!"

For more than five hundred years, it can be said to be a four-way melee.

Dragon God, Guan Yan, the world will of Senhai Yuanjie, Yan Xiao, have their own ideas, and fight each other.

But the world will and Yan Xiao of Senhai Yuanjie were suppressed to death. So the real opponents have always been Dragon God and Guan Yan.

Master Guan Yan once said: "There is no bright moon at night here. I have watched it for five hundred years."

Where is he just looking at the moon alone for five hundred years?

He is waiting for the moon in the long night without moon, waiting for the flowers to bloom in the chaotic world.

He exiled in the cracks of the world with a little True Spirit, fighting against the Dragon God alone for five hundred years!

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