Red Heart Survey Chapter 1359

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Will there be a bright moon tonight?

Will this time wait until the flowers bloom?

Jiang Wang does not know the answer.

But he is willing to wait with Master Guanyan.

If the answer they wait is not what they want, then he will work with the Guanyan Master...

change that answer.

"Dragon God is fighting this world world, fighting with me, disguised as an inextricable illusion. On the other hand, he secretly connects Yuheng stars and intends to take control of Yuheng, and then go back and erase me. "

Guan Yan said: "He is about to succeed. The time we have to wait is at the threshold of his success."

Jiang Wang shook the long sword. The wooden scabbard of Divine Dragon has been warmed by Sauvignon Blanc for a long time, and it has also been immersed in the spirituality of Sauvignon Blanc for a long time. Now the spiritual abundance is deeply hidden.

It is hard to imagine that it has the same origin as the huge wood element in front of it.

Even rare materials such as Divine Dragon wood will have a difference between Heaven and Earth turning upside down due to different circumstances.

"I have confidence in senior," he said.

"I don't have so much confidence." Guan Yan said softly: "But now that I have made a choice, then do everything I can do."

No regrets, try your best and you will be ashamed.

This is precisely the philosophy of life pursued by Jiang Wang until now.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say that he and Guanyan met very close at the first time.

"Does senior still fight him in World Source now?" Jiang Wang asked.

"Never stop."

Guan Yan casually explained the battle to Jiang Wang: "In World Source just now, he erased a part of Senhaiyuan world will , But at the same time, I have also eliminated a part of the'Divine Source'."

He naturally explained to Jiang Wang: "Divine Source' is the basis for him to be a god in the source world of Senhai. You can’t understand the more complicated things now, but it can be simply understood as the accumulation of Power of Faith."

Jiang Wang enjoys this process of seeking knowledge and solving puzzles, just like the previous exchanges in Xingyueyuan . He embarked on the road of cultivation heavy and ignorantly. He stumbled all the way, but he also had a lot of hands, pulling him forward.

"The more his'Divine Source' is eliminated, the better the senior will be able to control the god position of Senhai Source World."

"That's what it says. But in fact, I and him They are not orthodox cultivators of Shinto, but only to compete for the source world of Senhai. It is only in the past few hundred years that I have begun to explore the cognition of divine power...So I actually have a lot of problems in the position of God, and he is on the divine path. There are also many omissions in this remark, so I can get lucky.” Guan Yan added: “I cultivated the real Dao of Spirit, and he should be the orthodox Dragon Clan.”

This remark let Jiang again Wang was surprised.

The first surprise is that neither the Dragon God nor the Guanyan Master is an orthodox cultivator of Shinto. Moreover, it is obvious that the Master Guanyan is very confident in his true Dao of Spirit, and is dependent on the path of his life. Otherwise, I won't emphasize it even now when I have won the True God stalk of Senhai Origin Realm.

Secondly, I was surprised by the perception of Guanyan Master.

Although Guanyan Master said that both he and the Dragon God have just begun to explore the divine way. However, the Dragon God obviously fumbled for an unknown number of years earlier than the Guanyan Master, and arranged hundreds of years in advance. However, he was above the gods and was found by the Guanyan Master...

This kind of talent, simply Terrible.


"Orthodox Dragon Clan?" Jiang Wang couldn't help but ask: "Dragon Clan in this world? Dragon Clan in the sea?"

"His details are not so clear yet. He is very cautious." Guan Yan shook his head and said: "Now I can only say that he was born of Dragon Clan."

Since the Middle Ages, Dragon Clan has been Has been extinct, was driven away from the sea.

Of course Jiang Wang already knows that there are dragons in the long river. But it's just like a mascot, with no sense of existence anymore. Dragon Clan, who truly brings fear, are all in the ocean.

What is the origin of this dragon in the source world of Senhai?

Exploring the divine way, achieving the dragon god, and even ambition, looked towards the stars of the universe...

"The universe is really boundless, let the boy give birth to the heart of endless exploration!" Jiang Wang He sighed sighfully: "It's a pity that there is a limit to life."

"The gods will live five hundred, and the hole will live for a thousand years...First break the short line, then the far end." Guan Yan did not say anything impassioned. Reason, just remind Jiang Wang to be down-to-earth: "When you reach the end, it might not be impossible to see the scenery farther."

"The kid has been taught." Jiang Wang said resolutely.

"Actually I know. Although the universe is far away, you won't get lost." Guan Yan said with a smile: "The trouble of human beings is a good teacher, and I can't avoid it."

"Please don't say that." Jiang Wang is serious: "Senior cares about me like this... Frankly speaking, few people treat me like this."

Guan Yan's eyes were soft: "In fact, I I want to thank you. Thank you for letting me not walk in the world for five hundred years, and the first one I saw was you. It did not ruin my good memories of my hometown-you know, people always beautify the past in their memories, And your quality and spirit satisfy all my unreal memories. I begin to feel that my hometown is so full of light, youngster is full of hope... Please keep going. No matter what the outcome this time, I really do. I really want to know. Where will you go."

He said so earnestly, which made Jiang Wang a little bit shy.

It's not that the first inner palace in history has not been boasted, and how nasty the flattery has been heard in my ears.

But the person in front of him is different after all.

This is a senior he recognizes and even admires very much. It is the kind of person he once wanted to be but could not be.

"I hope you can watch me go." Jiang Wang said finally.

"I will work hard too." Guan Yan said seriously.

Seriously a little cute.

Yuheng Star is still hanging high in the air, not very bright, nor very dark.

Senhai gently swayed under the breeze, but I don't know where the end is yet.

"About how long should we wait?" Jiang Wang asked.

"It’s not time, it’s time. It took me five hundred years to change the source world of Senhai. The dragon god also spent five hundred years to understand me... but He didn’t really Understand me."

Guan Yan said calmly: "When He entered Yuheng, it was the time when I displayed all the accumulation in the 537 years."

This is the peace of having done all the hard work and can calmly face any result.

A full five hundred and thirty-seven years!

"What do I need to do at that time?" Jiang Wang asked.

Guan Yan said earnestly: "When I was in the final battle with him, he would surely make Yan Xiao crazy and ravaging this world. It can distract me and transmit power by eating my skull. , It is more able to counter the world will of this world... He will definitely make this choice, so I need you to go in and kill Yan Xiao at the right time."


For the creatures born in the source realm of Senhai, killing Yan Xiao will only make Yan Xiao stronger, and will not be able to resist the most evil birds of this world. Therefore, Guan Yancai urgently spoke to Xingyueyuan and asked Jiang Wang to go to the source of Senhai as a helper.

Jiang Wang thought for a while and said: "If Yan Xiao was only as strong as last time, then I should be able to do something else."

With his current strength, More than ten times the original?

What we could do with four enemies and one at the beginning, now it's just a grip.

Since he has come to Senhai Origin Realm, he hopes that he can do his best to help Guanyan Master share more pressure. Rather than just paddle in a safe range.

He wants to help Guanyan Master's heart, and he has no perfunctory effort.

"Because it is the resurrected Yan Owl, it has not grown for much time. Even if it is not a period of weakness at this time, it will not be much stronger than the one you met last time... it will not be stronger. The limit of the inner palace."

Guan Yan said: "The only problem is that it will continue to absorb the power of the dragon god to resurrect. This is the connection between it as the Divine Rank and the god, even the dragon god I can’t separate myself. But the resurrection after being killed by you is different from the resurrection after being killed by the creatures of Senhai Origin Realm. The former will consume the power of the Dragon God, while the latter will not."

speaking from From a certain perspective, Jiang Wang and the others actually killed Yan Xiao last time. After all, they really consumed part of the Dragon God’s power.

"So I..." Jiang Wang asked: "Kill it all the time?"

"Yes." Guan Yan smiled: "Kill it all the time."

"With Yan Xiao's chaotic wisdom, since the battle strength will not exceed the limits of the inner palace, then it will never be my opponent." Jiang Wang calmly examined himself and said confidently: "The more you kill it, the more you Okay, right?"

This is the first confidence in history.

"No." Guan Yan shook his head lightly: "You can kill as slow as possible, so that its death lasts for more time. Just make it unable to provide assistance to the Dragon God."


Speaking, he spread out his right palm like a jade stone.

Star sand flowed like water, wrapped around Jiang Wang's arm, formed a ring, and printed it.

Jiang Wang's heart moved. On this ring mark, he felt the power of the star building of the previous Guanyan Master. That kind of power escorted him to Senhai Origin Realm, he hadn't forgotten it so quickly.

"I have been revising it just now, it is considered complete. It is a gift for you." Guan Yan said in an ordinary tone: "If something accident will bring you back to you. A place."

I probably remembered his experience in Seven Star Valley when he greeted Jiang Wang. He added: "You can also go to other Seven Star worlds. You just need to find your way home later... …"

The more you kill Yan Xiao, the more power the Dragon God loses. Of course, there will be more benefits to the battle situation on Guanyan's side... But for Jiang Wang, there is no danger. avoid.

The power of Yan Xiao cannot be underestimated, and every time she resurrects, she is in a new state. No matter how strong Jiang Wang is, how long can he fight fiercely at the limit level of the inner government?

Although Guan Yan asked Jiang Wang to help, the most dangerous battlefield is still to go to the battlefield by himself and send out his own star building to prepare Jiang Wang’s retreat...

If it wasn't for his lack of confidence in this battle... he might not have asked Jiang Wang to come.

How can the Dragon God who dare to target the stars of the universe be so easy to deal with?

Guan Yan may be calm about his own life and death, but he is concerned about other places.

Jiang Wang knew it well, but didn't say much, only said: "I know the choice."

"Divine force is vast, and manpower is limited." Guan Yan looked at He has a serious expression: "Little Friend Jiang, I will try my best to get rid of him before your power runs out. This is my promise."

Senhai can't see the end at a glance.

Senhai source world where the light is always uncertain.

A white monk's robe and an azure gown, standing in front of the rotten, huge Divine Dragon wood, are the only bright colors on this long scroll.

Across this huge, horizontal Divine Dragon wood, is the forest of hanging skulls like purgatory on earth.

Qingqishu once said-"It may be me or my child who will hang on this tree in the future."

He probably wanted to say at that time It's... him and Qinghua's child.

At this moment, Jiang Wang remembered the punch that Qingqishu gently touched his face in the Yanchao.

The one who calls him "Mr. Zhang", regards his indiscriminate advice as a masterpiece, and wants to make a good relationship with the blue and white green seven trees... Is it supposed to be under the control of the dragon god, living in tyranny forever In the midst of killing?

Should his head hang on the tree and become its nourishment?

His relative, clansman, like him, can never go to see the end of the world?

Finally, "Mr. Zhang" just looked at Guan Yan and said: "Senior your battle is a more difficult battle. Please fight with all your heart, and don't think about it. Before I break the sword, Yan Xiao will never affect you, it will only keep the Dragon God losing blood...This is my promise."

He couldn't help but extend the hand and stretched out in front of Guanyan: "Let's do it together. This great thing is in this distant star dome, in this place that may not be known."

"Okay." Guan Yan smiled warmly, and reached out to shake hands with him: "It's here far away Star dome, in this place no one knows!"

In the vast universe, what is not like dust?

In the infinite space and the infinite time, Senhai Yuanjie is indeed a distant place that no one knows.

No matter what stories happen here, what sacrifices are paid, and how dazzling performances, they are destined to be silent in the universe, so lonely that there is no echo...

It is the silent dust in the universe .

Since the ages, some people have sought profit and some have sought fame.

In order to take advantage of the current three points, dare to hang the head with the belt.

For the people of the world, dare to step on the fire sea with the tip of a knife.

However, in a place like Senhaiyuanjie.

There was no applause, no applause.

Even the great journey can only come to an end quietly.

The beginning and the end are lonely.

Seeking profit is not profit, seeking fame is not well-known.

But it is in such a place.

Floating Buddhist Temple, the first Guanyan for five hundred years of perception, resolutely stay here, and will never become a Buddha in this life.

Jiang Wang of the First Inner Mansion of Qing History, gave up his feats on the battlefield of Xingyueyuan and went alone.

Five hundred years ago, Heaven's Chosen, who was the highest, and Heaven's Chosen, who was the highest, five hundred years later...

The two decided to join forces in this unknowing place, When people know it, fight against terrifying existence that tries to control the stars of the universe.

One is love, the other is faith.

At the same time, there is also the compassion for the absolutely creatures in the source world of Senhai.

No one praises Guanyan in Senhai Saint Race. Except for the little troublesome mother-in-law Qinghua Qingbazhi and the others, I am afraid that not many people will remember that Jiang Wang once came.

But they still decided to do so.

Guan Yan has been fighting alone for 537 years.

Today Jiang Wang...join the war!

The two stood in front of the huge wall of dead wood, silently waiting for the opportunity to appear.

The completely rotten wood has no vitality at all, but it has not been mixed in the soil. If the rotten wood is also alive, you don't know what it is insisting on.

Jiang Wang waited while exploring the inner palace-he always didn't want to miss time, because those heavy past events were too urgent.

When Guan Yan speaks, he speaks. Guan Yan does not speak, he will cultivation.

And Guanyan's more energy is also in the World Source of this world, in that dragon god.

The two waited until the sky faded and the entire world was completely dimmed.

The dark night of Senhai Source World is terrifying.

"Night's Invasion" has never stopped doing evil since the day it was launched.

If this world can have unjust souls, if the evening breeze blows, it should be all ghosts crying. It's a pity that even ghost crying doesn't exist. Even if there is an injustice, it should be swallowed by Yan Xiao...

Chaos invasion can't interfere with the two who are waiting.

The star ring in Jiang Wang's hand exudes a faint light, protecting him from the invasion of night. The scabbard made of Divine Dragon wood also shimmered, as if it was expelling something, just like the ignited Divine Dragon incense-I didn't know that there was such a beauty before.

Guan Yan praised: "You can know the sword by watching the sheath, and the better your sword will be."

Sometimes Jiang Wang is shy about complimenting himself. But he accepted all the praise for the saber because he was really proud: "It has indeed been with me for a long time. It is the best weapon for me, and it is my beloved thing."

The Sword Art specially customized by Lian Que is indeed easy to use, and after he achieved Tianfu, he used the light of five division ability to raise the sword, which is even more beneficial to the spirituality of Sauvignon Blanc.

The most famous artifacts in the world are all creatures who are accompanied by the master. In the long time to get along, incomparable tacit understanding and spirituality in harmony with the body are nurtured.

Even the weapons used by the peerless real monarch, if they fail to reach the stage of the legendary "spirituality metaplasia", once they leave the original owner, they will have to start all over again.

If you leave Jiang Mengxiong, even Qi State's famous instrument spectrum, it will be difficult to rank the overwhelming generals in the first place.

The reason why "spirituality metaplasia" is said is a legend, because it is rare in ancient and modern times.

In short, no matter how strong the weapon is, it must also rely on the cultivator. Therefore, the famous instrument of various countries often ranks the powerhouse's strength rather than the weapon itself.

For Jiang Wang's compliment, Sauvignon Blanc also groaned softly in the sheath, as if responding.

The extremely soft sword cry makes this night even more lonely.

But Jiang Wang and Guan Yan are both people who are used to loneliness.

"Xiaoyou Jiang, do you have anyone you like?" Guan Yan looked up at the empty night sky and asked suddenly.

Jiang Wang was taken aback for a moment, before he said: "I don't know much..."

"I don't know, but there is." Guan Yan said softly.

"Perhaps, I never asked myself." Jiang Wang lowered his eyes and said: "There is only one human heart, and there is no room for too many things."

Guan Yan has always known, This youngster, who is less than twenty, has a very heavy heart.

But he did not try to unravel, but each minding their own business said: "Like is a very beautiful thing. You are walking in a very dark and dark night, you look in front of you, It seems to have nothing. But if there is a person in my heart, everything will exist."

Five hundred years of watching the moon, I was looking for "little annoyance."

They are in the same world, but they can't meet each other, they can only hide each other.

It seems that there is nothing, and it seems to have everything.

"That's really good." Jiang Wang only said that, and stopped talking.

Keep the phrase "but I can't" in my heart.

The horrible night of Senhai Source World can not disturb them at this moment in the slightest.

The two people are silent and cultivate their spirits...

Waiting for the last moment.



In the land of the shade of God, in that old bookstore.

The old woman with white hair is quietly reading a book.

The title of the book is "Eight Methods of Planting Lingsi Flower".

Anonymous author.

After so many years, she has read every book here countless times.

Remember every word, every crease.

But she still comes here often to study.

The story of Guan Yan, she cannot share it with any clansman.

The years when her young girl was pregnant, she has also been silent in time.

The traces of that handsome monk are actually everywhere, in the clear stream, in the flower garden, in her heart... he changed the course of the entire Senhai Saint Race. Modified the past and also changed the future... But she could only declare the will of the Dragon God.

He exists everywhere, but she can only be regarded as absent.

Only in this bookstore, there is a secret tacit understanding.

She flipped through every ancient book and imagined what the person left behind, what they learned and modified. I made up something, or wanted to say something to her...

It was like talking to that person--

As a reader and author, through time and life and death, Communicate silently.

For example, in this "Eight Methods of Planting Spirit Silk Flower", it is in the ninth column on page 13, and the fourth column on page 19, and the sixth and seventh column on page 22... Both wrote the same two tiny tiny prints——

"Little Fan".

She only discovered this many years after he left.

These romances hidden in subtle corners support her through life.

Until today.

Today she has deep wrinkles and gray hair.

But she is sitting here today, flipping through the book and the few small prints. She still looks like the first time she saw it, her eyes shining, and her heart soft.

No one knows her secret thoughts, and their romance is hidden deep in them.

She enjoys this kind of moment...

Of course life is hard to enjoy.

Blue Saintess walked in at this time.

She leaned against the door, looking at the white-haired old woman, watching her read as usual.

Those thin fingers rubbing the paper, there is a gentle touch of the lover's cheek.

"My priest..." she opened her mouth.

The old priest looked away from the book reluctantly, looked towards the Saintess of Blue, full of kindness: "What's wrong, Blue and White?"

If Jiang Wang is here, It can be seen that compared to the day, the blue and white are now too haggard.

In the past, I was full of the power of "Life", but now the vitality is still there, but the eyebrows are exhausted, and the eyes are slightly red.

"I'm confused." Qinghua said.

"Child, what are you confused about?" asked the little annoying mother-in-law.

Blue and white extends the hand, she gently slid across the bookshelf next to her, and looked up and down, as if she wanted to find a book that she could read and a book that would make her quiet.

But it is difficult to stay for which one.

"Why did the Dragon God messenger have killed Yan Xiao. Yan Xiao appeared again?" she asked.


As soon as the little annoying mother spoke, she was interrupted.

It seems that Qinghua doesn't need to answer at all, she already has her answer.

"Is it the evil in the world that has not been eradicated?" Qinghua said, turning her head, bloodshot eyes, and looking at the wrinkled face of the old woman: "Is it because of us... The sins are serious!"

The little annoyed mother frowned: "Why do you say that, what did you contact privately?"

There is really no need to ask this question.

The thing that Saintess of Blue can come into contact with is naturally the "Dragon God".

But the little annoying mother-in-law couldn't bear it.

Qinghua closed her eyes, seeming to be very painful: "I often hear some strange sounds recently..."

Little annoying mother said: "There is day and night, Where there is good, there is evil. The evil in the world cannot be eradicated. But the good in the world will not disappear. The Yanxiao of yesterday is dead, and the Yanxiao of today is reborn. But if you can kill it yesterday, you can kill it again tomorrow. "

She sighed: "You are not allowed to listen to Oracle again without my permission."

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