Red Heart Survey Chapter 1360

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Mr. Annoy knows exactly what happened.

For so many years, she has been following the will of the person in her heart and firmly controlling the direction of Saint Race.

She has firmly believed in the Dragon God since she was a child, and she believes that the Dragon God is great and indispensable.

However, due to unpredictable circumstances, Dragon God seems to have encountered some problems.

Oracle is often messy and incomprehensible...

At first Divine Vestige, it is frequently seen that Oracle often comes, but the preface does not follow, contradicts itself, and suddenly Refers to this suddenly refers to that.

According to what her sweetheart said, she only listens to the Oracle who is beneficial to the future of Saint Race and regards it as the right thing. Those Oracles who turned the chaos upside down chose to turn a deaf ear.

As for what is good for Saint Race's future, Guan Yan has already laid out detailed procedures. And over the years, she has gradually gained her own understanding.

A peaceful and peaceful day, fair and just rules, kindness, bravery, and commitment to these beautiful qualities...

The future Saint Race should have is peace and happiness.

It was then that she discovered and determined...

She believed in Guanyan more than in the Dragon God.

Compared to the belief in the Dragon God, she believes in a better future for the ethnic group.

Guan Yan never denied the Dragon God in front of her, and to death he only said that he left a way to deal with Yan Xiao.

But she has eyes to see, she has a heart to feel.

She knows what is a better choice for Saint Race.

Many young Saint Race think that today's life is as it should be by rights, suffering from the tradition of "Sang Shou", and resenting the invasion of the night.

She has experienced dark times, and she knows what the more painful and suffering days are like.

The education of Senhai Saint Race is a method formulated by Guan Yan, but she has completed the specific implementation for hundreds of years. What turned everything that Guan Yan had imagined into her stitches and stitches day and night.

She realized that the chaotic Oracle was slowly eroding her heart and tried to lead her to the "chaotic" side. As time went on and the chaos accumulated, she gradually became unable to resist.

So she began to select the young Saintess, changing from generation to generation, listening to Oracle for her.

The replaced Blue Saintess, if affected by the chaotic Oracle, must live in the sacrificial chamber for ten years. It takes ten years without exception before he can return to Saint Race and live a normal life. If it is just a normal rotation within the time limit without any disorderly behavior, this need not be the case.

She herself has always occupied the priesthood, and she also occupies the "interpretation power" of Oracle, so that the coming Oracle will never deviate from the road, and stay in harmony for hundreds of years.

In the later years, Oracle's arrival is no longer so frequent, and the number of Oracle chaos is less and less. Everything is oriented in a good direction, and the Dragon God seems to be slowly "returning to normal"...

But Qinghua's current appearance is clearly that he has heard the chaotic Oracles again and has been affected.

Although this day has come too early, it is time to have to change it...

It is of course cruel to let a young girl live alone in the sacrifice room for ten years, but There is no choice.

The old woman knows very well what will become of those who are completely swayed by the chaotic Oracle.

During the long years, there were some Saintess who were personally endorsed by her...

The next young Saintess, she originally liked Xiao Guoer, so she always took her with her to teach . In the next ten years, Qinghua will live by herself, whether he is a husband or a child, or explores the world. At that time, Xiao Guoer just grew up and can take over the task of listening to the gods.

But apparently not now.

Xiao Guoer is still too young, so who else fits in the clan?

The old woman, the priest of Senhai Saint Race, has a lot of thoughts, and her wrinkles are deeply crushed by her multitude.

How can Qinghua have problems at this time? She is kind-hearted, strong-willed, and has not been a young Saintess for many years, and she has not listened to Oracles many times...

Usually, she has accumulated dozens of chaotic Oracles before Saintess will be affected. , Behavior disorder.

What happened to the Dragon God?

The white-haired old woman looked at the blue and white with a sad look in her eyes.

"I don't want to hear...I don't want to hear." Qinghua closed her eyes tightly and covered her ears, her expression was very painful: "But it rang in my heart when I was sleeping, and when I walked. In my ears, no matter what I do or where I go, the voice will always sound...I don't want to listen, but I can't help but listen! I am Saintess of Blue, born to listen to the will of God. This is the meaning of my existence. ...Worth!"

"Listen to me, child..." Granny Xiaofan put the book in her hand back to the shelf, gently moving.

She got up from the recliner, walked in front of Qinghua, and gently hugged her.

She watched this child grow up since she was a child, and how she grew from a shy girl to a beauty that the Saint Race warriors can’t take their eyes off.

She knows her pain and can feel her struggle.

She stroked her long hair: "You are a blue and white. You were born for yourself. The purpose of your existence is to make yourself happy. It is not a god, nor does it need to be reflected. What's the value. Child, do you know? Your existence itself is already precious to me."

"What you said is different...Why are they different?" Qinghua held her head with both hands. The voice was even more painful, even crying: "Priest! Mother-in-law! Lord Dragon God! What should I do...what should I do?"

"Which is different?" Little troubled mother-in-law caressed her. , The voice is kind: "Tell me, what did you hear?"

Blue and white sobbed: "I heard..."


The cold light suddenly appeared, and a short dagger penetrated into the abdomen of little annoying mother.


Qinghua was pushed away with a palm, and the whole person slammed into the door of the bookstore, and then fell to the ground.

While the little punished mother-in-law took a few steps back and fell back into the chair, her breath became confused.

She is not unprepared for the problem of blue and white. She has seen many Saintess who are affected by the chaotic Oracle, and she knows that their behavior is uncontrollable. While caring about blue and white, she did not relax her self-protection.

With Qinghua's strength, it is impossible to hurt her.

Only at that moment, Spiritual God suddenly came to her ears and whispered. It was the chaotic Oracle that she hadn't listened to in person for a long time... She had obviously been disconnected for a long time!

The chaotic Oracle impacted her mental defense, making her trance for a while.

So I was stabbed by the blue and white.

This dagger is smeared with an unknown strange thing. She can feel that a strange force is rapidly eroding her body...

Am I wrong? she thinks.

A ray of evening breeze blew in, swaying candlelight all over the bookstore, and the bookshelves dizzy yellow.

With a lonely spin, he passed the white-haired old woman who was resting on the couch, and the beautiful woman who stood up swayingly in front of the door, and flew out of the house again.

Compared with the outside environment, the place of God's shade is indeed fresh and bright.

But the night here is still quiet, no one dared to walk outside without lighting the incense of Divine Dragon.

The Divine Dragon wood extends far away, one by one among the fruit houses hanging over the branches, is a warm home.

In the entire Senhaiyuan world, there may be no second place where you can see the lights of thousands of families.

The evening breeze swam gently, in the deserted forest.

It just passed a window...

The fruit house is warmly decorated and warm by candlelight.

The cute girl is sitting in front of the dressing table, and the beautiful mother is unraveling her braids. The man is in the other corner of the room, using a knife. Sharpen the arrow stick seriously.

Tonight’s sleep and tomorrow’s hunt, the days flow like this.

In order to avoid accidentally pulling her daughter's hair pain, mother's movements are delicate and gentle.

The girl waited a little sleepy, looked at herself in the mirror, and yawned... her ignorant sleepy eyes instantly widened in horror.

The mother in the mirror, those beautiful and gentle eyes, suddenly covered with bloodshot eyes!

The girl felt her hair stretched instantly, and her head moved backward involuntarily...

The screaming and crying were all tied up in this fruit house, just like candlelight. , Failed to break out of the night.

And the night is flowing like water, and the owner moves to the west.

In this fruit house that has been around for some years, an elderly woman leaned against the head of the bed, with a kind face.

The down-to-earth man is holding a bowl of broth, sitting on the edge of the bed, feeding it spoon by spoon.

In the muddy eyes, I don't know when the bloodshots crawled out.

The old woman closed her mouth and bit the porcelain spoon!

"Mother!" The man was shocked and reached out to pick the porcelain spoon to prevent the old mother from swallowing.

But a thin hand has already pinched his neck...

This is an absolutely unusual night.

Anyone who was once the Saintess of Blue and listened to Oracle, regardless of whether there has ever been disorderly behavior, has changed this night.

It should be said that when the little troubled priest decided to select the young Saintess to replace her to listen to the Oracle, he should have anticipated the possible consequences.

The safest choice, of course, is to secretly kill all the abdicated Saintess. So, no matter what is wrong with that chaotic Oracle, it will not become a problem.

But the little troubled priest did not choose that.

She would rather spend ten years to screen, and spend more time to wait.

The previous day’s cause is today’s result.



In the distant sky, Yuheng Star has disappeared.

Every night in the source world of Senhai, it spares rays of light.

It is day and night.

But in a pair of vertical pupils that have passed through the years, it is still shining in that direction, and it is getting brighter and brighter.

The vast and boundless World Source sea is raging.

A golden Divine Dragon, prancing in the meantime, fighting hard against the opponent. He has two enemies, one in the front and the other in the back. Blocked in front is a clumsy tall giant tree, between the branches and lashes, shaking the entire World Source sea.

Behind him is a white clothed monk who holds a verdant scepter and is handsome and handsome.

This golden Divine Dragon is naturally a dragon god.

Able to be one against two, in this World Source Sea, at the same time suppressing the world will of the Senhai Source Realm, and taking away Senhai's True God stalking Guanyan... the strength of the Dragon God is evident.

However, this is not yet his true strength. Perhaps it was fear of the near-death counterattack of the will of the world in the source world of Senhai, or perhaps it was not enough to understand Guanyan and unwilling to take risks.

In short, the Dragon God firmly controls the battle situation and holds the balance of victory and defeat. No more concessions, no more oppression.

This delicate balance made the battle look very anxious.

On the matter of fighting the Dragon God.

The world will of Guanyan and Senhaiyuan Realm, the two sides obviously have a certain tacit understanding, and try to maintain cooperation, but this kind of cooperation is not harmonious.

It's nothing more than playing each side according to one side.

The will of the world is just a vague term, and it cannot be completely equated with the spiritual wisdom of intelligent life.

The world will and behavior logic of Senhai Yuanjie are closer to a certain instinct... Instinctively protect Senhai Yuanjie, instinctively react to hostility and counter erosion.

But it cannot be said that there is no wisdom at all. It is just that the "thinking" of the will of the world is not equivalent to the thinking in the general sense of intelligent life.

As the will of the world, sometimes "stiff" is terrifying. For example, Yan Xiao is clearly a vicious bird controlled by the Dragon God, but it is also regarded as the "indigenous people" of this world, and has never been targeted by the will of the Senhai Yuanyuan world.

Sometimes, the will of the world has a vague and unpredictable choice. For example, I chose to protect the True Spirit of Guanyan, an "outsider"...

The will of the world does not have human-like "personality", "morality", and "emotion", but it is not only It is the instinct of a world to protect itself.

It can be said to be very simple or very complicated. Since ancient times, no one can truly understand the will of the world.

But there is no doubt about one thing-being able to come into contact with the will of the world is already extraordinary in itself.

For most people, perhaps throughout their lives, they will not be able to feel the existence of the will of the world.

As for the battle in the World Source Sea, the entire battle is completely dominated by Guan Yan.

He must study the Dragon God as well as the will of the world. The three parties have been entangled and fought for hundreds of years.

To this day, the World Source sea of ​​the entire Senhaiyuan world is also divided into three colors.

About three-sixths of the part is Chan golden like the dragon god. About two-sixths of the part is still jade-green like emerald, and only the remaining one-sixth is as clear as water, and is in the same light as Guanyan.

On the scene, Guan Yan seemed to be too weak. But only the presence in the battle can know how terrifying this monk is.

When the dragon god completely crushed the world’s will, he entered the battle in a monk's clothing, and entered the sea of ​​origin alone, from scratch, forcibly in the dragon god’s fingers, stole away This one-sixth share of the original ocean!

The world will of Senhai Origin World, which has the advantage of the home court, can only retreat under the attack of the Dragon God, and it takes up less and less of the origin sea.

Guanyan, who seems to be the weakest and least dependent, is able to maintain a growing trend in the endless battles day and night. It even delayed the decline of the will of the world.

They compete not only for World Source, but also this world itself!

And in this brief moment ——

The Dragon God stood high in the air, looking down: "Little Monk, this should be over!"

He did I don't know enough about this monk. After fighting for so long, I still feel like looking at flowers in the mist. But I understand that Senhai Saint Race has a special meaning to Guanyan, and that priest is very important to Guanyan...

This is enough.

Isn’t it?

After so many years of layout planning, it is indeed time to end.

Having been fighting in this World Source sea for hundreds of years, even if he exists like this, he can't help feeling tired!

As soon as this sound fell, the entire World Source sea reverberated.

The waves swept across.




While Guan Yan, dressed in a white monk's robe, just looked up at this God quietly, holding the scepter representing Senhai True God in his hand, he took a step forward.

The turbulent waves rest, the turbulent waves stop, and the echoes disappear.

One step high level!

The authority of God is also the authority of God.

It represents the highest control over Power of Faith.

Guan Yan holds this verdant scepter, it can be said that he holds the belief in the dragon god and is an enemy of the dragon god.

And his expression was so calm, he only said: "Self-intimidation, this is not a righteous means, conspiracy to gain profit, not a great way. For a despicable existence like you, the wider the preaching, it will only The misfortune is getting is indeed time to end!"

"Funny! Funny!" The Dragon God laughed: "What shit gods, rateless things, do you care about the deity? , You have to go if you want, but let you play!"

The original waves of Can golden firmly resist the clear waves.

And in his bright golden vertical pupil, the appearance of Yu Hengxing has been reflected.

In the long battle, he has already captured Yuheng, and today is a good opportunity to take over.

Controlled half of the World Source Sea and captured Yuheng stars. He really didn't need the True God position of Senhai Source Realm for a long time.

No matter from which point of view, he is confident enough to achieve the final success.

But in spite of this, at this critical juncture, with the help of the residual influence on the position of God, he shook the blue Saintess, attacked the priest named Xiaofan, and even affected the entire Saintess of Senhai. Race, creating bloody killings.

No matter what method Guan Yan has, he must make a choice today—

Is it to interfere with Dragon God’s occupation of Yuheng, or to get out to save Xiaofan and save the forest? Sea Saint Race?

The sea of ​​World Source is full of waves.

Only the manifest form of the will of the world in the source world of Senhai is still waving branches and frantically attacking the dragon god.

I don't seem to know that something is happening.



The place of the shade of God, in the bookstore.

The white-haired old woman fell back to the recliner, struggling to fight against the forces eroding her body, unable to make a sound, and also unable to move even a little bit.

The blue and white who finally stood firm, pulled out a dark dagger, and resolutely walked towards her.

At this time, a voice suddenly rang out.

"Blue and white!"

With eight braided hair, the eight green branches leaped into the study room neatly, and put the javelin in his hand, with a solemn expression: "You are doing What!"

"Our Xiangshou, and even the arrival of the Dragon God's messenger, are all meaningless..." Qinghua stopped and turned around and asked: "Yan Xiao will come back from the dead again, are you afraid? That day you spoke to me of which, you said that you don’t know when this day is a head."

"I don’t deny my fear." Qinghachi said: "But now, stay away from the priest. A little bit."

Qinghua ignored him, and just asked: "Are you sad about the death of Green Seven Trees?"

"I don't like him, but I do help him Sorry." Qingbazhi frowned: "What are you trying to say? You have something wrong today."

"You don't know what's wrong." Qinghua shook the head and smiled strangely: "You Do you know what caused all this now? Why did Nanuki die meaninglessly? Why have generations of warriors died in Xiangshou over the years without changing the ending? The priest interprets Oracle and guides the way forward! Why? It’s getting harder and harder with us! Who do you think is wrong! Baji?"

Qingbaji shook the javelin and said, "We are all priests and mother-in-law who grew up watching. There must be something in this. Misunderstanding... You put down the dagger first."

"Do you love me?" Qinghua asked.

Qingbazhi said bitterly: "You have always known my mind, why ask knowingly?"

He was sad not because Qinghua doubted his mind, but Qinghua took him. Your mind is a weapon.

"Love me, just help me kill her!" Qinghua said: "Don't you think, she has been a priest for too long? After so many years, our situation has not changed at all. Great. Saint Race, still huddled in the shadow of the gods... She deviated from the divine will and will be abandoned by the gods one day. Can you imagine such a situation? The time has come to change!"

She looked at Qingbazhi: "From now on I will be a priest and you will be a patriarch. We respect God and make Saint Race stronger together! What do you think?"

Looking at the countless pictures in front of me The beautiful face who fell asleep this time, Qing Bazhi's heart is very confused.

But his hand is very steady: "Qinghua, you better calm down, you are not sober now. I am Saint Race warrior, and the responsibility lies with me. I will never allow you to hurt the priest."


"I'm sober, but you are still confused."

Qinghua said: "When Qi Shu left, said he would come back. When Yan Xiao died, I thought the nightmare was over. ... But what has changed? We are still trapped in this place like pigs and dogs. We never know what is at the end of the world. We still can only watch our relatives and friends die, there is no way... Why are we? To be like this? Since all this is meaningless, why should we insist? It is better to change the way and follow the true will of the Dragon God. God will shine on us!"

Green Bazhi shook the head: "No, you can't hurt your mother-in-law. I can promise you anything else, but this can't work."

Qinghua looked at him coldly, with the same Divine Idol knife: "You can't compare to Qishu at all. , He is willing to do anything for me!"

Qingbazhi clenched the javelin tightly and said nothing.

At this moment, a sharp sound of breaking through the air suddenly came, and the blue and white stepped back, decisively shook the dagger, and pushed away an attacking arrow!

The arrow sank into the ground, and the tail feathers still trembled.

It can be seen the strength of the comer and the determination of the arrow.

Qingjiuye, whose bow was full of strings, floated down and looked at Qinghua and said, "You don’t understand Qishu. If he sees you today, he will regret loving you. Dare to go further... …Dead!"

Qinghua held a dagger, looked at Qing Jiuye with slightly red eyes, and smiled beautifully: "I know you will not kill me, because you have me in your heart."


The answer to her was an arrow facing her throat!

Blue and White had to step back two steps to avoid sharp arrows. At the same time, she was getting farther and farther away from the old woman on the recliner.

Qing Jiuye’s voice is very cold: "I had you in my heart, it was not you who hurt the priest’s mother-in-law. I know who is really protecting this place. For hundreds of years, it’s not you. A few words can be denigrated! Senhai Saint Race absolutely cannot be without the priest's mother-in-law, but it can be without me or you!"

"he he he......" Qinghua smiled: "defame?"

She looked at Qing Jiuye, and then at Qing Bazhi: "As the Saintess of Qing, I listen to Oracle. Do you know what Dragon God said?"

Ye Dao: "What did the Dragon God say, it doesn't matter what you said. How Oracle interprets it is a matter for the priest's mother-in-law."

Qinghua looked at him: "You don't believe me?"

Looked towards Qing Bazhi again: "You don't believe me either?"

"I don't believe in you now." Qing Jiuye said directly.

Qingbazhi said: "For so many years, no matter who Saintess is, Oracle is interpreted by the priest's mother-in-law..."

"If her interpretation has always been contrary to Oracle What?!" Qinghua asked bitterly: "If I can prove it, you, as Saint Race warrior, have been given divine force for many years and have been blessed by God! What choice do you make now?"

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