Red Heart Survey Chapter 1361

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This is really a question to torture the soul.

People like Green Eight Branches, Green Nine Leaves, and even Green Seven Trees. They have tempered their fleshy body, polished their martial skills, and stood out among children of the same age. They were bathed in divine grace at the altar of the tree. Since then, they have the divine force and become the respected Saint Race warrior, mastering battle strength beyond the ordinary.

The belief in the Dragon God is not a matter of months and years.

It is through childhood, which is passed down from generation to generation.

Their belief in the Dragon God can even be said to be the most pious in the entire Senhai Saint Race.

Because of their piety or not, it directly affects their power.

And now Qinghua said, Granny Xiaofan has always deviated from Oracle's true intentions?

"No need to prove it." Qing Jiuye said solemnly: "In this brief moment, do you represent yourself or God?"

"What's the difference? I am the Saintess of Blue and the substitute of God. Oracle is in my ears, and I am true to every word." Qinghua said, "God’s will, I will not distort the will of God, will not be biased, will not cover up... Is this possible? Isn't it the duty of a waiter?"

"What Oracle did you hear?" Qing Jiuye asked again.

"Of course I killed this blasphemer, and pointed the right path for Saint Race!" Qinghua said with a serious face: "Otherwise, why do you think I can hurt her? It's Lord Dragon God , Took back her power!"

"I will never follow this Oracle!" Qinghachi angrily said.

Qing Jiuye said: "Little troublesome mother-in-law is like our mother. I sew the clothes on my body, cook the food in my belly, teach me to be a man, and raise me. If God loves others, how can he instigate me? The son kills the mother? Will he instruct the mother to kill the son?"

"It is God who gives us food and clothing, and God, who gives us shelter. It is God who leads us out of darkness, and God who gives us the future!" Qinghua is full of Singing in admiration, and looking at the two Saint Race warriors: "You may be confused by the present, but God will eventually lead us to the light... The moment she chooses to blaspheme, the moment she chooses to deviate from Oracle, she will No longer our little annoying mother-in-law, but a sinister blasphemer. Don’t forget, where does your power come from! Are you also blasphemy?"

"No. It’s a blasphemy Taking care of us when we grow up, it is the mother-in-law who finds food, and the mother-in-law who protects our clansman...the one who really shelters this land, really shines here as best as she can, until now, they are all little troublesome mother-in-laws, not gods!"

Qing Jiuye still drew his bow and said: "The gods have lowered the divine force, and I have also paid for cultivation. The gods need faith, and I have not missed all the sacrifices once, and I have never been insincere. But if the gods The purpose is to kill the priest's mother-in-law, then this god...I don't believe it!"

This blasphemous remark!

Those who abandon God will be abandoned by God.

Losing the divine force, the so-called Saint Race warrior is just an ordinary person with a stronger body.


One breath passes, two breaths pass, and three breaths pass.

A lot of interest passed.

There is no change in Qing Jiuye's body.

His muscles are still strong, and his bows and arrows are still very stable.

The power has not been taken back because of the blasphemy, let alone any Divine Punishment coming.

"It seems that it is not God's will, but yours." Qing Bazhi held the javelin, and then looked towards Qinghua is already very cold: "Stay away from mother-in-law!"

I was forced by this shooting intent.

Qinghua couldn't help but retreat a few steps.

" could it happen?"

She was confused, confused, and didn't know what went wrong.

Clearly is a god, clearly is a god...

It is the will of God.

The three youngsters are facing each other on this side of the bookstore, with intense and complex emotions.

No one noticed, the white-haired old woman sitting on the recliner was already in tears for some time.

Her lips trembled, but she couldn't say a word for a long time.

"Mother-in-law, what's the matter with you?" Qing Jiuye was the first to realize that something was wrong, and a rushed to rush to the little annoying mother-in-law, put away the bow and arrows, and wanted to support him, but then remembered her injuries and did not dare to move randomly. , Only asked anxiously: "What's the matter?"

The blue and white in the chaos also turned to look towards this kind-eyed old man.

Qingbazhi shot the javelin horizontally, and people had stopped in front of her, looking at her warily.

Qinghua was stunned again. She had never seen such a strange expression on the faces of these people.

But Oracle...

The little annoyed mother finally let out her voice, her voice trembling so: " you hear...hear?"

"What did you hear?" Qing Jiuye was at a loss.

The tears are shining in the wrinkles. Granny Xiaofan has always been fighting against the weird power on that dagger, and at the same time fighting against the chaotic Oracle that keeps happening.

But just now...

The chaotic Oracle that troubled her has been replaced by the new Oracle.

This is her familiar, "righteous" breath.

And this Oracle, there are only two words--

"Little trouble."

These two words appeared in my heart and sounded in my ears.

I have appeared in dreams countless times, countless times.

"Listen...I heard it." Qinghua said in a daze.

As the Blue Saintess, she certainly will not miss Oracle.

Just why?

Why does True God call the name of Granny Xiaopin? It's still so delicate and gentle...

Qinghua verified the truth of that sound, and let the little annoying mother-in-law confirm that it was not a hallucination in a trance.

She "Ah" fell silent for a while.

With thin hands, slowly put them up, covering his face.

Trembling, trembling, unable to cover it completely.

She was like a child, like a child who was aggrieved to the extreme, she cried dumbly there.


Everything understands.

Why have there been two completely contradictory voices of gods for so many years...

Why did Guan Yan run out of oil in the past, but said to her-"I use My way, I will always love you."

She finally understood. Looking for sentences in this bookstore, she saw some sentences that could not be fully understood before--

"Do you want to know what you should believe in, peace, health, happiness, or God?"

"The Buddha said that he could not satisfy all your will. I said that if I am a Buddha, I must not be so. "


The golden body has been shattered, Relic is incinerated, and what he said is a Buddha. In fact, he has become a god.

The source of that dark age has never been only those Elders, it has never been Yanxiao, it should be the source of the chaotic Oracle...that is, the original Dragon God!

For so many years, Guan Yan has always been a struggler of the gods, as the other half of the "god", has been with her...

Those recognized by her are "correct "Oracle" is all the love of mizaza over a long time.

It is a confession from Guan Yan to her after every short-term struggle!

She has always known that she has been sincerely loved.

But she never knew, he was still in love!


Looking at the little annoying mother-in-law, Qing Jiuye and Qing Bazhi who was crying and covering her face, they were all stunned, not knowing what to do.

In their impression, the little punished mother-in-law is kind and stern. It is tolerant and tenacious.

For Saint Race, she can force Qing Qishu to go to Xianghun. But he would stay up all night to sew hidden clothes for him on the eve before Green Seven Trees played in the Forest of Hanging Skulls.

She has dealt with the affairs of large and small in the clan. She has worked hard for ten years, a hundred years, and hundreds of years, all in one day.

Have you ever been so fragile, have you ever cried so much?

Looking at such an annoying mother-in-law, Qinghua suddenly couldn't hold the dagger, and let her fingers fall to the ground as soon as she loosened her fingers.


The whole person also squatted on the ground.

"What did I do?" She shook her head in pain, in fear and suspicion, holding her head and weeping bitter tears: "What did I do? How did I do this? I don't know... …Wu wu wu …Seven trees!"

"You said what you did!" Qing Jiuye took a step forward, gritted his teeth and pulled out the short blade, and was about to kill him.

When the eight javelins were moved, they were not blocked.

"Don't hurt her!" The white-haired old woman on the recliner calmed down a bit and finally stopped her emotions.

She took a sigh of relief and pulled out the dagger that penetrated her abdomen.

After groaning, he said: "It's not her fault, she can't control herself."

Her body is painful, but her eyes are calm and peaceful.

Hundreds of years of hard work, and finally my heart has something to rely on and my heart to return.

Qinghua stared at this kind old man, her eyes dimly tearful: "But God..."

"You said you are the Saintess of Blue, you want to listen to the voice of God. You Said that we are going to follow the guidance of the Dragon God."

The little troubled mother sat up a little bit and looked at her and said: "But Qinghua, you really know, follow the guidance of the Dragon God, yes What kind of result?"

"This road, we have already walked, it is the hundreds of years in that dark period!"

"This road we have walked Ah, it’s the night invasion that killed countless competing tribes and countless clansmans."

"Everyone thinks that Saintess can only receive vague divine decree fragments. That’s because I use the tree’s The altar is laid out in secret so that you can explain Oracle alone, but in fact, you can hear clearly at that time? Oracle breakthrough my arrangement, conveyed to you, in order to influence you... Then you remember the last time I was at the altar of the forest The Oracle?"

The little troublemaker asked: "God said let us kill the aliens from the sky and give our heads to Yan Xiao. God also said let us help the dragon god messenger and kill Yan Xiao. God. So contradictory, where should we go?"

"I think... Right and wrong God may not know. But we who really live in this world, we who live with clansman day and night, should be clearly distinguished , What is a better choice, isn’t it?"

She has compassion in her eyes: "Child, we believe in God, what do we believe in?

Believe in a great existence , Just because of reverence, just because of worship...

Believe for faith?

No. We believe in God, we hope to be sheltered, we hope to be blessed, we hope to have peace ! I hope that our family and friends are safe, and our brother and sisters are happy.

Our faith has something to ask for, and we want to get rid of this painful reincarnation.

So we say faith .

What do we believe in?!"


The Divine Dragon wood forest surging in the night, in front of the old mother's sickbed.

Old Lady reached out and pinched her son's neck, and could kill him with just one twist.

But this screw can't be screwed down.

The down-to-earth man can smash the old man to death with a single punch, but he just struggled to protect his neck, blushing and shouting: "Mother!"

Old Lady In his eyes, as if was struck by lightning, he loosened his hand and cried bitterly and gave himself a slap in the face: "From now on I don't believe in God!"


In the tree house of the family of three.

The beautiful woman who pulled her daughter's hair back and was about to fall with the knife in her left hand, suddenly turned her elbow--


Move yourself directly and fold your entire left arm in half from the elbow, bending it all over.

I would rather convulse with the pain, and refuse to drop that hand knife in the end.

The child was so scared that he cried and was snatched by the man and hugged him away. In Father's arms, he still cried: "Mother, what's the matter with you?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." The blue Saintess who was before the blue and white cried helplessly.


In the bookstore.

The little annoying mother-in-law's tone gradually became excited, she got up from the couch: "True God will not teach mothers to kill children, True God will not bear to hurt people! If you do this, it will be Evil God! Evil God! !"

"God loves the world and I respect God, if God harms others..."

She waved her hand and put away all the books in the bookstore.

Then walk out.

"Come with me!"

This hair grey-white and even a somewhat rickety old woman's back has a power that shakes people's hearts at this moment.

The green eight branches, the green nine leaves, and the blue and white still in confusion, all follow behind.

Went into the night together.

After flying out of the bookstore, Granny Xiaopin gave her hand back.

The whole book house burned up in an instant!


She lit the bookstore, and lit the oldest Divine Dragon wood in the land of the gods.

Qingbazhi and the others watched this scene in a daze.

A whole piece of Divine Dragon wood, full of vitality, boiled out of golden flames, illuminating the whole place of the shadow of God, and also dispelling the invasion of night.

The night here seems to have never been so bright.

golden light Bright and brilliant.


With the burning golden flames as the background.

The white-haired old woman stood in the air, shouting to the entire land of the gods--

"Let us ask ourselves, what is our faith?!"



Life is like this again, everything goes in different ways.

Outside the forest of hanging skulls.

Before the huge Divine Dragon that fell down...

"The time has come."

Guan Yan said calmly.

With a flick of his long sleeves, he floated straight towards the sky.

The night sky of Senhai Source Realm is dark, but he has turned into light.

There is no bright moon at night here, and his snow-white monk's clothes are fluttering, just like a bright moon.

There is indeed no need to say goodbye.

Without a word, Jiang Wang stepped on his toes, like a blue bird flying in the sky, having crossed the fallen Divine Dragon wood and stepped into the depths of the skull forest.

The human skull hung on a thin tree, appearing so clearly in the extraordinary field of vision.

Sen is cold and dead.

There is one of the most extreme coldness.

When I left here last time, I thought they would be wiped out.

Maybe here will also blossom and bear fruit, penetrate birds and beasts.

But the front foot left Senhai Yuanyuan, the back foot Yan Xiao has reappeared...

As if fate cannot be changed.

Walking across the clouds in azure clothes, a few steps across this world of purgatory, and found the "people" in the depths of the skull forest.

For the wood house, as yesterday, the swallow's nest is still hung on the eaves.

Even the position has not changed...

It seems to be returning home.

A tailless swallow poked out his head at this moment and happened to look at Jiang Wang. The look in his eyes was a little surprised and a little angry, probably because he recognized Jiang Wang... his wings moved slightly, as if he was about to fly out,


A cold glow through the sky, Jiang Wang cut it with a single sword, and directly cut the Yan Xiao back into the nest!

The feeling of spinning around on the day of entering the nest did not affect Jiang Wang in the slightest. In the swallow's nest that was suddenly enlarged, others followed the sword and had already caught up with Yan Xiao in one step.

Yan Xiao's body has four divine abilities, which Jiang Wang has long known.

Raise his left hand directly, facing the furious Yan Xiao who just came back to his senses, he immediately hit the fire world!


A little fire star exploded the world.

The flaming bird flies, the flaming flower blooms, and the flaming meteor cuts through the sky...everything is born, and the dazzling world of fire instantly covers the nests of swallows.

Yan Xiao flashes in a flash, but she can't get out of this world of fire at all!

It was instantly burned into a fire bird and burned into fly ash.

One move is to kill!

Master Guan Yan said that Yan Xiao’s battle strength was below the limits of the inner palace.

Where is the battle strength of the inner palace limit? Obviously the body has four divine abilities, but there is no connection. Probably because no one in the source world of Senhai can really kill it, the fighting skills are also very rough, and the choice of fighting is even more wrong...

At first, it seemed that it was fierce and fierce. divine ability is unpredictable. Watch it now, but clay chickens and pottery dogs.

If you compare it to the Human Race, I'm afraid that you won't be able to make it into the main race at the inner government level on the Guanhe Terrace.

Today this Yan Xiao may be stronger and more terrifying than last time, but in the face of Jiang Wang today, he can't even exert his full strength.

Directly manipulate the fire world, and it will be destroyed.

The process is very easy...but Jiang Wang is not surprised.

With his strength today, facing opponents at the inner government level, it is not surprising how to slaughter him. It is a rare thing that it is difficult to kill.

Human Demon of the four outer building realms are all killed.

Killing a Yan Xiaoer of the Inner Palace level, even if it is the most evil bird, how good is it!

After all, under the arrangement of Guanyan Master, it has not been supplemented by hate power for a long time. He is still alive now, it is completely the reverse support of the dragon god's divine force, and it does not show the evil demeanor that caused the Guanyan Master to return without success.

Yan Xiao burned his corpse into embers, floating in the air.

Not long after, a strange scene happened.

In a blank space, dark matter was born, pieces of dark matter formed into broken feathers, and the broken feathers gradually became complete and carved... Yan Xiao slowly took shape from beginning to end.

The speed of its resurrection is so fast, I think it is indeed as Guanyan senior said, it has reached a critical moment.

To resurrect in the fire within the realm, of course, it needs more power. Otherwise, fly ash will be seen before it is formed.

Yan Xiao’s body is flowing with golden light, which is about the divine force that protects it from the fire world.

With the power of that dragon god, it is not difficult to help Yan Xiao adapt to the fire world.

The tailless golden light black swallow is very majestic.


Jiang Wang, apart from anything else, the Sauvignon Blanc has suddenly entered, left-handed and right-handed, with a herringbone sword!

Herringbone supports Heaven and Earth, and the fire world becomes more and more alive.

I didn't even have time to make a scream, let alone make any harsh words. Yan Xiao exuding golden light, as soon as it fully appeared, it was already divided into two halves!

It looks as if it is still in the process of resurrection, just staying forever at the last step of piecing together the limbs...two half human bodies have fallen.

Jiang Wang stepped forward, slowly cutting off Yan Xiao’s beak, and then smashed it and absorbed it with a bad wind.

Shake the long sword lightly, the translucent sword qi flower fell, and the remaining body of Yan Xiao was fragmented, broken into pieces, very delicate......

The more thoroughly you want to be broken, the more dragon Power of God will be consumed when it resurrects.

Although Guanyan Master said, as long as Yan Xiao is delayed, it is enough not to wreak havoc.

He urgently asked Jiang Wang to come to the source world of Senhai, or more just to limit the dragon god’s backhand, or even to say...just to protect the little troublesome mother-in-law.

But Jiang Wang refused to do so.

Guanyan senior has the greatness of Guanyan senior, and Jiang Wang also has the responsibility of Jiang Wang!

He not only wants to kill Yanxiao, he must kill Yanxiao all the time, but also quick kills and more kills.

Kill as fast as possible, as much as possible!

There is no chance to kill Yanxiao, it is best to kill the divine force of the dragon god and run away into Benhe!

In a short while, Yan Xiao's outline has once again appeared on the spot, gradually condensing and forming.

There are still golden light wings to help it resist the might of the fire world.

As soon as he appeared, his wings vibrated and flashed!

This time it seems that it has won more divine force from the Dragon God, and it seems to have a tendency to break through the fire world and even leave the swallow's nest.


When it reappears, a long front just sits on its neck.

Jiang Wang pulls it casually——

So he is a swordsman!

I have worked hard and have seen all kinds of Yan Xiao.

There have been two consecutive killings today.

As for Yan Xiao’s knowledge and insights, he has long been sufficient, and he will not lose out if he goes wrong in dealing with Yan Xiao, who is not always sober.

Even Yan Xiao who has eaten thousands of skulls and devoured a lot of wisdom, the eyes before death are full of blankness!

It can't figure out why it happened to hit the opponent's sword by moving the space decisively to avoid the battle.

How can escaping become death?

Jiang Wang certainly doesn't care about his mood.

It's just repeating what should be done.

The toe is slightly pointed, and the step is approaching. Once again, the Yan Xiao's beak was cut off and shattered into the wind.

In the third inner mansion, the seed of divine ability that has always been cold and quiet has several points of joy.

Yan Xiao is the most evil bird born by absorbing this world Evil Thought under the cultivation of the Dragon God. The Yan Xiao’s beak has the ability to kill and kill naturally.

Jiang Wang's current eccentricity is just the result of battle.

There is this great opportunity now, and it might not be possible to repeat it again...

It is completely using the divine force of the Dragon God to continuously strengthen the irregular wind.

Although after many times of accumulation, the effect will definitely be weakened a lot. But precious hole cards such as divine ability, whenever there is the slightest opportunity to strengthen, will make people rush.

In a short while, Yan Xiao came back to life again.

At this time, the divine light on his body was blazing, and he directly broke the fire world that enveloped the swallow's nest.

It is not accurate to say "break open".

The golden divine light only flickered. The foundation of the fire world was like being pulled away, and the fire world collapsed on its own.

In his own fire within the realm, Jiang Wang can vaguely perceive the application of some rules. The power that the dragon god descended from the air slightly shifted certain rules, thereby disintegrating the fire world...

He still can’t fully understand its profound mystery, but he has probably “seeed” "The process...

It's really a wonderful use.

But these are not the most important things now.

The bright fire within the realm that is rapidly disintegrating.

The imprint of the blue clouds under his feet flashed away. Jiang Wang walked with the sword and appeared again in front of Yan Xiao.

The light in Yan Xiao's eyes was still fierce, and her wings fluttered and disappeared.

And Jiang Wang directly turned around and drew a dashing horizontal line--

The celebrity was down and out, life and death two points!

Behind him are falling flame meteors, withered flame flowers under his feet, and flame birds scattered like fireworks around him...

The sharp horizontal line cut him The clean facial features are divided into two halves.

delicate and pretty eyebrows, and cold lips!

In front of the swordsman in azure clothes.

The golden light black-feathered tailless swallow, once again the corpse is two points.

The Yan's body was pulled to pieces by the fierce sword light, while the Yan's head was lifted up by a wisp of frost and dissipated invisible.

For example, mowing the grass.

It's crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!

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