Red Heart Survey Chapter 1362

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The splendid disintegration of the world of fire is based on Yan Xiao’s fourth death as a footnote.

The most evil bird in this world, when he fights with Jiang Wang again, he can't walk through it!

This is true for the first death, so is the second death, and so is the third death.

There is no resistance.

The divine force keeps coming, and Yan Xiao once again resurrected from nothingness.

The thoughts of countless devoured people often collide in its mind, so it is sometimes sober, sometimes crazy, sometimes enmity, and sometimes chaotic.

But judging from its vicious look at Jiang Wang, no matter what state it is in, it will not forget the harm Jiang Wang has done to it.

I hate it!

It was born out of malice, and its hatred is very naked.

That kind of extreme hatred filled the eyes until...

I was cut apart by a sword!

The sword edge of Sauvignon Blanc opened the eyes of the fierce bird, and of course the resentful eyes were also cut into pieces.

The long sword has passed by, and the fierce sword qi exploded in Yan Xiao's body, cutting it to pieces.

This is Yan Xiao’s fifth death, and he still hasn’t made any decent resistance.

After the disintegration of the fire world, Jiang Wang did not perform this technique again. Because this divine ability dao technique requires both divine ability and true essence, it consumes a lot of money. It doesn't matter if it continues for a long time, once the fire world is formed, it will naturally continue to grow, requiring very little consumption to maintain it.

But since it has been broken, recasting is no longer cost-effective. Frequent use of this dao technique is not conducive to long-term battles.

He has not forgotten his promise to Guanyan Master. He wants to kill Yan Xiao until the end of the game against God. Not just killing Yan Xiao five or six times.

When Yan Xiao was resurrected for the sixth time, without opening his eyes, he threw a claw in front of him, just to meet the sword edge.

It showed an extremely terrifying learning ability, and unexpectedly predicted the fall of Jiang Wang sword edge.

And this claw fell, and the Sauvignon Blanc suddenly paused.

This is one of Yan Xiao’s divine ability. It is appropriate to use at this time.

It's a pity...

Jiang Wang has seen this kind of ability a long time ago, of course it shouldn't be a surprise. It can even be said...all in control.

The long sword just flicked along with the trend, and a wisp of frosty white wind whirled out and circled Yan Xiao.

Yan Xiao's vigorous body fell like a powder.

Everything was blown to pieces!



World Source in the sea. Guan Yan held the Scepter of Cuibi, facing the Dragon God.

Before the golden brilliance, it was as majestic as a mountain.

"This belief is not what you gave to me, but I took it bit by bit. Selfish as you, with repeated harm and use, destroyed their trust... Until now, it is not You gave up on them, but they gave up on you!"

"Don’t say that beings are stupid, the people will make their own choices!"

"You really don’t need to care about God’s way, Because you don’t understand at all."

"How did you come to this world?" Guan Yan walked along the waves and approached the golden Divine Dragon step by step: "Tell me, where are you from, Who are you!?"

Of course, the golden Divine Dragon is majestic and majestic, and divine might resemble the sea.

But at this moment Guanyan is like a divine light, not letting it go.

In the World Source Sea, in the shadow of the gods, in every corner of the source world of Senhai, confront it.

"Arrogant! Ignorance!" The dragon god shouted furiously, and the entire World Source sea shook violently.

"Who do you think you are? The remnants of the bald donkey who should have been extinct long ago, taking advantage of my distraction and stealing the position of God, dare to exaggerate now?"

golden The waves boiled quickly, and he was determined to teach the other party a profound lesson.

But at this time...

He feels his power is losing rapidly!

Yan Xiao's resurrection will not move him at all, and the divine force consumed by the resurrection is completely bearable for him. But this time, the number of times Yan Xiao was resurrected...too many!

What is Divine Rank?

It is a ladder to God. It was the existence that he relied on to maintain a true connection with the source world of Senhai after he smashed into the World Source Sea and stretched out his hand to the stars of Yuheng.

To put it simply, at the moment when the handle is taken away, all of his residual influence on Senhai Source Realm's position needs to be completed through Yan Xiao.

He can still rely on Senhai Source World to touch Yuheng stars. On the one hand, he occupies half of the World Source Sea, and on the other hand, there is Yan Xiao as a bridge.

But at this moment...

He quickly supplemented the divine force several times, and even took the initiative to help Yan Xiao "change" the fighting environment, but he couldn't delay Yan Xiao's death at all.

Unless...He can let go of everything right now, including the control of Yuanyuanhai, and personally control Yan Xiao-then how is it possible?

No more delay!

The battle in the sea in Senhaiyuan World Source is no longer the focus.

Long Shen realized the seriousness of the problem and looked down at Guan Yan majesticly.

The long beard parted the space, and the dragon head hung down: "I will kill you!"

The sound is like thunder, stirring the raging sea.

Dragon body prances, the momentum is still there, but only bluffs remain.



In the higher part of the high dome, there is a solitary, dull star, which has already outlined its traces.

It doesn't seem to exist, but it becomes clearer in perception.

It seems to be just a dark spot, and it also looks like a huge world.

In the boundless universe, it is clear and knowable. But in terms of concrete existence, it is so small.

Until...a golden Divine Dragon flashes, breaking through space and time, and suddenly rushing!

But seeing this Divine Dragon, its horns resemble a deer, its head resembles a cow, its eyes resemble shrimp, its mouth resembles a donkey, its belly resembles a snake, its scales resemble a fish, its feet resemble a phoenix, its whiskers resemble humans, and its ears resemble... The long beards fall like a treasure tree, and the golden scales have divine light.

I don't know how many people are in length, swallowing clouds while breathing.

Behind this dragon body, more emerald illusory shadow emerges, trance outlines myriad forms. In the dense environment, giant beast running and birds dancing empty, it is a world full of vitality.

This is the realm of Yuheng's sole illumination, floating behind the god dragon body, and entrusting him to come here.

This is like a wanderer returning home, not resisted by Yu Heng.

The golden dragon claw peeked forward, reaching for the dark star point, and unexpectedly fell into it.

Then the entire huge dragon body squeezed in, and the golden light of dragon scales was reflected on the star point.

The star point is so close and so far away.

In an instant, the golden Divine Dragon seems to be shrinking sharply--

No, it's the dull star point that is expanding sharply.

Count the drums while breathing.

One expansion is a few thousand zhangs.

First like a boulder, then like a mountain, then like a mountain range, and soon even the mountain range is not enough to be called together.

In the universe, the ancient breath seems to be awakening.

Trance for billions of years, Myriad Realms came and went.

The huge golden dragon body also appears small.

But instead, he laughed wildly: "Thousands of years of sleep, dreams will wake up! After all the catastrophes, I should have this!"

The huge dragon body is still there. Stars in endless expansion.

The divine force roaring like a raging sea rushes to every corner of this great star, so the little by little golden brilliance lights up. The streamer ten thousand zhang illuminates the endless night sky.

It's like...He lights up this dull star!

He became a fire lifter in the dark universe.

He preached to Myriad Realms and spread the gospel.

He lights up the night and gives light to the world.

He is aloof and remote, He is boundlessly brilliant.

He is here today, and all realms will have a long life!

In the vast universe, there seems to be a Holy Spirit's voice singing and singing--

Believe in us, and those who believe in us will always be happy!

Yongkang who believes in us!

If you don’t believe me in this life, you will be lost forever!

God, divine might, God is!

Suddenly, a huge jade-green magic scepter broke through the air. Its height was thousand zhang, and its quality was like colored glaze. It was covered with emerald awns.

As soon as it came, it penetrated the end of the Divine Dragon and nailed it to the void!

The infinitely expanding stars are just ahead, but the golden light cannot continue to spread.

With the rapid expansion of this dull star, the proportion occupied by golden brilliance becomes smaller and smaller. If the golden brilliance has been reflected for nearly half before, it seems that it has lit a torch, and it is less than 20% after being blocked by this, and it is still decreasing rapidly,


Can golden’s Divine Dragon roared: "Who! Dare to stop me from enlightenment!"

"Who! Act recklessly!"

Dragon tail just flicked, that thousand zhang high scepter Then it shook.

On the top of the tall scepter, a handsome white clothed monk appeared. He stepped on the scepter and immediately stopped it, but his voice was gentle: "You don’t know me, or I don’t know your god handle?"

"I am the Dragon God of Myriad Realms! Trifling the god handle of the sea..." The body went around the magic staff, and the dragon head flew straight to watch Yan: "mantis trying to stop a chariot, act recklessly. You must teach you the soul flew away and scattered!"

Compared to the dragon God's violent and manic, Guan Yan is exceptionally calm.

Yuebai monk’s clothes curled slightly in the air, his jade face had divine light, his palms were lightly closed, and he only said: "Awake from a dream, it’s better to sleep forever!"

In the void behind him, a face appeared in a trance......

all kinds of, all kinds of real.

The white hair and deep wrinkles are the priest's annoyance.

The hair with eight braids, wild and natural, is green and eight branches.

The calm and sharp one who draws the bow and draws the strings is Qing Jiuye.

The hands are tied, but the one with regret and tears in his eyes is blue and white.

The little one, but the palms are very serious, it is Qing Guoer...

Warrior carrying a knife and carrying a bow...

The woman of A...

Those who are still alive in Senhai Yuanjie after all the catastrophes.

They prayed together, they prayed so devoutly——

"I believe in!

Believe in the years of peace.

I believe in !

Believe in a peaceful life.

Believe the people here make a plea--

Don’t ask for a strong and invincible ethnic group.

For peaceful coexistence, there is no need to fight for life and death.

Seeking peace in the four wilds and no one has to worry about cutting their heads.

Seeking a bonfire at night, and singing with indulgence.

Seeking Lang Lang’s blue sky, long night’s sleep!

May the evil lords never come back to life, and may the night be no end.

May the warrior not have to sacrifice a head, and may all my beloved be safe and healthy. Freedom!"

Countless points of faith flooded into the sky, dispersing the sky.

In the Forest of Hanging Skulls, Jiang Wang killed Yan Xiao who had fled outside the nest with a single sword. He turned his head and saw this scene...

The sky filled the sky with light.

Who said that there are no stars in the night in the source world of Senhai?

In the emptiness of the universe, the light of faith gathers and hangs behind Guan Yan's head, like a round of Buddha's radiance.

He is a god and Buddha today!

"If the world has this wish..." Guan Yan whispered: "I should do my best."

The huge jade-green scepter under his feet burst out suddenly When he got up, the green branches stretched out and the green leaves were luxuriant, quickly forming a towering tree in the vast universe.

The branches swayed for thousands of miles.

Its height does not end.

Looking over in a daze, on every leaf is the face of a pious and honest people.

Under this huge tall tree, the divine might of the golden Divine Dragon is like a long nailed and struggling earthworm!

Ugly and humble.

Rolling in the universe, shook one's body, but couldn't take it off!



Yan Xiao was born from the Evil Thought of human nature, aside from good and evil, she is actually a very genius life.

In the past time, because Sennhei Saint Race has been killed, and other races have been almost killed by Sennhei Saint Race, it actually rarely encountered real opponents.

The so-called "dragon god messengers" who occasionally come to the source realm of Senhai are often at the level of the dragon realm and the inner government realm. They are limited to the Secret Realm of the Seven-Star Building and are not too high.

Therefore, although it kills a lot, there are not many real high-quality fights. Combat skill is an inferior level in Jiang Wang's view.

But this was quickly made up for in the fight with Jiang Wang.

Who is Jiang Wang?

With the legendary record of surpassing the old man of Tianfu, he became the first cultivator of the inner palace since ancient times. In the battle of innate talent, it is undoubtedly the best. Combat skills have completely formed their own style and are among the best.

With such an opponent "sparring", Yan Xiao’s fighting skills can be said to be advanced by leaps and bounds.

From the very beginning, he was killed when he appeared. Later, he could resist it several times, and then successfully escaped from the nest... Its progress is visible with naked eye.

Although he died under the sword of Jiang Wang in the end, it is enough to explain its difficulty.

"hehehe." Yan Xiao, who was resurrected in front of the wood house again, cruelly said with a smile: "Soon you will not be able to stop me, soon--"


cold light turns like electricity.

The first swallows fly into the sky.

"Did I let you talk?" Jiang Wang said coldly.

Extremely skillfully cut off Yan Xiao’s beak, and then smashed the body easily.

This small wood house is located in the center of the Forest of Hanging Skulls. The time is quiet within the wood house. Outside the wood house is full of swallows eating clean skulls.

In front of such a small wood house, Jiang Wang and Yan Xiao repeated the process of killing and being killed.

Time and time again...

During the divine force transmission, the resurrected Yan Xiao stood up, fluttered forward with one claw, and raised his left wing at the same time——

But seeing the cold light turning, the sword glow is like a fish leaping into the air, passing its claws, and directly cutting off the left wing!

This owl has good abilities. The bird's beak is deadly when it is pecked, and the right wing can be moved out of thin air when the right wing is shaken, and the right claw can be tentatively attacked when it falls.

When I first encountered it, its left wing had been cut off by an unknown dragon god messenger, so that it failed to see the fourth divine ability......

Jiang Wang also didn't want to see.

Where to move and where to cut.

A Yan Xiao of this level really does not have the qualifications to show more strength.

People seem to be shocked, and swords are like streamers.

After a few moments of flowing light, he shaved Yan Xiao bald and left his head.

It seems to have no pain at all, and it shouts like self-hypnosis: "You can't stop it, you will die sooner or later! I have been getting stronger...Always getting stronger!"

The long sword pierced its neck, Jiang Wang indifferently said: "You have changed, but you are not strong."

This is a complete killing.

The Yan Xiao who was resurrected again seemed to be in chaos.

One swallow mouth, there are hundreds of voices talking at the same time——

"Do you dare to trample on my efforts! I have done so desperately to achieve this point!"

"Cold-blooded spectator!"

"Kill him, kill him! I want to eat him!"

"Why do you say me It hasn't become stronger!"

"Just eat him, I can become stronger..."

Contradictory, chaotic, and noisy.

It seems that there are hundreds of souls, imprisoned in the same dirty skin, struggling to come out.

Jiang Wang heard noisy, and his left eye instantly turned red.

After riding alone into the formation diagram, I encountered countless weak souls directly in the Divine Soul state.

Those who fuse together with Yan Xiao, cry or laugh.

Sword Spirit of Sauvignon Blanc manifests, cut across with one sword!

Suddenly, countless noises fell apart.

Split through thousands of soldiers!

Yan Xiao's body suddenly stiffened, and an upside down fell, the bird's beak hit the ground like a nail.


Jiang Wang stepped on it.

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