Red Heart Survey Chapter 1363

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Yan Xiao’s confused brain can't remember how many times he died.

This is the 60th time, the 160th time?

Experienced too many ways of death!

But as evil as it is, chaos is as mad as it, of course not to be outdone.

Rising up again and again, resurrecting again and again, fighting again and again, but also...defeated again and again.

The opponent is like a lofty mountain and a vast sea. No matter what method it chooses to charge, it cannot shake the mountain and sea.

Absorbing the divine force again, resurrected from nothing, and after all the claws, Yan Xiao said in a frantic voice: "Hey hey...How long can you keep fighting at this level of intensity?"

When it said this, Jiang Wang was already close, with his left hand resting on its head. With just a light press, a killing nail was pressed down and driven into its skull.

Casually asked: "How long can the one behind you last?"

The wind blows the debris down like smoke.

In the surging divine force, Yan Xiao once again condenses and takes shape.

Jiang Wang is already very familiar with this divine force, and is more familiar with the process of Yan Xiao's resurrection.

Raising his feet and making progress, he smashed Yan Xiao's offensive posture with two sharp swords.

With a wave of his left hand, Samadhi True Fire formed a ring of fire.

Encircle Yan Xiao’s neck, wing roots, and claws.

Although it did not touch Yan Xiao, it made it impossible to move, and it could only maintain a floating posture. It has already remembered the power of Samadhi True Fire, knowing that the moment it moves, it will be burned to ashes if it is caught in the fire of this divine ability.

It looks so...

It is like five rings of fire, hanging it in the air.

"Do you think you persisted in this position for a long time, or the Dragon God persisted for a long time?" Jiang Wang asked.

"hehe." Yan Xiao smiled and said: "I don't think you can hold on for long."

"Is it..."

Jiang Wang With the five fingers together, the ring of fire formed by Samadhi True Fire suddenly tightened, instantly burning Yan Xiao to fly ashes!

Among the flying ashes, there is the temporary peace of the Forest of Hanging Skulls.

Yan Xiao's body slowly condenses once again. The spiteful eyes glanced over.

His hissing: "Do you think that monk can really defeat the Dragon God? It's just mantis trying to stop a chariot, the worm shaking the tree. When he dies, it's you!"

Sauvignon Blanc licked it from bottom to top, and split it in half.

In the cold night, Changfeng is still like limpid autumn water, clear and bright.

It's really a sword.

Kill the enemy without blood stains.

Jiang Wang shakes the long sword lightly. In the soft groan of Sauvignon Blanc, he checks his understanding of the sword technique and analyzes his killing of Yan Xiao again...

Yan Xiao is not a good target for sword practice, but it is a good target for sword practice. You can freely release the inspiration of the sword technique on it, and the opportunities for summing up experience are almost limitless.

"Damn you! Damn! Don't give me a chance, I will torture you fiercely!"

The Yan Xiao who had just resurrected clamored again.

Jiang Wang only asked softly: "speaking of which...Do you know the Dragon God?"

While speaking, the person is close, and the lovesickness is piercing through the heart. Then, pierce Yan Xiao's chest and abdomen through a huge hole, and see from one end to the other.

It is the sword of the veteran twilight.

"You don't need to answer, wait for the next time." He said.

Jiang Wang has not been able to figure out what the black substance is.

We can only guess at something like Evil Thought.

In short, Yan Xiao resurrected in the condensation of this black matter.

"What will I not--"


It was cut into a swallow stick again and stood in the night sky.

"When you think about it, speak again." Jiang Wang said so, so long sword a horizontal, and once again a sword owl's head.

Seeing the swallows head flying high, seeing that the ruthless gaze is once again distracted...

It's very simple.

Yan Xiao has a misunderstanding...It thinks it escaped from the nest, which means that its combat skill has quickly approached Jiang Wang.

I don’t know that Jiang Wang has just been adapting to the new tactics—how to balance the two goals of "the shortest consumption" and "the fastest to kill Yan Xiao".

There is no difficulty in killing Yan Xiao. Taking into account two difficult goals at the same time is Jiang Wang's challenge to himself.

This gave Yan Xiao a chance to escape from the nest.

In fact, it has lost the blessing of Yanchao, and it has no way to go under the sword of Jiang Wang.

Especially as battles happen again and again, knowing that they continuously make up...

It is here in Jiang Wang, and there are almost no secrets.

It can be said that body moved, and its battle choice has appeared in Jiang Wang's mind.

What he has to do is to harvest easily.

The worry of Guanyan Master is not unreasonable. Yan Xiao's resurrection again and again, the progress again and again, it is indeed easy to despair, opponents stronger than it can easily be consumed by it.

But Jiang Wang is also "progressing" rapidly.

This "progress" is reflected in the proficiency in killing Yan Xiao.

Because of the quick satisfaction of knowing and seeing, Jiang Wang seemed to be more and more relaxed for a while.

Of course, if time can continue, Yan Xiao’s progress will sooner or later catch up with Jiang Wang. But that will not happen overnight.

Even Jiang Wang's exhaustion will happen before then...

And Jiang Wang decisively changes his tactics and reduces consumption, just to make that moment come later.

"I will also know you very well!" Yan Xiao, who was resurrected again, said viciously.

This is obviously a threat.

But it is not very high level.

"I think it is necessary for me to leave a secret book for Senhai Yuanjie." Jiang Wang hand grasps, already pinching Yan Xiao's neck with one hand, the killing nail penetrated directly into it from the neck——

""A Thousand Ways to Die Yan Xiao"...what do you think?"

He wants to kill Yan Xiao a thousand times!

The Yan Xiao who was resurrected again, his body remained the same as before, unchanged.

It is still in good condition.

But its eyes have changed.

The complicated, cruel, and chaotic look in his eyes was already shaky while it was still alive.


It has never been the only one that brings fear to the enemy.

It cannot be feared.

How can it be fearful?

The last time he fought with the person in front of him, the reason he was afraid was because he thought he would really die.

I thought that when I could not resurrect with the power of Senhai Source Realm, but needed divine force to resurrect, I would be erased by the Dragon God as a burden.

But the Dragon God does not.

The Dragon God still needs it very much. It needs it to destroy the Senhai Source Realm, it needs it to contain the will of the world, and contain the bald head...

Now it is associated with the Dragon God as a Divine Rank, and it is not an existence that can be easily abandoned.

As long as the Dragon God is there, it can resurrect indefinitely, and this process is not even what the Dragon God can stop now.

So what is it afraid of?

But despite thinking like this...

"I don't know much," it said.

It seems that it can't control its own mouth at all. It encourages itself in its heart and surrenders to its opponents.

There are tens of thousands of chaotic wills in its mind.

There are countless ideas colliding at all times.

But at this moment, at this moment when I don't know how many times I have died, thousands and tens of thousands of chaotic wills...all the same fear!

Even if it is an immortal existence, it cannot withstand thousands of deaths.

Its will to resist, in death after death, was beheaded to pieces.

It has been serving softly, but the answer to it is still a sword.

The sword passed through the brain.

It's so fierce that there is still no half-point deviation.

"Just cut to the topic directly, don't talk nonsense." Jiang Wang lightly said.


It's death again.

Yan Xiao has witnessed death thousands of times, and has caused death thousands of times.

It died too.

But generally the other party collapses up to the fifth time at most.

It has never been killed so many times in such a short period of time!

After the confrontation for so long, the hand of the person in front of him has not shaken once.

So that it is a little trance, I don't know who is the existence that can keep intact all the time.

When it resurrected from the divine force again...

"He is True Dragon!" It immediately opened the mouth and said.

It guarantees that it is telling the big secret!

But what responded to it was a fire that assaults the senses.

"The message is out of date."

The cold voice said so.

As Cinder, his soul is like smoke.

Samadhi True Fire, nothing is inflammable.

What else do I know?

Hurry up!

What else do I know?

The body is still being reconstructed, and the voices in my mind have quarreled.

When Yan Xiao opened his eyes, it screamed: "He was in a bad state when he came to this world. He slept here for many years before waking up! I know where he was sleeping at that time! "

Jiang Wang frowned: "This is indeed new news, but it doesn't seem to be very important... I want to know where he is sleeping and doing? The value of this news is too low... In this way, I let you Live three more breaths."

So he started counting: "Three, two, one!"

"Wait, I think of something else!" Yan Xiao shouted .


Long sword slowly pulled out from Yan Xiao’s heart, Jiang Wang shook his head: "This time is only 3 breaths time. If you say it, you can’t change your mind. Next Perform better again."

The divine force comes, and black matter is born out of nothing.

The memorable Yan Xiao is unclear, but Jiang Wang remembers it clearly.

This is the 371st resurrection of Yan Xiao.

After Yan Xiao’s beak was absorbed by the improper wind, I can’t feel any changes anymore. It has reached a limit... But with the principle of never wasting, Jiang Wang cut it off. After it came down, it was swallowed up with bad wind.

The first action of Yan Xiao, who was resurrected for the 371st time, was not to flee or attack, but to open his mouth and shout: "I know where they are fighting. I know that Yuheng Xingchen is at this time. I can sense the anchored position!"

Jiang Wang looked at it quietly, grinning in its increasingly difficult fear: "Good news."


For Yan Xiao, this smile is simply unforgettable relief.

And Jiang Wang raised his left index finger and swiped it gently in the air.

A crimson line of flame burned vertically in the air like this.

Fantasy, bright, and with a constant speed, it is slowly shortening.

"It's worth the time of thirty breaths. During this time of thirty breaths, you can rest or attack me... In addition to not being able to escape, I will not kill you for anything else." Jiang Wang said : "This is a reward for you."

He didn't say what happened after the thirty breaths, because that didn't need to be said at all.

Yan Xiao glanced at the crimson flame line and became nervous involuntarily.

"I think about it, I think about it..."

"Stupid brain, what do you know!"

"Don't make a noise! ​​It is related to Dragon God Yes, think quickly!"

The chaotic state once again prevailed, but they were just a matter of arguing about the Dragon God.

Jiang Wang even promised to allow it to try to attack during this time of thirty breaths.

However, it is as fierce as it is, but it seems to have forgotten this choice...

In a long time, Yan Xiao used death and resurrection time and time again, taming Senhai Saint Race , Let the first offering become a habit.

And Jiang Wang tamed Yan Xiao with hundreds of refurbished killings.

After all, "Yan Xiao's A Thousand Ways to Die"... to others, it may sound like a curious thing. As far as it is concerned, it is really scary.

Seeing the flame line gradually burn out, Yan Xiao gritted his teeth and said: "The Dragon God hides treasures in the crevices of the world, I know the exact location!"

"Oh." Jiang Wang faintly complied.

Yan Xiao was stunned, unable to understand Jiang Wang’s reaction, but continued: "As long as you let me go, I can take you there."

Jiang Wang Glancing at the flame line that has burned only a little fire star, lightly said: "The time has come."

The index finger pointed at the fire star far away, and stroked the fire star very casually. It shot out and suddenly spread into a net of fire. The raging Samadhi True Fire fire net, immediately covered the Yan Owl.

"You can make up the news at will, I will judge the authenticity by myself." He said.

Yan Xiao was burned clean in the fire net.

What kind of pain is death?

One thing is certain is that the overwhelming majority in this world cannot bear it.

Yan Xiao can bear it, and has endured it many times.

But when this number of times was expanded to hundreds in a very short time...its endurance was also broken down.

As soon as it came back to life this time, it shouted angrily: "What I said is true!"

Jiang Wang looked at it calmly: "My judgment is not necessarily Yes, but I must believe in myself, so when you express it, it’s best to find a way to make me believe you-I may be a bit sloppy, I hope you can understand."

"If you can’t understand it. ?" Yan Xiao asked bitterly.

The one who responded to it was a straight sword: "Then understand a few more times."

cold glow Yao Jiao, Xiao Zhe Chen Chen.

Jiang Wang's coldness at this time, Yan Xiao forever is also unforgettable.

The Yan Xiao who was resurrected again almost collapsed, have no desire to improve and howled: "Either you find a way to kill me completely, or if you don't have that ability, don't do it! I don't want to Resurrected! I don’t want it anymore!"

Yan Xiao’s mind was originally unsound, it was purely relying on the accumulation of eating skulls to enhance his wisdom. At this moment after the defense line is penetrated again and again, it is extremely fragile and suffering... …

However, Jiang Wang will not have the slightest pity.

Frowning and raising the sword, he killed it again: "You are so noisy."

When life and death becomes a reincarnation that cannot be shaken off and begins and ends quickly ......

Pain cannot be described in words.

The resurrected Yan Xiao screamed: "He seems to have always had an enemy, not the monk, but before the monk! The reason why he needs to sleep here is because of that enemy. !"

"Who is his enemy?" Jiang Wang asked.

Yan Xiao met his gaze and shrank back subconsciously: "I don't know..."

Jiang Wang raised his hand.

Yan Xiao closed her eyes suddenly, and burst into tears. Crying aggrieved, crying out of breath: "Why are you... why are you doing this to me? I haven't eaten you..."

"Shut up." Jiang Wang said.

Yan Xiao shut her mouth immediately.

In the void, two black chains were drilled, one wrapped around Yan Xiao's neck and the other wrapped around his right paw.

Because of the inadequate study of the magician secret arts, the prison chain is rarely used now, but in a situation where the enemy is completely controlled, its effect is beyond doubt.

"Take me to the place where He used to sleep." Jiang Wang said.

As long as Yan Xiao still has a little temper, she must question Jiang Wang-didn't you say that this news is worthless, only worth three breaths?

But it obviously has no temper.

Only Nuonuo said: "Oh...good, good."

Fly and lead the way obediently.

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