Red Heart Survey Chapter 1364

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Where is the end of Senhai Yuanyuan?

I don’t know if people in the past knew it, but those born after the dark period certainly don’t know.

After the invasion of the night, every night has become synonymous with disaster.

The place of God's shadow is the only safe place, and the scope of outing activities is limited by time... it is only one day.

The lives of countless people in the entire Senhaiyuan world are all imprisoned in one day!

Whether you are a hero or a beautiful and alluring Jiao'e.

No matter how strong Saint Race warrior is, he has to go home before dark.

Divine Dragon incense can resist the invasion of night. But lighting up the incense of Divine Dragon to explore the end of the source world of Senhai?

This is too extravagant and too risky.

Finally, Qishu wants to go to the end of the world to have a look all his life.

His last wish before his death was to see Qinghua.

And his own life, probably not as far as Jiang Wang is now.

From the land of the shadow of the gods to the forest of the hanging skulls, it takes a section of the road.

Not to mention Jiang Wang has been flying for a long time.

The darkness of the night will naturally not affect his extraordinary vision.

Especially after cultivated the pupil of Qianyang, it is difficult to escape his eyes for ordinary clues, not to mention "observing the autumn leaves" like Li Longchuan.

Yan Xiao flew in front of him, and his prisoner's chains crash-bang in the night sky.

Jiang Wang controlled the chain, stepped on the blue clouds, drifting away, labor-saving and chic...

It's like taking his pet for a walk at night.

Of course, there is no star or moon this night, so there is always some romance missing.

The scene where countless lights of faith fly to the sky has passed for quite a while.

I don’t know what happened to Guanyan Master...

"In order to consume the divine force of your dragon god, to give Guanyan senior some support." Jiang Wang said: "In the interval between rushing, I will kill you once every thirty breaths. Can you understand it?"

Of course, Yan Xiao couldn't understand it.

But it doesn’t understand, obviously it doesn’t matter.

Sword light skimmed the sky, Yan Xiao screamed...

After the resurrection, Yan Xiao, obediently and honestly, waited for the prisoner to be tied up with chains and flew forward. It was so fast that it stretched the chain of the prisoner straight and brought Jiang Wang's azure clothes to hunt in the wind.

Yan Xiao doesn't know how long this situation will last, but Jiang Wang said that if it can fly faster, the time to kill it can be delayed accordingly.

It's already desperately flying forward, and successfully allowed Jiang Wang to prolong the survival time of its ten breaths.

From the very beginning, resurrection means death, and it can still die after four ten breaths...

This tremendous progress has made it full of energy, and it even wants to work harder!

I have forgotten that at the very beginning, it just wanted to cause Jiang Wang more pain.

Human and Yanxiao flew fast in the dark forest sea, and from time to time there were a few screams to "enjoy".

This scene can be called horror.

Fortunately, thanks to Yan Xiao's hard work, it didn't take long to see a unique place in the vast forest.

Like a beauty with blue hair, with bald spots.

I can see clearly when I fly closer, the endless stretch of Senhai is disconnected here.

This is a huge gorge, winding its way to the left and right, and it’s not easy to see the end.

It is easy to think of Broken Soul Gorge in this world, but it feels completely different.

Jiang Wang looked left and right, how do you feel...

This is a dragon, smashed down bluntly, piercing the traces left by the ground.

"Did he knock him down by himself, or was he knocked down by his enemies?" Jiang Wang asked directly.

"I don't know this anymore. When I was born, He has been awake for a long time." Yan Xiao replied obediently and honestly.

"He slept here once? Where did he fall, where did he fall asleep?" Jiang Wang asked again.

"No, this is just the place where He first descended." Yan Xiao led the way, flew over this huge canyon, and continued on.

Thinking about it is wrong. When such a huge dragon smashed down, the movement was bound to be not small.

If the Dragon God just fell asleep so directly, it might not have been dismantled by the people in Senhai Origin Realm by skinning and cramping.

The journey of man and Yan Xiao continues.

In the middle, they killed Yanxiao about seven times before they reached the final destination——

An incomparable gigantic Divine Dragon wood.

The height is not very high. In the source world of the forest of giant trees, its canopy height can only be regarded as a higher "wave" in the "senhai".

But it is extremely stout, almost the size of a house.

Within a hundred li, there is no second tree.

There are many broken sacrificial vessels around the giant tree, including some mysterious things tied to the tree, such as divine rune cloth flags and god cards.

Unfortunately, the writing on the above has basically disappeared in time, or even if there is, Jiang Wang is difficult to recognize...After all, he is not a master stealer like Su Qiyun.

This giant tree is particularly eye-catching because its interior is hollow. The entrance of the tree hole is round arch, like a door.

Yan Xiao introduced: "In the earliest days, this tree was very small, and the tree hole was also very small...about the size of your fist. The dragon god hid in it and fell asleep for many years."

Jiang Wang suddenly remembered that when he was on the grasslands of the pastoral country, he had turned over an ancient book. There was a description of the dragon on it, which was called--

"Long Nengda Able to be small, to rise and hide; when large is to rejoice in the clouds and fog, while small is to hide in form; when rising is soaring in the universe, while hiding is lurking in the waves."

Who would have thought, Later, he controlled almost the entire Senhai Origin Realm and almost swallowed the will of the world. How about terrifying existence like a reptile hiding in a fist sized tree hole?

Yan Xiao continued: "His blood flowed out and was absorbed by the tree, and Life Aura also affected the tree. So the tree grew bigger and bigger, and the branches and leaves had magical functions. Gradually He was enshrined...I think he is like this, and slowly began to become a dragon god."

"You are very organized in your analysis." Jiang Wang nodded applauded.

This recognition made Yan Xiao a little excited,

"When I'm bored, I will fly everywhere, and he won't care about me. So I've been to many places." It said: " There were many people in this place before, and they often worshipped here, but then they disappeared."

This is the place where the earliest dragon god belief originated.

If the Dragon God takes the path of righteous gods and earnestly develops believers, then its importance may be similar to that of Qionglu Mountain in the current pastoral country.

Now it seems that it has been abandoned for many years.

"You were catalyzed by the Dragon God later, how did you know that this Divine Dragon wood was just an ordinary small tree before?" Jiang Wang asked.

"I heard people say that it was an old man." Yan Xiao said seriously, Jiang Wang's problem, it dare not take it seriously: "When I flew over, he still Here. I talked to him, he was not afraid, and he was very happy to talk to me. He said that he was a priest here, and he had read many historical records, so he kept it in his heart."

"Then What will happen to the people?" Jiang Wang asked.

"I ate him." Yan Xiao said as it should be by rights.

Jiang Wang didn’t say anything, only said: "Go in and see."

The prisoner's chain shook slightly, Yan Xiao walked in front obediently, and flew into this or It can be called the tree hole of the original temple of the Dragon God.



In the vast universe.

The towering colored glaze tree, with its branches horizontal and empty, with thousands of thoughts and leaves, fixed the golden Divine Dragon.

This is the World God Tree of Senhaiyuan World!

Based on the True God Scepter of Senhai Origin Realm, it is blessed by the will of Senhai Origin Realm world, and the spirits of Senhai Origin Realm pray.

Almost can represent the entire Senhaiyuan world, representing everything that has been ravaged and persecuted by the Dragon God.

The Buddhism often talks about the cycle of cause and effect. At this time, it is just retribution.

Since the part of the Divine Tree nailed through the dragon tail, the roots of the tree continue to unfold, like snakes and vines, entangled and climbed onto the dragon body, entangled him tighter and tighter.

Like the blood vessels of jade-green, and like the clever tree pattern.

He once invaded and plundered everything in the source world of Senhai, and now World God Tree, which represents the will of the source world of Senhai, invaded the dragon body in turn!

In the depths of an empty universe, this kind of spectacle is performed--

The majestic Divine Dragon, baring fangs and brandishing claws of Can golden, roar and soar into the universe.

The jade-green glazed tree is firmly nailed to the dragon tail, and the root of the tree starts from the dragon tail, winding and climbing towards the dragon head. The god-show monk, dressed in the moon-white monk's clothes, stood firmly on the top of the green crown, his eyes calm and compassionate.

If you ignore those painful sounds, this scene is simply utterly beautiful.

Like the sculpture of the is a jade green tree wrapped around the Golden Dragon, it seems that every detail has been carefully polished by the craftsman.

It's not so much the result of accidental collision, it's more like nature's magical thinking. How else could it be so exquisite?

The Yuheng stars not far away are still in rapid expansion.

It is difficult to describe the shape of the stars in the universe, because they are constantly changing continuously. Sometimes it’s a bumpy sphere, sometimes it’s square, sometimes it’s like a pot lid...

The only thing that doesn’t change is expansion.

How huge is it going to expand?

How huge can it expand into?

This infinite expansion itself may also be a choice to avoid being occupied by foreign will.

Under the suppression of the World God Tree in the source world of Senhai, the Dragon God struggled and roared like thunder: "Ants! Ants!"

The sound of thunder announced the intensification of the battle. . Dragon God fights against World God Tree!

There are ripples in the void.

The invisible voiceprint has a real manifestation, surging round and round in the void.

Shallow and faint ripples quickly gathered towards Guanyan standing on the World God Tree. It looked soft as a stream, but it gave people a kind of-an invisible huge mouth suddenly opened. Feeling about to swallow everything.

It's not just a feeling.

This dragon tone voiceprint has the power to annihilate energy. It is the famous divine technique in the era of Dragon Clan.

While Guan Yan did not move half a step, he only opened his mouth and said: "Being born with a single step is powerful, so it despises the common people. You must know that the ant's ambition cannot be moved!"

Countless voices sounded at the same time--


With one sound, all sounds were answered.

The ripples in the void ceased, but Russell calmed down.

The dragon tone voiceprint is easily broken, and the dragon god is unwilling to himself. While struggling to resist the invasion of World God Tree, he shook the dragon body.

On top of the dragon body, which is several thousand zhang long and stretches like a mountain range, a golden scale flies through the air. It is as big as a square table, and the scales are as smooth as a mirror, which can faintly reflect the human face. The scales are as sharp as a knife, and the cold light flows back and forth.

It draws shatter void, as if it came to end destiny, following the boundary of Tao, and reaching the top of the green tree in a flash.

If the dragon god uses a knife, he must be a super Sabrewielder.

With this one click, there is the meaning of cutting the sky and destroying the world.

While Guan Yan was still calm, his gaze only swept lightly, and a light spot of faith jumped out behind him.

The process of light spot expansion, like a seed growing into a flower bud, and then flowers blooming.

Formed into a warrior light and shadow holding a long spear, diving directly from top to bottom!

The tip of the gun hit the golden scales, pinned it firmly, and then plunged into the depths of the vast universe.

Thousands of golden scales do not need to be sent again, naturally there are thousands of light spots to treat each other.

The dragon god’s left beard shook like a splendid long whip, flicking in the void--

pa pa!

A crack extended quickly.

Cracks can also occur in the void!

Under one blow, the void is like a spider web,

The horrible fissure is covering the cage, and it is about to fall on the World God Tree. Guan Yan glanced at it again.

A leaf fell on the tree.

Leaf leaves its branches, and the brilliance has changed.

In an instant it turned into a jade-green slogan, and it was settled on the rift in the void, and then the rift was quickly closed!

At this moment, the right beard of the Dragon God suddenly pierced down and penetrated inside the Void. When it appeared, it appeared on the top of Guan Yan's head. The tip of the beard is like the tip of a gun, just like that!

Guan Yan is still holding his palms together at this moment, and his left hand rises against his right palm at this moment. Ascend, directly hold high!

The left hand is upright.

At this moment of showing off one's ability, the range of the void within the field of vision seems to be illuminated by a sabre light for that moment!

It was just a simple stab with a vertical palm into a knife, and even the drooping dragon beard gun was cut apart from it, and Blade Qi continued to attack!

The Dragon God had to withdraw his right beard and looked up at Guan Yan. There is golden light in the eyes.

At this moment, there is no sound, majestic and majestic.

divine might be like prison! Dragon's Might is like the sea!

At this moment in the void, nothing can be seen.

But in the eyes of a powerful powerhouse, it is now a sea of ​​surging Soul Power.

The violent Divine Soul Power, like a knife, a gun, and a halberd, rushed from all directions.

And Guan Yan stayed still.

He is independent on the top of the World God Tree, helping the World God Tree to nail the dragon god, and the moon white monk's clothes are flying like wine banners.

And the merged palms hang down, each of the five fingers blooming like flowers.

The knife of Divine Soul comes, snapped to pieces.

The gun of Divine Soul comes, and it shatters with a finger.

The halberd of Divine Soul comes, and it shatters with a finger!

It's the little Foil Foil Finger that Zhao Rucheng once used on the Guanhe Platform!

However, Zhao Rucheng uses the sword qi...The small non-corresponding foil finger is also a finger sword technique that uses the dao essence to motivate the sword qi.

At this time, Guanyan used it to break the boundary between Essence Power and Divine Soul Power, and directly broke the Divine Soul killing method.

It is still the Divine Soul killing method used by the Dragon God!

So terrible.

I was in the void, but I saw the blossoms of a tree and a tree.

The array of Divine Soul killing and cutting is like a raging sea, but in a vast ocean, Guanyan is an isolated island, and a single tree becomes a forest.

Wind and rain cannot enter, and strong waves cannot invade.

The battlefield is not only here, and the Dragon God will not be so skillful.

He glared at Guan Yan and extended the battlefield.

The World Source in the source world of Senhai.

The golden Divine Dragon's eyes are cold, more indifferent than the eyes in the void. The golden ocean, which occupies half of the space, suddenly rises to the sky!

In the entire World Source sea, this half of the sea is obviously higher than a mountain. The momentum is like a tiger sitting on the mountain, condescending, once it dives, it suddenly swept away.

The dragon god competes for the stars of Yuheng with the body of True Dragon, and sits in the World Source sea with the true dragon primordial spirit, both possess unimaginable power.

After suffering a strong block from Yuheng Xingchen, he immediately turned to the World Source Sea of ​​Senhai Source World. No matter how strong Guanyan is, the cultivation time is also limited. Since so much power has been invested in Yuheng Xingchen, the World Source Sea must be empty.

The Dragon God has always felt that he is bluffing in the World Source Sea. At this time, he knew that the other party might be even more bluffing.

Therefore, without the slightest hesitation, he also set off a decisive battle in the World Source Sea. If you can completely occupy the World Source Sea, it will also sever the foundation of this World God Tree, which is a coup to draw money from the bottom of the pan.

The view is derived from the cultivation Dao of Spirit, this is the only one in the world, and no one has achieved it before.

It's not just unsuccessful.

Almost nothing can survive with a little True Spirit!

He ended up in True Spirit that year, retained his memory with the terrifying power of His Heart Connects, and exiled in the crevices of the world. Although it was a genius act, it was also an adventure in itself.

And this also means...

No one in this world really understands the strength of Guanyan, as well as the battle method and style.

Because this is the first time since splitting heaven and earth apart!

The Dragon God had the honor to meet for the first time.

He saw the real Guanyan for the first time, and Guanyan has seen him for five hundred years.

The spirit that stayed in the World Source sea is indeed not the opponent of the true dragon primordial spirit, especially when the opponent's stake all on one throw is going to overthrow the original sea...

It is difficult to resist the cooperation between him and the world will of Senhai Yuanjie.

So Guan Yan held up his palms, facing the giant tree transformed by the will of the world of Senhai Source Realm, gently bowed: "Please leave it to me."

There is no impassioned rhetoric, There are no exciting lectures.

Only these plain four characters.

The giant tree transformed by the will of the world suddenly flew up and flew directly in front of Guan Yan. The blue light circulated and turned into a wooden fish!

This is the complete surrender of the dominance, as the entire world guarded by the will of the world, and handed over to Guanyan.

"This is absolutely impossible!" Dragon God surprised and angry endlessly: "When did you control the will of the world?"

In his long life, he has never seen a world. Will trust a life so much!

Guarding the world is the instinct of the will of the world, and this scene in front of it undoubtedly shows that the will of the world in the source world of Senhai has ignored the existence of instinct. Apart from being manipulated and controlled, there should be no other possibility.

"Although your life is long, you can only control and use, and never trust." Guan Yan said: "This is your sorrow!"

world The will may not have the thinking of intelligent life, but Guan Yan has been in Senhai Yuanyuan for more than five hundred years. The world of this world has the clearest will!

For more than five hundred years of hard work, I have this trust today.

Now the world will of Senhai Source Realm hangs in front of Guan Yan, showing the form of a wooden fish.

The wooden fish has no mallets.

And Guan Yan bends his finger, just tap it!


The jade-green and the clear sea merge into one in an instant, from entirely different to indifferent to each other.

The waves of light azure rose suddenly, colliding with the golden raging sea.


Equally divided!

In this World Source sea, the monstrous waves are like two giant beasts, biting and colliding with each other.

In the depths of the universe, beside the infinitely expanding Yuheng star.

The Dragon God seems to have heard something funny: "I don’t know if someone who is perfidious, like a Human Race, has the word trust! Little Monk, I will never stop, I will teach you today!"

He was about to make a move, Guan Yan has flicks with the finger. Suddenly, a ray of finger wind roared out, and it roared like a tornado, breaking through the sea of ​​Divine Soul, and rushing forward!

As soon as the dragon divine gold turned his pupil, he rolled up the sea of ​​Divine Soul that covered the body around the body, and also obliterated the gust of wind that struck by the way.

In his golden vertical pupil, an illusion of a house flashed by.

In the source world of Senhai, the forest of hanging skulls suddenly roared.

The little tree with white skulls hanging from the ground, one after another, rose from the ground, with roots as feet, branches as hands, and thorns. Transformed into the skinny treants with human skulls, all grotesque and hideous, jumping out at an astonishing speed.

Their goal is of course the land of the gods, to kill those Senhai Saint Race who have abandoned their faith, this world faith naturally belongs to the Yanxiao side.

And the Dragon God can take the evil side of Senhai God's handle again, from the source of faith, dig out the foundation of Guanyan's confrontation with him.

But it is also at this moment, at the entrance of the Forest of Hanging Skulls, at the position where Guan Yan stood when talking with Jiang Wang at first.

A pair of footprints suddenly became clear in the darkness.

Guan Yan's footprints!

As soon as the pair of footprints appeared, they circled the entire forest of hanging skulls at an astonishing speed, and then the footprints disappeared, as if nothing happened.

But when the first skinny cranial tree man tried to cross this line, a beam of light suddenly rose into the sky, piercing it through the spot!

one after another, four and five again...

No matter how many Skull Treants rush out, no matter how agile and fierce they are.

As long as you cross the line, you will be penetrated!

The skull tree is endless, and the beam of light does not stop.

When the darkness has become the unchanging background color of the Senhai Source Realm at night, the beam of light at this night is as thin as a forest.

The thin tree once hung its head, but now it also hangs in the air.

The densely packed beam of light penetrates countless skull trees, forming a huge aperture.

If you look down at the high dome at this time, you must be particularly eye-catching.

I am afraid that no one could have imagined that the Forest of Hanging Skulls, which can be called the forbidden land of the Senhai Source Realm, would end in such a way that it disappeared.

Unfortunately, Yan Xiao and Jiang Wang are not here, so I couldn't see them in person.

From the fight between Yan Xiao and Jiang Wang, to the struggle between the Dragon God and Guanyan for their belief in Senhai Saint Race, from history to tradition, to every individual...

From the side of Yuheng stars, to the World Source Sea of ​​Senhai Source World, and to the Forest of Hanging Skulls.

The battle between Dragon God and Guanyan broke out in all aspects.

This battle lasted for more than five hundred years, and entered the final chapter tonight.

After being nailed by the World God Tree, the Dragon God, Qi Gong Guan Yan, showed his divine ability, but Guan Yan Qi refused!

This is a thrilling battle.

Dragon God took a long time to make the game, and gradually captured Yuheng, which is not a big deal.

But he shouldn't, absolutely shouldn't, shouldn't give Guanyan five hundred years.

Dragon Clan’s life is too long, so he may not know what five hundred years means to Human Race.

A cultivator who broke the limit of life, his life is only five hundred and eighteen.

Five hundred years, has been the life of a god-immersive cultivator.

And the most talented person is like Guanyan...Who can hold his five hundred years?

The accumulation of five hundred and thirty-seven years, in exchange for the suppression of the Dragon God in almost all aspects at this moment!

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