Red Heart Survey Chapter 1365

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"Tathagata knows what he reads in the hearts of all beings. Know it as it is."

It is His Heart Connects.

This is Buddhism Supreme Divine Ability.

And Guanyan spent 537 years to study the Dragon God.

How terrifying is the four words "Know the truth"?

until now, the greatest energy of the Dragon God is how to capture Yuheng and how to control Yuheng. He has never looked at everything in Guanyan and even Senhai Origin Realm, including the will of the world. .

Even if the handle is seized, even if the speed of the will to devour the world is delayed, it is just a trick on the surface.

He doesn't want to be too public, or make too much noise and attract other competitors.

Including why he worked so hard to set up the Dragon God to take the seat, what Dragon God messenger he did, and from time to time he thought of ways to send out a little reward, all to cover the matter of occupying Yuheng stars.

This is the only important point.

There are so many other players that he has laid out over a long period of time that he can hardly remember them all. Guan Yan, such a Little Monk who was only able to reach the realm of the inner kingdom when he first entered the source world of Senhai, how could he be taken seriously?

All the stalemate and stalemate are his intentional actions. When the time comes, he shows true strength, naturally crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

But what I didn't expect was...

It seemed that all his backhands had been targeted.

Even some of the methods that did not have time to be activated were also suppressed one step ahead of time.

Capturing the stars of Yuheng is a great undertaking, and he has put too much energy into it.

Now looking back, I want to erase Guanyan easily.

But from the side of Yuheng stars, to the World Source Sea of ​​Senhai Source World, and to the Forest of Hanging one has the upper hand!

What kind of opponent is this?

Until this moment, the Dragon God really looked at this monk standing on the World God Tree.

"Who the hell are you?"

He began to wonder if all of this had been set a long time ago. Has his Yuheng stars been noticed long ago?

"Am I who?"

Guan Yan stands on the top of the Divine Tree, unobtrusively showing his power, suppressing almost any level of battle Dragon God.

"If there is no you, without your dragon god sitting, without your perverse behavior. Now I am about to have a golden body..."

He looked down on the dragon god from a high place, The right hand squeezed into a fist: "And now I am just a person who cannot become a Buddha in this life."

One punch fell!

His fist is so small, but when it falls, it is so big.

The fist spans a long distance.

Even... there is a faint feeling of expansion at the same frequency as the distant Yuheng stars.


The dragon head was directly smashed with a punch, but the dragon tail was still held by the World God Tree and could not fly too far.

extraordinary shame and humiliation.

This is extraordinary shame and humiliation!

The dragon god was so angry that the golden flames ignited in his eyes, and the golden flames boiled into... the shape of a throne.

At the same time.

In the altar of trees in the shadow of the gods, light comes out from under the wood grain on the altar, and the light that comes out extends infinitely and casts into the sky.

The wood grain on the altar, after magnifying the sky dome mapping, formed the shape of a throne, standing in the air, shining brightly!

In the distance is the golden flame after the burning of the bookstore, and the people of the densely packed Senhai Saint Race gathered together to pray.

The dragon god should be shining in the night sky, but the entire Senhai Saint Race from the priest below, no one took another look at it.

It does not matter.

At the same time that the tree altar was moving, in the depths of the universe, there was also a huge divine throne appearing in the void.

The divine throne appeared just below the expanding Yuheng stars, just like Yuheng was seated!

Dragon God Yingzuo has never been just a simple ceremony, it connects the Seven Stars Secret Realm, connects the source world of Senhai and the world, and it is the dragon god who has been close to Yuheng stars countless times in the past years Try.

Jiang Wang, Su Qiyun, they have seen...

Yu Heng was on divine throne!

The root of the World God Tree that was nailed to the tail of the dragon god and spread to the middle of the dragon body suddenly stopped the invasion.

Then it broke every inch!

The golden body shattered the jade pattern, and the dragon god screamed from the sky.

The entire World God Tree of thousands zhang shook violently.

At this time, he actually borrowed the power of Yuheng Xingchen with the help of "Dragon God Responds to the Seat"... Actually he could already do this step!

If no one is obstructed, it is only a matter of time before Yuheng stars are controlled.

For the former Senhai Saint Race, the "Dragon God Shoulder Seat" is Divine Vestige.

For the so-called Dragon God messenger, "Dragon God taking a seat" is the process of revealing the Oracle.

But inside the Void in this universe, "Dragon God Shoulder" is actually the ceremony that shakes the stars of Yuheng.

While borrowing the power of Yuheng stars, he is also in further control of Yuheng stars!

At this time, Guan Yan sat down.

When he sat down, there was nothing under him. When he sat down, the infinite starlight condensed and formed a brilliant throne, which just happened to support him.

This throne does not look as brilliant as the Dragon God throne, and it is not as huge as it is.

But just standing there, there is an invisible connection with the stars of Yuheng.

This is Yuheng divine throne!

Guan Yan has never neglected the research and utilization of Yuheng stars. He knew very well where the real battlefield was, how could he ignore Yuheng?

Including the borrowing of Yuheng star power, coming to Xingyueyuan, and communicating with Jiang Wang many times. Including directly relying on Yuheng's star power to fight against the mysterious powerhouse of the egalitarian country...all are the manifestations of his touching Yuheng.

Like above Shinto, he came from behind. In his exploration of Yuheng's stars, he did not lose to the Dragon God.

Guan Yan, dressed in a white monk's robe, sits on the divine throne of the starlight, adding a lot of majesty.

Just sit down, the shaking of World God Tree, stop again!

Dragon God and Guanyan both borrowed the power of Yuheng Xingchen at the same time, but the methods were different.

The Dragon God is holding Yuheng stars, please take your seat. As for Guan Yan, he guided Yuheng starlight and asked Yuheng to sit down!

The two routes were decided based on the original strength of both parties. Guan Yan was weak at that time, and he was destined to be unable to lift Yuheng, so he could only guide carefully, from small to large. The harvest so far is not even the same.

If you have to use a metaphor, the Dragon God is a golden house to keep one's mistress, asking for the return of Yuheng Xingchen... Guan Yan is eating Yuheng Xingchen’s soft rice.

This kind of comparison made the Dragon God almost annoyed by vomiting blood. He gave more power but did not get more feedback, especially the Yuheng divine throne of Guanyan, which obviously got his seat from the Dragon God. Inspiration.

How does the thief step on the head of the Lord and tell him to endure?

Of course, the more important thing is that... even if Yuheng Star Power was activated, he couldn't overthrow this monk!

Looking at the Guanyan on Yuheng’s divine throne from the distance, the dragon god’s voice is like a drum——

"I didn’t want this, how can I do it?"

The golden dragon eyes closed for the first time.

The void seems to be shaking!

No, it is the World God Tree that trembles, the god of the source world of Senhai.

In the World Source sea of ​​Senhai source world, the true dragon primordial spirit that was fighting with Guanyan's spirit, suddenly the dragon tail swung, flew up into the air, and left the World Source sea.

But of course He did not give up the fight.

Because of following closely from behind, the mighty golden waves rise to the sky, leave the sea of ​​origin, and leave with this true dragon primordial spirit.

At this moment, the Dragon God chooses to take time out of the World Source Sea!

It's not like killing the creatures of Senhai Source World to gradually control the behavior of Senhai Source World. What he is doing now directly destroys the foundation of Senhai Source World's existence! It can almost be said that it is the evil that destroys the world, and belongs to the evil deeds of the indignation of man and god, so he said he didn't want it.

But for the final victory at this time, He doesn't matter.

The power of terror descends into the void, and the true dragon primordial spirit returns.

The Dragon God opened his eyes, and the imposing manner is different again!

Although the universe is vast, He is in a trance and uniqueness.

Although the stars are great, the rays of light are all gathered by Him.

The majestic World Source power that was taken away by Him condenses in the void into a Golden Armor Deity of thousands zhang. With just one hand, it grabs the World God Tree!

Pull it up inch by inch from the dragon tail that runs through!

No matter how much power Guan Yan concentrates on, no matter how suppressed, it will not be able to prevent the departure of World God Tree.

The dragon god was surprisingly calm at this time, just raising his eyes and looking at the divine throne that is getting farther and farther, and the Guanyan with his palms on the divine throne.

That look seems to be asking-what would you do?

To take away the power of World Source, this thing of course requires unimaginable power. But Guanyan at this time can also do it. Because of the world will of Senhai Yuanjie, everything has been entrusted to him. Using World Source's power against World Source's power is a clear way...

But how can he do this?

If the World Source Sea is completely emptied. The entire Senhaiyuan world will immediately collapse.

Not only can he not do this, but he must immediately mobilize the power of World Source he controls to repair the Senhaiyuan world.

This led to...

In the battlefield deep in the void, he was helpless.

The Dragon God waited quietly for a while, did not wait for the scene where the Senhai Source World collapsed, did not wait for the Guanyan ghost to bring the other half of World Source, and did not even wait for the Guanyan ghost—— Still staying in Senhai Yuanyuan to remedy.

He waited until Golden Armor Deity, and finally pulled out the World God Tree to the end.

On the top of the tree, he is still sitting watching Yan.

Golden's dragon blood drips into the void, and the roots of the World God Tree have long been entangled with flesh and blood. When they are forcibly separated, it is painful to the skin.

But there is no pain in the Dragon God’s eyes.

He looked at Guanyan and sighed inexplicably: "A powerhouse like you would make this choice...I feel sorry."

At this moment, He has recognized the power of Guanyan. To be able to show such a performance in the struggle with him, this person is of course an unquestioned powerhouse.

He was already prepared to fight against the power of the other half of Senhaiyuan World Source...It must be a brilliant collision.

In his calculations, the collapse of Senhai Source Realm has two benefits. One is to interrupt Yan Xiao’s continuous resurrection from his divine force, and the other is to end Guanyan’s Power of Faith.

He and Guanyan share the sins of destroying the world.

The result after the collapse of Senhai Source World is obviously very bad for Guan Yan. Then this matter is mostly good for him.

What he didn't expect was... Guan Yan didn't choose that.

In such a fierce battle, in the struggle for the stars of the universe, Guanyan’s spirit chose to stay in the source world of Senhai and not take away a little amount of source power.

Is it worth it?

For such a monotonous world, for those weak ants on that world?

"You will die today, I will remember your name!" said Dragon God.

Golden Armor Deity, which is as high as thousands zhang, is pulled up fiercely, and the entire World God Tree is pulled up by the roots, free from the dragon body!

The wound left by the World God Tree is bloody, so hideous... But He is free!

Freedom of body, freedom of mind, freedom of God, freedom of mind.

True Dragon stands out from the universe.

Wrath of the Divine Dragon screamed, shaking his body for ten thousand zhang.

The breath is like a heavenly thunder, and the dragon body stretches without end.

A claw tip rests on the huge dragon throne. The other paw fell on the infinitely expanding Yuheng star.

He just put a claw on one side, there is a majesty that controls everything.

divine light ten thousand zhang, bright and dazzling.

He seems to be the Void Lord here, the only True God at this moment.

In front of him, he appears smaller than the ant...

It is Guanyan.

The Shenxiu monk in the white monk robe of the moon, sitting on Fang Yuheng’s divide throne, with a teardrop, falling down the corner of his eye and falling into endless void.


After all, he is an opponent who has fought for more than five hundred years. After all, he has also forced him to such a point.

The Dragon God couldn’t help asking: "Why are you crying?"

Guan Yan whispered: "I have some regrets."

"Man will die, It’s unavoidable to regret!” Dragon God said: “You’re wrong to count tomorrow, you don’t respect True Dragon!”

"Where are you?"

The Dragon God is a little curious: "This seat?"

"What about you?"


Guan Yan didn't take a look at Senhai Yuanyuan, heaven knows how much he wants to take another look.

But he just lifts the head and looks at the majestic dragon god: "True Dragon like you, born with great power... Do you have any regrets before you die?"

The vertical pupil of the dragon god golden condenses.

I only saw that Guan Yan, who was sitting on Yuheng's divine throne, had his right hand still on the armrest, but his left hand was covering his face.

The Buddha covered his face and couldn't bear to see the common people!

At the same time, his body began to glow with jade.

The "Jade" of burn both jade and stone!

For more than five hundred years of penance, Fang Tuo's True Spirit path of cultivation, Fang Ju became the body of this True Spirit.

But at this time, it is burning!

Burning my body with a jade flame, I dare not ask about the next life.

Some regrets... I won't ask any more.

His covered hand was removed suddenly, and the whole person stood up suddenly from Yuheng divine throne.

This station has become a ten thousand zhang jade Buddha.

Its body is like white jade, and its quality is like white jade.

Its spirit is like white jade, and its virtue is like white jade.

The jade-colored giant Buddha stood firmly in the void, and held the two dragon horns of the dragon god with both hands and held them firmly!


He has always been gentle and calm, and roared at this time, he resisted the dragon god who counted ten thousand zhang and pushed it back. ! Push continuously deeper into the void!

Stepping on the void, rumbling bursts, making a thunderous roar.

He pushes forward!

And the Dragon God kept retreating.

It is as powerful as a dragon god, drumming with divine force, and arrogant. One claw is holding the Dragon God's throne, and the other is holding Yuheng's stars. The most primordial and most intense collision with that Jade Buddha.

The force of terror collided, without any appearance, but almost annihilated everything around him. Divine ability, will, Primordial Spirit, Dao Ze... Clash between squares!

However, the distance between dragon claw and Yuheng stars is still getting farther and farther.

That dragon god throne was also taken by him to move.

The void in which Yuheng Star was temporarily locked was previously locked by the Dragon God with the Dragon Clan secret large array. Otherwise, there will be such a big noise, even in the depths of the void, there is no guarantee that there will be no powerhouse to see and intervene.

And Guan Yan's current movement is clearly to knock him out of this void and break through the large array of locked Yuheng stars. I want to push him into the truly unconcealed universe and fight him for life and death.

No, it's to exchange death with Him.

Guan Yan burned his spiritual body and became a jade Buddha. He already had the ambition to die.

How can the Dragon God make him wishful!

The dragon horn is still at odds with the jade Buddha.

During the retreat of the dragon body of several ten thousand zhangs, the Golden Armor Deity, which was formed by the power of half of the World Source of Senhai Source Realm, suddenly jumped up and turned into a golden sword. Xiang Guanyan cut down.

But at this time, the World God Tree that he threw away casually, suddenly flew back and turned into a jade-green boa constrictor, which firmly bound the Golden Armor Deity.

It is the world will of Senhai Yuanjie!

This existence that cannot be described in detail, after Senhai Yuanyuan stabilized for a short time, manipulated the World God Tree and took action at this critical moment.

He uses World God Tree as python to restrain himself from World Source plundered by the Dragon God.

Dragon God is a long whistle between the retreats, the Golden Armor Deity transformed by World Source is exploded, and the jade-green python transformed by World God Tree is exploded into riddled with scars.

On this one, almost half of World Source was lost.

However, the endless Jin Tao rolls up and falls on the dragon body.

The rest of the World Source was absorbed by the Dragon God.

For a while, the golden scales are shining, the state is fully restored, and it is better than Peak. In turn, the Guanyan turned into a jade Buddha, three steps back!

"How can the borrowed power last forever?" The Dragon God roared: "The gift given by fate must be repaid in the end!"

Guan Yan stepped heavily inside the Void , Almost stepped out of the void, before he stopped his figure.

Try my best to say: "You and I... have to pay back!"


Return again!

Return again!

He couldn't resist the Dragon God at this time.

And how long can this jade Buddha last?

thirty breaths? 50 breaths?

Guan Yan has no answer in his heart, he only knows that he must persist, and he must persist.

Never...Never retreat!


He stopped in the roar, and once again resisted the dragon god.

The jade-colored giant Buddha and the golden Divine Dragon, so contradicting the void, become a silent painting.

The vertical pupil of the dragon god golden stared at him, looking at this monk with such a beautiful face...

For some reason, I wanted to sigh.

In his long life, he has never seen such a monk, such a person.

Even if he is on his opposite side, he feels amazing.

If clansman is like this, Dragon Clan would not have been wronged when he was defeated.


This is His time.

"That's it." He said.

It was as calm as the conclusion after the dust settled.

That's it...?

The body of the Jade Buddha gradually cracked.

Guan Yan looked at him with annoyance, but his expression gradually lost.

In his life, he rarely has such an angry and distorted expression.

No matter what, no matter what situation he can face, he can solve it.


Is that the end?

The struggle of 537 years was just a phantom, and in the end it only achieved the dream of the Dragon God to wake up? After all the hardships of those long years, can't wait for the flowers to bloom?

Is that the end?

Just at this time, there was a clear and bright voice, suddenly resounding in the void.

To be precise, it is on the infinitely expanding Yuheng stars.

"I am five years old and am aspiring to cultivation!"

A little starlight started from the dull Yuheng star.

The starlight also shines into Guan Yan's eyes.

"Nineteenth year, I won the world without being crowned!"

Countless starlights, such as Liu Yingying, rushed out of Yuheng.

Guan Yan can hear, whose voice it is, feel it, whose rays of light it is!

"Travel thousands of miles, innob sword!"

Starlight gathers together to form an outline.

"Go to the mystery world, and stand up to others!"

Starlight gathers vaguely, like a building.

"He who believes, everyone speaks. The husband does not speak lightly, my way must begin with faith!"

This is...

starlight holy building !

Who is here to erect the star tower?

Today, there is no second candidate.

This is Jiang Qingyang’s starlight holy building!

The youngster who put aside everything in this world because of his appeal for help, and came to the distant world decisively.

In this endless void, outside the Yuheng stars, rise tall buildings!

Although there is only one outline, it has endless brilliance.

The brilliance is bright, resolute, down-to-earth, tempered step by step.

The youngster who was so confused at the beginning, the youngster who was burdened with a heavy burden and struggling to walk, is now in this endless universe, preaching his way!

In the void, there is a Heavenly Rank, following a mysterious connection, coming across time and space.

Under the Heavenly Rank of Can golden, there is a young silhouette of a sword in azure clothes, striding forward.

Since ancient times, those who erected star buildings were all in the present world. They anchored a star point before the distant star dome, continuously transmitted power, accumulated starlight, and then gradually erected star buildings.

Of course, there is no lack of Perfection, who directly sensed each other and stood up immediately.

But I have never heard of anyone, when the starlight holy building was erected, the deity approached!

It's almost face to face, and build the star tower by yourself in Star Dome!

There is no need for anchoring at all. People are in front of the star building. Is there any risk of getting lost?

What makes the dragon Divine Eyes especially twitchy is that the divine force that builds this Heavenly Rank comes from himself!

Or more accurately, it comes from the divine force "borrowed" by Yan Xiao.

That useless bastard, unexpectedly surrendered to the enemy!

At this time, Yan Xiao is flying in front of her, not knowing how vigorous her movements are.

Guanyan surprise, Dragon God surprised and angry.

But for Jiang Wang...

When the World Source Sea was half-emptied by the Dragon God, the entire Senhai Source Realm was devastated in an instant.

The connection between Yuheng Xingchen and Senhai Source Realm has never been so clearly revealed before.

He saw some information and learned some truths in the "Temple of Origin" of the Dragon God. But more importantly... In that place, I happened to see the moment when the world gap broke open.

Guanyan split spirits quickly made up for the world's behavior, so that no creatures in the source world of Senhai were extinct.

Jiang Wang therefore saved his life, and safely "seen" the universe in Senhai Origin Realm.

This is not the kind of looking up at the star dome in this world, but looking up at the truth of the universe in a gap opened by the world.

And with Yan Xiao on his side, Yan Xiao can sense the dragon god in the distant void and know where Yuheng Star is currently trapped.

Jiang Wang won the first prize in the Secret Realm of Seven Star Building, and the Secret Realm reward he won after passing the Tianshu world happened to use Big Dipper as the beacon to build the Four Holy Buildings.

It is the "Seven-Star Sacred Building" for Supreme's magic method.

Big Dipper, they say Tianshu, Heavenly Jade, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang, Yaoguang.

All this where water flows, a canal is formed.

So he was in Senhaililou.

Although this star building is only a rudimentary form, it has already changed something the moment it appeared.

The Seven-Star Saint Building is the Supreme secret technique that connects the Seven-Stars.

Generally speaking, even if there is a magical method of a star building with seven stars as a beacon, the erected star building only says that it is within the range of the star dome affected by a certain cosmic star.

But Yuheng Xingchen was captured by the Dragon God at this time and trapped in this void, Jiang Wang happened to be here again with his Divine Rank.

This starlight holy building is directly above the stars of Yuheng!

Its nature is comparable to that of Yuheng Star in the Senhai Origin Realm. Once it is completed, it will be connected by itself.

If Yuheng Xingchen was still struggling between the Dragon God and Guanyan before, now he fell to Guanyan's side without the slightest hesitation.

Whether it is Jiang Wang or the starlight sacred building he erected, they are all insignificant in the battle between Dragon God and Guan Yan.

But in the battle between the two sides for Yuheng stars, a crucial piece of weight has fallen!

The Dragon God throne that tried to lift Yuheng Xingchen was almost immediately rejected by Yuheng Xingchen.

And the divine throne Zhang Yuheng who Guan Yan has left his seat is brilliant!

Yuheng divine throne flows into the jade-colored Buddha's radiance, and even the entire Yuheng stars are already infiltrated with jade light.

Guan Yan, who was supported by Yuheng Xingchen, began to heal the cracks in the body of the Jade Buddha.

Infinite power was poured into him, he even directly knocked down the body of the dragon god who counted ten thousand zhang!


The dragon head hit inside the Void heavily, smashing a void in the void!

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