Red Heart Survey Chapter 1366

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The two sides were still in a stalemate at the last moment, and the Dragon God had the upper hand, and the body of the Jade Buddha was about to collapse.

next moment Jiang Wang came to Heavenly Rank and erected a holy building directly on the stars of Yuheng!

The balance of Yuheng's stars tilted instantly.

The battle for Yuheng stars has resulted in a phased victory.

Both sides of the war are borrowing Yuheng Star Power in their own way. However, at this moment, the Yuheng Star Power on the Dragon God’s side has faded sharply, but the Yuheng Star Power on Guanyan’s side is pouring into the tide. !

The strength has disappeared and increased, which is directly reflected in the wrestling between the two sides. The Pang Ran Jade Buddha, who is manifested in Guan Yan, immediately knocked down the opponent!

The divine body trembled, and there was a gap in the void.

The huge Jade Buddha stepped forward, holding the Dragon God’s horn with one hand, and making a fist with the other hand, hitting it with the dragon’s head!

It hit the dragon god dazed who had just passed away, and then another punch hit the dragon body, shaking the golden scales like a golden sea, knocking down a divine splendor.

The majestic power penetrated through the scales, ramming the dragon body. On the dragon body that stretches like a mountain range, puffs up one after another... That is the battle between Star Power and the dragon god divine force in the dragon body.


The Dragon God just roared, and he was slammed with a punch to shut up.

While Yuheng Star Power continues to infuse, Guan Yan's control over Yuheng Stars is also constantly improving. The body of the Jade Buddha became stronger and stronger.

Just like this in the void of the universe, hold down the Dragon God and smash it down with one punch!

bang! bang! bang!

The sound of fists falling is like heavenly thunder, continuously ringing.

Above the Divine Rank built by the dragon god divine force, Jiang Wang with azure clothes and sword and Yan Xiao with chains are all a little stunned.

Jiang Wang has never seen such a Guanyan Master before, and has a strong sense of unreality. The Guanyan Master he knew was always gentle, compassionate and peaceful. It is so quiet as Bodhi and angry like Vajra.

Yanchao's eyes kept twitching, as if every punch had hit him.

To be honest, it is willing to build Divine Rank here. On the one hand, I was really afraid of being killed, and I didn't dare not listen to Jiang Wang's words. On the other hand, I was also in order to come to the Dragon God and let the Dragon God Gang to stop its tragic fate of being killed continuously.

But now I see...

The state of the Dragon God does not seem to be much better than it, it is completely beaten.

As a deep understanding of the powerful existence of the Dragon God, it cannot help but keep quiet out of fear.

And the Dragon God himself never thought that he would be beaten so badly by Guan Yan.

At first, for a challenger like Guan Yan, he just took a cold-eyed attitude and didn't think that the other party could cause him any trouble. Appreciating the struggle of an ant is not uncommonly interesting.

Later, he felt that Guanyan was qualified to exist as a cover. Guan Yan's agility like a fish back in water in the World Source sea prevents him from quickly crushing it, but it is not very important.

The contention between the two sides for Senhai Origin Realm can completely cover his actions against Yuheng's stars. He spent a long time capturing Yuheng, and at the same time allocated some energy to accompany the monk to "perform"...

He deployed countless methods, and he could crush the ant to death with just one hand.

It was only discovered today. In the previous battle, was it not that Guan Yan... was performing with him!

It is Him who is firmly pressed inside the Void at this moment.

He is also the one who bears the storm-like fists.

divine technique, Dao Ze, Primordial Spirit, fleshly body strength... everything is annihilated under that jade stone-like fist.

Guan Yan's fists are very strong and stable.

It seems violent and unmatched, but in fact every punch has its purpose, just to disintegrate his resistance.

There is an extremely cold precision.

This jade Buddha is as angry as Asura.

But the real difficulty is not here. The process of fleshy body's step-by-step collapse does not make him anxious. It's just that he has noticed that the rate of expansion of the Yuheng star is slowing down. And there are more and more jade colors above the starless stars...

This means that Guan Yan is quickly taking over Yuheng while mobilizing Yuheng Star Power to attack him. !

Too fast, this speed is too fast. Even if it loses his interference, this speed is too fast.

Compared to him, Guan Yan's exploration of Yuheng stars is even worse.

While continuously tumbling, the Dragon God suddenly looked towards Yan Xiao: "Go, destroy the star building!"

A piece in the dragon’s mouth, a World Source force is condensed Arrow-shaped, flying towards Yanxiao at extreme speed.

Even though he was beaten, his judgment on Jiang Wang's strength would not be a problem. With the blessing of this World Source power, Yan Xiao can immediately kill him in reverse.

As long as the extra influence of destroying this starlight sacred building, re-awakening the Dragon God to take the seat, and fighting with Guanyan’s Yuheng divine throne, then Yuheng Xingchen will accelerate the start of a new round of expansion, Guan Yan's current share is nothing.

And in that kind of see-saw, His mighty body can give full play to its advantages.

He saw very clearly that Guan Yan is now supporting himself purely by the huge power given by Yuheng stars, and his body of Jade Buddha has its limits.

Guanyan must fully control Yuheng before the body of the Jade Buddha is completely broken in order to continue to exist.

Then stop him!

There is no doubt that this is a critical choice. Dragon God’s thoughts are extremely wise in combat. They have a real insight into the overall situation, and the timing is extremely precise. It is the moment Guanyan’s fist falls and he cannot intervene horizontally, but--

Yan Xiaotou On the other hand, let the arrow formed by the power of this World Source!

The power of World Source that the Dragon God has worked so hard to dig out, just rushed into the depths of the universe forever.

In the vast void, only a lonely spot of light is left.

It's fleeting.

And Yan Xiao elated to ask Jiang Wang for credit: "I won't listen to him!"

Jiang Wang nodded applauded: "Very well done, I will not kill you now ."

Yan Xiao jumped happily on the Divine Rank.

The Dragon God rolled frantically under Guan Yan's fist, but still did not forget to cast surprise, anger, and unbelievable eyes.

This is it?

It’s just that?

At any rate, it is also the most evil bird, born out of the human nature Evil Thought, and it is cruel by nature. Even if you want to defect to the enemy, it should always be something that the other party has given you that you can't refuse, right?

For example, promise incense, give god status, such as grant strength, promise the future... No matter how bad, do you have to be free?

What is this now?

The sentence "don't kill you" and the restriction of "now" is added. Are you cheering excitedly?

Are you stupid?

The Dragon God is hard to understand, but Yan Xiao is certainly not stupid.

Or even if it’s at first, because confusion is often stupid, after being beheaded hundreds of times by Jiang Wang, its chaotic thoughts have a unified fear...the thinking is also clear. stand up.

During the battle with Guanyan, the Dragon God without the slightest hesitation drew the power of World Source... It should be known that if Senhai Source World collapsed, it would die cleanly.

Its resurrection depends on the divine force of the dragon god, but its existence is based on the evil side of the source world of Senhai.

Of course, it is normal for the Dragon God to abandon it without the slightest hesitation.

What can't be considered at all.

There is no feeling between it and the Dragon God. The Dragon God cultivated it, originally it was only used as a tool to control the Senhai Source Realm, and it has no feelings this thing.

It’s just that it never cares about the Dragon God.

So it rejects the power of World Source, and there is no reason for hatred, it is purely from a realistic perspective.

It does not think it is the gap with Jiang Wang, only at the level of strength, it does not have the confidence to fight Jiang Wang at all. The Dragon God is very confident in it, very confident in the power of World Source, but it doesn't.

Besides, it is not without eyes.

The monk is now pressing the dragon god to fight, and it rashly runs over to destroy the holy building, what should the monk take out to give it a hand?

By then, the Dragon God may have found a chance to escape, and its fate will be hard to tell...

Does it have to bet that the monk has the ability to completely kill it and fight to the death? Is it the Dragon God?

Obviously impossible.

So it flashed very neatly.

It's so beautiful.

And Jiang Wang just silently glanced at the power of World Source to leave.

He can completely try to capture the power of this World Source. If it succeeds, it will be a very satisfying harvest.

But he does not make such an attempt.

He knows one thing very clearly-in the battle between Dragon God and Guanyan, he does not have the ability to intervene. The only thing that can be done is to quickly erect the star tower to help Guan Yan control Yuheng.

In the power of that World Source, if there is any Dragon God's method, he will not be able to hold it.

So he would rather watch such a Supreme Treasure go away in the void.

Speaking from a certain perspective, this bird standing on the Divine Rank is very sober.

After the World Source power finally disappeared from the induction, the Dragon God also had to face the reality——

He was the isolated and helpless existence.

From Senhai Saint Race, to Senhai source world world will, and then to Yan Xiao... everything, all choose to become his enemy.

Even Yuheng Xingchen rejected him.

In addition, he has always been determined to observe the Yan Yan, and this sword-bearer, looks the same as the starry eye...

He is actually the enemy of the world!


There is nothing, but the dragon head seems to have hit something. After a loud noise, he was dragged back by the giant jade Buddha's other hand...again Smashed open with a punch.

Guan Yan didn't say a word, and took a hard punch.

The scales were shattered and the golden blood splashed.

To fight this existence called the Dragon God, it struggles and twists.

In this boundless inside the Void, ten thousand zhang Buddha's radiance is getting more and more blazing, and the power from the stars of Yuheng is almost overflowing.

The dragon body of the ten thousand zhang is tumbling violently, and every time it struggles, it stirs the void.

The huge Yuheng star is still changing shape, but the speed of expansion has been imperceptible.

And Golden's Heavenly Rank extends to this point, as small as a toy. The azure clothes swordsman and black swiftlet standing on Heavenly Rank, of course, are even more dusty.

The grand and the insignificant stand up in the void in such an intuitive way, only the starlight holy building projected above the stars of Yuheng is still shining despite its rudiment.

What is Tao?

Jiang Wang always knew where he should go and how he should go.

But the meaning of "Dao" is not just "where to go".

It is even more about "Why do you want to go like this."

We must know "Where did you come from" and "Why do you come".

The sages divide the Star Domain and the stable star dome, with the title of four characters...It is precisely for the younger cultivator to pave a broad road. Latecomers are most feasible in this way, and then look for other ways.

And Jiang Wang......

Do it yourself.

The outer realm is a step of the cultivator from the inside out. It is to extend and convey to the world outside after exploring one house, two seas and five houses.

"Speaking of the people is the letter, and the words fall on the paper."

The so-called starlight holy building is the piece of paper that bears the words, it is the one that tells the truth. base.

Jiang Wang started his avenue with the word "Faith", which truly carried out his journey along the way.

His words, deeds, thoughts and thoughts are all practiced and consistent. So the starlight is bright.

Even in such a magnificent battle, in such a magnificent scene, its rays of light are unique.

Fist up, fist down.

Fist up, fist down.

The giant Jade Buddha was silent, one hand pressed the dragon horn to death, and the other hand punched continuously.

The dragon body, which generally lays across the mountain range, struggles to become smaller and smaller...

Jiang Wang and Yan Xiao, seeing the extremely powerful The breath is fading at an astonishing speed.

I have feelings in my heart.

Seeing him ascending a tall building, seeing him...

The breath that had almost declined to the bottom of the valley in the next moment, suddenly expanded to the top of the mountain!

The horrible breath swaggers the universe, suppressing Yan Xiao and Jiang Wang into an impossible to move even a little bit.

The dragon body that was almost twitching, the golden brilliance suddenly exploded, take off and jump! The dragon head is still being held tightly, but the entire dragon body has already circled back. With the dragon tail as the head, the giant jade Buddha is wrapped layer by layer from the leg to the waist to the shoulder, tightly entangled... suddenly stretched. tight!


The jade Buddha cracked.

That is the unbearable whine of Fleshy body!

The giant jade Buddha still holds the dragon horn in one hand, and firmly holds the dragon head. The other hand is standing upright on the shoulder, blocking the dragon body in a resisting posture, so as not to press it closer.

The body of the Jade Buddha was cracked, and Guan Yan stopped shaking his fist, but appeared very calm.

"I heard that True Dragon is the most unwilling to entangle opponents, thinking that it is like a snake but not teeth." He lightly said: "And you plan to hibernate and accumulate energy, and then like python...It seems that the legend is absurd. "

There is no dirty word in this statement, and there is no emotion. But for the Dragon God, there is no more embarrassing irony.

Dragons don't associate with snakes, how can dragons be like snakes?

Twisting is indeed the most unwilling method of all True Dragons. In fact, True Dragon never needs this method. Dragon Clan has more secret techniques, and more powerful divine techniques!

However... But at this moment, it doesn't have many choices at all.

After beating again and again, He can only do this, only this one opportunity. He was forced to be like a snake,

This is extraordinary shame and humiliation!

The Dragon God didn't say a word, but suddenly raised his head vigorously, arrogantly reaching the corner, as if he was going to devour Guanyan on the spot.

But the big jade Buddha hand that grabbed the dragon horn remained unmoved. Not only that, the body of this huge jade Buddha, Star Power is so much that it escapes, and there is a layer of radiance outside the body to protect the body of the jade Buddha that is twisted by the dragon body.

And Guan Yan's other hand, the hand that resists twisting, is firmly going out, pushing the dragon body away inch by inch!

No matter what the circumstances, he would not let go of this dragon horn and hold on to it, so the Dragon God has no chance of getting out. In this kind of close-knit confrontation, he drastically mobilized Yuheng Star Power to madly collide with the divine force of the Dragon God.

No matter how strong the Dragon God is, how can he use it to consume the stars?

The only thing to worry about is that the battlefield of two powers, in his body of the Jade Buddha...whether this body of the Jade Buddha can last until the victory or defeat is unclear.

But he is calm and determined, his calm eyes and his unshakable body are telling the Dragon God, his confidence, his confidence! He will definitely last till the end.

The golden flames ignited once again in the golden eyes, and the Dragon God put on a desperate posture, adding more! The Pang Ran Jade Buddha also ignited Star Power and lit the jade flame, without the slightest hesitation to keep up!

The two sides of the war are like two anxious gamblers, as if they are about to pour their life's accumulation into one bet.

The huge Jade Buddha and the Pang Ran Divine Dragon contradict each other in such a posture.

Who lives and who dies? Who wins and who loses?

Suddenly, a golden small dragon came out of the dragon's head, and the dragon god Primordial Spirit jumped out.

The Dragon God took the lead to withdraw from the gambling.

This leap is not a simple separation of the Primordial Spirit from the fleshy body, but abandoning the body directly and taking away all the power that can be taken away!

The dragon body still entwined with the huge jade Buddha, after losing its mighty support, it was almost immediately collapsed by the jade Buddha’s terrifying power and exploded into countless fragments.

For a while, the sky is full of scales, flesh and blood, like golden rain.

But in this boundless void, it was just a moment of brilliance, and it separated into all directions, each flying far away.

And the Primordial Spirit of the Dragon God soars into the universe, and it hits the Heavenly Rank with a single claw, which has the power to exterminate everything.

The Yan Xiao who betrayed him, and Jiang Wang, who broke his major event, are on the Heavenly Rank!

Dragon claw has not fallen, the Heavenly Rank like Divine Vestige has begun to break.

Yan Xiao borrowed divine force to become Heavenly Rank. In front of this divine force real Sovereign, she was very weak.

One click on dragon claw, such as Heaven and Earth.

The Guanyan who is in the form of the Pang Ran Jade Buddha, just look over there.

Jiang Wang, who wore azure clothes, had disappeared from Heavenly Rank and appeared beside the star building where he was still in its embryonic form.

This is a wonderful use of Yuheng star power.

And Yan Xiao, who was wrapped in the chains of the Fajia prisoner, was blankly independent on the Heavenly Rank that was broken inch by inch.

Its chaotic brain can't figure it out, why did the Dragon God hit it in the blink of an eye?

Where is the one named Jiang Wang? !

The thief is a bald donkey, is it troublesome to bring one more handily?

I will eat more bald donkeys in the future!

But no matter how many thoughts and voices there are in your mind, you have to face a common fact——

Even if it has the ability to move, it is impossible to escape. The lock of this dragon claw.

As for confrontation... even if it is a hundred times stronger, there is no possibility of confrontation.

You can't stop it, you can't escape.

Being killed by the Dragon God himself, it is impossible to resurrect.

So it suddenly felt death!

Real death, it turned out to be so.

so that's how it is suffering, making this heart frightened.

"No..." Yan Xiao opened his mouth.

And the claws of the dragon god Primordial Spirit actually hover in front of it!

Only Claw Wind had cut the chain of the prisoner to pieces, but after all, he did not enter.

Break feathers and blood dripped from Yan Xiao's body.

But there was joy in its eyes.

The dragon god Primordial Spirit suddenly turned around, the dragon waved its tail, and hit with the dragon horn as a spear, hitting Jiang Wang's starlight holy building that was still in its embryonic form!

His goal is still to compete for Yuheng!

To win Yuheng is to win everything. Apart from this, how many people are killed and how many things are destroyed, you can't vent your hatred.


The giant jade Buddha just lifted slightly, and it was already in front of Jiang Wang and the starlight holy building, blocking all the possibility of power transmission. Right hand spread out your five fingers and slap your head to take a photo!

The void that seems to have nothing, in fact, there are some mediums. For example, the Essence Power of the universe, such as certain light and heat, even as the "rules" of the void itself... These are all kind of existence.

But when the giant jade Buddha's hand pressed down, everything was annihilated.

That is a kind of lonely "emptiness".

An indescribable death.

The horror of this palm, Jiang Wang can't even see it. Because his gaze can't exist under that palm.

Everything is empty, and there is no law.

Of course, the Primordial Spirit of the Dragon God cannot exist, disintegrating every inch of it.

But at this time...

The bloody, very embarrassed Yan Owl suddenly opened his mouth: "The gift given by fate must be repaid in the end!"



The real Yan Xiao shouted for a while and then annihilated. There was no room for resistance at all. The pair of cruel Yan Xiao eyes had turned into vertical pupils.

And the voice of the Dragon God continued: "Look at my divine force, for my divine body!"

Yan Xiao has absorbed his divine force for so long and kept resurrecting, and gave it to His chance to divert life and soul.

In the battle with Guanyan, he fell all the way down and couldn't get rid of everything he had, so he simply abandoned his body and was reborn with a bad face!

A small tailless swallow exploded quickly, and the pitch-black substance was flowing around like water.

The flow of water is set on the ground, and the water flows from the west to the east!

And in this "flowing water", the subject quickly came out--

It was a dragon with Black Horn and black scales and black eyes!

True Dragon of the Evil!

Yan Xiao is his Divine Rank, and also the body of his time in Xingsen Haiyuan Realm.

Able to draw his power, of course, can also be drawn by him.

Now it's not just a short-term alternative, he directly swallowed Yan Xiao, and evolved the dragon body with the help of the evil side of Senhai Source World. With a brand-new attitude, come to compete with Guanyan again!

"Little Monk!" The most evil True Dragon who returned to Peak is full of fighting spirit. He has enough patience and courage to grab the final success: "Come again!"

But that The giant jade Buddha just looked at him silently.

There is no wave of peace.

"No," Guan Yan said.

The Dragon God surprised and angry turned his eyes, and he saw that the jade balance star had been covered with jade light in an instant!

Just as he used the attack on the Starlight Holy Building as a blind method, he actually came back by Yan Xiao's body. Guan Yan also used intercepting him as a barrier, and quietly completed the control of Yuheng Star!

At that time, Yan Xiao looked no different, and Yuheng Xingchen did not look perfect at that time... It was all an illusion!


It looks like thunder, like drums.

The sound is endless, endless...reverberating in the universe.

The huge jade Buddha was suddenly covered with cracks, fragments, and exploded into streamers.

However, this scene must not delight the Dragon God.

Because there stood a monk with a beautiful face on the star of Yuheng.

The star reshapes its body, still in the white monk's clothes, still rich and handsome.

He looked over, so compassionate--

"I can prove it today, Yuheng Star Monarch!"

There is a ten thousand zhang of Huaguang, Changhong hangs across the void.

Thunder thunder counts the drum, spreads throughout the universe.

In Senhai Yuanyuan, in the present world, in all famous and unnamed places...

In All Heavens and Myriad Realms, where all Yuheng starlight shines.

All at this moment!

Jiang Wang for a while forgot to continue to outline the star building, he just looked at it blankly, countless various things, crossing the distance of Time and Space, flying from different places...


All the stars are falling.

That is everything Yuheng Xingchen has lost...

There are exotic flowers and rare herbs, birds and beasts, magnificent halls, ancient sacrificial vessels... and even mountains and rivers!

Currently, Western border, Zhuang Country, Qinghe County, Sanshan City Area.

Suddenly a mountain rose from the ground, like a dragon, flying straight to the sky.

There are three famous mountains in Sanshan City, namely Zhubi, Yuheng, and Feilai.

Among them, the vertical pen peak has been cleared away long ago, and the Yuheng peak has been overthrown. What is left now is the last famous mountain in Sanshan City!

The shock came only for a moment. The ominous beast nest on the mountain, stationed at the cultivator, all fell on the ground, and the Flying Peak has flown away. The ominous beast runs wildly, the cultivators are at a loss.

Until a Ufa old man stepped out of the sky in one step, the situation was stabilized. The densely packed ominous beast was all in awe, and the cultivators found the backbone and bowed down.

And he has no time to take care of all this, only looking up at the dark spots of the sky that are getting farther and farther away, can't help but sigh: "So this peak is really'flying'!"

Comparing the ancient legend with the situation at this moment, how can Du Ruhui still not know?

The so-called Yuheng Peak was just bathed in the Yuheng starlight, and the Yuheng starlight at that time was brought by the real Yuheng stars flying over!

Unfortunately, he has been in Baoshan for many years, but he knows nothing about Zhuang Country, let alone get nothing!

It’s just that I have kept ominous beasts on it for many years......

I really regret to buy caskets and return beads!

This big Zhuang Country can't help but raise his head, imagining what an unfathomable existence is. At this time, he lives beside the stars of Yuheng and witnesses all this.

Inside the Void in the distant and unattainable universe.

Jiang Wang watched silently.

Guan Yan is still dressed in Yuebai monk clothes, his figure is not so huge, it can be called small, but the great and unpredictable aura has suppressed the dragon god almost limp.

The stars of the universe are a broad concept, and the stars of Yuheng are naturally even more so. All Heavens and Myriad Realms have their mappings, which are between existence and non-existence. But at this moment it has a signified, which is at the feet of Guan Yan.

The dragon body of the dragon god black trembled, and the dragon eyes were finally filled with despair: "How can this be...thousand years...thousand years!"

roared towards the sky: "Thousand years of sleep, can it be a big dream?"

Guan Yan looked at him calmly and stretched out his hand to probe: "That's it."

God The same thing has been said before.

He returned to God with the same conclusion.

The indescribable mighty force tightened the Dragon God in an instant. Knead him almost into a ball, and knead it directly into powder.

"Holy Buddha! Holy Buddha!" ​​The dragon god woke up from unwillingness and pursued the more important things now: "I want to put down the butcher knife..."

"Looking back, there is no shore!" Guan Yan interrupted.

With a grip on the right hand, the huge body of the most evil True Dragon was once again shattered into a pool of black matter.

The shape of the Dragon God kept sticking out of the black "water" surface, but it was like a blister, constantly being punctured.

Puff, puff.

The black substance itself is also continuously dissolving, and the scope of this "water" is constantly shrinking.

It is undoubtedly a very meaningful thing to witness the destruction of the Dragon God.

Jiang Wang can't stop his eyes.

But at the next moment, his eyes suddenly turned black!

A voice resounded in my heart--

"I stepped on my Divine Rank, and I should pay it back to me!"

The method of the Dragon God!

Jiang Wang can't remember when he was invaded, completely undetected.

For a moment, his eyes flowed with the immortal light of gold, but they were soon overwhelmed by black.

The red heart's divine ability is not infested by aliens, but the divine ability also has its limits. The most evil True Dragon at this moment is not the devil who can only reduce the micro power in the cave of the Uranus.

The light of divine ability belonging to the red heart only resisted for a moment before being overthrown.

Having proved Yuheng's Star Monarch's Guanyan, he immediately noticed this scene, and his eyes fell directly on Jiang Wang.

At this time, "Jiang Wang" opened his mouth and said, "Since I have no shore, let this person accompany me to the Sea of ​​Bitterness!"

The Dragon God wants to occupy Jiang Wang Body, but didn’t kill Jiang Wang immediately. It is based on the relationship between life and soul, so that the blood flows together, so that the muscles and muscles are one, and he is connected with life and death. It is called Guanyan refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases!

In order to help you, this person rushed to intervene in this level of struggle. Now, do you kill or not?

Are you true compassion or fake compassion?

sea of ​​bitterness has no bounds, this ferry, do you give it or not?

Guan Yan finally did not move.

"We'll meet again some day." With Jiang Wang's eyes, the Dragon God took a deep look at the newly promoted Yuheng Star Monarch, and then slowly moved back.

But at this moment, he suddenly had an indescribable heart palpitation.

I saw that in Jiang Wang's storage box, something suddenly jumped out of its own accord. Bright light flows, dazzling for a while.

That is a vanity mirror-red makeup!

This red makeup mirror, which has a mysterious origin, but has never taken the initiative to have any movement, suddenly jumped out. The shining mirror surface only shines on the face of Jiang Wang, and it will The moving black froze for an instant, as if pulling something.

"This is...!" The Dragon God's voice was shocked.

And Guan Yan decisively grabbed an object to the side and smashed it directly onto Jiang Wang's body. As the object passed through, it also took away the black surging in his eyes.

That is the starlight holy building that Jiang Wang has not yet fully formed!

Separate muscles and muscles, peel off blood, and cut life and soul... All this was completed only the moment the star building was worn. At this time, Guan Yan had shown a level of power that was completely beyond the Dragon God.

The Dragon God is out of the body!

The immortal light of scarlet gold flows again in Jiang Wang's eyes.

Before Jiang Wang could react, the battle to invade his body suddenly began and ended suddenly.

He was briefly lost, but quickly awake.

Guan Yan took advantage of the close connection between this starlight sacred building and himself, and took away the

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