Red Heart Survey Chapter 1367

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Zhuang Country Sanshan City.

The charming Sanshan City Lord Dou Yue stood up in the air, holding a Little Fatty in his hand, looking at the direction of Flying Peak in the distance.

The last famous mountain in Sanshan City was cleaned most cleanly in a way that no one thought of. The shadows on the heads of the people in the Three Mountain City seemed to disappear after a twinkling of stars.

But the mountains in front of us are peaceful, and the mountains in my heart...what about it?

"Mother." Little Fatty asked curiously: "Where did it fly?"

Of course Dou Yuemei doesn't know the answer, but of course she can't show her timidity in front of her son. , With a deep face: "Go where it should go."

"The place to go is..."

"Speaking of'that'. Should you Going to practice boxing? Did you do today’s classwork?"

Little Fatty suddenly said "Ouch": "When the wind blows, my head hurts, mother, let's go down."

Dou Yuemei glared at him, and finally flew down with treasured son, unavoidably still whispering in her mouth: "Your elder sister is eating and drinking outside, tempering Martial Dao. I don't know how hard it is and how much it suffers. Sin. You eat and drink every day at home, and you don’t need to work hard. You are still a boy! What do you want to do?" I don't want to do it either. Looking at the city gate building closer and closer, she wrinkled her nose: "Mother! Can we not call Sanshan City now?"

"Why?" Dou Yuemei asked.

Little Fatty curl one's lip: "This name was originally stupid. And now there are no two of the three mountains, it should be called Dushan City!"

Dou Yuemei grabbed it. Hold his ear and twist it hard.

This was extremely heavy, and Little Fatty burst into tears.

Dou Yuemei asked coldly: "You see you cry like this, shouldn't you change your name to Sun Cryyan now?"

Sun Xiaoyan cried and cried and followed his mother back. The house.

He didn't know, the name hanging on the city gate of Sanshan City...

It was carved by his father himself.


Qi State, Stargazing Building.

This is the tallest building in Qi Realm, and it is difficult to measure into the clouds.

Of course, it may not be difficult to measure the height of the Stargazing Building, but the difficulty is how to get close to the Stargazing Building.

Mysterious Qin Tianjian was established here. Regardless of aristocrats and nobles, civil and military officials, no imperial decree is allowed to enter.

The highest floor of the Stargazing Building is a terrace with no fences and empty space.

The place with the best view of Linzi City is here.

Heaven and Earth is uncovered.

Ruan Yuan, the superintendent of Qin Tianjian who looks like a boy, stands here with his hands behind him, looking up at the sky. An ink-colored hairpin stretched out, and there was a feeling of weighing the starry sky.

Ruan Zhou, who was wearing the same daoist robe beside him, asked with some doubts: "What happened to Yu Hengxing and why is the fluctuation so big?"

sighed: "Who knows that Yuheng lost the master? I have been looking up at the starry sky all my life, but I can't see this. Up to now, it has been occupied."

Ruan Zhou's eyes widened:" Yuheng is occupied by someone?"

"It doesn't have to be a person." There is a trace of regret in Ruan Yuan's tone.

The stars of the universe...

Which astrological successor Daoist does not want to own?

For the cultivator of astrology, based on the relationship between the stars of the universe and the River of Destiny, mastering the stars of the universe to some extent... can almost be equivalent to controlling fate!

Unexpectedly, this whimsical thing was turned into a fact by some existence.

If he had known that Yuheng had lost the master, he might not have no chance...

But who would have thought of it?

The real stars of the universe, according to All Heavens and Myriad Realms, who can get a glimpse of the roots?

"For us, is this a good thing or a bad thing?" Ruan Zhou asked.

Ruan Yuan shook the head: "Lianzhen is the most difficult to distinguish since ancient times, is it fortune or misfortune, which is difficult to predict."

"Lianzhen" is the alias of Yuheng Xingchen. This star has never changed and is unpredictable, and the astrology it participates in is basically a problem that plagues many astrologers.

He shook the head again, somewhat self-comforting: "But Yuheng, as a cosmic star, cannot be grouped into a specific existence. Even if this mysterious existence becomes the Yuheng Star Monarch, it has the help of The ability of Yuheng's stars to illuminate Myriad Realms all over the world does not affect our astrology."

What he didn't say is...the use of Yuheng's stars to illuminate Myriad Realms all over the world is terrifying in itself. Fascinating.

"The universe is really boundless." Ruan Zhou sighed: "What else is impossible in this world?"

The daoist robe of the father and daughter densely covered with stars, in the night Fluttering in the wind. It's like an endless star dome, a microcosm of the world.

"I'm thinking, after this matter, many people must be concerned about another issue..."

Ruan Yuan looked at the sky and slowly said: "How to let the stars of the universe lose their masters "

Ruan Zhou was obviously surprised by this sentence, and he was silent for a long time before saying: "I don't know how this happened... I want to come, that is also a story of surging forward with great momentum."


"How it loses the will of the stars and how it is occupied. It is the problem left to us by the mysterious universe."

Ruan Yuan stretched out his hand and held it in the air, as if holding the starlight — —

"Up and down the Quartet is called the universe, since ancient times is the universe. This is the universe, which can accommodate all magnificent fantasy."



Yuheng Star Monarch is here, and at this moment, countless people are looking up at the star dome.

Before Yuheng Xingchen, there were only Guan Yan and Jiang Wang.

The first Floating Buddhist Temple perception in Senhaiyuan realm more than five hundred years ago, and the first inner palace in Senhaiyuan realm in ancient and modern times more than 500 years later, the two are in the stable Yuheng Xingchen. Externally juxtaposed.

A bright azure clothes, a white monk's clothes in one month, five hundred years of Heaven's Chosen side by side, they meet together in this unknown place, in this distant star dome, to do a great thing.

And they did it.

Guanyan struggled for five hundred and thirty-seven years, from the sky to the underground, from the source world of the Senhai to the depths of the universe...everywhere, he fought against the gods and did not retreat.

Jiang Wang beheaded the Yanxiao hundreds of times and served the most evil birds. Finally, he set up the Heavenly Rank and ventured to stand up a star tower to help the observation.

The last one made the Yuheng Star Monarch, and the one stood up close to the stars of Yuheng and became a starlight sacred building.

Before the dead Divine Dragon tree, their promises to each other were fulfilled with their best efforts.

I did my best to get the current result.

The powerful dragon god who ravaged the source realm of Senhai and conspired on Yuheng's stars for thousands of years has been suppressed.

Jiang Wang looked at Yuheng Xingchen not far away, and asked curiously: "Is it the body of Yuheng Xingchen Shining Upon All Heavens?"

"You can say so , But not all right." Guan Yan said: "To be precise, it is now my Life Source Star. It is the foundation of this Star Monarch position and the embodiment of the concept of'Yuheng'. It can be regarded as Yuheng Xingchen. It’s one of the main bodies of Yuheng, but it’s not completely equivalent to Yuheng. I can borrow the power of Yuheng Xingchen, but Yuheng Xingchen is not equal to me." The realm understands.

So even Guanyan thought for a while before continuing: "If you compare Yuheng Xingchen to a pond, I am now the owner of this pond, and I can just and honorable use the pond. All of the properties of, you can draw water at will... But at the same time other people can also go into the water. There are fish, shrimps, turtles, crabs, water plants and snakes in the water... The fixed beacon can also be set up in Yuheng’s range. How it used to be, how is it now.

At the same time, because Yuheng is a collection of concepts, I can’t be like a general pond owner. I can drive outsiders at will, and I need to follow its rules. Of course, within the rules, I am the master of Yuheng."

"This analogy is not entirely accurate, but it probably means that. "

"The stars in the universe like Yuheng are illuminating Myriad Realms all over the place. All Heavens and Myriad Realms, billions of creatures, all have different expectations of it, and they have different imaginations on it, and it itself It is the collection of Tao, which cannot be completely unified by a certain will. Of course, I can borrow its rays of light and preach my own Tao."

Jiang Wang probably understood it, But keep this remark in mind, so that you can chew and understand it later. In many cases, it is not a question of wisdom, but a question of hierarchy. In different cultivation bases, there may be different understandings, and Guan Yan this remark is essentially telling him.

"Yes, senior." Jiang Wang asked curiously: "I think Yuheng Star has changed a lot of shapes, I think it is about the appearance of different world shapes... Now it is stable Why is it like this? Does it have anything to do with your understanding of stars?"

Hovering not far away is an irregular spherical world. The original jade color has been taken away, now it looks alive. On it, the jade-green is lush, and the trees are like the sea.

Jiang Wang added: "It's a bit like Senhai Yuanjie. It is because of the abundance of Muxing Essence Power, which can nourish vitality, is it more suitable for this period when you first became Star Monarch?"

He cherishes the opportunity to communicate with Guanyan senior, and he benefits a lot from the exchange every time. At this time, I want to hear, dignified Yuheng Star Monarch's understanding of the stars of the universe, in order to expand the boundaries of his knowledge.

He feels that he can be regarded as "smart and easy to learn".

Hearing this question, Guan Yan bent his eyes and smiled softly: "This way she will be more used to..."

Jiang Wang:...

Of course he knows who this "she" is.

He couldn't answer this topic.

lightly coughed, turn to: "senior, my star building is now..."

It has become a watcher of Star Monarch, and his actions are unpredictable. Grabbing his star building, he smashed the Dragon God out at once. In this process, he also helped him shape the star building. After this process, the Primordial Spirit of the dragon god was placed in his starlight holy building...

It was an unimaginable method.

It's just that he still doesn't know what kind of situation this is.

Of course, he has already explored the Tibetan Star Sea when he achieved his achievements in the Star Tower.

Different from the bright and magnanimous Wufuhai after sweeping away the ignorance, the Tibetan Star Sea is completely dark.

Of course, this kind of brightness and pitch black are just concepts that exist at the Divine Soul level, and will not really affect perception, but it is inevitable that they will become obscure.

Until... the starlight holy building stands up, and the starlight falls.

The sky starlight flickers in the high dome.

Reflected in the water, like ten thousand lights.

This scene is extremely beautiful, although it can only be self-considered, it also greatly satisfies the visual perception.

I saw starlight, and I knew why the Tibetan Star Sea was named.

Sure enough, it is deeply hidden and bright.

dao vein Tenglong swims in the sea. Smart and comfortable. This is also the difference between Wufuhai and Tibetan Star Sea.

In the sea of ​​Wufu, the dao vein Tenglong needs to stop on the island of Heaven and Earth, and every time it accumulates enough energy, can it lift off to explore the fog of ignorance... until the fog of ignorance is cleared, Wufu After all, the dao vein Tamron will stay on the island of Heaven and Earth, so there is basically no need to move.

Of course, there is no problem to travel in the sky. Jiang Wang's dao vein Tamron has been to Yunding Immortal Palace many times.

As for the seabed in Wufuhai, I have never dived.

That is the Sea Territory that needs the suppression of the island of Heaven and Earth. The earliest ignorance fog begins in the sea, and the deepest ignorance is also seabed in Wufu. Human ignorance can never be swept away, there will always be new confusion and new unknowns. The process of cultivation itself is also a process of sweeping away ignorance all the time.

So the Heaven and Earth island is always suppressing Wufuhai. The more stable the Heaven and Earth island, the more stable the Wufuhai, and the cultivator can explode more battle strength.

People often say "limit battle strength", the word "limit" is often the end of what one can bear.

In the Wufu Sea, if the dao vein Tenglong rashly sinks into the Sea Territory, it is basically a lost ending.

Hiding the Star Sea is different.

This sea does not hide ignorance, it corresponds to the universe Star Sea to some extent.

With the falling starlight of the star tower and the blessing of the Five Houses, the dao vein Tamron can travel freely and explore the connection between the universe and the self.

Not to mention Jiang Wang’s dao vein Tamron has five divine ability entangled with light, born with brilliance, itself is the rays of light hidden in the Star Sea, shining a piece of Sea Territory.

The biggest danger of hiding the Star Sea is still getting lost. If the star building in the distant star dome is lost and the starlight guidance is lost, the hidden Star Sea will gradually dim. At this time, the dao vein Tamron can only withdraw from the hidden Star Sea, otherwise it will be silent with the sea.

Conscientiously has a preliminary insight into Jiang Wang of the Tibetan Star Sea, and now he can't understand his starlight sacred tower...or the starlight sacred tower? I don't know what it means for the Dragon God to be held in it. Because it has not been officially used, I don’t know what the starlight holy building stands on above the stars of Yuheng. Just according to the secret technique of the Seven-Star Holy Building, the closer to the core of the Seven-Star concept, the higher the quality of the star building.

Guan Yan explained: "This evil dragon has just been too deeply connected with you. If you kill it rashly, it will easily affect you. I will simply place him in your starlight holy building, since he is going to live and die. One body, then make Him one body. You don’t have to worry, I have set a prohibition. He can’t get out and can’t affect you. On the contrary, your starlight building can continuously draw on its power to strengthen and consolidate, thereby reducing the impact on you. Demand."

Senior became Star Monarch and it was really different.

Look, now it’s not called Dragon God anymore, it’s called Nielong instead!

Jiang Wang certainly understands this remark. Starting from the first star point anchored by the distant star dome, the outer building cultivator was constantly transmitting power to the star dome to continuously strengthen the starlight holy building. Having such a source of power as Dragon God can save him a lot of hard work.

But Jiang Wang will think of another point...

"Just like your holy building, even if I die someday, can this starlight holy building still exist? "

This is a weird question, but Jiang Wang's heart is to be happy that his star building is close to Guanyan senior's star building. heaven knows He had seen the senior's star building before, and how surprised and envious he was.

Guan Yan's gaze has moved away at this time, looked towards the distance, and casually replied: "You can say so."

Jiang Wang thought for a while, then said: "Then this It’s inconvenient to change the tower shape..."

When Guan Yan senior answers questions, he usually takes care of Jiang Wang’s cultivation base level and his emotions... But at this time, the perfunctory is very obvious, only very dry and authentic: "Unless it is broken and restarted."

Jiang Wang consciously closed his mouth.

Because he has seen the front, a little starlight from far to near......



Senhai Yuanjie , The land of the shade of God.

The little troublesome mother-in-law lit the study room, and before the golden flame that illuminates the night sky, she took the clansman to pray together, and be pious for true faith.

She used her way to participate in the battle.

She is no longer excited about the Dragon God taking a seat at the altar of the tree.

Because she knows who the person in her heart is fighting against.


The dazzling divine throne suddenly flew from the altar of the tree, flying towards her with a clear target and straight... Finally hovering in front of her .

The little annoyed mother-in-law was a little panicked at first, and she was even ready to fight.

But the righteous decree of "God" rang in my ears.

In clansman's surprised eyes, the white-haired old woman purse one's lip shyly, carefully tidied up her clothes, and then sat on the divine throne.

The divine throne soars into the sky, a flicker, and it has disappeared in the sky.

The clansman present looked at each other in blank dismay until someone yelled--

"The priest has become a god!"

Bow down and sing prayer songs sincerely.

Before they don't know it yet, the deep dark color centered on the land of the shadow of the gods and faded continuously.

The night invasion that has enveloped this world for hundreds of years has disappeared this night.

The freedom and tranquility they prayed for was returned to them this night.

And there is a star hanging in the sky that is dimmer than the day.

Hereafter they call it "Month".



The starlight gradually became clear from far to near.

On top of the dazzling divine throne, sits a gray-haired old woman.

Her skinny hands were folded in front of her, her fingers hooked together, and there was some obvious tension.

But the eyes are fixedly looking forward...

When you see this look, you can probably understand what it means to see through.

Jiang Wang is also familiar with Granny Xiaofan. He arched his hands and prepared to say hello politely...

The back of the white monk's clothes of that month had already blocked his vision.

Guanyan, who has achieved the position of Star Monarch, greeted him early. And it is obvious that Granny Xiaofan didn't see a certain young Heaven's Chosen...

In her eyes, all the handsome monks in the white monk's clothes of the moon were in her eyes.

And the monk's eyes she saw were all herself.

What emptiness, what stars, what divine throne, what kind of people...

When a lover looks at each other, the entire universe is superfluous.

These lovers, who have been suffering for five hundred years, looked at each other and were speechless for a while.

There are tears in their eyes. There are years of vicissitudes. You know how much pain they have gone through, but at this time they only make people feel happy when they look at each other.

Now they can look at each other so quietly.

The suffering of those long years is so insignificant.


Jiang Wang didn't want to be ridiculous, but he couldn't always watch it in the void.

I had to open the mouth and said nerdly: “I’ll leave first if there’s nothing wrong. There are still things in the world.”

Of course he can’t go on his own, he It just hinted that Guan Yan sent him off.

"I will give my little friend a ride." Guan Yan's voice said.

Still looking at the old woman in front of her, she just waved the sleeve of her robe, and all around was empty.

Jiang Wang didn't even have time to say a polite remark, and it was already disappeared.

Xiao Fan still looks at Guan Yan, and Guan Yan still looks at Xiao Fan.

They looked at each other for a long time, as if they could see until the end of time.

Little troubled mother-in-law raised her hand and touched Guan Yan's face.

Is this face that has appeared in the soul dream countless times really?

God, if this is a dream, please don't wake up too early.

The moment her finger touched Guan Yan's cheek, her hand trembled.

The gentle, true touch verifies the happiness in her heart.

But his eyes fell on his deeply wrinkled hands, and Guan Yan's still handsome face.

Little annoying mother-in-law lowered her eyes, a little uncontrollable sadness.

It is indeed goodbye.

But this day, it's too late...

"I'm old." She sighed softly.

At this moment, she suddenly wanted to cry.

But she is very old, she will be very funny when she cries.

"I can grow old too." Guan Yan said.

In the dim tearful eyes, Xiaofan saw that wrinkles gradually appeared on Guan Yan’s face, his skin began to loosen, and his eyes became cloudy...

He used the same The wrinkled hand held her hand gently.

Only the voice is still so gentle: "You can also be young."

A warm power comes from Guan Yan's palm.

Xiaofan felt a long-lost vitality, revived in the body, she could feel that her skin became firm again, her eyes became clear again, all the traces of youth and vitality , All bloomed in her body again.

The grass and trees are withered and flourishing, and it is another spring.

She couldn't help squeezing Guan Yan's hand, and said softly: "We want to be together. Old or young together."

Five hundred years of hardship, five hundred years His hope is nothing more than two words...


Only deep love can last for a long time.

In this vast universe, before the stars of Yuheng that have been covered by jade-green.

A girl with bright eyes and white teeth, and a monk with a beautiful face, hold hands and look at each other.

The girl’s eyes turned around, she looked at the white monk's clothes, and asked in a low voice: "Are you still a monk?"

Guan Yan looked down, said with a smile : "It's already vulgar."

While speaking, the moon white monk's clothes on his body have become Confucian shirts.

"Do you like scholars?" he asked softly.

The clothes on her body have changed again.


Change again.


Changed again.


Xiao Fan used the pad of the index finger to gently press Guan Yan's lips.

"I like what you look like. As long as..."

She blushed, but she still looked into his eyes bravely: "As long as we can get married."

I can become whatever you like.

And I like all your looks.

For more than five hundred years, how many stories have happened, and how many traces have been taken away.

It seems to have changed everything, and it seems that nothing has changed.

Trance everything went back to the beginning.

She was picking Lingsi that day, and he fell from the sky that day.

He said: "Girl..."


The long time was penetrated and disappeared in the gentle eyes of the sea.

The handsome boy in front of him said: "Girl, let's go home."

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