Red Heart Survey Chapter 1368

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Guan Yan senior once said that if there is any accident, the star tower that turns into a star ring and wraps around Jiang Wang’s wrist will take him back to where he came from, or Go to other worlds corresponding to Qixing.

Of course, now that Guanyan senior achieves Star Monarch, there is no need to follow the old path. With just a wave of his robe sleeve, the endless Yuheng starlight wrapped Jiang Wang away.

It is truly unpredictable.

Although the process is a bit hasty...

This is a super long-distance trip, and it is different from the previous two, either in the Seven Star Building, or in the senior star of Guanyan In the building, this time Jiang Wang is almost a fleshy body crossing.

Penetrating the distance of Time and Space purely with the fleshy body, this is a power that the outer building cultivator can't match.

Of course Jiang Wang's starlight outside...the package is too tight.

During the journey, there will be no problems at all that he needs to face with Fleshy body.

The Yuheng starlight is so dense that it is almost solid and visible. Jiang Wang, who is in the splendid starlight, actually has no time to enjoy the scenery of the universe.

Because... he is in starlight body tempering.

The 1st Step after the overwhelming majority cultivator achieves the outer building is to take in the light of the holy building located in the distant star dome and use starlight body tempering. The fleshy body of the outer building cultivator is generally better than that of the inner building cultivator, and it is precisely because of this.

But the last step of Jiang Wang's starlight sacred building came too abruptly. Master Guanyan grabbed it and took shape... He himself was dumbfounded, and all his reactions were slow.

Until this moment, in the journey of returning to this world, did not begin to temper fleshy body naturally.

tempering fleshy body, you can only use the starlight that you control. So even though his star tower is standing at the core of Yuheng Star, he can't directly wrap his massive starlight body tempering at this moment...

It's not necessary.

Because of the first star building he built, the star power coming at this moment is too surging!

The star power of the outer building runs around every corner of the body, Jiang Wang continuously uses dao essence to draw it together, and later it develops to the point where it needs the light of divine ability to help sort it out.

I tried my best to tempering, but there is no shortage of star power as the senior cultivator said.

I don't know whether it is because it is still very close to my star building at this time, or because this star building is too high in quality and powerful.

This feeling is very strange. Jiang Wang clearly feels his own star building in the starlight entangled in the sea, which is drifting away.

From then on, he has a clear beacon in the vast universe.

In the sense of time and space, it is indeed farther and farther, but in the process of starlight body tempering, he feels that he is getting closer and closer to the star tower.

That seems to be an extension of his will, another existence of him in the vast universe.

He doesn't know if others feel the same about the starlight saint building. He feels his own star tower like another self.

There is a sense of fullness from the inside out, which is not only the support of strength, but also the support of will.

The beliefs implemented along the way must be verified on the Starlight Sacred Tower, and finally become "true" and "Dao".

"Lianzhen is the most difficult to distinguish since ancient times", this star is unpredictable and unpredictable, and Jiang Wang used the word "trust" to define it, which is indeed appropriate.

Especially his "faith" is not a castle in the air, it is the truth practiced by until now, and it is very consolidating and very convincing.

Of course, the Dragon God who is in the building also made a great contribution to this star building......



Guanyan achieves Yuheng Star Monarch, and the void formation of Dragon God locks is also silently erased.

After all, Yu Heng will not be fixed in one place, and will shrink back into a light spot, and then disappear.

The azure 7th Layer star tower erected above Yuheng by Jiang Wang has also returned to the star dome. Of course, it is always within the core range of Yuheng's concept, bathed in the purest Yuheng star power...It is like living in the Imperial Palace in Linzi.

On the Life Source Star of Yuheng Star Monarch, Guan Yan took Xiaofan’s hand and walked in the lush and green forest.

The sky was just right, through the gaps between branches and leaves , Cast a mottled light and shadow.

One squirrel gathered into a meat ball and rolled on the ground before rolling in front of the other squirrel.

Two birds are snuggling on the branch...

The years stop here, and time is gentle ever since.

Guan Yan stopped: "I seem to have forgotten something."

Xiaofan asked with concern: "Is that important?"

"My life is important, very important, and most important..." Guan Yan looked at her bright eyes and couldn't stop smiling: "All in front of me."



This world, the original battlefield of Xingyue.

The war that lasted for seven days has turned this place into a purgatory on earth.

Since ancient times, once everything has been accomplished, it has become an explanation of the tragic war.

But in fact, if someone succeeds, someone fails.

What is more desperate than the success of a tens of thousands of bones, is the failure of success after a tens of thousands of bones.

Is this the most tragic?

Lian Jingzhi, the Great Marshal of Xiang Country, and Fang You of the Great Marshal of Xu Country, may have another answer.

On the Xingyue Plain, they invested hundreds of thousands of soldiers, hundreds of thousands of citizens, hundreds of thousands of national loyalists...

The victory or defeat has nothing to do with them.

They can only wait on the high stage, watching silently.

Like a sculpture, only the role of sculpture remains. As if a matter of no concern to oneself, there is really nothing that can be done.

I can only look at it like this.

"Standing on such a high general stage...isn't it cold?" Lian Yuchan thought in his heart.

She feels cold.

Especially looking at the battlefield in the distance, the kind of coldness that seems to be from the deepest part of the soul, made her want to escape several times--

The battlefield, the flag is against the flag.

The soldiers from Xiangxu and Xu are fighting together, and it is difficult to distinguish each other.

Every moment someone falls, a saber ends a life, a head ends a life.

Not one day, not two days.

In just seven days, the former soldiers have already added seventeen times!

The core battlefield is always the scale of nearly 100,000 people. Someone has been falling down, and someone has been filling up.

Continuously, fill in blood and soul.

What kind of war is this?

For Heaven's Chosen from both sides of Qijing, this is a relatively cruel competitive game, or, in other words, a great training for training the military talents of both sides.

But for Asahi and Asahi...this is war.

The fierce and real war.

It's a war that makes the living beings wither.

Howling pain, roaring, metal collision...

This is the sound of war. It sounds clearly in my ears, but it seems so far away.

The double swords are ringing at her waist. If she can, she really wants to draw the sword forward.

But not.

"Dazhu Kingdom." Lian Yuchan said: "When will this battle end?"

She has tried her best to calm her voice, but it is still because of the sword cry. A little trembling... She thought she could no longer stand still.

"Until death." Lian Jingzhi said quietly.

He is not performing any determination, he is just stating a fact.

The end of the war, of course, there is another possibility-but whether it is Qi State or Jing Guo, it is impossible to surrender in such a local war. Therefore, this battle can only end when one party has exhausted its soldiers and Heaven's Chosen has been completely defeated.

Now there are not many troops that can be replenished from Xiangguo, and the same is true for Xuguo.

Lian Yuchan, who is in the top of the helmet, pressed the swords tightly with both hands, and said in a trembled voice: "If you feel unwell, don't look at it and leave first."

"You Stop for me. Lian Yuchan, who allows you to leave your post without permission?"

Lian Jingzhi's voice is always calm and no waves are seen.

But when the word "duty" is clicked, the military law has already been framed.

"This is the shame of my Lian Jingzhi, I have no right to escape. You are my daughter of Lian Jingzhi, and you have no right to escape. You have to see with your own eyes how my elephant country warrior died Yes, in the future, you will wait until you are in charge to avoid the same thing from happening."

Lian Yuchan purse one's lip, without saying a word, and without taking a step.



From the day when the war officially started, until now. In the most core battlefield, the two warring parties have always maintained the scale of 100,000 people, and they have continued to add fuel to the battle.

This is the cruelest way of tactics, because it will kill the most people.

All warriors will be put in part by part, and then part by part will disappear.

But at the same time, it is also the best form of warfare that can temper the two sides of Heaven's Chosen.

The Qi State party is divided into ten battalions, and the Jing Guo party is divided into twenty teams. The two sides dozens Heaven's Chosen led the battle in this core battlefield one after another.

The starlight is still shining tonight, and there are still a lot of hanging lights, shining like the day, without the stars and the moon. This kind of bauble developed by Mo Sect is very suitable for battlefields where a large number of mortals participate.

Night will not be a security barrier. War will happen at any moment and continue in every corner.

Xingyueyuan can no longer see the beauty of the past, the most central part has become a huge flesh-and-blood grinding disc.

What was thrown in was warrior, and what came out was flesh and blood and broken bones.

It is said that human life is a matter of life, but human life is the least valuable thing when it is not valuable.

Who is not a son or daughter of someone else's family, and who has no family behind?

But on the battlefield, there is only mud and water mixed with blood, and the corpses are stacked on top of them... You can't even find who is who.

A flying arrow that flew from nowhere, penetrated the hanging lamp hanging in the sky. This hanging lamp tied with a purple bunting fell hastily, like a bird with folded wings.


The frame is scattered.

A military boot stepped on it, and the afterlight of the lamp was also annihilated.

The owner of the army boots is a youngster who is roaring. Wearing Xu's military uniform, his face was terrifying red from the surge of blood. He tightly held the saber in both hands and slashed fiercely!

It can be seen that he is still a recruit and doesn't know how to stay. Maybe after a lot of training, but on the real battlefield, I have completely forgotten those... you have to fight a few times before you can remember the content of those training as instinct, transformed into the old man-if he is still alive.

The edge of the blade was blocked by the facing soldier with a horizontal sword.

This is a middle-aged man with a typical look and style of Xiangguo people. The cheekbones are slightly higher and the hair is slightly curled.

This person is much more experienced, easily setting a knife, and he is already short. The saber then went around an arc and slid into the opponent's abdomen.

this blade only needs 40% strength. After opening the abdomen, walking diagonally away can be injured by a dying counterattack, and the opponent can only hold the outflowing intestines and wait to die.

Elder Xiang Guo was very convinced of this, and his eyes had already glanced at the next target--

but suddenly his eyebrows hurt and he didn't know anything.

This is the battlefield, anyone can die. Whether you are a veteran or a recruit, a good person or a bad person, a father or a child, death is the same for everyone.

It was an arrow that killed him.

The arrow is like a wolf tooth, with an extremely cold cold light. From an incredible angle, across the battlefield, he nailed this old man's forehead fiercely. His surplus strength was not weakened, and the corpse was nailed so that the body flew high, flying several feet behind him with his whole body, and knocking down five people.

It is not difficult to kill with one arrow, nor is it difficult to penetrate the forehead with one arrow. What is rare is that one arrow does not penetrate, flying with corpses, and can disrupt the formation of the enemy...The difficulty is this The vision and precision!

The young Xuguo warrior walked around before his death, and he was still in shock. He heard a military order in his ear: "Jinyi!"

This is a powerful hero The voice, falling to the ear, is convincing, and dare not disobey.

According to these days of training, he quickly joined up with his surrounding comrades and formed a "Array One".

This formation is very simple, almost a horizontal and two vertical line, which has long been firmly remembered by their physical instincts.

Hold the knife in your hand and look ahead. Although he didn't understand the military formation, he also vaguely felt that, compared to the previous one, the formation on the opposite side seemed to have become a little more disorganized, and it was no longer the kind of dense and suffocating feeling.

Move the field of vision from this simple army back, and you can see Li Longchuan, who is the descendant of Li's family at the stone gate, and holds the famous Gongqiu Mountain in his hand!

The jade belt wrapped around the forehead has been stained with blood, which makes him a bit cold in the heroic.

Killing a person with one arrow is very rare in a war, but if it is his arrow, it would be too wasteful to kill a small pawn.

His Li Longchuan is certainly not a person who can only kill small pawns. His battalion has been fighting for three hours since entering the formation this time.

For three hours, he took the people and it seemed that they were just forming a simple front-line formation, slamming on the battlefield with one hammer and one hammer.

But in fact, the two freely-moving battle formations of the enemy army, under his seemingly aimless impact, constantly adjusted and adjusted, and finally staggered together.

If it only ends here, the leader on the opposite side is also the character of Heaven's Chosen, who will soon be able to adjust back.

However, the elder of the elephant country who was stuck on the edge of the two battlefields was shot to death by an arrow, and the corpse was hit by five people...

Li Longchuan is simpler here As soon as the ground changes, the two army formations on the opposite side have a tendency to collapse at the same time!

Knowing whether there is an army formation on the battlefield is a completely different concept. Because it is the dividing line between ordinary warrior and extraordinary power. In the army, the mortal body is extraordinary. After leaving the army, there are not enough people to be an extraordinary cultivator to slaughter.

Jing Guofang Heaven's Chosen was shocked and quickly adjusted his army.

This will collapse the unbroken battlefield and fall into a pair of bright eyes.

Under the high uplift of the Universe Dragon Flag, Heaven's Chosen Chen Suan on Penglai Island led two teams with a total of 5,000 soldiers and troops in the rear.

He has passed through the turbulent battlefield where nearly 100,000 armies are fighting, and his eyes have the calmness of perceiving everything.

I clearly saw Li Longchuan’s performance. Seeing that after three hours of pulling, he only shot a small pawn with one arrow, and then a simple change, the battle situation was already different!

Under the continuous mobilization of Li Longchuan, there is already a gap between the two battle formations of Jing Guofang, and there is even a very obvious possibility of spread. If torn from here, the entire battle is in danger of collapse.

"Stone gate Li's descendants." Chen Suan thought lightly.

"Fate to pay the city and bring people into the battle after half a quarter of an hour, the target Xun four, at all costs, stick to the positions of Xun 4 and Xun 5."

Nothing can escape. In his eyes, nothing would exceed his calculations.

So his voice is calm.

But the calm voice quickly made waves: "No, go now!"

What did he see?

He saw Li Longchuan’s battalion, which was divided into three extremely smoothly, forming three simple formations. But these three simple formations, after a little scheduling, immediately formed a terrifying battle formation!

This kind of battle formation should never appear in this level of war. Because both Heaven's Chosen didn't have so much time to familiarize themselves with the men and women, and they didn't have so much time to train and run in... But Li Longchuan did it!

The ability to train troops is second.

He used three simple formations to split and piece together an otherwise complicated formation.

At a young age, you have the ability to break down your army!

The flag officer quickly waved the order flag and revised the order.

All mysteries may be cracked. With a fierce battle, Essence Power is disordered, and many dao techniques are not easy to form. On the battlefield, flags are always the most reliable method of command.

"Let Xu San's team break away from the strangulation and retreat to the position of Zhenwu. He will know what to do," Chen Suan ordered again.

The banner officer just issued a banner order, and Chen Suan's order sounded again.

"Tell Wang Kun to pull the horn tiger war chariot up and put it in the second position. When I ordered him to charge, he just ran into it!"

After the military order, Chen Suan lightly shook the head, and finally said emotionally: "Should I say that I am worthy of the descendants of the ruins of the city?" Headed by chariot. The world’s war chariot, Chu State is the most sophisticated. A car with five people is simply a mobile battlefield and a well-deserved ultimate weapon.

But Jingguo’s war chariot will not lose much to Chu State.

On this Xingyueyuan battlefield, only twenty multipliers were transferred, and they were all in Wang Kun's team.

Chen Suan is putting a heavy bet on this, trying to forcefully kill the descendants of Dechenghou who suddenly began to exert his strength.

It's a pity that it is not Jing Guoqiang who controls the war chariot at this time. Although these soldiers from Xiangguo have also been trained in surprise attacks, they cannot control Ruyi...

Thoughts like this flashed in his mind, and Chen Suan looked at the battlefield indifferently.

On the endless battlefield, Li Longchuan held the bow in one hand, plucked the strings in the other, and strode forward. If you ignore the screams and bloody pictures, it's not like killing on the battlefield, but sitting idly in front of the family and playing the piano.

Too confident, too calm.

At this moment, Li Longchuan is shining with an edge that is absolutely different from normal.

"The array is one step forward!"

"The array two keep up!"

"The array three moves to the left!"

His side Aloud, an arrow flew quickly, and while killing the enemy army, he quickly pointed the way to the soldiers of the camp.

The extremely powerful shattered armor formation was broken down into simple formations one, two, and three by him. In the past few days of the war, the subordinates kept it in mind.

The one who breaks the armor is the thick defense of the enemy.

Three formations and one formation is a rough version of the broken armor formation. This can't be considered what kind of famous formation in the world, but on the battlefield of Xingyueyuan, it is enough to sweep most of the opponent's army formation.

The two army formations on the opposite side are still rapidly adjusting. As soon as the broken armour formation on his side presses on, it blows through!

"Zhengyi retracement!"

"Formation two forward!"

"Zhengsan gathers to the right!"

After breaking two consecutive battles, Li Longchuan did not choose to expand the result, but immediately adjusted his formation and slammed into the Jingguofucheng Department that suddenly came from the front left.

The blood energy of the warrior forms the evil spirit, the army smashes into the army, and the broken armor smashes the scales of the fish.

The battle knife was cut on the battle knife, and the blood was splashed with blood.

Under the candlelight, all traces are invisible.

Li Longchuan filled Qiushan, and flew out like a dragon with one arrow, roaring to face Fucheng in chain mail! Fu Cheng came with a commander, and he was ready to wait for work. He didn't expect the opponent to change so quickly and attack so fiercely... he had to stand sideways to avoid the edge for the time being.


Thunder suddenly thundered in the army!

From the up ahead of Li Longchuan's department, the tall war chariot that hits the edge of the cold will jump out like a tiger, across the field of vision. Then came the second drive, the third drive...

The momentum is like a tiger out of the gates, facing like a forest with swords and guns.

Jingguo war chariot! It is Wang Kun!

But at this time, he had already crashed into the Li Longchuan Department in the Fucheng Department on the left front, suddenly swept the soldiers and turned into a giant sharp arrow, directly penetrating the Fucheng Department. Long away.

The completely chaotic formation of the soldiers in Fucheng became a natural barrier.

Wang Kun’s war chariot came aggressively, but he ran into the air, and he could only watch Li Longchuan quickly move closer to the Qifang team.

"What a pity!"

Li Longchuan and Chen Suan, who were separated from the battlefield, almost sighed at the same time.

It is a pity that Li Longchuan finally found an opportunity and created a gap, but Chen Suan quickly mobilized his troops to fill it.

It's a pity that Chen is...

It's a pity that Fu Cheng had no guts and couldn't stop his opponent.

It's a pity that Wang Kun is greedy!

Before he waited for his order, he attacked without authorization. Xu Sanbu hadn't reached the predetermined position, his pocket hadn't been formed yet, and a big fish was released!

This move of war chariot is equal to a white move.

In such a fierce battlefield, any chess piece must achieve its goal, otherwise it will be a huge waste. Especially for such an important piece of war chariot, Wang Kun is committing a crime!

But this is not the time to settle accounts.

Chen Suan could only press his anger and quickly assemble the army to make up for the gap between the two teams.

Standing on the war chariot, Wang Kun complexion ashen glanced at Fu Cheng bitterly, scolded the courageous gangster, even if he changed his car and left.

But he knew very well in his heart that it was him who made the bigger mistake just now, and Chen Suan would never miss this mistake.

On the local battlefield that had just been strangled into a ball, only the remnants of Fucheng were left. He gritted his teeth and rallied. It was indeed his part that was easily penetrated, and he had nothing to defend.



The entire Xingyueyuan battlefield is intertwined, and life and death are more than a moment?

Li Longchuan certainly led his army to a wonderful battle, but the impact on the whole battle is actually lackluster.

The two bursts that were broken will soon be replenished, and this war will not end easily until the last drop of blood is exhausted.

That’s why Li Longchuan wanted to tear the whole battle apart!

Unfortunately, it was easily bridged by Chen Suan.

In this war, the organizational forms of the two camps of Qi and Jing are not the same. The ten camps of Qifang make their own decisions and cooperate with each other. Jingfang's 20th team was all under the command of Chen Suan.

In an extraordinary war, it is difficult to say which is better. Of course, it can be considered an advantage to make one, but the major Heaven's Chosen has used their own housekeeping skills and competed with their unique genius, which is actually more conducive to training the military.

Although it is mainly Qi State that there is no Heaven's Chosen who can overwhelm everyone on the stage, it has not been attributed to one. But with the current form of the battle, after the seven-day war, the two sides did not decide the victory or defeat.

Awu is an ordinary Xu nationality.

Ordinary age, ordinary origin, ordinary soldiers eat imperial food.

To be honest, he didn't know the meaning of this war. I don't know why I have to fight, I don't know why I have to fight desperately.

But the meaning of this thing is not important at all.

His father was a soldier, and he also served as a soldier when he grew up, that's all.

Of course, patriotism is love. It’s hard to say how much you love.

Xu Guo is big or small, strong or weak, and he will not go abroad. There is not much feeling.

The general said to rush, he rushed, and the general said to stop, he stopped.

He had forgotten the tearful fear of hiding on the camp bed before the war. There is no fear of this thing on the battlefield. Either kill or be killed.

Here, the relationship between people is simpler than the relationship between people and pigs.

He goes forward, he swings his knife, he kills. Repeat this until the military order tells him to stop, or he falls down by himself.

When the man who looked like a general on the other side rampaged over, he knew it all.

This is what the old man said.

An ordinary soldier like him can't stop the opponent with a knife.

But he still slashed it subconsciously. This was the instinct formed by swiping the knife countless times. This should be his pinnacle cut in this life!

The result is just as he thought, this moment is big, power is deep cut to no avail.

The other party's knife was wiped lightly across his chest.

He didn't even see how the knife came!

Is it over?

Except for eating, farming, and serving as a soldier, it seems that he has never done anything else.

What is the purpose of my life? Wu has never thought about this question, and I don't know why at this moment, in this place that is definitely not suitable for thinking about life, he thought of this question.

He is ordinary and has no answer.

As he thought, he flew up and fell heavily!


He thought that he was not an opponent, and thought that he would be cut off by a single blow, but he didn't expect...He didn't even die.

He lay on the ground, looked up at his chest strenuously, then lay back in relief.

Huh! He relieved.

Jingguo Heaven's Chosen Wu Jiangchen, who slashed a nobody with ease, was also a hundred didn't expect.

As a Heaven's Chosen cultivator, he just drew a knife while traversing the battlefield. Killing a nobody, of course, does not require effort. In other words, it is a shame to use a bit more.

His sword strength is controlled to the point where it can just open the opponent, and there will never be a trace of waste.

But this person... was actually cut off?

Wu Jiangchen had doubts about his control ability for a while!

He couldn't help but turned his head and took a look, and saw Xu Guo's a nobody body. After the battle clothes were split, there were some dazzling ice patterns under the light of the hanging light!

Wu Jiangchen now began to doubt his eyesight.

Am I wrong? Is it an illusion?

A little pawn, your fucking ice-patterned inner armor? ? ?

This ice pattern inner armor, at least is a configuration of the entire body, right?

Wu Jiangchen has been in the army for a long time and believes that he will never make a wrong judgment. If the opponent is a general at the level of the unification, he will never use only that little strength with that sword. But the opposite is obviously a pawn?

Whose damn subordinate is this?

Wu Jiangchen was stunned for a moment, then when he turned his head, the one who greeted him... was already densely packed talisman.


He only had time to scold and was overwhelmed by the talisman who was hiding the sky and covering the earth.

The colorful spell surrounds him perfectly clear.

Young Master Yan, dressed in brocade clothes, stood in the distance without touching the dust, smiling and applauding: "Very well, let's have another round."

The soldier next to him was gearing up for a long time. , One after another tore open the talisman in his hand.

Flame light, lightning, and blade light swarmed.

A green bottle gourd flew up suddenly and collected the sky full of light.

Jingguo Heaven's Chosen Xu San came with the wind, cut out the Yinhong peach blossom with a sword, grabbed Wu Jiangchen who was dizzy, turned around and left.

Yiguo Heaven's Chosen, who served as the lieutenant of Yan Fu's battalion, Lin Jie, stared at this scene in a daze. He didn't find a chance at all. The guy who rushed into the battle had already escaped.

I couldn't help but looked at Young Master Yan in surprise and admiration.

Looking at it, Jiang Qingyang can't help it. Qi State's true Wushuang Heaven's Chosen, this is the one!

Yan Fu looked at Xu San and Wu Jiangchen’s back, and said: "Yes!"

Lin Jie immediately explained to the side: "This person is Xu San later. , The strength is really not to be said. It is said that he had the opportunity to go to the Yellow River meeting..."

"I said this bottle gourd is not bad, buy one later." Yan Fu said as he passed one Storage box: "Please send this box talisman, brothers are already empty."

"..." Lin Jie: "Good general."



dong dong! dong dong!

The drum has never stopped.

The heartbeat of countless people surging along with it.

dong! dong!

The rays of light of hanging lights are like water flowing down. On a long ge, a bright light shone, and then was covered by blood. As soon as Chang Ge took it back, he put it back on the war chariot, the blood had been wiped away, and he was still very self-conscious.

"Did you see it?" Chongxuan Sheng asked.

"Huhu war chariot?" Lin Xian said: "It is indeed a killer."

Qi State certainly has war chariots like war chariot. This time I also adjusted it by 20 times, but it was obviously a bit worse than the war chariot.

Of course, this is not a full-scale war after all, otherwise the Thorns who have been thrown into the battlefield of the maze will be transferred over, and that thing is called ultimate weapon.

"No." Chong Xuansheng shook his head: "It's Wang Kun."

He said with certainty: "This person has different ideas."

Lin Xian is conceited that he has some accomplishments in the art of war, bu

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