Red Heart Survey Chapter 1369

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Although Linzi is large, it is indispensable for the Huawu Guangsha, commanded by nine soldiers.

The Xiufu Mansion is located in the core area of ​​Jinxianfang, supervised by the famous craftsmen of the dynasty, and it is majestic and majestic.

Since Cui Zhu’s assassin’s case, as the direct referrer of Cui Zhu’s participation in the Yellow River Meeting, Xiu Yuan, the commander of the prison electric army, was dismissed for investigation on the same day.

Although he is not locked in Heavenly Prison, he is still locked up at home and is not allowed to go out.

Different from Cao Jie’s house arrest in the Mingxiu plank road, Xiuyuan is a real prisoner, and his cultivation base is locked. Only considering the majesty of the nine-pawn commander did not put him in jail.

However, months have passed since the assassination case. In the investigation of Xiuyuan, there has been no breakthrough progress. The emperor did not appoint a new commander of the prison electric army, but the first general of the prison electric army under Xiuyuan's command temporarily led this strong army.

It was so delayed for a while.

On this day, a distinguished guest came from the Xiu family.

It is Yan Tu, who is also the commander of the nine pawns with Xiuyuan, who is in charge of the army of slashing the rain.

This person and Xiuyuan are best friends, both the government and the public know. The two of them came from the same ordinary background, and they both got up from the bottom of the army and walked all the way to the position of commander-in-chief of the nine pawns.

When Xu Fang, a madman, was still high-spirited and vigorous, he wrote in an article-"a real man must go far." The "far" and "way" of this , I was actually talking about Xiuyuan and Yan Tu, not about traveling far.

Among the nine commanders, he admires these two most. Of course, these two may not know who Xu Fang is.

When Xiuyuan was just dismissed and pending investigation, Yan Tu also wrote nine letters in succession, urging Chen Xiuyuan to be innocent, and begging the emperor to enlighten him. Later, it was blocked to Donghua Pavilion, and he was admonishing the emperor!

The emperor is grateful for Yan Tu’s value emotion, value friendship, and kicked him out of the Donghua Pavilion with a kick and fined him for ten years...

In a very concise quiet room.

Yan Tu, who is wearing armor, sits opposite Xiuyuan, who is dressed in a swallow.

A bow knife is hung on the front wall, which contrasts Xiuyuan's hair neatly. He sits upright with a straight back. Although he lives in prison, he still has a sharp temperament.

At this time, tea is being made slowly. Gentle and fierce, these two temperaments were perfectly unified in him.

Yan Tu, who sits opposite him, is completely different. He has thick eyebrows, broad nose, thick lips, and has several points of arrogant temperament. The sitting posture is also very casual, with one foot up and one foot paralyzed at will.

"I said, don't cook it." Yan Tu glanced at the pot of tea, and said impatiently: "Even if you make the tea well, you won't be able to blend into the circle of the old Qi people. To their trust. What's the point?"

Xiu Yuan remained unmoved, continuing the work he was working on, and slowly said: "Why can't I get the trust?"

" Months?" Seeing him like this, Yan Tu was so angry: "If they believe you, you dignified the commander of the prison electric army, why are you still at home?"

Xiu Yuan laughed : "The matter has not been cleared up yet, of course I can't go."

"Just rely on the waste from the Capital Inspection Office!? Ten years of investigation is not clear. Are you going to stay in prison for ten years? It’s not clear for a lifetime. Could it be that you will be kept at home for a lifetime?"

The water has boiled, and Xiu Yuan lifted the teapot from the small stove and blanched the tea cup slowly, saying without thinking: "It’s better than Are you locked up in prison, okay?"

Yan Tu snered: "General Xiu can comfort himself like this, I didn't know it before!"

Xiu Yuan sighed: "Recommend Cui Zhu, I was indeed oversight. It disturbed the sage driver, and the emperor’s name is dangerous...I can still sit here and make tea with you, brother Yan, I know enough."

"Committed the crime of oversight, The dismissal is a matter of course, we have nothing to say, but when to find out, there must be a charter?!" Yan Tu said dissatisfied: "There is no movement at the Beiya side, Zheng Shi avoids me every day. And you Xiuyuan, the dignified current daoist and the commander of the nine soldiers, can’t get out of this house! One day after day, every day indefinitely! You have made countless contributions to our Great Qi, and can you suffer this humiliation?"

Xiu Yuan shook the head: "Zhang Yong Cry Temple, the eleventh prince has fallen out of favor. Cui Zhu stabbed the emperor, why can I be an exception?"

Yan Tu said angrily: "You and the eleventh How is the prince the same thing? How can these two things be confused?"

"Perhaps, maybe not." Xiu Yuan opened the Azure Bamboo can and used bamboo tweezers to take out the Tsuibi tea leaves in it. Carefully put it in the teacup, and said in his mouth: "I believe that everything has a price. I have to bear the mistakes I made. Your majesty will remember the merits I made.... It's not a bad idea to rest for a few years."

"Your Majesty is naturally a wise martial artist." Yan Tu said solemnly: "I only fear that someone will deceive the Holy Spirit!"

"Since your Majesty is a wise martial artist, how can you be deceived by the Holy Spirit? "Xiu Yuan completed the last process, and then reached out and said, "Brother Yan, please use tea."

The night is blocked by the door, Yan Tu looked at the heat in the teacup, before drinking, Suddenly a question came to mind--

At this moment, the eleventh prince has Do you want to drink tea freely?



“cough cough cough ……cough cough cough ……”

Strong coughing, Wandering back and forth in the palace, penetrated this long night.

The deeply wrinkled Changsheng Palace Chief Court Eunuch Feng Gu looked forward with worry. The dark color in the eyes suddenly came near and far away.

On the book table in front, there is a piece of snow-white rice paper with an unfinished character on it.

The young prince in white fox fur is sitting in front of the book table. He made a fist with his left hand, and covered his lips with the back of his fist, his face flushed with cough. The right hand is holding the wolf's hair, hanging against the inkstone. There was a drop of ink hanging on the tip, shaking with his cough, but it didn't fall.

When the coughing ceased, Feng Gucai softly persuaded: "His Royal Highness, let's drink a bowl of medicine."

In the upper left corner of the book case, there is a white jade. The bowl, the black medicinal liquid, is standing still, and there are still a few wisps of heat lingering.

"I don't want to drink it anymore." Jiang Wuqi said with some hard work.

He coughed a few more times before freezing.

In this way, he held the wolf hoof in one hand and turned his head and looked towards the window.

I don't know when, the faint light of the sky has pierced the night.

"Xingyueyuan, there should be news." He said quietly.

As if to respond to his words, footsteps happened to be heard outside the hall, and his voice was very sick.

Feng Gu slightly turned sideways, and the people had already stopped in front of the hall.

Not long after the footsteps were gone, Feng Gu went back to the book case, only with an extra letterhead in his hand.

"His Royal Highness, emergency military affairs."


Feng Gu opened the letter and read while reading: "Xingyueyuan won Already divided. Jiang Qingyang returned from the outside world, with a sword set the universe. The military god and Dou'e commander Yuque have signed the "Star and Moon Agreement" at Wanhe Temple."

After reading the urgent letter, Although Feng Gu had no expression on his face, his eyes were both admired and admired.

He was the confidant of Concubine Lei in his early years. After Lei Guifei was assassinated, she took the initiative to ask Jiang Wuqi to serve her.

For so many years, it can be said that watching Jiang Wuqi grow up day by day.

This highly anticipated royal descendant has endured pains that ordinary people can't imagine, and has talents that ordinary people can't match.

As it is now.

He knows as much information about Xingyueyuan as Jiang Wuqi, but he has no idea about the direction of the war, but Jiang Wuqi can accurately determine when the war will end. .

It is not because of the two camps Heaven's Chosen and the profound understanding of the entire battlefield situation, which is not enough to make such a clear deduction of the battle situation.

"Gu thought that Chen Suan or Chong Xuan would shine in this battle. Didn't expect Jiang Qingyang to come back." Jiang Wuqi said that, paused, and again. Said: "It seems that Yu Hengxing's abnormal movement is also related to him... speaking of which, how did the Bingshitang deal with him when he left the camp?"

"Speaking of which." Feng Gu said.

Jiang Wuqi was silent for a moment, and said: "Presumably, the punishment for Zhuang Country was emphasized in the "Star-Moon Covenant"."

Hearing this, Feng Gu again Turning over the detailed provisions of the "Star-Moon Covenant" on the back page of the letterhead-he knew the previous treaty, so he didn't read it carefully before.

This turned over, suddenly a little stunned. The treaty between the Two Great Overlords countries, and it was a treaty signed after such a war, every word has to be considered repeatedly, and now it has been adjusted for Jiang Wang?

How terrifying is this person's performance on the battlefield?

"Really..." Feng Gu couldn't say for a while.

"This gentleman should be a big help!" Jiang Wuqi sighed, laughed again, and turned his gaze back to the rice paper.

The drop of ink on the tip finally fell, causing ripples in the inkstone pool.

The last few words, he stroked his pen.

Then put the pen, got up, and walked out alone.

Feng Gu Tibu followed, but was stopped by his palm: "For so many years, you have been exhausted. This section of the road, walk alone."

"Your Highness... …" Feng Guli stood there, his vocal cords trembling.

Wrapped in white fox fur, the royal descendant asked with a smile as he walked: "Your Majesty is the son of tomorrow, the god of war is the current Jiahai Jinliang, and Jiang Qingyang is the jade of the future. pillar ……Crown Prince is generous and benevolent, and has the appearance of a king; the third sister is alone and majestic, and the weather is magnificent; the nine brothers are smart and beautiful, and the noble spirit should be star...So lonely? Who is alone?"

He asked and went out without waiting for an answer.

No answer at all.

Feng Gu stood silently in front of the book case with a sad expression.

Great Qi eleven princes, who is it?

He was originally the lord of the Palace of Longevity. When he was the most doted son of today, he acted as grand and magnificent. He was deeply respected by the public. He was recognized by the government and the public as "the most emperor of Xiao Jin", and he was also the most powerful crown prince. Contender.

Because of a case of Zhang Yong's crying shrine, the ruling and the wilds heard noisy overnight.

After Fengxian Zhang Clan became a minister of the restoration of the country, Jiang Wuqi took Zhang Yong and his people into consideration for the reputation of the country. As for the resources of the cultivation technique, it has never been short of a single bit... and it is the result that I got in the end.

How is it not sad to call Feng Gu?

The royal descendant who can say "Towards Great Qi is towards me." Now he asks himself-"Who is alone?"

The sadness in Jiang Wuqi’s words, Why don't you feel sad to call an old man around him like this?

But looking at Jiang Wuqi's back, he can only be silent.

Watching Jiang Wuqi walk out of the palace silently, silently rolling up the handwriting Jiang Wuqi finished, silently like a solitary soul, unbound ghost floating in a huge palace......


From the thirty-ninth year of Yuanfeng, wandering to the present.



The first mountain in Linzi City should be Cloud Mist Mountain.

On the treacherous plank road, the silhouette wrapped in white fox fur approached slowly.

At that time, the sky was light, and even though the mountain was so high, it was not transparent.

The thin silhouette walks in the clouds and fog, although it is getting closer, it feels like it is still far away.

Although Tianxiangyun Pavilion, one of the four famous pavilions in Linzi, is located here, Jiang Wuqi did not come for beauty.

Every time I walk in the morning light, I climb to the top of Cloud Mist Mountain and sit alone in the stone pavilion on the top of the mountain.

A pot of scented tea is hidden in the clouds, sitting in the middle of the day since sunrise.

Since that time with a naked jade in front of the Ziji Hall, he has used it for many days to develop this habit.

It is not so much a kind of enjoyment as it is a kind of self-punishment.

For Jiang Wuqi, who has suffered from the cold from his infancy, it is almost as if he was tortured in the high wind and cold place of this mountain.

In the past, he needed to use these behaviors to show that cold poison would not have any effect on him at all, so as to build confidence for the people of the Longevity Palace. So now that he has fallen out of favor, what is the point of his coming here?

The heart of the emperor, the crown of the prince, can it be sold badly?

People like Jiang Wuqi should not do meaningless things.

Many people will inevitably think--

Is this eleventh prince of the Great Qi Empire cultivation in this cold place?

Or, what clues are you looking for here?

Looking more closely, Cloud Mist Mountain is the place where Zhang Yong has played for Jiang Wuqi for the first time after joining the Changsheng Palace. His opponent at that time was Jiang Qingyang, who is well-known today.

At that time, Jiang Qingyang won the victory with an eight-tone flame bird, but Jiang Wuqi renounced Zhang Yong's defeat. He didn't change his trust, and he was satisfied.

Speaking of which Jiang Wang and Jiang Wuqi both handled it properly at that time and achieved a win-win result.

Who would have thought that it was Zhang Yong that made Jiang Wang suspect of treason. It was Zhang Yong who blocked Jiang Wuqi's Path to Heaven?

The world is unpredictable.

Whether it was Emperor Cui Zhu and Zhang Yong Cry Temple, it happened too suddenly, without warning, and the location was extremely precise. Although the troubles caused by Qi Tianzi was easily wiped out by Qi Tianzi, one thing I have to say is-the power of the equal country, in this eastern hegemony country, lurks deep enough and concealed enough to make these things. major event.

It's a pity that the people who have been stirred into it have been stirred into mud.

Now Jiang Wang has washed away his stigma and shines in the world. And what about his longevity Palace Lord Jiang Wuqi?

The battle of Xingyueyuan, Qi Heaven's Chosen wins the scenery Heaven's Chosen, Qi's future wins the scenery of the future, the great Qi, the prestige is shocked!

While this sincere Great Qi Empire’s flowers are blooming, how does Jiang Wuqi feel walking on the plank road of Cloud Mist Mountain this morning?

Feng Gu is absent today, and there are no other followers.

The powerhouse as clouds in Linzi City, but no one will always monitor every place.

So when a rickety old man came to face him with a stick, it didn't seem to be surprising.

The old man walks very slowly, which can be called faltering.

But staggering like him, being able to walk on this shaky plank road is a very awkward thing.

Jiang Wuqi didn't seem to feel awkward, so he moved on.

This time is too early, and there is no third person on the plank road.

People who spend the night on Cloud Mist Mountain will all be on the soft couch of Tianxiang Cloud Pavilion.

For a time only the mountain breeze, the unstoppable cough, and the sound of crutches knocking on the plank road——


"cough cough cough..."

"Tuk tuk..."

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