Red Heart Survey Chapter 1370

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Qiao Er walked slowly on the plank road. This plank road dangling in the clouds gave him a trance of swinging in his childhood.

He has been buried under his previous name.

The reason why he is called "Bridge Two" is because when he woke up, he was hanging under the second bridge hole in his hometown... so he escaped the massacre.

The past has nothing to say, nothing more than hate.

He has been living in Linzi for a long time, most of the time he lives normally, and occasionally comes out to do some things.

For example, recording some information, such as spreading some rumors, for example, killing a few people...

In this sinful city made of bones and poured in blood, there are still some with him The same person. Of course he didn't know who those people were, nor did those people know him. The only thing they can confirm is that they are not alone.

Because there is always information transmission.

In the heart of the Great Empire, they are also secretly building their "homeland".

Of course, the information has also been interrupted, and it is not uncommon. It happened when Emperor Cui Zhu stabs Emperor Cui Zhu, Zhang Yong Cry Temple, and Xia Country to sell the top of the organization.

What they want to challenge is the existing order of this world. Every one of them knows how powerful the enemy they face is. During this period of time against Qi State, but Qi State is only one of the enemies.

What kind of difficulties will be encountered.

No difficulty can stop them.

The interrupted information transfer is always connected again soon.

Especially his line, Zhaowang, one of the highest leaders of the organization, personally came to Linzi to pick it up-what courage is this?

Why can they do so many things? Why are they not afraid of sacrifice from the bottom to the top?

Because of the same ideal, shining ahead.

Qiao Er has always been cautious. He is not afraid of sacrifice, but he is afraid that his sacrifice is meaningless. I am afraid that my own body will not be an ideal firewood.

How happy is life, and how afraid is death? Only with the light of ideals can we comfort the past.

The last action was in Shaoguangfang. It was meant to kill a young Heaven's Chosen, stir up Xie Huai'an's emotions, create waves, weave frenzy... because of Jiang Wang's appearance.

It’s not that he didn’t have the ability to kill both Xie Baoshu and Jiang Wang at the same time. He just couldn’t ensure that during the process, the other party wouldn’t be able to make any movement... Jiang Wang’s ability to control the sound is in Cui Zhu The Assassin’s case has been clearly demonstrated.

And Zhao Wang specially emphasized last time that Jiang Wang can be the target, but it is better not to kill Jiang Wang.

Just a little bit of uncertainty, Qiao Er chose to stop and leave, and has been silent until today.

He is not afraid of death, but that incident, the young Heaven's Chosen named Xie Baoshu, is not worth his risk.

It is obvious... Jiang Wuqi is worth it.

The assassination of a Palace Lord in Linzi is really incredible.

Because of the incredible, not many people dare to think in this direction.

Because of its impossible, once it succeeds, the impact it can have is huge enough. Even if you can capture the person alive and take them away...the benefits are hard to calculate.

It is definitely worth the risk.

This organization does not mind paying more.

Of the four houses of Changle, Changsheng, Huaying, and Yangxin, currently only the Changsheng Palace has some possibilities.

Since Jiang Wuqi was naked in front of the Ziji Hall, Qi Tianzi never called the prince again. How close was once, how sparse now.

The government and the public know that the eleven princes have lost power, quite as if the tree falls, the monkeys scatter.

The civil and military officials who were close to the Changsheng Palace in the past have been unusually low-key during this period.

Jiang Wuqi himself is also light and simple, and never shows off. Except for watching the sunrise at Cloud Mist Mountain every day, most of the time, the palace gate is closed, saying that it is self-cultivation and no foreign visitors.

Today is a great opportunity.

According to the latest information, the Xingyueyuan war is over, and the Qi State Heaven's Chosen will soon return with honour. The entire empire’s eyes are on them. It is inevitable that you will relax your gaze on other places. .

Cloud Mist Mountain is remote after all. Even after the infernal assassination incident, the defense of Linzi City is much stricter than before. It is not so easy to detect abnormalities here in time... Moreover, they have made enough preparations for this trip.

Take a step back and say, even if something goes wrong, with his strength, he still has time to kill Jiang Wuqi in the inner palace before Linzi powerhouse arrives.

If he could use his life to replace Jiang Shu's favorite son, what's not worth it?

Thinking that he has the opportunity to make an emperor like Jiang Shu suffer, Qiao Er feels excited.

A small win against Jingguo, Qi State is now unprecedentedly inflated, do you think the world is submissive?

It's time to pour cold water on them...

Thinking about this, Qiao Er raised his eyes and looked towards the sick prince in front of him, and slowly straightened up his waist. The rickety figure gradually became stiff, and a strand of cold light jumped between his fingers.

He walked on the cloud-covered plank road, like a hunter, walking towards his trap. And in the trap, it is today's harvest.

To his surprise, Jiang Wuqi was very calm.

Too calm.

Qiao Er is sure that his changes are all seen in the eyes of the other party, and Jiang Wuqi is not distracted.

But the eleventh prince of Great Qi was so calm.

Don't talk about running away or calling for help, I don't even mean to slow down a bit. It is still so directly oncoming.

Is there an ambush?

Qiao Er's emotions were upset.

No. If there is an ambush here, that...impossible is unaware.

Spiritual Consciousness paved the plank road in an instant, and indeed never saw anyone.

Thinking is no good, you must ask the tip of the knife for everything.

The bridge two walked faster and faster, and the breath of God’s powerhouse began to flourish: "His Royal Highness, for your safety, come with me, how about?"

Like snow, the white fox fur is also like snow, and the pale on his face does not lose the color of snow.

The eleventh prince of Great Qi, who is so sick and weak, walks on the swaying plank road, quietly feeling the breath of a god who is facing the powerhouse gradually awakening...

Suddenly sighed: "I've been waiting for you for too long!"

What do you mean?

Qiao Er only realized one thing at this time-I don't know when, the royal descendant in front of him no longer coughs.

And his thin figure walking on the plank road in the clouds, there is a kind of calmness in controlling everything.

Is this a trap?

Who dares to use Jiang Wuqi as bait? !

How does he protect his own safety?

Thousands of thoughts popped up in my mind. Of course, a character like Hashiji can also trace its origin in the mist. With a very decisive flick of his finger, the cold light that has been around the finger for a long time has been shot out in an instant!

He shot first! With the cultivation base of God's presence, facing an inner cultivator, he did not reserve.

The clouds no longer move, the fog no longer surges, the wind no longer comes, the plank road no longer shakes, and there is no longer a distance between him and Jiang Wuqi.

Cloud Mist Mountain seemed to be silent for a moment.

The cold light is already present.

The trail of cold light actually created an abrupt void between Qiao Er and Jiang Wuqi. Start here, end there.

The so-called divine presence, Spiritual Consciousness is shrouded in scope, like a god!

"The thief, you dare!" A sharp voice rang out quickly, approaching quickly.

Jiang Wuqi is the Longevity Palace Lord after all, no matter how much he loses his power, he is also the key target of Linzi's defense forces. So the Cloud Mist Mountain plank road has just changed, and immediately there is a powerhouse patrolling the nearby area.

But...impossible too late.

At this moment, it is absolutely impossible to take people away. For Qiao Er, the best results may have been lost, but the second best results are just around the corner. Killing the inner palace with a god, but in a blink of an eye.

The cold light belonging to the cultivator of the gods, appeared so clearly in Jiang Wuqi's eyes. And the voice of the swiftly rushing Shen Lin Qingpai was still very far away.

It seems that his life is always in an extremely painful contradiction, and the future is desperate.

Who can feel his Jiang Wuqi's despair?

This cold light in my eyes seems to spread endlessly.

The picture from a long time seems to be in this morning light, and it seems that it is also so cold--

"His Royal Highness, from now on, you can no longer cultivation. "The person who spoke was the old doctor Wen from the hospital. Looking at the entire Great Qi, no one dared to say that he could beat him in medical skills. So his diagnosis is usually the final result.

The young prince only asked: "Why?"

"You have a cold toxin and increase with age. The higher the cultivation base, the more severe the cold. The more intense it is, It’s getting closer to death. Now it seems that the inner palace... is the limit."

"How about the Liwailou?"

"When the starlight body tempering, the cold toxin is emitted. At that time. Broken blood and frozen life, there will be no luck."

"If you are alone with a golden body and chalcedony, what about it?"

"If you are a god, so will the chalcedony It is the cold soul. Unless one step is to penetrate the truth, to observe the universe outside, to understand the body inside, and to penetrate the truth, then one can cut the cold poison by oneself and seek longevity."

"The lonely step will penetrate the truth."

"The veteran has something to say, I don’t know if it’s inappropriate to say it..."

"Sir, it’s impossible to say it?"

"If you don’t say it, it’s impossible Hope, the chance of success is very small. If you don’t go to the outer building, how can you be there? How can you be true if you don’t have a presence? Manpower is sometimes poor. This fact is difficult!"

Those who have studied through hundreds of schools, touched the extraordinary, and have a great step. Is it true that the legend is absurd?"

"This...this thing is seen in historical books, it should be there."

" Since the predecessors can take one step with a mortal body, I, Jiang Wuqi, why cannot one step be true?"

At that time, the old lady Wen bowed his head and said nothing, and the Imperial Father...

What did the Imperial Father say?

I remember...

Imperial Father said--

"Okay! It's Zhen Liner! Those who can do what an adult can't do, must build a place for people. Unattainable industry!"


The memories come to an abrupt end here.

Because of that cold light, it is already close to the center of the eyebrows.

The complexion pale Jiang Wuqi, wrapped in heavy fox fur, took a step forward.

This step, the world is very different!

Four points of light lit up in the sky, and the distant star dome instantly formed four star towers.

Jiang Wuqi's hair and eyebrows were frosty.

With him as the center, the temperature is terrifying within three steps.

Even the cold light that hits seems to be slowed down.

Even a pair of his eyes suddenly formed icy edges, reflecting the stream of light flying around.

But at the next moment, the ice ridges shattered, and the frost on the eyebrows and long hair disappeared in the scorching sun.

He lifted his palm and placed it diagonally in front of his forehead, and the cold light that struck him was enveloped in the palm of his hand. Jumping between the pale and lanky five fingers, clearly screaming, with terrifying power, but like a bird in a cage, unable to get off.

Qiao Er stood in front of the sickly prince...

What I heard in my ear, it seemed that the tide had arrived. That is his blood rushing like a river!

What you see in your eyes, there is a golden light looming in the eyebrows, hair and skin, that is the golden body of the powerhouse of God!

In front of his eyes, Jiang Wuqi has a step forward!

The four realms of the outer building seemed to have never existed. The star building has just been erected and it has become history. The longevity moat from the outer building to Shenlin seemed to be just a small ditch, worthy of him Jiang Wuqi, taking such a small step forward.

Before one step, he was still in the inner palace, and after one step, he was already present.

And he suppressed his Life Source Magical Artifact as soon as he raised his hand!

What kind of talent is this, what kind of monster is this?

This person is immortal. What will happen to Nezi in the next 100 years?

There was shock from this, and fear from this.

Qiao Er had longed to die, and he had no hesitation at this time, his body suddenly began to disintegrate!

His imposing manner rises infinitely, and the overflowing power stirs the sea of ​​clouds. Obviously his body is constantly disappearing, but gradually he has a horrible feeling of invading the sky and the earth.

Cui Zhu demonstrated once before the Supreme Temple, and later Zhang Yong used the technique of destruction in the Jiuhui Hou Ling Temple again...!

The desperate secret technique unique to the equal country.

Only organizations like the Equal Nation have so many people who are willing to fight for their lives with this horrible secret technique. Kill yourself first, and then achieve the task!

A cultivator such as Qiao II has a life span of more than five hundred, and has infinitely beautiful possibilities. It can be reused in any force. It can be used to destroy and transform, and there is no wave of wavering.

whiz whiz whiz!

On Cloud Mist Mountain, there are silhouettes of cultivators lifting off everywhere.

The horrible power fluctuations on the plank road stirred up the great bursts of Cloud Mist Mountain's stress, alarmed the extraordinary cultivator of Tianxiang Cloud Pavilion, and also alarmed the "benefits" with extraordinary powers.

But among these people, none of them can interfere in the battle of the gods.

"His Royal Highness Eleven!"

"Who would dare to commit crimes in Linzi?!"

The anger continued to sound, but none of them were killed in the near future. . A god facing cultivator in a state of destruction, who is in the way is not dead?

Only Jiang Wuqi stepped forward and blocked the bridge's two blows, gaining time for the powerhouse patrolling the nearby area.

"His Royal Highness and retreat, this Li is here!"

Grade 3 Green Constable, the cultivator who has just eluted the suspicion of God Immersion cultivator feels guilty!

At this time, from far to near, the eyes opened, and it was like a fright.

In front of Jiang Wuqi, from his legs up, the powerful body of a god-immersive cultivator disintegrated inch by inch on the plank road in the clouds.

The calves, knees, thighs, hips... the body has shrunk inch by inch, but the imposing manner of Qiaoji has risen inch by inch. He clasped his fingers together in front of him, and the final blow of his life was bound to be brilliant.

At such a moment, Jiang Wuqi took action.

His slender and pale five fingers clasped together, and the cold light that was pulsating in that palm was already extinguished.

That should be a dagger, but it was a pity that it had already turned into powder, floating in Jiang Wuqi's open palm.

Jiang Wuqi's hands are closed and opened, like the process of a flower blooming...

At the same time, it opened with an illusory mountain. Clouds and mists, plank roads winding mountains, exquisite pavilions... it is Cloud Mist Mountain!

The plank road suddenly enlarged, revealing a sickly man wrapped in white fox fur, and the opposite bridge two whose body is still rapidly disintegrating, showing that it is flying in the sky and is already open. The purpose of the green brand Constable is very guilty.

This is indeed blooming.

The seed of divine ability that had to stop due to cold toxins has now blossomed after Jiang Wuqi stepped forward!

And the long-lived Palace Lord, who has always been sick and weak, only flipped his hand. The plank road in the cloud, the god of equality on the plank road, and the powerhouse, the green brand Constable who has flown near, feel very guilty. All disappeared.

divine ability, Heaven and Earth in the Palm!

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