Red Heart Survey Chapter 1371

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Standing in the clouds and fog, the white fox fur is piled up like piles of snow.

Jiang Wuqi's face has a trace of moisturizing that was rare in the past. His noble and cold eyes lightly swept across the square, as if looking around his mountains, rivers and earth.

"An equal country conspiracy to conspiracy to be lonely, lonely and punish it!"

The words are like a silver bottle bursting, like knives and guns.

He whispered in a long voice: "Who else is coming?"

He was talking about this time, not just this time.

Zhang Yongcry Temple is a conspiracy to slander the emperor's name in the Pingguo State. He was implicated in it, and it was unsettling. His foundation lies in the court, and it lies in the favor of the emperor. Losing the emperor's heart is almost equal to losing everything.

And today is his Jiang Wuqi's counterattack!

At this time, there is no sound from the four fields, and the clouds stop and the wind is quiet.

He flipped his palm to suppress the power and prestige of the two gods, as if even this Cloud Mist Mountain was also intimidated.

"His Royal Highness, hurt me by mistake!" A guilty voice rang in his palm.

Jiang Wuqi didn't say a word, stepping on the clouds, turned around and walked down the mountain.

The powerhouse of the equal country chose to carry out the assassination today. How could he be innocent if he "just happens" rotates in the nearby area and feels guilty?

Even the record of Li Yougui's adjustment of the rotation area is already in Jiang Wuqi's hands.

Of course, Li Yougui can have many reasonable explanations...

But he didn't listen.

He Jiang Wuqi uses his body as a bait, and of course there are more than these people who want to fish. This line will spread throughout Qi State...The Changsheng Palace is ready for today!

Only here at Cloud Mist Mountain at this time, there are only these gains.

After all, what he has always exposed is the cultivation base of the inner palace. Even if you are the Longevity Palace Lord, the fish that can be caught directly can only be at this level. What a big hook, and what a big fish.

So he turned around.

The plank road under my feet is empty, and the bridge two of the gods and the guilty of the gods are both suppressed.

At the beginning of the morning sun, the halo was in the sky, and I looked at the beautiful young people in shame.

The royal descendant, dressed in white fox fur, set off in the air, and the clouds and mist diverted him.

Heaven on Earth is hard to see again.

All the extraordinary cultivators who witnessed this scene on Cloud Mist Mountain are all speechless!

Everyone knows that Jiang Wuqi, the eleventh prince of Great Qi, is a peerless posture. With the unimaginable perseverance and talent of ordinary people, he has come to the present Longevity Palace under the restriction of Innate, who is cold and poisonous. Lord's position.

The world does not know that Jiang Wuqi is a genius!

One step from the inner palace to the gods, as soon as you enter the gods, you can easily one against two, turn your palms to suppress the two gods and powerhouses!

Is this really human resources?



The same morning light fell on different places in Linzi.

It has awakened some people’s shallow dreams and soothed some lost hearts.

Since the scenery is similar, the people are different.

Xiu’s family is the most impressive house in Jinxianfang.

It's still the quiet room, still the pot of tea.

Yan Tu and Xiuyuan are still sitting opposite each other.

The same origin, the same shocking and stunning, the same entry into the military, the same level of prosperity.

These two military commanders with similar life experiences have established an enviable friendship early on. After a handful of calculations, the years are hard to calculate.

Their tacit understanding can be compared to others, and they speak more openly in private than with others.

But today is actually a long silence.

Until a cry of sale two blocks away——


Although it is so far away, but this as it should be by rights heard by Yan Tu.

He picked up the teacup and drank the cow.


The teacup sits on the table.

"Stop drinking, take a pent-up frustration!"

Yan Qidao stood up: "Go!"

While Xiuyuan is still upright The site sat there, looking down at the teacup. In the white moiré teacup, an upright tea leaf looks like a branch blooming, floating in the boiling water like a dance.

He seems to be staring at it to sink, but this tea leaf never exists.

"The action failed, right?" Xiu Yuan asked.

Yan Tu who had walked to the door suddenly turned around: "What do you mean?"

Xiu Yuan gently turned the rim of the cup with his thumb and index finger: "I have been thinking, Why do I value Cui Zhu so much? Before the Master's ceremony, why did he do everything to my liking? He was obviously not such a person, but he seemed to have cast such a person in exactly the mold I admire."

He didn't look up, but asked: "Can you tell me the answer, Brother Yan?"

Yan Tu lowered his face: "We have been friends for so many years, do you doubt me?"

"Yes... our friends for so many years." Xiu Yuan sighed: "With your help, Cui Zhu would certainly be able to do what I like. Because of the friendship with me, you can also give him guidance. No one can think about anything. It just so happens that the Rain Slashing Army is taking turns in Gyeonggi, so even if the Xia Country sends high-level figures from the Ping An Country, the clues are quickly cut off. The Beiya united with the Rain Slashing Army to lead the whole city, and they caught all of them. These are characters that are not painful and not itchy..."

"Break like this, I can break out hundreds of different people, don't you think it is far-fetched?" Yan Tu was furious: "Xiuyuan, is your mind locked up!"

"Fetched?" Xiuyuan finally raised his head to look at him, his eyes were very strange: "I just feel sad. We have been friends for so many years, you always Do you wear a mask to me? Even when I am already in prison, you still have to use me to wash away the suspicion. Although the rain-slashing army is taking turns in Gyeonggi, the commander-in-chief of the rain-slashing army was drinking tea at our house when an accident happened. Well! Do you think it’s appropriate, Brother Yan?"

"I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I don’t know who you are bewitched. But Xiuyuan, you disappointed me too much today! We several Is the relationship of decades used to make you suspicious?" Yan Tu turned around sadly: "Come and calm down!"

"I am calm, but you are not calm enough." Xiu Yuan is cold. He said: "You have been messed up."

Yan Tu stood still, took a deep breath, and pointed, the strong skirt was cut off by him.


It hits the ground, making the sound of gold and iron.

"Since you have never trusted me, it's okay for this friend not to do it!"

Xiu Yuan looked at his particularly heavy back and couldn't help shook the head and laughed at himself. He smiled: "Your Majesty said you are crude in most matters, but subtle in some, you are more than crude in most matters, but subtle in some. It's like'face like Iron Pagoda, inside carved beasts and horses.' Even at this moment, When I saw your performance, I doubted myself for a moment. Yan Tu, Yan Tu, if it weren’t for your Highness’s reminder, I wouldn’t be aware of it. I Xiuyuan lost you Yan Tu by more than one!"

In the years when they were good friends, whether it was drinking, performing military exercises, or fighting, Xiu Yuan never refused to lose, and always fought for priority.

The one sentence he said the most is--

Far distance, far distance, with the word "far" at the front and the word "tu" at the back.

Today he reports that he is not as good as he is. What is not as good is naturally this temperament which uses several decades of friendship as a bargaining chip.

So his laughter is so bleak.

"Unreasonable!" Yan Tu's face sank like water, and he immediately left.


Suddenly Xiu Yuan shouted behind him, every word, every tone was exactly the same as the voice two blocks away .

In other words, Xiu Yuan heard it too.

In other words, the seal on Xiuyuan's body...has already been unlocked.

This is a game, a game specifically for him!

The danger signal exploded in my heart, and Yan Tu quickly realized where the problem was.

Xiu Yuan said that it was the eleventh prince who reminded him, and he only began to notice something was wrong.

That means that everything that happened today is under Jiang Wuqi's control. This opportunity to assassinate Jiang Wuqi was given by Jiang Wuqi himself.

They had the idea of ​​assassinating Jiang Wuqi, and they were already stuck in the game.

Grasp the whereabouts of Jiang Wuqi, understand the defense situation of Jangsheng Palace, adjust the power to make a seemingly natural cooperation for this operation, and react from the green brand Constable to the army on duty in Gyeonggi... All these actions, they can indeed do very concealed. Organizations have always been cautious, and leave no traces.

But if this process is closely watched by a pair of eyes, there will be weak spots everywhere!

A very ruthless person.

Ping Ping Nation implicated Jiang Wuqi in the case of Zhang Yongcry Temple. Jiang Wuqi changed hands and used his body as bait to pull up by the roots of Ping Ping Nation's arrangement in Qi State!

Yan Tu is very sure that there is no ambush at Cloud Mist Mountain. As a high-level officer of the Great Qi Military Academy and presiding over the garrison of the entire Gyeonggi region, what big moves can be hidden from him?

Jiang Wuqi is really throwing himself into the dead, so that he can really catch the big fish.

Otherwise, he would not agree to this action, nor would King Zhao, who is temporarily in charge of Eastern Region affairs, approve it.

Cloud Mist Mountain... How did it fail?

A godlike Qiao Er was responsible for the attack, and a godlike Li Yougui helped to control the field and block the rescue as a green card. It is very difficult to catch Jiang Wuqi and leave, and kill an inner palace. It should be foolproof.

Is there any daoist who was not in Linzi before lurking to shoot? Is there even a true monarch watching over there?

Why, as the commander-in-chief of the nine pawns garrisoned in Gyeonggi, did not hear the slightest noise?

Is it true that, as Xiu Yuan said, he has been suspected beforehand?

These all are issues that Yan Tu must think about. Only when he thinks clearly can he make fewer mistakes in the next response.

Of course, by now, there are not many choices before him.

Yan Tu stepped out quietly, and did not respond to Xiuyuan's voice. He only said: "The surname Xiu, you and I are absolutely righteous today, and I will do my best in the future!"

But his army boots stopped after only one step.

Because in front of him, a white lantern pierced through the space and came out horizontally.

"General Yan, please hold your steps." said the blind old man standing in front of him.

Obviously, her figure is rickety, but it seems to be full of heaven and earth. Obviously trembling, but like a deep sea like a sea.

Directly obey the emperor's bidding!

The chief inspector of the function will eliminate all evil spirits.

Suddenly facing this blind old man, few people in Qi State can not be frightened.

But Yan Tu took a step forward, imposing manner: "I am the commander-in-chief of the nine pawns. I have fought for the country all my life, and I am listed in the Great Qi Military Academy! Do you guys dare to take me for no reason?"

The old man holding the white paper lantern slowly said: "Then the old man told you to know it."

"The man who sharpened the scissors is normal, he just last night Had a dream. That dream affected him. When he passed by the fried dough stick stall, he saw three fried dough sticks or five fried fried dough sticks. The cries had different speed and focus.

Selling fried dough sticks People are also normal, but at that time, a person happened to pass by and bought a lot of fried dough sticks, leaving only three on his shelf.

The person who bought fried dough sticks was also very normal. Someone gave her. A saber money, it happened that she bought so much. But after she bought the fried dough sticks, she went to the person who asked her to help, that person was gone.

Our clues were also broken in this link, no Finding the person who gave her the knife... is a very cautious organization."

"It sounds complicated." Yan Tu said: "But what does it have to do with me?"

The blind old man asked: "You said so much time and effort, what message do they want to convey? What does that scream mean?"

Yan Tu Fu said: "How do I know? "

"We don't know what it stands for, but what is certain is that it must have its meaning, and it is definitely not ordinary."

The blind old man said in a hurry: "With the person sharpening the scissors as the center, we surveyed everyone in the three blocks nearby. Sorted by the cultivation base, there were only 471 people who could just hear that voice during that time period..."

Yan Tu looked at the blind old man holding a white paper lantern in his hand, and he felt that it looked like a precarious Soul Evocation flag, swaying in his eyes.

And the voice of the old man in my ears continues to ring--

"As you think, we checked all these 471 people in detail. Up to this moment, only three people have failed to rule out the suspicion, and you, General Yan, are one of them."

Yan Tu shook the head, expressing his admiration: "It's a wonderful process."

"His Royal Highness on the Eleventh has a sentence, and I believe it-'In the face of the stupidest methods, the smartest people can't hide. Because smart people are only used to dealing with smart people.'" The blind old man said: "So we used this stupid method to find you, a smart man."

"To be honest, your guess is wonderful, and His Royal Highness Eleven is also very smart. But do you take it for granted? Some?" Yan Tu sullenly said angrily: "A scissor sharpener had a strange dream and slightly changed his tone of hawking. It's just because this General cultivation base is so extraordinary that it can be heard from such a distance, diignified. A nine-pawn commander is suspected of colluding with an equal country? It’s simply unimaginable and laughable!"

"Don’t you understand? You are not suspected because of this. But ten. His Royal Highness has been suspicious of you for a long time, and you have verified your suspicion through today's incident! Don't be afraid to talk to you. Since the crying temple case, His Royal Highness Eleven has been investigating your organization, and you are only one of the objects of suspicion. General Yan, I’m not responsible for solving puzzles. If you have any questions, you might as well leave it to Heavenly Prison to ask.”

The blind old man said, turning around and walking forward: “Come with me. Don't waste any more time."

There was a wall in front of him, but he walked into the wall like that.

It seems to have walked from one world to another. It seems that Yan Tu is not afraid of running away at all.

Yan Tu did not choose to escape, but finally could not say anything to excuse.

At least at this moment, there is no reason to argue with this blind old man. It's better to think about how to prosecute yourself in front of the emperor.

There is no way to escape. Since the blind old man appears in person, it is useless to resist. Although the Rain Slashing Army under his command is now taking turns in Gyeonggi, it is not enough to become a reliance at such a moment.

Qi Ting allows each family to establish clan soldiers within a certain range, each county has great autonomy, and the sects in the territory also have freedom under the constraints of uniform laws.

Only the supreme power of the nine pawns is firmly grasped by Qi Ting.

The nine-star elites are the nine-stars of Qi, not the nine-stars of a certain family.

If Chongxuan Chu Liang mobilized the Autumn Killer Army, the Imperial Court also needed to issue tiger charms.

If the spring dead army is in the hands of Cao Ji, Jiang Mengxiong also said that he was mobilized in the earlier battle at the sword edge mountain.

In the final analysis, the nine pawns are loyal to Qi. Not a commander.

In the absence of Qi Ting's orders, he, the commander of the Rain Slashing Army, can mobilize no more than a thousand soldiers.

Yan Tu never thought that he would be confirmed because of an extremely clever information transmission. In order to confirm his suspicion, the caller actually investigated everyone in the three blocks nearby at once!

Originally, the success or failure of Cloud Mist Mountain's operation will not affect him.

When did Jiang Wuqi discover it?

Yan Tu thought for a while, then stopped thinking about it, and moved forward.

The past is so wind and rain, he has no regrets in his heart.

It's just that he doesn't know why. At this moment, the first picture that came to mind was the rainy night 76 years ago.

That dense and sorrowful rain...

At that time, Qi State was not the overlord of the Eastern Regions, and even Jiang Shu had not yet ascended the throne. He just fought on the battlefield as the Crown Prince, but Begin to show majestic appearance. As a core member of the equal country, he joined Qi State in conquering the Eastern Regions.

It was a difficult rainy night. He was beaten to abandon his armor and separated his army. In a cave, I encountered Xiu Yuan who also described the embarrassment.

Two very nervous people met for the first time. They greeted each other with swords and guns, and fought each other with their wounded bodies. In the process of life and death battle, they learned about each other's identity, turn hostility into friendship.

The two hid in that cave for five days, and the rain did not stop for five days.

Until one day, they heard a very bright bird cry, and when they walked out of the cave, it was raining and sunny.

He didn't know the bird named "Negative Rain" a long time later.

According to the records of Alien Beasts: There is a bird named "Negative Rain" with three colors of feathers and a wing length of nine feet. The wind blows, and the rain flies. When this bird crowed, the clouds scattered and the rain closed.

He also told Xiu Yuan about this matter, but Xiu Yuan did not say that he called outside the cave that day, it was just a sparrow...

The wall in front of him seemed to Blocked everything. I can't see the way forward, and I can't find the memories.

Before stepping in, Yan Tu sighed: "The empty valley bears rain, can you smell it again?"

Then he stepped out and disappeared in Xiu's house.

Behind him, there was no response.

Since the leader of the shifter appeared, Xiu Yuan didn't say a word anymore, but slowly turned the teacup in his hand, silently watching the confrontation between the two.

Until this moment, he turned his gaze, looked towards the piece of skirt armor lying on the ground, silent for a long time.

Others cut off their robe, and Yan Tu cut off his armor.

Xiuyuan shook the head.

He didn't know how many times he had rejected Yan Tu's cow chewing peony, but at this time he also toasted and drank the fine Peerless Grade tea.



Ziji Temple.

The court meeting has ended, and all the civil and military officials have retired.

Qi Tianzi is still in the temple.

Above the tall Danbi is the huge and gorgeous Dragon Throne.

The majestic great hall is empty.

It is rare for the Emperor Great Qi today to not review the memorials, and do nothing else, just sit there.

For a long time, I sighed: "Is I sitting too high?"

The one serving at this moment, of course, can only be Han Ling.

He didn't answer the conversation, because the emperor didn't need any answer.

Pap, pap.

The sound of footsteps rang outside the Ziji Hall, on the huge white stone square.

In fact, it is not heavy, but in their ears, it is very clear.

The emperor supported the handrail, stood up, and walked towards His Majesty Dan.

The dragon boots are firm and powerful when they touch the ground.

The emperor walked very slowly, because each step carried the weight of Sheji.

The footsteps outside the hall are very gentle and regular.

Within the scope of "li", do not slow down.

When Qi Tianzi finally walked down to Dan, he stood in the palace of the Ziji Hall, standing at the front of the normally courtiers lineup.

The thin silhouette wrapped in the white fox fur also stood in the huge portal of the Ziji Hall.

The huge portal like the sky's fault is becoming thinner and thinner.

In the morning light falling behind him, people are like snow, Qiu is like snow.

Bring a chill of freezing and murderous heart.

"Children, knock on the Imperial Father!"

Jiang Wuqi pushed the Jinshan, down the jade pillar, and bowed down in the majestic Ziji Temple.

He could have gone to the emperor's bedroom to meet him, but today it is the son who sees his father, and he is also a minister.

So I chose the Ziji Temple.

Qi Tianzi didn't stop his great gift, the bead hanging down from the heavenly crown obscured the emotions of this Great Qi supreme.

But the swaying bead curtain is clearly saying that his mood is not calm.

In the end, the emperor only asked: "Why?"

Jiang Wuqi stood up properly, and now he is standing in front of Emperor Great Qi. Finally, I can use the identity of a son to look up at my father.

This is the special grace of Qi Tianzi.

But he kept his courtesy with his eyes down, and said seriously: "Imperial Father's great cause is imminent, there must be no hidden dangers in the army."

The emperor said: "We There is time..."

Jiang Wuqi said: "Time does not wait for me."

"Wuqi." The emperor only called, and he was silent.

Han Ling, standing behind the emperor, did not say a word, and stood as a silent sculpture, but his face was sad and tears filled his eyes.

Only Jiang Wuqi is smiling.

He smiled, like a snowflake in the Purple Pole Hall.

In his lifetime, there is rarely such a bright, brilliant smile.

Because he was born, he has carried too much. It's a dead end when it's still in its infancy.

In the permafrost of life, where are the flowers blooming?

"Imperial Father, do you believe in children?" Jiang Wuqi asked.

The emperor was silent for a long time, and finally said: "The emperor must not be suspicious."

Jiang Wuqi's pale handsome face still smiled brilliantly: "Now you can I believe the son."

He seems to be the son of Qi Tianzi to remember his brilliant appearance.

So he smiled so brightly.

"I just hope you, trust me."

"Imperial Father, children have never rebelled!"

"Please take that piece The white jade who left, give it back to his son."

"My son has never felt that he is so healthy. This feeling...very good..."

And his smile , It solidified like this.

In the early morning of October, autumn frost formed.

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