Red Heart Survey Chapter 1372

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Jiang Wuqi's life is short.

From that winter night in the 38th year of Yuanfeng to this morning in the 55th year of Yuanfeng.

Holding the sick body for seventeen years.

Qi Tianzi has asked famous doctors all over the world to make great profits. No one thinks that Jiang Wuqi can live beyond ten years old.

And he is seventeen this year.

For the remaining seven years, he alone fought with death, and Heaven and Earth snatched it back one day a day.

The cold toxin started in the womb, and the cultivation base healed. High, the cold becomes more severe.

Cultivation means going to death. Without cultivation, it is waiting to die.

Jiang Wuqi knew very early that fate did not give him more choices.

The two roads going forward are all dead ends.

Every day and every hour of his life, he endured great pain. Every bowl of medicine he drank was miserable, and every treatment he received was tortured.

And he lives stubbornly.

Doctor Wen said that the inner government was already at the limit, and he took a step forward and immediately died of a cold toxin attack.

He just asked, what if I step forward?

Emperor Wen said that entering the outer building will also lead to death and death, but the cave can really cut itself into life and cold poison, but one step of the hole is really impossible.

He just said, then I'll be real.

He drags the cold and poisonous body into his life, to create infinite possibilities.

He endured every moment of pain and wanted to open up the legend of Jiang Wuqi that belonged to him.

What a simple idea it is for a person to live.

But for Jiang Wuqi, what a difficult wish.

Unfortunately, his footsteps have always stopped in this autumn in Yuanfeng's fifty-five years.

He solidified in this majestic and majestic Ziji Temple, in the power center of the Great Qi Empire, silently transformed into an ice sculpture.

How do you evaluate him?

Like his lonely question in the Changsheng Palace--

"Who is alone?"

The Great Qi Emperor is silent.

He raised his hand, seeming to want to touch Jiang Wuqi's cheek, but hovering in the air, he stayed still for a long time.

The majestic and majestic emperor's mian suit, and the snow-white fox fur made of ice, are so silent.

And the hand that could Change the Heaven and Switching the Earth between the palms was finally put down lonely.

From now on, you can't touch it anymore.

Earlier, Jiang Wuqi wore jade naked and knelt in front of the Ziji Temple waiting for the trial. The emperor took the jade from his mouth and forgave him, but also alienated him.

And today, Jiang Wuqi finally asked him for the piece of white jade, to show his innocence, and he found it by himself.

The emperor's crown suit is majestic and luxurious, naturally aloof and remote, and it is visible creeping. The dazzling beads hanging down from the heavenly crown also contain time, hiding all the emotions of the Supreme Eastern Region.

The emperor can't ignore it.

The heart of the emperor cannot be understood clearly.

Heaven's Grace is like a sea, and Heavenly Might is unpredictable.

He Jiang Shu is undoubtedly a qualified emperor.

But Jiang Wuqi finally claimed to be...son.

How did he respond to his son?

This supreme of the Great Qi Empire, just stood in the Ziji Temple for a long time, no one knew what he was thinking.

Until Han Ling endured the grief and spoke softly: "Your Majesty, the two who captured the to deal with it?"

It seemed that Qi Tianzi had woke up.

He turned around and walked up to Dan.

The trajectory of Qizhu in the air is like the last farewell.

And his voice, such as falling from Nine Heavens, so indifferent and remote--

"Knock them."

This King's Landing The hero of the Eastern Territory and the prestigious world, it was not until this time that he finally saw a little emotion.

There is no need for temptation, no intelligence, no negotiation of terms, no need to pursue clues.

As long as they die in the most miserable way.

This is a father, a memorial to his son.

The tall Danbi finally came to the end, Qi Tianzi in the mian suit turned around and sat down on the so noble that words cannot explain Dragon Throne.

The rays of light of the Red Sun Pearl could not penetrate the Pearl, casting a shadow on the face of the emperor.

This Ziji Temple is too tall and the space is wide, and it also makes the people in the palace seem too lonely.



Jiang Wang got the news on Guiqi Road——

Great Qi Eleventh Prince, Longevity Palace Lord Jiang Wuqi, who suffered from cold toxins, stayed in the Ziji Hall, and died at the age of seventeen.

Along with this news, it was Jiang Wuqi who used his body as a bait to wipe out all the spies of the equal country in Qi State.

From the inspection office of the capital to the Imperial City Guard, and then to the rain-slashing army on duty in Gyeonggi...

A total of 23 agents of the equal country have been unearthed!

We must know that the last time Xia Country bundled up the high-level gods of the Pingguo Kingdom and sent it to Qi State, it failed to dig out any important roles.

The 23 people at this time seem to have woven a huge dark web in Qi State. They don't know each other and only act when necessary because of the same goal.

There are many senior officials among them. There are ceremonial doctors who presided over the ceremony, there are Grade 3 green brand Constable from the four major Aristocratic Family. They are very guilty... and there is even Yan Tu, the commander of the rain-cutting army!

The person who commanded this level of the nine pawns turned out to be the top level of the equal country!

This is almost impossible in other dominant countries.

Only Qi State, as the "youngest" hegemony among the top six in the world, has risen too fast and expanded too quickly. In this process, many hidden dangers have been buried.

Qi State's iron hoof traveled all over the Eastern Regions. I don't know how many countries have been conquered and how many talents have been absorbed. While it is rapidly expanding, it has also created too much hatred and buried too much pain.

This is an experience that any hegemony has had, and it needs enough history to digest them.

The current Qi State is obviously too "young".

Like Yan Tu, when Jiang Shu was the Crown Prince, he was already a general who fought for Qi State. If it weren't for showing his feet at this time, who could tell his heart?

But these old acne buried in Qi State's body, at this time, Jiang Wu abandoned his body as a bait, gouged out.

Even if there are some fish that escaped the net, they are only small characters, and it is difficult to pose any threat.

"Why, the news of His Highness the Eleventh seems to touch you a lot?" Chongxuan Sheng asked in the carriage.

The army has been withdrawn from Xingyueyuan one after another, and the army of the country of Xu has returned to the hands of the people of the country of Xu. In addition to Chu Xu Guo Li Shuwen, Heaven's Chosen, who led them to fight, can also let go and rest.

Of course, even though they are all honoured Heaven's Chosen, everyone walks together, but they are not all on the same path. They have a close relationship.

For example, Chong Xuansheng immediately pulled Jiang Wang into his carriage, interrogating all kinds of stories about the world outside the world.

Except for Jiang Wang, who didn't plan to participate in the war in advance, the Heaven's Chosen in Qi State brought their own entourage or clan soldiers, and had guards on the battlefield. It is these people who are now bringing back Qi State. At that time, Chongxuansheng, Yan Fu, and Li Longchuan also gave Jiang Wang a team of personal soldiers. Unfortunately, Jiang Wang Xingye left the field and it was useless.

This time, Heaven's Chosen's own accompanying team formed the team.

In terms of my heart, this Jiang of course wants to sit with brother Yan Xian, but he is not greedy for the enjoyment of top luxury carriages, but is simply "smart and easy to learn" and likes to chat with knowledgeable people !

Furthermore, although Chongxuansheng’s carriage is not bad, there is a Big Fatty on the right and an iron bump on the opposite side, no matter how spacious it is, it is a bit crowded.

Jian Jue has enjoyed a lot of wealth, and when he can avoid suffering, he is no longer willing to suffer...

In the voice of the wheels and wheels, Chong Xuansheng continued: " I remember that he also targeted you in Cloud Mist Mountain."

"It's not against me. He maintained the decent Imperial Family at the time. Besides..." Jiang Wang turned his head and looked towards Out of the car window.

The news of the death of the eleventh prince, Chongxuan Sheng was also known through emergency channels, and it is not well known now. The returning team will still be immersed in the joy of Xingyueyuan's big victory, and most of the people are looking forward to the reward after returning home.

He sighed: "For a person like His Royal Highness Eleven, even if he is standing on the opposite side, it is difficult for people to feel disgusted."

Chong Xuan Sheng thought for a while. nodded and said: "It's impossible not to admit it."

"speaking of which..." Jiang Wang said: "The Yellow River will return. After the Supreme Temple present, the Eleventh His Royal Highness once called alone. Me."

"I know about this." Chong Xuan Sheng said without thinking: "Have you not been recruited by your Highnesses?"

Jiang Wang shook the head "The eleventh prince summoned me, not to solicit, but to discuss with me."

Chong Xuansheng went straight to the fourteenth in a crooked sitting posture, although the straight is fat. Yitan, after all, showed a serious attitude: "to discuss with you?"

"Yes." Jiang Wang said: "He said he wanted to see who is the best in the world. "

"This is not like what he would say..." Chong Xuan Sheng said: "It seems that you have won."

Jiang Wang glanced at him: "Yes. Am I so confident?"

Chong Xuan Sheng said: "With your personality, if you lose, it must be sorry for the name of the first inner palace in history."

"After Broken Soul Gorge, of course I am confident that there is nothing right in the inner palace. But at that time..." Jiang Wang said regretfully: "In the case of life and death, I am undefeated, but I can't beat him."

Chongxuan Sheng emotionally said: "Can he really compete with the leader in the inner palace?"

"He may be stronger than you think." Jiang Wang said.

Chong Xuan Sheng understood a little: "His Royal Highness Eleven is indeed a person who makes people feel regretful. His pattern often makes people ignore his age. I really did not expect that he would also have When you don’t know how to adjust... Hey, I made a special trip to fight with you and ask who is the best in the world."

Challenging Heaven's Chosen in the same realm to prove the courage of a man. It really doesn’t seem like What Jiang Wuqi would do.

With his pattern and mind, he should focus on the general trend of the world.

Even Jiang Wang himself, when he went to the Longevity Palace, was actually prepared to refuse to solicit, and wanted to make it clear to Jiang Wuqi. What didn't expect ushered in was a Peak duel.

Jiang Wuqi turned around in his palms, leaving him with an extremely deep impression. Jiang Wuqi broke through the world of fire like a bull, and also opened up ideas for him to further improve the art of fire.

Now that I think about it...

Is it that time, the young eleventh prince, had already decided to use the body as bait?

Chong Xuansheng said that Jiang Wuqi’s rarely seen "unfocused" on Jiang Wuqi was his last youthful spirit...

"I heard that he was a step god in Cloud Mist Mountain Now, turn the palms to subdue the two gods cultivator. I want to know if he is not ill, when he is in his heyday, can he compete with the Peak state of my inner palace......"

Jiang Wang shook the head: "Unfortunately, there will never be an answer."

If Guan Yan failed to achieve Star Monarch, the first monk in the Floating Buddhist Temple's five-hundred-year perception, it is just a lost story. .

Jiang Wuqi is withered now, and not many people know that he also had the opportunity to compete for invincibility in the inner palace.

How many heroes from ancient times are the dust of history!

It is regrettable and memory.

A noise came from outside the carriage. Jiang Wang looked at it and found that the team was unconsciously about to leave Xu Country, and the army of Xu Country was continuously dispersing.

Not long after, a tall and thin youngster with gentle brows and eyes approached this carriage, with a sincere face on his face. He bowed his hand and said: "There is a boundary monument in front of me. I will send you a thousand miles away, and you will have to say goodbye. On the battlefield The friendship of side by side, the book will be unforgettable in this life. I hope Brother Jiang and Brother Xuan will go to a meteoric rise and show their ambitions!"

The visitor is Li Shuwen of Heaven's Chosen from Xuguo.

Looking at his appearance, it should be a carriage and a carriage came to visit him.

Not far behind him, the cold-faced woman riding a horse is Mrs. Xidu, the powerhouse of Xu Guo.

"Being in the Eastern Territory, there will be a later meeting." Jiang Wang returned the gift very seriously: "I also wish Brother Li peace and happiness, and all things go well."

Mrs. Xidu Stopping the horse not far away is actually a kind of support for Li Shuwen. It was probably because he was worried that Li Shuwen would come to visit by himself and would not be treated with respect.

However, as a high-level powerhouse and Xu Guo, she was impossible to knock the carriage one by one to say goodbye to the young Heaven's Chosen of Qi State. Therefore, such a situation has formed, and some small countries are cautiously sad.

They have to express their respect for Qi State while retaining their self-esteem as much as possible. This is not easy to handle.

After Jiang Wang and Li Shuwen exchanged greetings, they just bowed their hands to Mrs. Xidu from a distance, and did not say much.

Mrs. Xidu nodded slightly, which was regarded as a courtesy.

In this battle, Xu Guo won a nominal victory, and Qi State's resource support will never be less. But those warriors who died on the battlefield really died. There is not enough time to replenish.

To win, but also to lose. The future is lost.

The back view of Xuguo Heaven's Chosen and Xuguo's high-level staff is unavoidable.

After Li Shuwen walked away, Chongxuan Sheng slowly said, "Remember that I told you? In the Xingyueyuan War, in order to limit the scale of the war, we killed Jingguo Heaven's Chosen The number should not exceed three."

Jiang Wang looked towards him.

He continued: "As far as Jingguo is concerned, this number is five."

Chongxuansheng didn't say anything, but he said everything.

The truth about the world is sometimes very cruel.

Compared with Qi State, Jingguo is stronger, so Jingguo has more room for murder.

Today, the Xu State army suffered heavy casualties, and Li Shuwen had to bid farewell and greet Qi State Heaven's Chosen one by one under the care of Mrs. Xidu. Isn't it the same reason?

As the "Shi Lun" puts it-"Where is the reason? The strong and the weak are different!"

Jiang Wang was silent for a while.

But what he thought of was not how cruel this world is.

But at this moment, the heavy xuansheng who sat in this carriage with him.

Chongxuan Sheng always emphasized to him how cruel this world is, and always made him recognize the so-called "reality". But when in danger, this fatty always stood by his side.

"Okay." Jiang Wang patted his butt and got up: "I'm going to talk to Brother Yan Xian!"

"What are you talking about?" Chong Xuansheng asked casually.

Jiang Wang glanced at him, very proud: "The topic between scholars."

In the eyes of Chongxuansheng's efforts, Jiang Wang lifted the sedan chair. The curtain, proudly stretched away.

The fatty snorted dissatisfiedly.

Turning his head to fourteen: "Look at it? This arrogant virtue is really bad for Xu Gaoli."

He said, while Pour to the fourteenth side: "Finally gone! I tell you, he is unnecessary to be an eye!" In the middle of Xuan Sheng.

Chong Xuan Sheng turned around very naturally and lay down on the other side of the carriage.

"It's really boring, this way."

He said dryly.

Fourteen said nothing.

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