Red Heart Survey Chapter 1373

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I saw Lei Zhanqian again, already at the ceremony of Dianjiangtai.

Although Jiang Wang is said to have made up for his merits and demerits, as the biggest contributor to the battle of Xingyueyuan, he has to come to the ceremony to make up the number of people...

Although This reward has nothing to do with him.

Since the battle of Xingyueyuan ended, Lei Zhanqian disappeared and never appeared in front of others.

To know him in the past, he always has to focus all his eyes.

I really want to speak of which, this battle of Xingyueyuan, he also came to the battle almost at the last moment, only before Jiang Wang who joined the battlefield halfway, and his mood has not been very good.

In connection with Jiang Wuqi, it is clear that this "cousin" knew something in advance.

Seeing him again today is already described as haggard, without the half-domineering he used to be. Xingyue had to be brave with one enemy and three at the time of the division, and the power and prestige of using Thunder Punishment instead of heavenly punishment on the battlefield was also missing.

The long loose hair is listless, and the eyes are dry. When connected to the award, some wandering away, absent-minded.

Shi Minghui, who presided over this award, didn't care about him. He only left for a cutscene and let him step down.

Jiang Wuqi, a prince who has the appearance of a wise prince, has fallen, and he brought Yan Tu, the commander of the Rain Slashing Army, to his horse.

Shi Mingyu, who is also the commander of the nine soldiers, is hard to say what his mood is.

"Oh." Chongxuan Sheng sighed: "Wang brother, how can I bear to bully him again in the future?"

The expression is really kind and tight. It seems that when a letter made Lei Zhanqian so angry that he went to Beijing overnight, he was not the one who made a lot of money on Lei Zhanqian.

Jiang Wang gave this fatty glance. I am a very promising young man, and he is said to be like a bully. It is really hateful. Why did Jiang Wang bully me? Isn't that all forced to fight back?

"If you don't say a few words, it's a pleasure to help others." He coldly snorted and said.

The two glared at each other and turned away from each other. At almost the same time, they turned their gazes on Xie Baoshu subconsciously.

In this war, Qi State has risen abruptly.

The Heaven's Chosen who participated in the Battle of Xingyue Plain have different levels of rewards according to their performance in the war. Given the family background of these people, the credit should belong to them, and it is indispensable. The problems attributed to them are that they can be as small as possible.

After this battle, you can at least be a lieutenant at the rank of nine pawns.

Of course, if you really want to talk about the ranks, they are all under the Grade 3 golden melon warrior of Mr. Jiang.

Being a cultivation base under Shen Lin, and serving as an official of Grade 3, Jiang Qingyang is still Qi State Number One Person.

Xie Baoshu stood on stage to receive the award at this time, very high-spirited and vigorous.

Xingyueyuan fought a vigorous battle. After facing life and death and gaining honor, he had already figured it out.

If you can't beat Jiang Wang, you can't.

A good man has a ambition for thousands of miles, how can he be trapped by a small enemy and a small grudge!

Ms. Wen will marry someone.

a real man why do you worry about having no wife!

He walked down from the high platform, glanced around proudly, and when he saw Chongxuansheng and Jiang Wang, he nodded his head very gracefully.

The meaning is very clear-I, Xie Baoshu, my lord has a lot, forgive you!

Chongxuan wins frowned in the audience: "Is Xie Xiaobao provoking us?"

"There is that smell!" Jiang Wang said: "Look, he is still condescending. nodded!"

The two looked at each other, and they had reached a tacit agreement on the next goal.



Shi Minghui's time is very precious, so the whole ceremony is also simple and fast.

In fact, if it were not for the political significance of "victory over Jingguo", simply based on the scale of Xingyueyuan’s war, there would be no way for the military god to supervise the battle and the nine-pawn commander to preside over the post-war reward. ceremony.

From the place where the ceremony was awarded is Dianjiangtai instead of Supreme Temple, it can be seen that the symbolic significance of this battle is greater than the actual significance. The game behind the war is the key between Qi and Jing.

Soon the reward ceremony has ended. Li Longchuan, who performed brilliantly, won the post of a nine-pawn general, and Chongxuan Sheng, who had not had time to perform, was a nine-pawn lieutenant. As for Yan Fu who decorated the war with Dao Essence stones, he had taken advantage of the fat of the household.

Of course, the concept of "fat" is only relative to others. In Young Master Yan, there is no fat or thin. Anyway, they are all paid to take office.

After a battle of Xingyueyuan is fought, if the political significance is not considered, in the entire Qi State team, Heaven's Chosen, only he Yan Fu will lose money! And the gap of compensation can't be filled at all. However, this "hole" is only relatively speaking. Putting it on someone else is a hole. Putting it on him is probably a pinhole. It doesn't matter to him.

Chong Xuan Sheng has nothing to be dissatisfied with. At this time, he and Jiang Wang have already figured out where to block Xie Xiaobao’s path. Anyway, everyone lives in Shaoguangfang. It is convenient.

Lei Zhanqian went straight to the two of them at this time.

Chong Xuansheng and Jiang Wang looked at each other, and both were a little confused. Except for the few beatings, Lei Zhanqian never took the initiative to talk to them.

Lei Zhanqian only looked towards Jiang Wang and said concisely: "Jiang Qingyang. No abandon... be left to me, let me invite you to the Changsheng Palace, saying that there is a gift for him You."

Jiang Wang was very surprised, but still nodded and said: "Brother Laurei led the way."

Chong Xuansheng said nothing from the side. Jiang Wuqi is dead, and now even if he gets closer to the Longevity Palace, he won't be jealous. It's just a trip to the Changsheng Palace, no matter whether it is reminiscence or memorial service, there will be no big problems.

"You have been to the Longevity Palace. You should know how to get there... That's it, I'll go back first."

Lei Zhangan turned around after speaking.

Jiang Wang was even more surprised: "Brother Lei, won't you go?"

Lei Zhanqian didn't look back, but waved his hand in awe: "Tired, go home." Sleep."

He Lei Zhangan is not really stupid.

Jiang Wuqi has a gift for Jiang Wang. There are many people in the Palace of Longevity. Why do you call him Lei Zhangan to invite him?

It is clear that I want to take this opportunity to resolve the contradiction between him and Jiang Wang.

Jiang Qingyang is now like the sun at high noon. Looking at the entire Qi State's younger generation of Heaven's Chosen, he can compare with him.

To be honest, after Jiang Wuqi died, he Lei Zhangan couldn't touch him.

Lei Family is just a second-rate Aristocratic Family, Chong Xuan, Li, Yan, none of them can compare.

He Lei Zhanqian lost three times in a row against Jiang Wang, and the losses were worse than once. Seven Star Valley was defeated, the Invincible Martial Practice Stage was defeated two, and the Master's ceremony was defeated three times, and he almost lost confidence in the fight. Now that Jiang Wang has entered the outer building, and he is defeated by Xingyueyuan, the battle is already invincible under the presence of God. Without Jiang Wuqi's support, what would he touch with Lei Zhan?

Jiang Wuqi asked him to invite Jiang Wang in order to win Jiang Wang’s understanding for him. It is the remnant face of a dead person to smooth out the twists and turns for his cousin.

He can understand Jiang Wuqi's intentions too well.

But this kind of "understanding" is too painful for him.

He has always regarded himself very high and supercilious. But why does he, as a cousin, always want his cousin Jiang Wuqi to help save the scene?

He has long been accustomed to the sound that is always mixed with coughing, from being a human being to fighting cultivation, reminding him tirelessly time and time again. In the next year, Ji is a young man, but he has been old-fashioned since he was a child. Always tell him, this is not good, that's not good. Point out his problems and always take care of his face as a cousin.

Obviously when he was very young, grandfather told him that his cousin does not have a mother, so he should take good care of his cousin. But why, after so many years, Lei Zhanqian is always the one being taken care of?

Even if the young man wrapped in the snow white fox fur is gone forever, he is still in the eternal distance, casting concerned eyes to resolve the fighting for his cousin.

Jiang Wang also sees this meaning.

Jiang Wang's attitude is also very good.

But how does he accept it?

Is he Lei Zhanqian, never helped Jiang Wuqi, but has always been his burden?

He was sad because Jiang Wuqi left suddenly, suffering because of his powerlessness, and exhausted physically and mentally because all of this was irreparable.

He once vowed to clear all obstacles for his cousin, so he did not hesitate to attack everyone in the Seven Star Valley, risking to provoke Jiang Wuxie.

But has he really done anything?

He is tired.

Lei Zhangan’s complex emotions can be seen by Jiang Wang, but he didn’t say anything. He just looked towards Chongxuansheng: "Would you like to accompany me to the Changsheng Palace?"

"You didn't invite me." Chong Xuan wins curl one's lip: "Don't want me to be a coachman for you, and help you guard the gate outside the palace!"

It's a pity that Jiang Wang "Then let me go now, Brother Xuan."

"You don't have to say goodbye so formally. I and XIV are waiting for you at your house." Chong Xuan Sheng hehe said with a smile again.

If the carriage is not enough, Jiang Jueye can only walk helplessly.

While walking, while pondering the dao technique, it can be regarded as having no fun, killing a bit of misery.

Now that he enters the outer building, he can try to learn the Ultra Grade Yellow Grade dao technique "Dragon-Tiger" and "Flame Flower Burning City" earlier.

Although the Yellow Grade dao technique generally uses the God-immersive cultivation base as the threshold, whether it is inheritance from the old "Dragon-Tiger" or inheritance from Zuo Guanglie's "Flame Flower Burning City", Jiang Wang has some foundation.

And repairing the flame flower burning city, he has Fire Element divine ability Samadhi True Fire. And "Dragon-Tiger" claims that "the human body has a spine to be a dragon, and it can draw eight winds into a tiger". His imperfect wind is one of the eight winds.

It's just that it belongs to the Ultra Grade level after all. Although it has been pondering for a long time before the outer building realm, there is no slack on the road from Xingyueyuan to Qi State, but it is still not mastered.

Cultivation is a long process. The powerful dao technique is not available overnight, and Jiang Wang is not rushed or impatient. Just stand outside the doorway and explore slowly.

Dianjiangtai is located in the Western District of Linzi, which is quite a distance from the Changsheng Palace.

After walking for a while, Jiang Wang had to put on a cloak to avoid the recurrence of the blockade. Now he is in Linzi, through deeds time and time again, his fame has already reached its peak. To say that he is the number one Heaven's Chosen in Qi State, few people would object to it. It's impossible to wander around easily.

Speaking of which he is also very curious about what gift Jiang Wuqi left him.

He asked himself that Jiang Wuqi had no friendship.

The limited intersection between the two people is either related to Jiang Wuyong or Lei Zhanqian, which is really not pleasant. Only one time to get along in private, that is, the first time to verify the internal government.

If you want to talk about sympathy and sympathy, there is indeed. As for friendship, there is no time to establish it.

Of course Jiang Wuqi is Jiang Wuqi after all. Even if this gift is just a pretense to bridge the contradiction between him and Lei Zhanqian, it should have its extraordinary features.

Or rather, no matter what it is. Because of the name "Jiang Wuqi", it is naturally arousing expectations.

In the entire cluster of palaces of the Imperial Palace in Qi, the four palaces of Changle, Huaying, Yangxin, and Changsheng are also quite special existence. Standing on the outer layer of the cluster of palaces, they are all faintly centered.

When Jiang Wang came to the Changsheng Palace, there were not few guards outside the palace gate. Although people left, the tea was not so cold as quickly.

I heard that the emperor ordered to keep the Palace of Longevity forever, this place should not change...

It is the father-in-law Feng who is welcoming outside the palace gate.

I haven't seen him for a while, this old man with dark eyes is even more old. And the faintly dangerous feeling in him no longer exists.

The sadness between the eyebrows is hard to conceal, and the etiquette is still meticulous: "Jiang Jue."

Jiang Wang humbly replied, and said: "Brother Lei told me, His Royal Highness Eleven left me a gift."

Feng Gu glanced behind him: "Did Lei Young Master send you here?"

Jiang Wang didn't think Intently said: "He is a little tired, so go back and rest first."

Feng Gu probably also knows Lei Zhangan's temper, so he only sighed and said: "Please come here."

Follow Feng Gu and walk forward. This is the second time I have come to Changsheng Palace.

It is still such a magnificent palace, but no matter how Jiang Wang looks for it, he can never see the bright feeling when he first came.

It has nothing to do with light and layout.

The Spirit, Soul and Qi of this palace indeed left with the sickly prince.

On the long corridor, Feng Gu's footsteps are silent, but Jiang Wang's steps are clean and determined.

He came here calmly and went to the appointment of Jiang Wuqi's death.

It can be regarded as the even battle that day, to bid farewell to this shocking rainbow that pierced the sky.

Feng Gu walked in front, suddenly opened the mouth and said: "His Royal Highness has always been very optimistic about Sir Alex. He often says that it is the great Qi's good fortune to have talents like you come from the east. It’s just because of you. Get close to the third highness, he doesn’t want to embarrass you, so he didn’t get close."

Jiang Wang didn’t know what to say, but said: "I’m also very much to the eleventh highness. Admire."

Feng Gu stopped talking. Unlike last time, I can’t wait to go where to introduce Jiang Wang to where I am. I am proud both inside and outside.

He is very old. Also like this palace, some kind of support was taken away.

About Jiang Wuqi, he obviously has countless topics that can be extended... But what do you say?

People are already not in.

Still leading Jiang Wang to the side hall last time, Feng Gu took a deep breath, then stopped at the door, and made a gesture of inviting in, "His Royal Highness said, "Nothing in this hall Sir Alex Ferguson can pick up the same thing as long as he fancy it. If you don’t see each other afterwards, it can be regarded as a memory for Sir Alex Ferguson."

Jiang Wang remembers, this is Jiang Wuqi’s study.

The place where the Longevity Palace Lord often stays, naturally, some valuable things are indispensable.

The value of the word "anything" is hard to measure.

After that...not seeing each other.

The news of Jiang Wuqi’s death has been in a trance in Jiang Wang, and there is a sense of unreality. Although I know that this kind of news cannot be faked, I always feel that there will be any changes.

How can such a glorious person die when he died?

He didn't really realize until he heard the words of Father Feng--

Jiang Wuqi had indeed left.

Death does not give any tolerance because of his dazzling.

Jiang Wang walked into the hall, and the first thing he noticed was the book case.

In the upper right corner of the book case, there is a pile of idle books.

Jiang Wuqi once introduced that it was the stories of some people with lofty ideals, evil spirits and heroes. He rarely spares time, so read it.

Think about it now, for his kind of people who have a world in mind, living idle is really the biggest pain. So we need to find some sustenance in those so-called idle books.

If he hadn't been born in the Emperor Family, he might also have a sword at his waist, and he would go down all over the sky with heroes and gratitude. Just like be eager to have a try that day, to prove the courage of one man with Jiang Wang.

He is only seventeen years old.

In the upper left corner of the book case, there is a bowl of medicinal soup. It has been cold for a long time, and it still makes people smell bitter.

In the center of the book case, there is a stack of snow white rice paper.

In addition, the writing brush is resting on the inkstone, and the ink has dried up.

"His Royal Highness walked in a hurry, I didn't do much to clean up." Feng Gu explained behind him.

This study room has two walls full of bookshelves, full of various books.

Feng Gu stood in front of the wall facing the book case and actively introduced: "Here are all a hundred classics, and there are some works of basically every school. Most of the ones left are studied by His Highness. I think it’s worth discussing."

Jiang Wang just scans it, and feels sighed.

Feng Gu walked to the other wall again and seriously introduced: "Here are some Taoism and secret techniques, as well as the cultivation notes of His Royal Highness, some articles written by His Highness, some poetry, calligraphy and painting."

The bookshelves on this wall are also extremely full, which shows Jiang Wuqi's accumulation.

Feng Gu raised his finger to the opposite side: "Here are some exquisite objects that His Royal Highness loves, and there are some powerful Magical Artifacts among them...whatever Sir Sir sees, just pick one for yourself."

On the shelf leaning against this wall, there are various utensils stacked, most of which Jiang Wang has never seen before. The last time I came here was just a quick glance, but this time I took a closer look...I still couldn't see it.

In the entire study, only the wall behind the bookcase is blank.

After the book case, on the big chair where Jiang Wuqi often sits, there is a white, somewhat worn pillow. Feng Gu didn't mean to introduce it.

Jiang Wang walked to the shelf where Jiang Wuqi’s article notes were stacked, and asked aloud: "Can I read it?"

"You are free." Feng Gu Dao.

I didn't read the precious cultivation secret technique, nor read the cultivation notes of this peerless Heaven's Chosen. Jiang Wang just quietly read some articles written by Jiang Wuqi.

The eleventh prince’s thoughts on this country, this world, and life are reflected in these articles.

Reading his text, such as interacting with others.

I watched it for a long time and read it piece by piece.

Feng Gu didn't urge him, but just accompanied him in silence.

After reading the article for a while, Jiang Wang went to look through Jiang Wuqi's calligraphy and painting.

The volume on the top is obviously not long after the writing is finished, and there is still time to be sealed in the future.

Jiang Wang unfolded it and saw a majestic and majestic character——

"Heaven will not abandon me Great Qi, and I will never give up Jiang!"

The Essence, Qi, and Spirit displayed by this character is very inconsistent with the normally ill appearance of the Eleventh Prince.

But it is more in line with the image of the Longevity Palace Lord who uses his body as a bait and punishes the spy of a state of equality and equality.

"I want this character." Jiang Wang said.

"Of course it's possible..." Feng Gu was a little surprised. There are countless treasures in this study. Most of them are the secret Treasure Item, a hundred famous articles, but Jiang Wang didn't choose anything, just choose The last handwritten handwriting by Jiang Wuqi.

Although it was written by Jiang Wuqi, there is no secret of divine ability, and it is not more precious than other objects.

He couldn’t help but reminded: "Don’t you think about it anymore?"

Jiang Wang carefully rolled up the picture and put it in the storage box, seriously Said: "His Royal Highness told me to leave a thought. This character reminds me of him the most."

Feng Gu was a little moved, but he quickly receded his expression and said, "My Lord thought Take whatever you want. This is the last of His Highness."

"many thanks." Jiang Wang looked around. There are traces of Jiang Wuqi everywhere in this study, so vivid and bright. , Probably this is also the reason why Feng Gu is unwilling to clean up.

"Hope that when His Royal Highness leaves, he will get what he wants." He said at last.

Feng Gu looked down in response.

The words are also accepted, and Jiang Wang is about to leave.

At this time, Feng Gu suddenly remembered something.

"That's right." He turned around, flipped through the bookshelf, took a book, and walked over.

"The last time Ferguson visited the Palace of Longevity, His Royal Highness specially prepared this gift for you... Then there was no time."

Jiang Wang knew that he later Soon after leaving Qi State, he has been hunted down...

"What book?" He took it curiously.

I saw that this is a very beautifully bound book with five big characters on the cover——

"Biography of A Thousand Beautiful Nations".

Jiang Wang just remembered that last time it seemed, seemed, vaguely, and indeed was talking about this book with Jiang Wuqi.

There is also a seal at the lower left corner of the book, which reads: "Tiandu Collection".

Juejue Jiang, who has read a lot of books recently, of course knows that "Tiandu" is a well-known sign in the book industry, and "Tiandu Collection" has always been synonymous with classics.

Can't help but mumble.

Why is there a typo in the Tiandu Collection?

He can fully feel that Jiang Wuqi, as the Longevity Palace Lord, just because he casually talked about it, he found the heart of the Tiandu Collector's Edition of "The Legend of Thousands of Nations".

But he really just talked casually, through childhood, he hadn't read any idle books at all.

But in this situation, how can he refuse the mind of the deceased who has died?

Only then, I can only say with emotion: "His Royal Highness has bothered."

Feng Gu Gong respectfully salutes: "My Lord, please go slowly. No more."

"You don't need to send it off, you rest...please be sorry."

Jiang Wang saluted sincerely, and then left here alone.

Although the Palace of Longevity is vast, after several visits, Lu he already remembered it by heart.

While walking, I opened the book presented by Jiang Wuqi casually. I also wanted to see what the eleventh princes were so obsessed with collecting and focusing on mysterious wind, what they wrote...

Two pages later.


Close it quickly.

The pace is quickened, and my face is red.

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