Red Heart Survey Chapter 1374

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The fifty-fifth year of Yuanfeng, October 26th, is Jiang Wuqi's funeral.

This funeral has unprecedented specifications.

The chief priest of the Ministry of Rites under the jurisdiction of the court doctor Wen Yanyu.

The emperor’s decree:

Ninety guards from the Changsheng Palace, 600 guards from the clan’s government officials, and mourning for 27 days.

Manchu dynasty civil and military, took the crown for seven days.

Respect like the emperor, and also take the crown for three days as a sacrifice.

In the main hall of the Changsheng Palace, there is a ceremonial driver, and the princes and ministers gather together to show etiquette.

The feast is set outside the hall, and the number of seats is fifteen.

Linzi officials, soldiers and civilians will not have fun or marry for 13 days. Officials, soldiers and civilians in the world will not have fun, marry or marry for three days...

These funeral specifications have far exceeded the funeral specifications that a prince should enjoy.

For a while, Linzi City was three hundred miles away, and the city was covered with frost.

Including the four famous restaurants in Linzi, several brothel, wine shops, and gambling shops are listed and closed.

It seems that the emperor is not enough. Twenty-three spies from the equal country, including Yan Tu, the commander of the rain-cutting army, and the Grade 3 green brand Constable Li Guigui, will be openly embarrassed in the court for comfort. Eleven princes undead.

When the daoist dies, Heaven and Earth will be sad. It is really a great gift to pay homage to the Palace Lord of the Longevity.

It is said that the people waiting for the onlookers to execute the torture blocked a full five miles, blocking the law grounds.



"Go and have a look?" Yaoguangfang Jiang Family, Chongxuan Sheng said: "There is still some time."

Jiang Wang, wearing mourning clothes, walked out of the room and asked, "What are you looking at?"

Chong Xuansheng squinted his eyes, unconsciously, the boy in front of him was really open. NS. Obviously he was only dressed in coarse linen, but he made him look personable. And the manner in this walking room is really Immortal Qi......Immortal Technique is that good?

Look at the mourning dress that stretched me very uncomfortably...It's too unfit!

I have to call a few tailors to come here. Well, I have to have one more sedan chair. The potted flowers in this courtyard are not good either, so they have to be replaced.

I thought a lot in my heart for a moment, and said: "I feel so guilty that you have caused you so much suffering, don’t you want to see how he was chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades? It is said that this time It is necessary to slash three thousand three hundred and eighteen knives, and the number of knives is not enough, so he is not allowed to stop his breath."

Jiang Wang shook the head: "Since it is a mortal result, what's so beautiful? "

"Don't you hate him?" Fourteen rarely opened his mouth and asked curiously.

"Hate, if you have harmed me for no reason, how can you not hate it?" Jiang Wang said very seriously: "If you can't be found out, and you can live, I will kill him in the future. , This is my hatred for him. But it's this step, I only need him to die, I don't need to appreciate the process of his death."

"Then let the Imperial Court kill him. "Chongxuan Sheng said: "Even the nine commanders have their people. The power of the equal country is stronger than I thought. You should not stand in the front."

Being targeted by the equal country many times Jiang Wang, of course, has the opinion of the Pingguo Nation, but he did not put any harsh words, but gently turned the topic: "Today is the funeral of the eleventh princes, let's hurry up and go to Fengxiang."

Chong Xuan Sheng:...

Jiang Wang suddenly realized: "Oh, I almost forgot!"

He straightened his collar, casually Authentic: "Only officials of Grade 3 and above can enter the main hall of the Changsheng Palace to serve incense... Well, then I will go one step ahead." Go chic.

Chong Xuan Sheng looked very calm, looking at the figure of this man, he only said to fourteen: "I just asked the wrong question."

Fourteen was crooked. Head, cast a questioning look.

"I should ask him if he wants to study the performance of the golden body and chalcedony under Ling Chi. Also, do you want to observe the daoist fleshy body 3,318 times in this world. Data. In addition, the Blade Technique of an executioner who can cut through the golden body, chalcedony and daoist body is also worth learning."

Fourteenth thought for a while, I have to admit that Chong Xuan Sheng said it very well. Makes sense. Jiang Wang is indeed someone who would be interested in these.

"Will you go and see it?" she asked.

"Not going anymore." Chong Xuansheng turned back and walked into the courtyard where he lived: "It's not a rare thing to die a daoist."

"Neither do you at the funeral. Go?" Fourteen asked after chasing behind him.

"It can be a little later..." Chongxuan Sheng finally couldn't calm down: "I am angry when I see Surname Jiang!"



The city is full of frost and snow, and Changle Palace is no exception.

Wearing the Great Qi Crown Prince in mourning clothes, Jiang Wuhua greeted him outside the palace: "How can the queen come here today?"

The Great Qi Queen grabbed his hand and went to the palace Walk inside, although the pace is fast, still Feng Yi: "Today is the funeral of the Little Eleven, I am afraid that you will be overwhelmed, so I will come to see you. I will go to the Changsheng Palace with you later."

Jiang Wuhua stopped talking.

The mother and son walked into the palace and sat down.

Queen He looked around: "Where's Ning'er?"

Jiang Wuhua said without thinking: "Get up late, this is still dressing up."

See the queen frowning slightly.

He explained in a soft voice: "Ning'er knows proper makeup with plain makeup."

Queen He skipped the matter and waved her hand gently.

The maids who attended the palace retreated one after another, and the mother and son were sitting next to each other in the big palace room.

This is the most distinguished mother and son in the entire Eastern Region.

"October, this is the Crown Prince specification, but Crown Prince is still here! I really don't know what your Majesty is thinking!" The Queen's tone was already very dissatisfied.

Jiang Wuhua is not jealous, just whispered: "Eleven has a long way to go, the Imperial Father will inevitably be more compassionate. When he is alive, I will not fight with him. Now he is gone. , It’s even less controversial."

The queen sighed and gently brushed Jiang Wuhua’s forehead hair: "He has pity for this and that every day, when can he pity you more? You too His own blood and bones are the Great Qi Crown Prince. He was born too late and didn’t accompany him through the most difficult moments. Is it your fault? It’s your fault to have your mother take care of him? You are so good, so you can’t fault it. Why is he so harsh on you?"

Jiang Wuhua still has a calm expression, not half resentful: "To bear the weight of the community, we must also bear the responsibility of the community, and it should be more harsh to the prince. If you wait for the gram Following Datong's mistakes again, it hurts the country. Thousand hammers, hundred refinements, Fang has ruled the country."

The anger and dissatisfaction on the queen's face disappeared in an instant.

She sat there so gracefully, with nothing but nobility and magnanimity: "It's best for you to think this way. Whether you really think this way or not, you will always think this way."

Her complaints and dissatisfaction may be true, but when shown, they are completely a test of Crown Prince. If Crown Prince is in front of her mother, and will not be elicited from any resentment, then that is the true Tianxin without omission.

"Erchen really thinks so sincerely." Jiang Wuhua said.

Everyone knows that the former Crown Prince Jiang Wuliang was imprisoned by the emperor into the green stone palace because of his private complaints, making him die forever.

At that time, he had been abolished for six years. Nothing happened for six years, and I kept trying to get back up, only to cut off everything for a while.

But how did the "private complaint" come to be known by Yushi?

A lesson from the past, a lesson from the future!

The queen is nodded with satisfaction. It doesn't matter whether her heart is true or false. She can't judge her as a mother, and she doesn't need to judge. This is very good, to be able to show this way all the time, that is the real kindness of Donggong.

I asked again: "When do you plan to achieve God Presence?"

"In a while, the best time has passed." Jiang Wuhua said calmly: "Little Eleven just left, I’m the elder brother, not sooner or too late, I will choose God at this time, should everyone be sad for Little Eleven, or should they be happy for me? The Imperial Father can’t help but ask, Crown What does Prince want to show? What does Crown Prince want to do?"

"Alright, you are a caregiver." Queen Great Qi was completely relieved and stood up and said, "Now go to the Longevity Palace. Your Imperial Father will be upset when it's late."

"Okay." Jiang Wuhua replied softly: "I'll call Ning'er."



Today's Changsheng Palace is covered with frost and snow, and the eyes are white.

Inexplicably give Jiang Wang a feeling that Jiang Wuqi is standing in front of him, wearing a white fox fur.

All the people I saw in front of me were dressed in mourning clothes, describing grief, but I don’t know how many people are really sad!

Wen Yanyu, the court councilor, and officials from the Ministry of Rites have taken over the outer part of the Changsheng Palace and arranged a ritual.

Two ceremonial members, Wailang, stood outside the gate of the Changsheng Palace and were responsible for greeting them.

Even Wen Yanyu himself was standing aside.

Of course, even those who can come to the Changsheng Palace at this time are either rich or expensive, and few people are qualified to greet Wen Yanyu.

He presided over the entire funeral this time.

The only people who can make him dignified as the dignified dignified courtroom doctor to greet him outside the palace gate are naturally only a few people such as today's son and queen.

As soon as Jiang Wang appeared, a member of the ceremonial department, Wai Lang, came up to greet him and called him Lord Jiang.

To the onlookers’ surprise, Wen Yanyu, who had been silent for a long time outside the palace gate, also took the initiative to nodded Jiang Wang, with a cordial attitude: "Come on?"

Jiang Wang originally still I want to greet Wen Yanyu with a cheeky first, no matter if the other party will pay attention to him or not.

When Qi State went to the mountain range to find him, there was Wen Yanyu in Qi State's mountain range. Although it was Qi Tianzi's order, he could also receive this favor.

Wen Yanyu didn't expect to speak first.

Hurry up and follow the gift of Junior: "I should have visited Daoist's mansion long ago. I don’t want to get involved in everything. I am fortunate to be here today. I hope Daoist Haihan."

" May not matter." Wen Yanyu said slowly: "When you look back, you can go to my Lanxinyuan to sit and let the old man come into contact with your youngster and learn about the youngster's thoughts."

"Definitely." This is not an occasion for greetings. Jiang Wang gave a salute neatly and said in a funny way: "You are busy first, and Junior will go in first."

Wen Tinglan once invited him to Wen Yanyu to drink privately. He hadn't been to the Lanxin Garden for tea party friends. Wen Yanyu invited him personally again this time, which can be said to have given enough face.

But Jiang Wang knows very well in his heart that although he can be considered a certain weight today, he can't be considered in front of Wen Yanyu and the others.

Wen Yanyu's good show is more for Yan Fu's sake.

To give Yan Fu's best friend face is to help Yan Fu support the scene.

The father-in-law, a big dog, is really good!

Bye farewell to Wen Yanyu, and walk straight to the palace.

The route taken this time is different from the previous two times. The apse part of the Changsheng Palace is not open during this funeral.

There were Gongwei giving directions all the way, and soon after passing a wall, an empty field was seen.

The ceremony is located here.

There are a total of fifteen seats, and non-nobles are not allowed to sit.

And Jiang Wang continues to move forward.

At this time, many people were already sitting on the table. It was inevitable that Jiang Wang was a little confused.

The most dazzling Heaven's Chosen in Qi State today, the golden melon warrior who has been on the Qi State official face, has been in Qi State for less than two years.

In the past two years, how much earth shattering has been experienced, and how many thrilling deeds left behind, are now above them.

Dr. Chen Fu once said-"The so-called peerless Heaven's Chosen is the kind of person who will make you depressed."

Now Jiang Wang, is it not? Does it give a lot of people this feeling?

The funeral of the Eleventh Prince, after all, is not a suitable occasion for greetings, so no one rushes to bother.

Jiang Wang walked silently.

Walking past Dian Xi, is the main hall of the Changsheng Palace.

Jiang Wuqi is said to have died in front of Emperor Qi. His coffin was once parked in the Donghua Pavilion, which shows the grief of the emperor... Now he has moved back to the Changsheng Palace and stopped in the main hall.

Courtesy of Changsheng Palace Court Eunuch Feng Gu knelt and sat outside the main hall, bowing to everyone who stepped into the main hall to pay homage.

When I saw Jiang Wang, he raised his mouth and smiled reluctantly: "Jiang Jue came to pay memorial service. If your Royal Highness knows about it, you will be happy."

Jiang Wang He squatted down and patted his wrinkled hands. He didn't know what to say, so he just said, "You are affected."

Then he got up and walked into the temple.

This is completely arranged as a Spirit Hall, and the coffin stops in the hall.

A familiar figure stood beside the solemnly carved coffin.

The rough material of the mourning clothes can't conceal her tall and fit, and can't conceal her valiant and formidable looking.

Huaying Palace Lord Jiang Wuyou is looking down at the people in the coffin, his expression is unemotional, and he doesn't know what he is thinking.

Jiang Wang stepped forward.

The young man lying in the coffin, wearing a purple prince's python costume, has his eyes slightly closed, and his face is pale and handsome.

At this time, he obviously won't be afraid of the cold anymore...

Of course, he won't cough violently anymore.

Standing with him for a while, Jiang Wuyou suddenly said: "I used to have a bad temper and bullied a lot of people in the palace. I didn't beat this or that... but I didn't bully him. Because he always feels like a porcelain doll, I'm afraid he will break when I touch it."

Jiang Wang didn't know what to say, so he sighed. Then he approached the offering table in front of the coffin, bowed the ceremony seriously, and gave Jiang Wuqi three sticks of incense.

At this moment, he heard a faintly weeping sound, and when he looked back, he realized that he was kneeling on the other side of the coffin, and he was also an acquaintance-Ten Fourth Prince Jiang Wuyong.

His eyes were red, and his expression was sad, and he cried very suppressed.

It's just that Jiang Wuyou's aura is too strong, so he didn't immediately discover the prince.

However, the two sides have no friendship at all. Jiang Wang just swept away, and gave Jiang Wuyou a worried look, but said nothing.

Sitting on the chairs lined up on both sides of the Spirit Hall, I found the most edge position to sit down.

Only grade 3 and above can enter the main hall of the Changsheng Palace to offer incense. At this level, he is indeed at the very edge.

Just at this time.

A man in his thirties with a face and a poorly dressed mourning suit walked into the Spirit Hall.

To meet Jiang Wuyou, first give a salute: "Why have you seen the third highness!"

Jiang Wuyou still looked at the coffin without paying attention.

He didn't care too much. Going around the coffin, walked to the altar table, took three incense sticks, bowed three times, inserted the incense burner, and turned around to find a seat.

His gaze swept across the Ten Fourth Prince who was kneeling on the other side of the coffin, lightly passed it, and after looking around, he saw Jiang Wang sitting on the very edge.

My eyes lit up, he looked for him directly, and took a seat next to Jiang Wang.

"This must be Qingyangzi, right? How true am I! Get to know?"

I don’t know if I really admire Jiang Wang, his voice is a bit too loud, So it's a bit harsh.

Jiang Wang thought for a while, and he heard a cold rebuke when he was about to go back to the absolute side in a calm manner.

"Where are you supposed to be here?"

Jiang Wuyou, who was standing next to the coffin, turned slightly, only to give a frosty profile, and his eyes suddenly became cold. From the light, for a moment it was like an iron horse and Jin Ge rolling a violent thunder: "Get out of here!"

The only son of Uncle He Fu, the nephew of Queen Great Qi, He Zhenhe Eldest Young Master, Stunned for a while.

Subconsciously raised half of his butt, wanting to sit still but dare not, and wanting to leave, I feel too shameful.

He even felt that maybe he had heard it wrong, Huaying Palace Lord was the one who let Jiang Wang go, so he could be regarded as a "relative."

But as soon as Jiang Wuyou's cold eyes were met, all the entanglements disappeared.

It's still autumn, but it's like being in World of Ice and Snow.

Clearly in the Spirit Hall, but like falling into a killing battlefield.

His body is stiff, and his soul trembles.

I didn't care about making any more friends, and almost fled to the Spirit Hall in a panic.

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