Red Heart Survey Chapter 1375

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speaking of which Guoji Mansion and Jiang Wang have a "relationship".

Jubao Chamber of Commerce has an Honorary Elder, named Cao Xing, who belongs to Great Qi State's uncle He Fu.

To put it bluntly, it means that He Fu is honoured in the Jubao Chamber of Commerce.

Xu put his heart to heart outside the green stone palace, opened the prelude to the collapse of the Jubao Chamber of Commerce, and directly cut off He Fu's path of wealth.

Later, Chongxuansheng dismantled the Jubao Chamber of Commerce, Jiang Wang killed Su She, and completely sent the once smashing Chamber of Commerce organization into the dust.

From this point of view, although Jiang Wang has not had any direct conflicts with the National Uncle's Mansion, there are still conflicts after careful investigation.

However, He Zhen really has no plans to trouble Jiang Wang today, or he had thoughts before, but Jiang Wang has jumped faster than his ideas.

So that when he made up his mind, that so-called opponent was already Great Qi Grade 3 golden melon warrior, and he was named Qingyangzi!

All aspects are more than him.

It can be said that apart from his royal relationship, he has nothing to praise in front of Jiang Wang.

I met at the Changsheng Palace today. He really wants to make friends.

Shortly after pushing forward, he was arrested by Zheng Shangming, the son of Captain Beiya, for killing the chicken to warn the monkey. The Great Qi State uncle's mansion sounds glamorous, but because the Crown Prince and the queen are not very supportive, they also have nothing to do with Beiya. That matter can only be accepted by pinching his nose, and plead guilty.

But speaking of which, Jiang Wang and Zheng Shangming have a long history of friendship. And among the rumors, Zheng Shi intends to leave the post of Captain Beiya, Jiang Qingyang, who showed the appearance of the outer building in Xingyueyuan, is very hopeful to take up this powerful position.

If he makes friends with Jiang Wang, will Zheng Shangming trouble him again in the future?

Isn't Beiya walk unhindered yet?

Not to mention that Jiang Wang is already recognized as a peerless figure, and the future is boundless.

If he recruited this person for the Crown Prince, the father would still scold him as “ignorant and incompetent”. Would the queen still look at his nephew without a straight look?

He knows that he has no weight, but Crown Prince is the crown prince of the country and the future emperor of Great Qi. Even if Jiang Qingyang is arrogant, can he still not give face to the future Qi Tianzi?

It’s not that complicated to make friends.

He really made friends very sincerely, even after the funeral, he has already thought about where to invite Jiang Wang to play. Despite the longevity Palace Lord's rule of not having fun during the funeral, He Zhen is also a way out. You can't go to the four famous museums, and you can find dreams in Taoyuan elsewhere.

Who would have thought that Huaying Palace Lord would be angry when he said that he was angry?

Since he entered the temple, he has been in good manners and has not neglected this highness, what is the matter with him for no reason?

His grandma's, these surname Jiang's are temperamental one by one!

He Zhen scolded in his heart, trying to dilute the drowning fear, while drilling out of the temple sullenly,

"He Zhen, you are here as a ghost. What are you doing sneakily?" A graceful voice sounded at the right time.

He Zhen felt that his head was supported by a gentle force, and then the whole person was "lifted" up, and he stood there with his head held high.

Of course, he recognized his queen and aunt, as well as the cousin of Crown Prince and the cousin of Crown Prince beside him.

But his mind is still chaotic.

It wasn't until the old Court Eunuch of the Changsheng Palace bowed down and saluted: "Meet Her Royal Highness, and Meet Crown Prince and Princess Crown Prince."

He came across, obediently and honestly. salute.

After he was polite, Queen Great Qi asked again: "What's the matter?"

At this time, Jiang Wang in the palace had already stood up to show her right to Queen. Empress respect. Subconsciously glanced at Jiang Wuyou from the corner of the light. Jiang Wuyou was still standing there with no expression on his face.

With the power of such a close distance, with the cultivation base of the Queen of Great Qi, of course, it would not be ignorant of what happened in the temple, so now this questioning is very meaningful.

"Uh..." He Zhen hesitated for a while, and said: "It's nothing, I have already offered incense to Ten Fourth Prince, because there is something at home, this will be about to leave."

He wasn't stupid enough, he didn't think about taking the opportunity to file a lawsuit in front of the queen and aunt.

Jiang Wuhua on the side said softly: "Then your way back is slower."

Obviously, this His Highness the Crown Prince intends to calm things down.

But Queen He did not agree.

She looked towards Jiang Wuyou, who was standing next to the coffin, and asked quietly: "Worry, is that right?"

Since ancient times, Tianjia has hardly had family affection.

She is the Queen of Great Qi. She has always held her brother and nephew to prevent them from causing trouble. Even if He Zhen was arrested by Beiya last time because of a traffic jam in the busy city, she would not come forward to save people.

Because she knows well that even if she does nothing, her blood relationship with He Zhen is there. At best, Beiya followed the rules and never dared to go too far. Those cannibalism methods didn't fall on He Zhen's head.

And if she came forward to save He Zhen, and allowed her to violate Qi Li, then she really opened the devil's cage. It will only release the endless greed of father and son He Zhen. Her pity here can be swollen to a hundredfold support by He Fu in the outside world.

She has always been a very sober person. She understands that the He family can replace the Yin Family, except for Jiang Wuhua, to a large extent because the He family has no foundation and can reassure the emperor.

She has always restrained the expansion of the He family, making it clear that Jiang Wuhua’s talent is the only root. How was Wuliang Jiang’s Yin Family back then, and how is it now?


As her only elder brother, He Fu, in order not to cause trouble to Crown Prince, did not dare to ask for an official, dare not ask for a title, and even earn a little extra money, too. Stop your hands as soon as there is a turmoil.

As the only son of her brother, He Zhen tried nothing and accomplish nothing in his thirties. Although He Zhen doesn't have much ability, but there is no ability in the world, but there are too many people who are fat and short. He can't contaminate anything. Isn't it also because of Crown Prince's grievance?

Queen He didn’t say anything, every time she looked at her aging brother, how could she have no mercy?

He really has committed any crime. Today I just said a few words and his voice was louder. Jiang Wuyou chased him like a pig, which is too much. !

I don’t even put her Great Qi empress in my eyes!

She refused to expose it lightly today. First, she wanted to establish her dignity as the Queen of Great Qi, second, there was indeed dissatisfaction in her heart, and third, she wanted to test Jiang Wuyou's confidence.

She wanted to ask what this Jiang Wuyou wanted to do.

Having been named, Jiang Wuyou couldn't turn a deaf ear to ears. He turned around and said to Empress He in a polite manner: "Mother Queen."

"The courtesy will be forgiven. "Queen He held up her palm, but refused to skip the question: "Tell her mother, what happened just now, worry-free?"

Although the voice is not harsh, the whole Spirit Hall The atmosphere inside has suddenly become serious.

"Alright, mother and queen." Jiang Wuhua said, "Today is Little Eleven..."

"Have I asked you, Crown Prince?" Empress He He didn't reply, but he told Crown Prince to shut his mouth.

He Zhen's mood at this time is both nervous and excited.

How many years has it been?

The queen's aunt finally gave him a head start!

Still in front of Huaying Palace Lord!

Is this the beginning of life Peak?

Looking at Linzi City, who would dare to provoke him in the future?

But this mixed feeling of anxiety and excitement was quickly poured through a basin of cold water.

Jiang Wuyou just glanced at him lightly: "Then don't roll away, just stay here and wait to get in the sight of the Imperial Father."

Kneel and sit in the hall. Court Eunuch Feng Gu, the director of the Changsheng Palace outside, is motionless like a sculpture.

Jiang Wuhua was silent, and He Zhen froze.

Even Jiang Wuyong, who has been kneeling next to the coffin and sobbing, has forgotten to cry.

The corner of Jiang Wang's eye is twitched.

Three Imperial Princess said that she just had a bad temper before, which is too modest...

"Worry-free, you are really grown up."

Queen He finished speaking coldly, then turned around and looked towards He Zhen: "What are you still doing in a daze?"

"Ah?" He Zhen didn't react at all.

The queen didn’t see any anger at all, she only said lightly: "Huaying Palace Lord let you go, didn’t you hear?"

Jiang Wuhua stretched out his hand and stroked Hezhen’s back , To show comfort: "A Zhen, you go back first."

He Zhen lowered his head.


He walked out in despair, and saw a few great characters stopped halfway, namely Cao Jie, commander of the Spring Death Army, and prisoner electrician. The army commander Xiu Yuan, and the DPRK doctor Chen Fu.

These great characters are obviously aware of the things in the Spirit Hall and don't want to contaminate the troubles of the heavenly family, so stop here for the time being.

He Zhen felt more embarrassed.

He even felt that all the people sitting at the moment were laughing at him secretly...

Who wouldn't think it was ridiculous?

But what can he do?

He can only bury his head lower.



In the Spirit Hall, Jiang Wang remained silent.

He found that he really seemed to have arrived a little earlier. At this time, the Spirit Hall was almost full of the Imperial Family, and he was an outsider who was particularly restrained and awkward.

Perhaps you shouldn’t ridicule Chongxuan’s fat, I deliberately stepped forward, and didn’t ask for anything...

Looking at them Imperial Family big eyes staring at small eyes here, It's not good to say anything, and it's not good not to say anything, it's really a bit difficult.

When Jiang Wuhua walked in, he cast a relieved look.

The Crown Prince concubine Song Ning'er next to him is a fair-looking woman, with her face facing the sky, and her actions are very temperamental. But the character should not be rigid. looked towards Jiang Wang The look in the influential figure of the Great Qi younger generation was very curious.

Jiang Wang is not curious about Princess Crown Prince. He just thinks that Crown Prince's plain noodles are different from Jiang Wuyou's plain noodles, but they can't tell the difference.

The Queen of Great Qi walked forward blankly, with grace and phoenix eyes.

The court maid, Court Eunuch, stayed outside the hall.

No one speaks in the temple, and there is no other voice.

This makes the queen's very light footsteps appear heavy.

Jiang Wuyou silently let go of the position beside the coffin without saying anything, and went straight to Jiang Wang, but did not sit down immediately. Just glanced at the chair where He Zhen sat.

Jiang Wang reacted and quickly got up and exchanged this chair with the chair next to him.

Jiang Wuyou only then sat down with Fuyi, but still did not speak.

The position where Jiang Wang sits is at the outermost periphery of Spirit Hall. Slightly probe from here, and you can see Feng Gu sitting down outside the hall... He almost declines three times a day, and he is too old to bear to look at him.

Jiang Wang can neither stare at Feng Gu nor talk to Jiang Wuyou. Of course, he can't stare at Princess Crown Prince, so he has to fix his sight on the coffin in the temple.

No matter how splendid and splendid a character is, no matter how gorgeous and exquisite the coffin, under the eternal meaning of death, there will be no waves.

The queen's hand rested on the edge of the coffin.

And her voice, with a faint sorrow: "Little Eleven, you have suffered. You have been in poor health since you were a child, and finally grew up to such an age, but... the queen did not take care of it. Good you, it's because you have a guilty conscience."

Crown Prince concubine Song Ning'er helped her and comforted her softly and said, "The empress also asks me to mourn. The eleventh brother is alive in the sky, so I don’t want to come. You are sad."

Crown Prince walked alone on the other side of the coffin and walked to Jiang Wuyong's side.

Jiang Wuyong wanted to get up and avoid him, but he held out his hand.

He knelt down directly next to Jiang Wuyong, put one hand on his shoulder and the other hand holding his hand: "Wuyong, you have lost your merciful brother, I have lost a virtuous brother, we..."


The sound was choked and it was difficult to continue. Just holding Jiang Wuyong's hand tightly and tightly.

Jiang Wuyong also only called out "brother", and burst into tears.

There are actually no futons or straw mats for kneeling on the ground, so they kneel directly on the cold ground.

And in the coffin lies a person who can never hear crying or see tears.

Cao Jie, Xiu Yuan, Chen Fu, three Qi State senior figures came together at this time.

They didn't talk too much, and according to the rules, they gave gifts to the Queen and Crown Prince before offering incense in front of the altar.

The queen asked them to sit first, and they also found a seat to sit down.

Jiang Wuyou is sitting next to Jiang Wang, which has disrupted the order, so they are also very casual.

Chen Fu is a very intelligent person with deep eyes and slight frost on his temples. After the fragrance was given, he chose a seat behind Crown Prince.

Xiu Yuan, with both gentle and sharp temperament, found a chair on Jiang Wang's side in silence and sat down.

The senior military and political leaders in Linzi, others can not come, but he has to come. After all, it was Jiang Wuqi who was lying in the coffin at this moment, helping him clear the suspicion.

Cao Jie was still suffering and sat silently beside Chen Fu.

Of these three people, Jiang Wang is only familiar with one Cao Jie. Chen Fu had also taken photos several times, and Xiu Yuan had seen him for the first time.

For Jiang Wang's greetings, the three great characters all behaved very kindly. Regarding the undercurrent between the Great Qi Empress and the Huaying Palace Lord, they are all ignored.

"Born in winter, after death, the city is full of snow."

The voice of chanting resounded outside the hall.

Great Qi Ninth Prince Jiang Wuxie stepped into the Spirit Hall in this atmosphere.

He looked at the coffin placed in the temple, and sighed: "There will be a daoist to bury, and the gods are in sorrow and blood, how can they be worthy of you Jiang Wuqi?"

See you today Jiang Wuxie, dressed in mourning clothes and his long hair tied up with a wooden hairpin, his slightly evil and licentious temperament suddenly reduced a lot.

He walked slowly to the front of the coffin, put a drop-shaped white jade into the coffin, and stuck it on the soles of Jiang Wuqi's feet.

Only then did he salute the queen beside the coffin: "Please be sad, mother, don’t hurt God too much."

"Innocent..." The queen looked at this exceptionally good-looking prince, Kindly said: "What did you give to Wuqi?"

"An Soul Jade." Jiang Wuxie said softly: "Although knowing it is useless...It's always a sustenance."

Ann Soul Jade is a great treasure suitable for Divine Soul cultivation. Jiang Wuxie does not know where he found it, but he casually serves as Jiang Wuqi's funeral. It is not relentless.

So far, all the emperor heirs of the Great Qi Imperial Family who are qualified to fight for the dragon have come here.

To sacrifice Jiang Wuqi together.

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