Red Heart Survey Chapter 1376

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Today, there are nine daughters and seventeen sons. Except for the youngest imperial princes, Imperial Princess, all others actively or passively stay away from Linzi.

Even the death of Jiang Wuqi this time can be sacrificed at a distance, and he has not been summoned back to Beijing.

For a long time in the past, the four Palace Lords, Changle, Huaying, Yangxin, and Changsheng, have proven their abilities and stood out among the heirs of the emperors.

The emperor is willing to give more opportunities to outstanding children, but Great Qi's resources are not unlimited and cannot be wasted infinitely in the battle for dragons. In addition to the Changle Palace, the three palaces of Huaying, Yangxin, and Longevity were built. The first round of choices was already completed. The crown prince was only born in these four Palace Lords.

The other imperial imperial princesses are far away from Linzi, just to avoid the possibility of mediocrity consuming national resources.

No matter what emotions people have.

From a realistic point of view, Jiang Wuqi is dead. The huge political assets he left behind, where should he go? This is an issue that the entire Qi State needs to pay attention to.

Crown Prince Jiang Wuhua, Huaying Palace Lord Jiang Wuyou, Yangxin Palace Lord Jiang Wuxie, these three especially cannot relax.

Even Jiang Wuyong, the ten Fourth Prince who seems hopeless, sometimes gets sick, sometimes cultivation out of setback, and sometimes takes care of the sick mother when the other brother sisters are far away from the capital... Do everything possible to stay in Linzi, of course, not just to cry in front of Jiang Wuqiling in time.

To be honest, Jiang Wuyong is not stupid, he sees clearly.

Among several big brother elder sisters who are qualified to fight for dragons, Jiang Wuhua’s magnanimity is his tolerance for the incompetent younger brother. As a threat. And Jiang Wuyou has always been uncomfortable with his appearance, and Jiang Wuxie may only regard him as a harlequin.

Only the eleven brother Jiang Wuqi, who really looks at him straight. Will be concerned about his clothing and edibility, and will beat Jiang Wang for him...

So his sadness at this time is not all exaggerated.

But he is also impossible to think about—Jiang Wuqi die an untimely death, abruptly breaking the road of longevity, leaving an empty longevity palace. Will the love of Imperial Father be transferred to him who is younger?

As long as there is a possibility of one in ten thousand, he must be prepared for it.

The emperor loves Jiang Wuqi the most, so he will cry most sadly.

He and the Imperial Father are connected by bloodline, and the heart is connected to the heart. This situation should be the same pain in this scene, and more closeness should be born from this similar pain.

No matter it is Jiang Wuhua, Jiang Wuyou, Jiang Wuxie, no one lacks the wisdom to see through this mind, but their performance have nothing common with each other.

And important imperial officials like Cao Jie and Chen Fu do not need to express their views among these princes of the Imperial Princess. It is an attitude to stand outside the hall for a while, and wait for them to come in after the quarrel.

As for Jiang Wang...

He sits well, but his mind has sunk into the world of dao technique.

Power, mind, force...

There are all kinds of skills in the world, and he only asks for the movement method.

Dragon-Tiger, this dao technique, has inherited from the past, and its origins are quite extraordinary.

The so-called "tiger" refers to the eight winds.

This technique attracts the eight winds, of course it is not the real divine ability to call the eight winds. It is an imitation application of the divine ability of the eight winds. It is the same as the tornado of Wang Changxiang in Maple Forest City Dao Academy.

Jiang Wang has a lack of divine ability and has strengthened it to a very high level. It is easier to open his mind in the "tiger" of Dragon-Tiger.

The "dragon" in the Dragon-Tiger dao technique refers to the spine. At the current level of cultivation, it can also be said to be the sky and the sea.

dao vein Tenglong has gone forever since jumping out of the Tongtian Sea, wandering in the Wufu Sea for a long time, and now it has swam into the Tibetan Star Sea.

As the first Tongtianhai opened in the whole world, it was almost "idle" after Tenglong. It may be difficult to play a role until the whole world is connected.

At least Jiang Wang in the Outer Building Realm has nothing to do with Tongtianhai.

The fact that the whole world is connected is one of the manifestations of God's presence...

So now it is Dragon- who really stuck Jiang Wang on the evolution of the dao technique. "Dragon" of Tiger dao technique. At the cultivation base level of the outer building realm, it is difficult for him to understand the use of this dao technique on the sky and the sea, so he can only study it with little by little.

In comparison, there is the "Detailed Explanation of Fire Flower Burning City" given by Zuo Guangshu, plus the previous experience of practicing Fire Flower, and the control of Fire Element dao technique until now. The progress of Yanhua Fencheng's training is higher than that of Dragon-Tiger.

Immersed in cultivation, time always flies quickly.

Jiang Wang doesn't care much about how people behaved before Jiang Wuqiling. Missing this kind of thing after all is only about my heart.

It wasn't until Feng Gucang's voice sounded that he suddenly retracted his mind.

"The old slave knocks to see the emperor!" His voice trembled, as if choked.

The emperor is here!

People in the Spirit Hall stood up and saluted, and the Queen of Great Qi leaned slightly.

Speaking of which, no matter where the emperor and empress go in the past, they will declare to open the way to demonstrate.

Before Jiang Wuqiling came to Jiang Wuqiling today, he was silent. Perhaps he didn't want to disturb the undead.

Jiang Wang soon knew why Feng Gu was choking.

The emperor not only removes the crown today, but also wears mourning clothes!

He walked into the hall wearing a white mourning suit, not far behind him, Han Ling, who was following his steps.

Qi Tianzi only raised his hand, indicating that he does not need to be polite. After walking a few steps forward, he stopped in front of the coffin.

At this moment, Jiang Wang and Jiang Wuyou are on the right hand side of the emperor, and further forward on the right hand side, it is Xiuyuan, commander of the prison electric army who is also standing in front of the seat.

Moving forward, Xiuyuan is Jiang Wuxie, Princess Crown Prince, and Queen Great Qi standing next to the coffin.

Across the coffin, the Queen’s opposite is Crown Prince Jiang Wuhua and Ten Fourth Prince Jiang Wuyong. They went further, before a row of seats, standing Cao Jie and Chen Fu.

Everyone is silent, waiting for the emperor to say or do something.

The emperor sacrifices his minister, father sacrifices his son. Only the coffin, there will never be a response.

This is not the first time Jiang Wang has seen Qi Tianzi, but he still feels the deep and unmeasurable majesty as he first saw him.

The deeper his cultivation base, the higher his official position, the more he sees, the farther he thinks...the more he can appreciate the unpredictable power of Qi Tianzi.

Turning your hands over the clouds and raining hands, the entire Great Qi empire is tied to its body, and between thoughts, it shakes the entire world.

He is wearing mourning clothes today, or just a father who lost his beloved son, but who can ignore his emperor status?

In and outside the Spirit Hall, who dares not to be sad, who dares not to hurt, who dares to laugh?

Are you really sad again?

It's nothing but the emperor's sorrow, so the world is sorrowful.

He is standing in the Supreme position, how much fog does he need to penetrate to see the human heart?

Qi Tianzi looked at the coffin quietly for a while, then finally moved his eyes.

He scanned the entire Spirit Hall from left to right, like patrolling mountains and rivers. All the people who have been touched by his eyes are uneasy.

"Your Majesty." The queen greeted him, took his arm, and said softly: "Come and give Wuqibong incense, he must also I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Qi Tianzi didn't speak, and Empress Ren walked forward on his arm.

White is like a mountain under mourning clothes.

Speaking of which Jiang Wang has never looked at the face of the emperor, at this moment, I only looked down and saw that the left hand of the emperor was resting on Jiang Wuqi's coffin.

This is a well-framed hand that holds Heaven and Earth tightly. At this moment, it is on the edge of the coffin, lightly set up several times, and finally walked past the coffin and came to the altar table.

The queen twisted three sticks of incense and lit it carefully on the golden candle before handing it to the emperor.

The emperor offered these three incense sticks, and then there was a moment of silence.

This silence is like a mountain, weighing on everyone's heart.

The entire Longevity Palace has gradually stopped.

It's like this world, when it's time to lose your voice.

All the voices died down, and there were no more whispers.

Why is the emperor silent?

I don't know how long it has been.

Qi Tianzi turned around. He turned his back to the altar, facing Jiang Wuqi's coffin, and facing everyone in and outside the Spirit Hall.

"Jiang Qingyang." He suddenly opened the mouth and said.

Jiang Wang’s heart jumped and he immediately took a step forward: "The minister is here."

The emperor’s voice fell: "Today’s funeral, there is a time for the ceremony. The outside ceremony You came before it was full. Did you come so early to show me? Do you want to be a fortunate minister?"

These words are very light, but very heavy.

Like a towering mountain, pressed down!

The queen understood immediately.

The emperor is dissatisfied with what happened in Spirit Hall today. Even if it's just an undercurrent!

These words refer to Jiang Qingyang, so why not refer to the various performances of the Imperial Family in front of Jiang Wuqiling?

This meaning, the queen understands, Crown Prince understands, Jiang Wuxie understands, and Jiang Wuyou understands.

But no matter who the emperor is going to beat, for Jiang Wang, who is named, this is the high mountain pressing the top, the sky collapses and the earth collapses. This is the power of the emperor, plus in one body. It is the fury of the whole world, covering one person.

He can't help but panic!

Jiang Wuyou in the heart pondered his words and was about to speak when suddenly a white shadow moved next to him.

Wearing a mourning suit, Jiang Wang took a step forward and turned around, facing the emperor directly across Jiang Wuqi's coffin.

"My Majesty, please take back this statement!" He said so.

The unpredictable eyes of the emperor fell.

Jiang Wang bears an indescribable weight, but stands straight and unshakable.

In this Spirit Hall, he said loudly: "The minister thinks that the feeling of mourning, the heart of sacrifice, there is a thought, there is no difference between morning and evening. The emperor is wise and martial, and he has never opened the door for the villain to enter. , Then how come the ministers who are lucky enough to enter? All the salaries and salaries of the cunguan and the cunjue are all from the blood of Great Qi. Can the emperor take the word "fortunately" lightly? If the minister gets up early today, he comes early, that's all. I really don’t know how to sacrifice the eleventh princes, I still need to spend some time!"

He bowed his hands and bowed down: "Your Majesty, this remark, what is the wounded minister? The minister can't bear it, and he won't bear it! Please take it back!"

The room is full of silence.

Cao Jie looked at the upright Heaven's Chosen and opened his mouth, not knowing what to say for a while.

Jiang Qingyang is so strong that he dared to denounce the emperor and ask the emperor to withdraw his remarks!

Actually, he can see clearly that the reason why the emperor named Jiang Qingyang is actually because, if you want to strike the mountain to shake a tiger today, Jiang Qingyang is the best choice.

At this moment, now that the Longevity Palace Lord is dead, no matter which prince named Imperial Princess, the emperor can hardly not be regarded as some kind of signal, which will directly affect the reservation. Contention.

And important imperial officials like him and Chen Fu are not something that the emperor can lightly insult. Especially Xiu Yuan, who just got rid of suspicion and ended his imprisonment state. The old friend he had been with for many years is now being tortured in the law court.

If the emperor asked Xiuyuan this way, he might have to commit suicide on the spot.

The emperor asked Jiang Qingyang this way. In fact, it is precisely a kind of value to Jiang Wang, and there is a kind of closeness in it. The so-called Jane is in the emperor's heart, nothing is better than this.

Of course, Jiang Wang's response to this remark is also very important.

He either confesses himself, or is frightened, the emperor will not do anything to him. This is more like a time when everyone observes such a young Heaven's Chosen.

But Jiang Wang didn't know whether he understood it or not, so he came back face to face...

What will happen to the emperor?

Cao Jie has followed the son of today for so many years, and he understands the emperor very well, but also does not understand the emperor. The part that he understands is that he knows the emperor's talents, generality, and wise and martial arts. What he doesn't understand is that he often can't be sure what kind of decision the emperor will make... this is the moment.

The emperor is not without the possibility of Thunder's Fury.

Looking for the emperor to explain, let the emperor withdraw the golden mouth and jade words, in serious terms, it can even be regarded as a challenge to the emperor’s authority!

The emperor can be wrong, how can the courtier be suspicious?

Qi Tianzi is silent, but Jiang Wang always keeps a bowed posture, standing like an iron figure. Obviously, if the emperor does not take back his remarks, he will not straighten up.

At this time, a voice that everyone didn't expect sounded.

"Your Majesty, there is a word from the old slave, a sacred message for a beggar!"

The voice came from outside the temple.

It is Court Eunuch Feng Gu, the director of the Changsheng Palace.

The emperor’s gaze, over the coffin, over the bowed Jiang Qingyang, fell on the hanging old man outside the hall.

"Speak." The emperor said.

Feng Gu knelt on the ground and said sincerely: "When His Royal Highness was there, he admired Qingyangzi. He often said that he came from the east to the east, which is the blessing of my Great Qi. Qing Yangzi invites to the palace and discusses with him... After that battle, His Highness always mentioned Qing Yangzi and praised him. Hearing about the result of the battle of Xingyueyuan and the heroic appearance of Qing Yangzi, His Highness couldn't help but sighed. Said, "This monarch should be a big helper." Even...even this time, there is a bequest gift, which is dedicated to Qingyangzi. The old slave thinks that His Highness treats Qingyangzi sincerely, and Qingyangzi is also sincere to His Highness's thoughts. There is no other way of thinking about the so-called cherishment of heroes. Your Majesty Fuqi is a lesson."

No one thought that Feng Gu would speak at this time.

This remark fully supports Jiang Wang, and it actually denies the emperor’s "word of death".

To put it awkwardly, a world-recognized Heaven's Chosen like Jiang Wang, an influential figure of the younger generation of Qi State, has repeatedly been rewarded for meritorious deeds, and is still qualified to "hold favor and arrogantly" and contradict the emperor.

Feng Gu, the director of the Changsheng Palace, Court Eunuch, how dare he?

Even Jiang Wang himself did not expect that Feng Gu would help him in this way, and their intersection is really rare.

And Jiang Wuxie, who was always silent, couldn't help but glanced at Jiang Wuqi who was lying in the coffin.

The eleventh brother is truly beyond reach.

Feng Gu, an old Court Eunuch who was almost heartbroken, hadn't Jiang Wuqi really admired Jiang Wang during his lifetime, how could he speak at this time?

Everyone knows that after Jiang Wang returned from Tianyatai, he had clearly approached Huaying Palace.

Even if he Jiang Wuxie, although he has been showing good to Jiang Wang, he still has his own sense of control and will not take the initiative to build momentum for him. After all, that is already a competitor.

Jiang Wuqi is the battle for dragons, but he always focuses on the whole world, not the palace.

He never felt that he was inferior to this eleven brother, except for the imperial father's preference caused by the ill-fated fate. But at this time he had to admit that he was above his heart and he really wanted to lose a few points.

If I want to come and stay with myself in a different place, I would never push Jiang Wang to Huaying Palace in the first place.

Looking at Jiang Wuqi, who would never open his eyes again, I thought of all the things this kid always loved to "teach him" in the past.

Jiang Wuxie is lightly sighed in his heart.

Perhaps I should really "nourish my heart".




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