Red Heart Survey Chapter 1377

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No one is stupid who can get to where he is in the treacherous political battles.

Feng Gu's current attitude is exactly the extension of Jiang Wuqi's will during his lifetime.

The kindness of his people to Jiang Wang is not only in Jiang Wang's body? He treats Jiang Wang well not only because of Jiang Wang's talents, but also because of Jiang Wang's presence in Qi and his official position. He wants Heaven's Chosen like Jiang Wang to be closer to Qi State. Even if Jiang Wang will in fact become the help of Huaying Palace.

He is thinking about the entire Great Qi Empire.

Heaven's Chosen gathered in Great Qi, his homeland of Jiang Wuqi.

Including that he went to death without a doubt. In the end, in front of the emperor, he said "there can be no hidden worries in the army", and he thought of the great cause of Qi State.

How can such a pattern and mind not be moved?

Qi Tianzi fixedly looked at Feng Gu for a while, as if in the old Court Eunuch, he saw the man who was drifting away and never looked back.

Finally turned his gaze back to Jiang Wang, and sighed: "Jiang Qing, please forgive the sadness and suspicion of a father. It is my fault."

Jiang Wang deeply. With a bow, without saying a word, he returned to his original position.

The death of Jiang Wuqi has a huge impact on the entire Qi State Dragon Game.

Looking at the palaces, the Changsheng Palace is the biggest threat to Crown Prince.

This is a prince with almost no flaws except for Innate's serious illness.

Even the fatal shortcoming of cold and poisonous life was concealed by his talent and pattern. For a long period of time, it was almost unconscious.

It is clearly an unsolvable problem for anyone. Before Jiang Wuqi really died, many people felt that he would definitely be able to overcome it.

He will give people such confidence.

At the moment when Jiang Wuqi died, Qi State's battle for dragons had suddenly undergone a brand new change. As the East Palace, Crown Prince has the need to re-establish its status.

But Crown Prince, as a benevolent east palace, should be friendly to the brother sisters, and today is so sad for the younger brother. How can he compete with others again?

The queen also has bloodline affection, impossible completely isolated. But why in the past can sit and watch He Zhen be punished in prison, but today can't ignore his humiliation?

This is exactly why.

As the birth mother of Crown Prince, she can establish a position for Crown Prince without affecting the name of Crown Prince.

Slap Jiang Wuyou casually for the humiliated nephew, saying that it is such is human nature. What's wrong with using a mother to teach her daughter?

And if Jiang Wuyou contradicts, he is not filial and not respectful. If you retreat, you will be short in front of the East Palace.

But Jiang Wuyou should salute and give way. Although he didn't lose the slightest imposing manner from beginning to end, he always aimed at He Zhen and made a very good sense of measure.

Before Jiang Wuqiling, the queen can't overbearing, she can only let it go, let He Zhen "roll".

In the presence of the Queen of Great Qi, He Zhen was expelled in Jiang Wuqi's Spirit Hall, and who was domineering when it was passed out?

Jiang Wuyou sat beside Jiang Wang silently. With the respect of Huaying Palace Lord, sitting in the most marginal position, it is for people to see who is in charge here and who is the loudest. She did make He Zhen go out loudly, but the reason why He Zhen went out was not her decision alone...

And the crying Jiang Wuyong, wouldn't he know that his mind was affected by the big brother elder sister Can we see clearly? He only asked for empathy from the emperor.

Crown Prince embraced his brother and friend, and he also shed tears, doing his duty as the younger brother.

Jiang Wuxie was the latest among the brothers and sisters, so he showed his affection with a respectful gift.

But Jiang Wuqi, who is courteous to the present, is useless, and it is extravagant.

The queen asked him what he gave. He dug a hole easily. Jiang Wuxie only skipped it gently with the word "supply"...

People of the heavenly family have always been tired. , The undercurrent during this period is not difficult to see.

Only this happened before Jiang Wuqiling!

The emperor was angry because of this.

In the end, Jiang Wuqi had the righteousness of the emperor and his ministers, and died in front of him as a son innocently.

He came in mourning today, it may not be the last nostalgia, but he still wants to watch these people fight back and forth.

How can he not be angry?

However, the dispute between the crown prince has intensified, and now...this happened with his acquiescence. If you don't fight for the storm, you can't see Flood Dragon. Strong winds can't destroy, there is no way to show strength and looseness.

How could he be angry about this?

This hate for this situation is really hard to say. The emperor controls the country, and every word and deed needs to be considered. He could only question his children in the same way as Jiang Qingyang.

Jiang Qingyang’s response was staunch, but this kind of angular youngster is exactly what the emperor needs.

He didn't think he was rebellious, his silence was more of an observation.

Observe the different thoughts of everyone in this Spirit Hall.

To govern this country of tens of thousands, we must not slacken our efforts for a while.

Feng Gu's remarks, although they are explaining for Jiang Wang, make him miss Jiang Wuqi even more.

How much did this child, who was destined in her mother’s womb, silently do for this Great Qi world?

And the emperor suddenly felt shocked...

He only didn't need to observe Jiang Wuqi anymore.

Just like what Jiang Wuqi said--

"Now you can trust your ministers."

The emperor can't ignore it.

However, this word of "doubt" is sometimes as Jiang Qingyang said... "Where is the wounded minister?"

Qi Tianzi sighed: "Jiang Qing, I take it back For the words just now, please forgive the sadness of a father."

In the Spirit Hall, there is still silence. But there was a sudden upsurge in people's hearts, and no one could calm it down.

The emperor who made Great Qi dominance, even made a mistake!

Who is Jiang Wang really?

The son of the emperor hates people. At the moment, Yan Tu, who is in the dying field, is describing him. He is Great Qi who has fought for decades and has made countless contributions. There is no chance for the emperor to defend.

The love of the Son of Heaven, heavier than the mountains, is right in front of you.

I apologize to Jiang Wang as the son of emperor. It is the weight of the world that hurts Jiang Wuqi alone.

There is no sound in the hall, only the voice of Qi Tianzi is ringing.

"Jiang Clan is a famous person who has never abandoned him, my beloved son. Born in Shuangdong, he was cut in the mother's womb. I said that Ai Fei Lei did not abandon my son, and he will be jealous in the end!

The cold toxin enters life, and life is a dead end. However, the will never disappear, the will never fade, struggle against the Heavens for 17 years. One step God comes, and I will wipe out my Great Qi carrion.

The pain of my love, I will never be so sad in my life!"

Qi Tianzi was standing in front of the coffin, and when he lowered his head, he could see Jiang Wuqi's sleeping face.

His gaze swept across Jiang Wuhua, passing Jiang Wuyong by the way, moving across Jiang Wuyou's face, and also across Jiang Wuxie.

At that moment, it was as powerful as mountains and seas: "The death of Wuqi is my great misfortune, and it is the great fortune of you!"

Jiang Wuhua, Jiang Wuyong, Jiang Wuyou, Jiang Wuxie, all knelt to the ground, unable to raise his head!

The Crown Prince also knelt down with Jiang Wuhua.

The Queen of Great Qi looked down and said nothing.

Looking at the years and months, the Great Qi Emperor Emperor Scripture has experienced how much surging forward with great momentum, but said that he will never be so sad in his life.

She is the person next to her pillow, the head of the harem, after all, she can't speak.

Qi Tianzi looked down towards Jiang Wuqi, looking at this handsome, frosty face.

Since a long time, he stretched out his hand and gently opened his lips, took out a piece of white jade from his sleeve, and put it in his mouth.

"Your jade, the Imperial Father will return to you."

Treasure in your mouth, funeral ceremony.

Great Qi Tianzi completed this step by himself.

It also declared that Jiang Wuqi had really died in the legal sense.

Of course he was pure and white when he left, like jade and flawless.

This innocence is proved by the emperor.

Feng Gu stuck his forehead to the ground, crying in silence, tears streaming down his old man.

Jiang Wang previously said in Jiang Wuqi's study that he hoped that when Jiang Wuqi left, he got what he wanted.

Feng Gu understands that Jiang Wuqi has gotten...

Return Jiang Wuqi’s guilty jade to Jiang Wuqi. This simple action seems to have made Qi Tianzi Calm was restored.

The tremendous pressure felt by everyone in Spirit Hall disappeared instantly.

"Go back to the palace." The emperor said, no longer looking at Jiang Wuqi, and no longer looking at the Spirit Hall, and walked outside.

Han Ling followed behind him without saying a word.

The emperor walked from the side where the queen was standing earlier, with the coffin on the right hand side, and the kneeling Concubine Crown Prince and Jiang Wuxie on the left hand side.

He passed by.

Walking past the standing Xiuyuan, kneeling Jiang Wuyou, and Jiang Wang standing upright, finally walked past Feng Gu, who was kneeling on the ground, and left the main hall of the Changsheng Palace. Spirit Hall.

Just leave without looking back.

According to the etiquette system, the entire funeral has not ended, and no one has come. The final condolences need to be hosted by Wen Yanyu.

But the emperor is gone.

Jiang Wuhua, Jiang Wuyong, Jiang Wuyou, and Jiang Wuxie can't speak for a while.

Jiang Wang was silent, he felt Qi Tianzi's emotions for the first time.

Diving under the deep sea, there are actually raging waves.

The Queen of Great Qi looked at these Imperial Princesses and said lightly: "Get up, what are you doing on your knees?"

Several Imperial Princesses stood up.

The queen seemed to be tired, turned around, and sat down in the first chair. Facing the coffin, she lifted her left hand lightly, and flicked it out: "Let's go wherever you should go, my palace is here to accompany you for the last journey."

Her hands flicked in the air. , Makes people feel a kind of weakness.

Although the queen said so, of course, the impossible impossible to leave now.

The emperor just asked, who I wanted to show to him so early. If the emperor walked with the front foot, they would leave with the back foot, and it was really hit on the tip of the knife.

The Queen’s voice has fallen for a while.

Cao Jie got up and said: "The minister still has unfinished military affairs, so he will retire first."

Follow closely from behind, Chen Fu and Xiu Yuan also got up and left.

The important officials of the empire like them who are famous in the military affairs hall and political affairs hall, except for treason and other major crimes, there are very few things that can shake their status, and they don't need too much performance.

Being in this position is indeed entangled in everything. Being able to come to Fengxiang today is a great respect for Jiang Wuqi.

The incense has been offered, and since the emperor has left, they have no need to stay.

The three great characters are gone, and Jiang Wang will naturally not stay. Although he originally planned to participate in Jiang Wuqi's funeral today, he was not really trying to show off in front of Chong Xuan Sheng, but for the gift of Jiang Wuqi's friendship, and his heart was to cherish the hero.

But today the emperor asked like that, if he stays here at this time, it will inevitably have several points of performance. Furthermore, he did not want to continue to feel the pressure inside the Imperial Family here.

So I exchanged a look with Jiang Wuyou, looked towards the queen, please resign.

About to step out of the hall, Feng Gu stood up and said: "His Royal Highness the old slave will send you to you."

Jiang Wang was subconsciously ready to decline, but his thoughts turned softly. Said: "There is a father-in-law."

People didn't think much about it. After all, Feng Gu had spoken out in front of the emperor before, showing Jiang Wuqi's friendship with Jiang Wang.

Free one is reasonable.

Probably only Jiang Wang himself knows that he has very little contact with Jiang Wuqi, and the friendship is far from the point of entrusting his name.

Feng Gu probably has something to tell him...

He has been waiting for Feng Gu to speak on the way.

But probably because the people in the Changsheng Palace were so messy at this time, Feng Gu never spoke.

Until he walked to the wall, he suddenly said: "My Lord, do you believe in His Highness Eleven?"

Jiang Wang thought for a while and said, "I think , What kind of person he is, he has used his life to prove it. I have no reason to doubt him."

"It is indeed a regret for your Highness to fail to befriend Sir Alex. Feng Gu suddenly bowed and said, "His Majesty, thank you."

Jiang Wang quickly supported him: "Father-in-law, what are you doing?"

Feng Gu took out one With a handkerchief, he wiped his eyes with turbid tears, and then said: "His Royal Highness has got what he wants, but what my old dog wants has not yet been realized."

Jiang Wang looked at it in surprise. He glanced.

What do you mean?

But Feng Gu has stopped: "The old slave will be sent here...May Sir Alex rise meeoric from now on, and he will flourish for thousands of miles."

When there are many people with mixed eyes. , Jiang Wang asked inconveniently, so he had to bypass the wall in doubt and leave first.

I want to wait for the funeral to end, and then find an opportunity to ask about the situation.

When I left the palace gate, I happened to see Wen Yanyu calmly instructing the official of the ceremony department to handle all aspects of the funeral.

Apart from these great characters, Qi Kungfu is really first-class.

It is of course a kind of specification to conduct the funeral of the eleventh princes with the respect of Wen Yanyu as a doctor.

But when Qi Tianzi left early, the hearts of the people were split in half. People like Cao Jie and Chen Fu who are heavy enough to leave after offering incense.

It can be said that this is already destined to be thankless.

Although the emperor left the field, his work could not stop there. If someone at this level is responsible for the funeral, there must be a beginning and an end.

This is just overkill. Such tedious and meticulous work has been lightly skipped, and it is boring and self-explanatory.

But there is no dissatisfaction on Wen Yanyu's face, not even the slightest impatience. I don't seem to feel that it would be wasteful to do such a job.

Jiang Wang took the initiative this time, bid farewell to him, and then left the Changsheng Palace.

Today, he was showing off in front of Chongxuan Sheng, but before Chong Xuan Sheng, he had finished his condolences and left. Things in the world are really unspeakable.

Juejue Jiang is not going out on foot this time. He has his own Steward Jiang Mansion and Xie Ping arranged his outfit and arranged a carriage for the coachman.

Only when he walked to his carriage, he saw another unexpected person--

Zhanyu Army commander Xiu Yuan.

This person was sitting in a tall carriage, and beckoned to him: "Come in."

The carriage at Lord Jiang’s Mansion was the carriage commanded by the nine soldiers. It looks like a child's toy, which is really shabby.

Steward Xie Ping and Jiang's newly hired coachman stood obediently and honestly, afraid to speak.

At that time, the long street in front of him was deserted, and the palace gate was deep behind him.

The autumn wind is very cold.

The entire bustling and noisy Linzi City pays tribute to Jiang Wuqi with silence.

"You go back first."

Jiang Wang gave an order and got into the carriage of Xiuyuan.

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