Red Heart Survey Chapter 1378

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Jiang Wang is not everyone's carriage, and the lesson of guilt is not far away.

But for a character like Xiu Yuan, commander of the prison electric army, since waiting for him outside the Changsheng Palace publicly, nothing ugly will happen, so he has nothing to worry about.

The carriage Xiuyuan took at this time was not his imperial car that represented the ritual of the state.

It should be convenient for daily travel, but the car rented with Steward Jiang's house still has no comparability.

Needless to say the spaciousness of the space, the softness of the cushions, and the style of decoration...the pattern on the car wall turned out to be a naturally growing wood grain! Like a flower like a tree, like a dragon like a tiger, mysterious and strange grows by itself.

The wood alone is invaluable.

Jiang Wang stepped into the car, as if stepping on the clouds, lightly and effortlessly.

The groom is obviously also a military background, with a serious temperament and a straight spine. With a flick of his hand, the reins made a crisp blast in the air, and two tall black horses raised their hooves at the same time.

The hoof rises and falls in the same sound.

The carriage is light and moving, without the slightest bump in the carriage.


The door is closed.

There was a warm light on the top of the carriage at the right time. It was not a halo of any artifacts, but was condensed by the formation mark, which was clear but not dazzling.

Juejue Jiang has seen the world before and calmly sat down opposite Xiuyuan: "I wonder if Xiu Shuai invited this Jiang to join the car, why?"

Xiuyuan did not answer. Just ask: "Do you usually drink?"

Between Xiuyuan and Jiang Wang, the baffle quietly fell, and a low table slowly rose. There is a silver jug ​​on the low table and four inverted silver wine glasses.

There are two dishes, one is pea-shaped, but red, with a light burnt aroma.

A kind of fruit is shaped like a half moon. Under the translucent epidermis, silver sand-like fluid cores are faintly visible. In short, Jiang Wang is not quite recognizable.

But he did not go to the carriage to see the life of the nine-pawn commander.

Sit upright and straight, replied realistically: "It's not a banquet or a drink."

"I heard many people talk about you, but this is the first time I saw you today." Xiu Yuan reached out his hand to turn the wine glass on the table over, and his voice was flat: "Come with me for a drink."

While speaking, he turned over three wine glasses and reached for the wine jug.

Jiang Wang also hurriedly reached out: "Let the officials come."

Xiu Yuan held the flask with one hand, and gave it lightly: "Great man, don't care about those vulgarities. Li."

Jiang Wang had to sit down again.

Xiu Yuan poured the wine slowly, and asked casually: "I was in the temple just now. I saw you faintly in the Eight Winds, the Dragon-Tiger repaired?"

"It is indeed "Jiang Wang was a little surprised by the other party's attention to him, and quickly explained: "I never disrespect the eleventh princes. It is just habit to think about the dao technique."

Xiu Yuan poured three glasses of wine. , With the back of the index finger, push one of the wine glasses in front of Jiang Wang. He whispered softly: "I have long heard that Jiang Qingyang is not arrogant or discouraged. You are diligent and hardworking. It is different from ordinary people. I saw it today and it was really amazing."

It’s the stupid bird that flies first to make up for it with diligence."

Xiu Yuan shook his head: "In this world, there are so many clever people, many, many. How many have great wisdom? If you are a stupid bird , There are not many people in the world who can fly."

Jiang Wang said: "My little cleverness is to work hard and work hard. Everything is harvested from the hard work."

"This is great wisdom." Xiuyuan said: "Tianxia Academy is the top four. Dragon Sect Academy talks about talents and nature, Qingya Academy seeks a willful nature, Haoran Academy cultivates a righteous spirit, and is the world's top learning. . But the academy is number one, but it is hard work. There is nothing else in the academy, except that the style of hard study is very prosperous, so it won the world."

Jiang Wang nodded earnestly: "The officials have been taught."

This too humble Jiang Wang and that Jiang Wang who refuses to be insulted and dared to question the emperor face to face are not the same person.

Xiu Yuan glanced at him lightly: "I didn't teach you either... Well, since you talked about being taught..."

His eyes were slightly certain.

Jiang Wang immediately felt a gentle flow of information like a drizzle, spilling on the Divine Soul-it was the cultivation experience of the dao technique "Dragon-Tiger" and the cultivation based on the outside floor cultivation technique. Some ideas.

"I happened to learn it in the early years." Xiu Yuan said without thinking: "I don't need it now, I haven't forgotten it...I will give it to you."

dao The technique world is vast as the sea, and keep doing so day after day.

Even if it is a magic technique, everyone Yi Xingchen, it is impossible to say that any dao technique can just hit it.

He Xiuyuan is no exception.

So the Dragon-Tiger dao technique, of course, was temporarily transferred when he was waiting outside the palace gate. After a quick study, it was passed to Jiang Wang.

A daoist's understanding of the dao technique almost instantly opened the unbreakable pass that Jiang Wang had been thinking about for many days, making him suddenly see the whole thing in a clear light.

Jiang Wang was surprised and delighted: "Xiu Shuai is so polite. I really don’t know why I am grateful."

"Don’t say much." Xiu Yuan lifted his chin very much. It's free and easy: "Just toast."

Jiang Wang simply toasted: "I will do it first."

Drink the wine in the glass, the warm wine. The liquid fell into the abdomen, suddenly turned into a line of fire, singed all the way, and went straight to the throat. At that critical point, such as the fire star bursts open, "blows up" the whole body, and everything is uncomfortable up and down.

Divine Soul is very lively, and dao essence is also very smart.

This wine... can actually help cultivation, it can be called Peerless Grade!

The toast itself is also a good thing. Benefiting repeatedly, Jiang Wang didn't know what to say for a while.

Xiu Yuan has already raised a cup and drank slowly: "Hurry up to digest, don't miss the effect of the wine."

Jiang Wang closed his eyes and carried the dao essence. Under the slowly flowing power of wine, the Tongtian Sea became more and more clear, and the Heaven and Earth islands in the Wufu Sea became more stable. Hidden in the Star Sea, the dao vein Tenglongyao Jiaojiao swims...

I don't know how long it has been. When Jiang Wang opened his eyes, he felt that his body and soul were in peace, and everything went smoothly. This wine is really a treasure, a glass of wine can be worth a month!

Xiu Yuan poured another glass of wine for him: "This wine is not effective if you drink too much, but after it loses its effect, its taste will show up. You can taste it again."

The value of these Peerless Grade wines that can help cultivation is incalculable.

Probably only a current daoist like Xiuyuan can taste the luxury of Earth Grade when he can no longer feel its extraordinary effects.

At least Jiang Wang took a sip himself. Although his lips and teeth are fragrant, he is still thinking about the pleasure of helping cultivation, trying to capture its effectiveness, and then feels distressed about its great value... Too much taste.

He stopped the wine glass and sighed: "Jiang Wang is really flattered."

"You deserve it." Xiu Yuan gently touched the taste of the wine, his tone casually Said: "The older you are, the less you don't want to owe anything. Especially this thing of's hard to pay it back."

At the beginning of the Master’s gift, Jiang Wang’s "ant is not regrettable" In theory, how many favors have been won by stopping the wrath of the emperor.

If the court council doctor Yi Xingchen, who finally selected Cui Zhu's name, has shown goodwill many times.

And Xiuyuan is the one who needs the most affection.

It’s just that I have been imprisoned at home before, and I have no time or opportunity to contact Jiang Wang. As soon as I saw it in the Changsheng Palace today, I immediately waited outside the palace to "pay the debt."

As soon as Xiu Yuan said this, Jiang Wang immediately relaxed.

I took another sip of the Chinese wine, this will be able to enjoy some good things... After all, he is this Jiang, who is also afraid of owing favors.

The wine enters the throat, and after the ileum has turned a hundred times, Jiang Wang asked: "I don't know what the name of this wine is?"

"This wine is made by myself... Only the last It’s a pot.” Xiu Yuan shook the jug and listened to the sound of the jade liquid jelly, lightly said: “It’s called'folding the long willow'.”


There must be a story in this. Although Jiang Wang didn't know the twists and turns, he also tasted some of the complexity in the wine. He couldn't help but praised: "Good name."

The carriage stopped slowly at this time, and there was no wave of wine in the glass. Xiuyuan's skill in driving the car is really a Major Perfection, far from comparable to the driver Xie Ping recruited from nowhere.

Jiang Wang blinked lightly, cutting off his thoughts of inviting humiliation to oneself. Compared with the commander-in-chief of the nine soldiers, I really can’t think about it...

Xiu Yuan held the flask and helped Jiang Wang fill up the glass, and then asked: "Do you know where this is?"

Jiang Wang certainly knows where this is.

Even if he hasn't heard the immortal state, his sensitivity to sound has already allowed him to capture the surrounding environment.

The tumultuous voices, the emotions of the crowd, tension, excitement, fright, cheers...and howls.

It is undoubtedly a magic field.

Being late at the same time in the field of many prisoners.

Among them is a current daoist named Yan Tu.

The carriage of Xiuyuan stopped not far from the field. Although it was crowded, after all, the sign of the Prison Electric Army squeezed out a place.

But the car door did not open, nor did the window open.

Although Xiuyuan's car was driving here, he didn't seem to intend to watch the execution process.

Of course...As a current daoist, if he wants to see it, it is difficult for him to see anything that can block his line of sight.

The closed doors and windows are just his eyes closed.

"This is the place where the spies of the equal country are executed." Jiang Wang said carefully.

The words reminded Xiu Yuan.

Xiu Yuan didn't know if he understood, or rather, if he listened.

He only took a sip of wine, drank it carefully, seemingly drunk, and then said: "I heard you like reading?"

Jiang Wang wanted to ask. Who said it?

After all, he lacks the face to brag in front of a current daoist, a little uncomfortable and authentic: "I feel more and more that he has too little accumulation. Recently, he is really looking for time to read...but he doesn't read much. "

"Have you read "The Legend of a Beast"?" Xiu Yuan asked.

"Never..." Jiang Wang said.

This is the first time he heard the title of this book!

"...a book that records all kinds of strange beasts, the information is relatively comprehensive." Xiu Yuan said: "Although many of the strange beasts recorded above have been extinct, they also represent to some extent. A piece of history will help you deepen your knowledge of this world. You are not in trouble, but if you want to become a daoist, you must understand this world better. If you have the opportunity... you should read it."

Faced with the great Qi young generation first Heaven's Chosen, he couldn't speak well after all. This is just one of the basic reading materials of Jixia Academy.

"Understood!" Jiang Wang simply nodded.

Knowing is knowing, not knowing is not knowing. Insufficient accumulation is Innate's condition, not his fault, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. He is still young and still has a great time, so he has to work harder to make up for it.

"There is a bird named Ningyu..." Xiu Yuan rubbed his glass and sighed: "I have always wanted to see it, but I have never found it. I think it should have been It doesn't exist anymore."

"This bird has very strong divine ability? Is there any special killing method?" Jiang Wang asked curiously.

"..." Xiu Yuan suddenly felt like playing the lute for a cow, only saying: "Don't just drink, eat some food."

Jiang Wang obediently twisted He took a half-moon-shaped fruit wrapped in silver sand and put it into his mouth.

I originally wanted to ask what rare material is on the Raoshi Ningyu bird, but after a bite, the mouth is full of fragrance, and I suddenly forgot.

"Hey, it tastes good." Jiang Jue made his tone as natural as possible, not so make a fuss about nothing: "Xiu Shuai, where can I buy this kind of fruit?"

I thought to myself, according to my current salary, I could buy An An a few kilograms for a taste.

He missed An An’s birthday again this year, so he has to find something delicious to make up for it. No matter how expensive it is, it’s worth it.

"It's called'Moon Cage Sand'." Xiu Yuan said without thinking: "The output behind the Gate of Ten Thousand Demons, Fox Race loves to eat it, as the holy fruit. There is no such thing in this world. Yeah, it’s not alive."


"If you like, eat more." Xiu Yuan took the wine glass and said casually, "It really tastes very good." OK. Every time I go to the Gate of Ten Thousand Demons, I will look for some specially."

be that as it may said, he just took another sip of wine.

"Very rare taste." Jiang Wang grabbed a handful casually and put one in his mouth.

After learning the cultivation technique, drinking the perfect wine, and wrapping the fruit after eating, he naturally couldn’t do it, but he grabbed a handful of the fruit in his hand. Isn't it okay if you haven't finished it in a while?

Eating while walking shouldn’t be a problem.

So there are some things left to take home accidentally, which is also very reasonable.

Since everything is left in the end, it is left to the younger sister to eat later, and it shouldn’t be talked about, right?

In his own logical world, Jiang Qingyang stands tall.

But Xiuyuan stopped talking.

When Xiu Yuan was silent, Jiang Wang suddenly felt embarrassed.

I was holding a handful of moon cage sand in my hand, and I was reluctant to eat it. It seemed strange not to eat it. Just think about it, gritted your teeth, and feel a little bit eager to cover it up.

After thinking about it, I was suffering...

"It's raining." Xiu Yuan said suddenly.

Jiang Wang realized that, I don't know when... the screams in the field have stopped.

The carriage started driving again, leaving here in silence.

Xiu Yuan looked up and saw that a skylight automatically slid open on the top of the carriage.

I saw the red drizzle in the sky, floating and falling to the world.

Daoist passed away, Heaven and Earth weeping blood... I think we are in the same sorrow.

The carriage was driving in the most prosperous city of Linzi in the Eastern Region, Xiu Yuan was speechless, and Jiang Wang was silent. Far away, from nowhere, came the misty singing.

That song sings--

"Tonight, break the long willow again. Yue'e throws down a glass of wine..."

"Light note old, Huan Love it. The tears are thinner than the blue and white..."(1)

Jiang Wang thought, maybe he heard it wrong.

There is no fun in the city these days.





1, "Tonight again, fold The long willow..."-Why is it so affectionate about "Hai Tou Phoenix: Breaking the Long Willow"

2, I should have already saved the manuscripts, and began to add more to pay off the debt. But the past few days there are so many things, nothing can be left.

3. The sales volume of "Red Heart Surveying the Sky" is good. Dangdang's new book Youth Literature is the top seller and sixth in the overall list. Thank you for your support. I took the time to sign the past few days everyday all, and hand-signed 500 copies a day, so that the publisher could send out all the signed editions before the middle of the month.

When I'm done, I will pay the debt.

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