Red Heart Survey Chapter 1379

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The window was closed casually.

The sad singing stopped in the room and stopped flying away.

A charming and lovely woman turned around, with a silver bell on her wrist, smiling like a flower: "Music is forbidden in the city these days, and the sound is so troublesome."

She glanced at the singer who was holding the pipa behind the screen, and said, "Who allowed you to sing at this time? You are dying!"

The singer stopped her string and said nothing.

Not far from the window, there was a woman with a weak temperament. Two points of sadness and dizziness, a touch of delicate face withered flowers, not say a word, it is already my pity.

Sounding the voice: "Don’t blame Miss Ling'er, I was the one who was called to sing the song because I was upset."

Xiang Ling'er looked at her, and her eyes were full of joy suddenly:" Why should I blame you, Xiuzhang younger sister. You are born so good, and everything is right."

Compared with her enthusiasm, Liu Xiuzhang is obviously much colder and only said: "I shouldn't have come to this place."

When Xiang Ling'er turned around, she sat next to her, tilted her head and looked at her delicate face: "You said'this place 'Does it mean Linzi, or Sanfen Xiangqilou?"

"Neither should come." Liu Xiuzhang said.

"No, no, nothing is right." Xiang Linger shook his head and shook his head: "If you say Linzi, why shouldn't you come? These three hundred miles of Linzi city, is the surname Yan? There is no reason for grievances. We are born in this world, and we should ask people to avoid me, not me to avoid people."

Liu Xiuzhang did not speak.

Xiang Ling'er said again: "If you say brothel... men can go shopping, women can't go shopping? But there are a lot of ass sellers in the world. Did you know that there are special male buildings in Snow Country? "

Speaking of this, she curl one's lip: "Unfortunately, most of them are stubborn and of poor quality."

"Neither have any enemies nor grudges. It's just that. The old scene is in sight, why do you hurt yourself?" Liu Xiuzhang said: "As for brothel...since ancient times, there are some brothels, some who do not, some who buy and sell flesh, and some who do not contaminate them. There is no restriction on men and women. I am the only one who is the latter. Miss Ling'er, you may be right, but we are different."

Xiang Ling'er said "Oh": "Understood."

"You want to say that you are on a different path from us." She folded her hands on the armrest, with her chin resting on her forearm, blinking bright and intelligent eyes, looking at Liu Xiuzhang and said: "But now Only we can help you, what should we do, little beauty?"

She is cute and smart, especially the very suitable smile at the corner of her mouth, which can hardly make life feel bad.

And Liu Xiuzhang is a typical thin beauty, with a slender figure and a slender waist that looks surplus to hold.

But she is not thin when she sits in a chair.

A woman with a weak temperament like her seems to be a boudoir sitting alone and weeping in the mirror.

However, she is now sitting in the three-point fragrance building in Linzi City, with her eyes facing Xianglinger, who is named Tianxiang, without a trace of weakness in her eyes.

"You are not helping me." She said softly, "It's investing in me. It's not that you can invest in me, but I happen to be talking to you. This is just a business, very pure and very Simple. If you didn't think it was profitable, why would you invite me here?"

Xiang Ling'er sat back slowly, putting away the joking expression, said with a slight smile: "Unfortunately, your Liu Family does not seem to be a good investment target. As far as I know, the overwhelming majority of those who invested in Fufeng Liu Family have lost their money."

"The same is..." Liu Xiuzhang Said: "In Qi State, your Sanfenxiangqi Building is not a significant investor. There are not many targets that allow you to choose."

"You convinced me." Xiang Ling'er stretched out her index finger and lightly hooked her chin, which was as slippery as fat.

Probably want to show a domineering imposing manner.

But Liu Xiuzhang just looked at her with a frown.

Xiang Ling'er retracted her finger without embarrassment, forced a smile and said: "Frivolous."

"I am short of time now, Liu Family is short of time...I believe So are you." Liu Xiuzhang said softly: "Don't do things that are meaningless."

She stood up: "Then talk about it here today."

For Xianglinger A strand of hair curled in his fingers: "We haven't talked about anything yet!"

"You want to leave a cave in the Eastern Territory, or even actually move the headquarters... Qi State at least Can't shake your head. We already have a clear intention to cooperate, don't we?" Liu Xiuzhang asked rhetorically.

Xiang Linger sweetly smiled: "It's a pity that my younger sister Meiyue is not here...I think you will be able to talk very much."

Liu Xiuzhang only said: "There will be a chance I saw it."

Then he turned around and went outside.

The door opened and closed, and people came and went.

No matter who, when or what, it is often repeated and repeated.

Until Liu Xiuzhang’s footsteps were already far away, the singer who was sitting behind the screen explained: "It is true that Young Lady Liu said that he wanted to listen to this song of hairpin and phoenix, so I played it. . It’s not intentional to challenge Linzi’s current ban."

"It’s okay." Xiang Ling'er waved her hand, jingle bells on her wrist, hehe said with a smile: "She wants to try my three-point fragrance building The strength is nothing. If even this matter is unbalanced, then there is no need for cooperation."

She Shi Shiran sat down, leaned her head back and rested on the back of the chair: "Poor lonely phoenix like hairpin~"

Close your eyes lightly, and muttered: "One more song. I want to listen to...18 touches."

The silhouette afterwards paused, and finally did not have the courage to slam Pipa in anger.

So the strings moved, and the screen shook.

Sorrow outside, happy here.



The funeral of Jiang Wuqi was held for three days.

These three days are no different to Jiang Wang, it is nothing more than a closed-door cultivation.

For the current Chongxuan Sheng...the difference is not big.

This fatty didn't mean to return to Xiashan Beppu, so he settled in Jiang Wang's house. Wake up and go to Bowanghou Mansion every day to say hello to Marquis, cultivate and cultivate relationships. After drinking a morning tea with me, I wandered back, closed the door and practiced fourteen boxing and knives...I practiced everything.

The beautiful name is: "Taking Jiang Wang as a mirror can cure laziness."

Chong Xuan Chu Liang once passed by and was pulled by Chong Xuan Sheng to point out cultivation. In the process of crushing Chong Xuan Sheng casually, he asked his fat nephew why he could not live in the Hou Mansion. That was how Chong Xuan Sheng answered.

Jiang Wang really wants to say: "Then you should practice with me!"

Of course he dislikes Chongxuan's victory and rejects it, and Chongxuan Chu Liang's guidance is also It's very exciting.

Every mundane thing is like a floating point, and cultivation must be the first.

Rather than fighting skills, Jiang Wang's current focus is more on dao technique research, mainly "Dragon-Tiger".

Eight winds come from all directions.

For those with eight winds, the east is called Ming Shufeng, the southeast is called Qingming breeze, the south is called Jingfeng, the southwest is called cool breeze, the west is called Changfeng, the northwest is called irregular breeze, and the north is called Guangmofeng. , Northeast said Rongfeng.

Among these eight winds, Jingfeng’s divine ability Jiang Wang has already confronted him, and the tornado that imitates Ming Shufeng’s breath has long been seen. The most lethal weak wind is his deep control of the divine ability.

Using imperfect wind as the foundation, coupled with the various eight wind dao techniques that Chongxuan Sheng helped to collect, he completed the work of simulating the eight winds in a short period of time.

This step of "bringing eight winds into a tiger" is very easy.

Only stuck in the "Dragon" of Dragon-Tiger, I don't know how to use Tongtian Sea. After Xiu Yuan personally pointed out this critical issue, it has also been solved.

After the presence of the gods, the four seas are connected, and the Yun Shen Temple directly controls the fourth floor and the five houses, and also suppresses the human body.

Jiang Wang has not yet come to God, and has not been able to complete the dominance of the human body. However, under the guidance of Xiuyuan, he can also use his tyrannical Divine Soul Power to build an influence on Tongtianhai in advance.

Finally, on this day, this dao technique passed down from the old Yang was initially completed.

The friendship is so deep, Jiang Wang can't help but immediately share the good news with his close friends, and by the way, see if he can find a chance to try.

When I ran to the Chongxuan Shengyuan, this fatty was drinking porridge.

A pair of fat hands, a small white jade bowl, drinking sorely.

After drinking a bowl here, fourteen over there will pass a bowl. The congee and noodles are bright and moist, and the aroma is indeed tangy, which makes the index finger move.

I have to say that Chong Xuan Sheng came to Jiang Mansion and was very popular among Jiang Mansion's subordinates.

In the past, Xie Steward also wanted to match the living standards of other Grade 3 members. However, Mr. Jiang, his own Mr. Jiang, was a bit digging, and it was difficult to achieve his goal with the money used for household use.

After Chong Xuansheng made preparations for permanent residence, the living standards of Jiang's mansion rose at a speed visible to naked eye.

Thanks to Steward. After all, I don’t know the bitterness of Lord Jiang. Lord Jiang is really not looking for search, but he is used to eating food, and he can’t get any money.

In fact, he is also very concerned about the living conditions of Jiang Mansion, and he has long wondered when to invite Brother Yan Xian to stay for a while. Entertain your friends in your own home as a show of sincerity. If Brother Yan Xian is dissatisfied with the living environment and wants to adjust, he will reluctantly agree to give his best friends enough freedom.

It's a pity that Xie Ping has no idea...

"What are you eating?" Jiang Wang asked knowingly.

Chong Xuan Sheng did not raise his head: "Go to Sheng by yourself."

Jiang Wang's coldly snorted snorted was about to exit, but after moving his nose, he pressed it down again. .

It’s not too late to drink the porridge first, and then talk about the dao technique.

He walked to the tiger-patterned casserole that was said to have been bought at a high price from Dinglou. He served the porridge while saying without thinking: "When it comes to cooking porridge, I actually have a little experience. Once. Discuss with His Highness the Crown Prince..."

"That's right." Chongxuan Sheng suddenly interrupted: "There is a news that you know. My cousin has already occupied October The Haixun list is the deputy top of the list."

Speaking of which This fishing sea building is also pitiful.

Before the meeting of the Yellow River, Ji Zhaonan went to a maze to practice guns. He successfully created a new record of No. 1 on the Haixun list. It was clearly to suppress the Diaohailou side, and it was indeed suppressed...

The record was not broken by Chen Zhitao until the following month.

This time Chongxuan Zun went to sea, and easily occupied the top of the vice list.

The sea honor list used by Zhenhai League to condense the hearts of the offshore islands has become a famous prop for Qi State Heaven's Chosen. Qi State Heaven's Chosen has to leave and stop playing, so that the young genius of Diaohailou can compete for the top spot on the list.

The hearts of the people who fought against Sea Clan were united, but who is the head of the hearts of the people is very interesting.

This is undoubtedly a blow to the newly formed Zhenhai League.

Culinary art is always a trail. Since Chong Xuan Sheng talked about overseas affairs, Jiang Jue sat down and said without thinking: "With Chong Xuan Zun’s strength, it’s strange that I can’t get the top spot... …Why, he is going back to Linzi?"

Chong Xuan Sheng shook his head slightly: "He gave up on the battlefield of Xingyueyuan and went out to sea on purpose. How could it be that this was the only reason? However, it is the same as your record at the time. Although his Haixun is much higher than yours, when you create this achievement, you are only at the inner government level."

"Then what else can he do? Hailou Wailou cultivator? It doesn’t make much sense. On the Guanhe Terrace, he has proven that he is among the strongest Wailou in the world... Sea Clan?" Jiang Wang stopped the jade spoon in his hand: "He doesn’t want to challenge. King Sea Clan, right?"

"Who knows?" Chong Xuan Sheng said: "I only know that with his pride, he went out to sea specially, if the momentum couldn't overtake you at the time, he was sure I don’t want to come back."

Jiang Wang lightly said: "His genius is there, how proud he is."

Chongxuan Sheng laughed: "Before you were inside The mansion, he is the outer building, and they have nothing to do with each other. Now you have also erected the star building, and now you are arguing about who is the number one Heaven's Chosen in Qi State... It was so arguing that it was a lot of noise! ​​You don't want to belittle him. You still praise him?"

"I didn't praise him." Jiang Wang calmly said: "I'm just stating the facts."

Chong Xuan Sheng couldn't help but give him a blank look: "I bother with you as an old man, and scold him a few words in front of me, can't you comfort me?"

Jiang Wang slowly said: "Comfort is essentially a deceit. .You are too smart to be fooled,"

"Which book is it on?" Chongxuan Sheng asked.

Jiang Wang suddenly froze.

He subconsciously quoted this sentence from the book Jiang Wuqi gave him.

Qi Martial Emperor said this line when he hooked up with the Queen Mother of Ming Dynasty!

"Uh, I have read a lot of books recently, I forgot." He lowered his head and drank the porridge.

Chong Xuan Sheng didn't care, and while enjoying the porridge addition service on the fourteenth, he asked casually: "By the way, what did the eleventh give you? I have never seen you say it."

Jiang Wang snorted and drank half a bowl of porridge before he muttered: "A picture."

Chong Xuansheng glanced at him: "Just a picture of you, why are you nervous? "

"What am I nervous about?" Jiang Wang lifts the head, with an unfathomable mystery on his face: "No?"

Chongxuansheng looked at him suspiciously , But think about a person like Jiang Wuqi, maybe there are some secrets that are inconvenient to open, and it is indeed not appropriate to follow up. Then he turned to say: "Oh, I don't know how good your friendship is."

While chatting, Steward walked to the gate of the courtyard: "Master, Zheng Shangming, Master of the Inspectorate, is visiting. Deputy inspector Lin Youxie Sir Lin."

Jiang Wang pushed the porridge bowl and got up: "Did you say why?"

Steward shook his head: "No."

Jiang Wang greeted him and instructed: "Master Zheng Young will come over in the future. You don’t need to pass the message, just invite him in."

After thinking about it, he added: "Deputy Envoy Lin If you do, you still need to pass it through. It’s best to ask the intent to pass it."

Walking out of the gate of the hospital, I just saw Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie standing not far away.

Especially Lin Youxie, whose eyes are faint, deep, and far away...

"haha." Zheng Shangming was probably to relieve embarrassment, forced a smile and said: " Brother Jiang, this house is really good!"

"Brother Zheng praised..." Jiang Wang was also very polite: "Sir Lin, come here, please! Come on, get someone to have tea, and take mine. Here comes the tea, these are all distinguished guests."

Xie Steward walked again to the Chongxuan Shengyuan very skillfully... How can Mr. Jiang have good tea?

"No need." Lin Youxie truncated the conversation blankly, and said businessly: "We are going to visit this time. There is a case. Please ask Jiang Constable to help."

Jiang Wang suddenly had a bad feeling: "What case?"

"Feng Gu is dead."

Lin Youxie said calmly. These four words.

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