Red Heart Survey Chapter 1380

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I heard the news of Feng Gu’s death suddenly, but Jiang Wang has been considered to have weathered the storm, and it was shocking for a while.

Even Chong Xuan Sheng, who was still drinking porridge casually in the courtyard, raised his eyes and looked over.

Feng Gu is the director of the Changsheng Palace Court Eunuch. How can you say that he died?

Aside from his cultivation base, his identity does not allow him to die so easily. Especially, he died at such a sensitive time just after the funeral of the Longevity Palace Lord...

The bloody rain of the daoist in this world has not been on the field for a long time!

At the gate of the courtyard, Jiang Wang asked: "How did you die?"

Zheng Shangming said: "Three feet of white silk around the neck, hanged in the Spirit Hall "

"Isn't it suicide?" Jiang Wang said.

"Unclear." Zheng Shangming cautiously said: "You need to investigate carefully before you can get a result."

"When the time of death is in the middle, it happens to be the funeral of the Longevity Palace Lord. At the end, the guests in the Longevity Palace were gone." Lin Youxie added the case on the side: "Feng Gu's body was hung in the Spirit Hall. Except for the neck stranglement, no injuries were found. No alien species were found in the body. The traces of dao essence invasion, Divine Soul is also very close to the manifestation of natural dissipation. Initially, it seems to be in line with the appearance of suicide by hanging beams."

Jiang Wang was silent for a long time before saying: "This is also ridiculous. "

A powerhouse that could make him feel threatened was strangled to death by San Chi Bai Ling. This in itself was a matter of subverting logic.

"Why did you look for Jiang Wang?" Chong Xuansheng walked over at this time, and the question was directed at the core: "Beijing's name is like a cloud, and there is always no shortage of manpower. And Jiang Wang is right now. The critical moment of cultivation...As the Great Qi's first Heaven's Chosen, cultivation is the most important task."

Jiang Wang also cast inquisitive eyes.

After experiencing the waves of Huang Yixing's case, he is now very alert to such things as naming the case.

Although I don’t say that I’m afraid of the ropes for ten years, I have lingering fears for three to five months.

Lin Youxie glanced at Chongxuansheng and lightly said: "Chongxuan Young Master, it’s a matter of the case. Please forgive me if you are inconvenient to listen."

Chongxuansheng How could it be someone who choked so easily, but in the face of Zheng Shangming’s apologetic eyes, he could only "hmph": "This is my yard!"

The three green cards decisively went to Jiang. The transfer of the yard where Wang lives, there is a tacit understanding and quality between the green brands.

Chong Xuan Sheng curled one's lip disdainfully, and walked back with his hands behind his back: "The case, I haven't broken a few. The shelf is bigger than the face! It's not rare to listen to him! Fourteen, you say Isn't it?"

Fourteen didn't speak, but gently wiped the porridge from the corner of his mouth.



Entering Jiang Wang’s courtyard, Zheng Shangming took out a letter from his arms and said: "This letter is After Feng Gu died, a little Court Eunuch who brushed horses handed it over. We have investigated this little Court Eunuch. It is very clean and there is no problem... Brother Jiang, why are you looking for you, you will know when you see it."

Jiang Wang took the clean-faced letter, took out the letter paper in the center, and opened it up and saw a few columns of fairly correct words--

"I feel quite upset recently. Fearful, so I keep this book.

If I die, I will be murdered.

Looking around, no one doubts. Looking around the Beiya, I only believe in Jiang Qingyang.

The old man lives, die without regret, and the coffin is closed. If Heaven's Grace is pity, I would like to seize the murderer for this old slave in the Changsheng Palace... Only Jiang Qingyang will supervise the whole process, Jiuquanzhi You can have no worries."

The signature is..."Feng Gu Juebi."

This is a suicide note!

Feng Gu had already foreseen his death!

Who will kill him?

What killed him?

After Jiang Wuqi died, the emperor ordered that the Palace of Longevity be retained. As the actual head of this palace, Feng Gu needs identity, strength and strength. Only Jiang Wuqi's legacy is enough to make him live in peace. Why can't you protect yourself?

After reading this letter, Jiang Wang feels unspeakable.

He remembered that when he left the Longevity Palace that day, Feng Gu said meaningfully in front of the wall. I planned to wait for the funeral to be over, and then take the time to visit the Changsheng Palace and ask about the hidden secrets.

Didn't expect Jiang Wuqi's funeral is over, Feng Gu is gone...

"This case has entered the ears of the emperor." Zheng Shangming said in a fairly formal tone. "According to Feng Gu’s suicide note, Bei Ya specially asked Jiang Constable to supervise this case to ensure that the case can be advanced in a clean condition."

Feng Gu opened his mouth to help in Spirit Hall that day. I dare not forget this favor.

All his last wishes, so that he has no worries after death, is also a matter of cleaning up.

Jiang Wang agreed in his heart, but first asked: "Can I refuse?"

"It is your freedom to refuse or not." Zheng Shangming said:" We were ordered to invite you to supervise and handle this case, not to order you to join the case."

Jiang Wang asked again: "Brother Zheng is responsible for this case?"

Zheng Shangming said:" Deputy Envoy Lin and I are investigating this case together."

"Who is the main one?" Jiang Wang asked.

"It's me for now." Zheng Shangming said.

In other words, judging from the clues they currently have, this case does not rule out the possibility of further expansion.

"Do I have to follow the whole process?" Jiang Wang asked.

He is a little worried that this case will last too long, which will shorten the time of his cultivation.

Zheng Shangming said: "You are supervising this case. It is to take care of Feng Gu's last wish. It is not the appointment of Bei Ya or someone. You can join when you want to join, and you can terminate it whenever you want."

Thinking about it, he said again: "The emperor also said that you can do this voluntarily."

Jiang Wang asks himself that he has no ability to handle cases. The emperor also knows that, Beiya Also know. The last time he was named to investigate Huang Yixing was due to a special political background, and Lin Youxie was mainly responsible for the detection of specific cases.

This time, because of Feng Gu's suicide note, he was asked to join the case, but he was given the title of supervisor, which can avoid a lot of trouble before and after.

It can be regarded as Beiya's care, and there is also the approval of the emperor.

In the final analysis, in the previous Huang Yixing case, the Equality Country did not cause any storms, but Jiang Wang was chased and killed Up Into the Heavens, Down into the Earth. Regardless of the emperor or the Beiya, they should feel a little guilty towards Jiang Wang.

So in this case, he was given the greatest autonomy.

Of course, Jiang Qingyang keep on saying and Jiang Wuqi cherish each other. Now Jiang Wuqi's bones are not cold, and the most trusted Court Eunuch before his life died. If Jiang Wang is unwilling to monitor the progress of the case, it is hard to say whether the emperor will have an idea.

Zheng Shangming specifically mentioned the emperor to remind him.

Jiang Wang thought for a while, then said: "I should do this. When will we leave?"

"Go to the Changsheng Palace now." Lin Youxie said.

It seems that in the specific investigation, Lin Youxie is still the main one...

Although Jiang Wang deliberately told Steward that Lin Youxie’s visit needs to be passed on and needs to be passed on. He asked clearly what he was coming from, so as to divide the distance between him and Lin Youxie clearly, so as to avoid possible trouble in the future.

But in my own heart, I admire Lin Youxie very much.

Whether it is her ability to handle cases, or her persistence and integrity as a green card.

The current lineup of investigations is quite interesting.

One is Lin Youxie after the famous arrest, and the other is Young Master of Captain Beiya. I don’t know how the case-handling ability is. I think the source of family learning is not much different. The important thing is his identity, which determines that he can mobilize most of Beiya's resources.

Add him, Jiang Qingyang, a Grade 3 member.

Not to mention that there is no one in Linzi to investigate, and the space for handling cases is quite large.

The three of them briefly said a few words, Jiang Wang had nothing to deal with, with a long sword hanging from his waist, he followed it out.

Focusing on the case is different. Beiya’s carriage is waiting outside the house, and the three of them will go straight to the Changsheng Palace.

The green suspension vehicle is unobstructed.

After a brief communication of the case on the road, he has arrived at the palace gate.

Since Feng Gu's body was discovered, the entire Changsheng Palace was sealed.

Because this is still the arrangement during the funeral, it is not much different from what Jiang Wang saw when he came to express his condolences.

Of course, Jiang Wuqi's coffin has been carried away and buried, and it is now in the imperial tomb.

At this time, there is no one in the palace. Only a team of green card catchers quickly guarded outside the palace gate, and no one was allowed to go in and destroy the clues, only waiting for Zheng Shangming, who was in charge of the case, to arrive.

It can also be seen from here that the confidentiality level of this case is very high. Otherwise, the blockade of the palace gate should be transferred to the Miyagi guards instead of being solely responsible for the Beiya.

"The guards, Court Eunuch, and the maids in this palace are all detained in Beiya, and are interrogated separately." Zheng Shangming said: "We can also interrogate at any time."

The palace covered with white and frost is very cold, even in the daytime, the autumn sun cannot make people aware of the warmth.

Especially empty and without a silhouette, it makes people uneasy.

Only Zheng Shangming, Jiang Wang, and Lin Youxie walked into the Longevity Palace, and the team of guards still guarded the palace gate.

Jiang Wang silently experienced the different footsteps of the three people, trying to judge the different moods of the other two people-this is of course futile. They are not people who easily express their emotions.

The former bright and majestic palace, now only a feeling of coldness pervades.

It almost reminds Jiang Wang of the green stone palace.

Lin Youxie said: "Everything in this palace has not been moved, at least after we banned, no one will come in."

Jiang Wang became more and more aware The importance of this case...

Beiya takes it too seriously!

I didn't even trust the inside of the blue card. That team quickly guarded the door, and none of them were allowed to come in. In the big palace, only the three of them come to look for clues. When do you want to find out?

Re-examine this investigation team at this time.

Zheng Shi is the confidant of the emperor, and Zheng Shangming is the son of Zheng Shi. There is no doubt that the emperor can trust him.

After Lin Youxie is the four major Aristocratic Family, he is innocent and reliable. Although the four major green brands Aristocratic Family had a guilt, they have been tortured to death. But the last case of Huang Yixing also clearly illustrates the difference between her and Li Yougui.

Not to mention Jiang Wang himself. Feng Gu, an old Court Eunuch in the palace, no matter what secrets are involved, he will not have a relationship with Heaven's Chosen who has only come to Qi State in recent years. .

From the posture shown by Beiya.

Feng Gu said in his suicide note, "Looking around, no one is suspicious."

Perhaps it is not just a suspicious word...

Who is it? Want to kill him? Who has so much energy?

Jiang Wang is worried.

The three first came to the main hall of the Longevity Palace, which is the "Spirit Hall".

Except that the coffin has been removed, the offering table, spiritual position, incense burner, seat... everything is the same as the first day of the funeral.

Everything that happened that day is still vivid, and now I look at it again, people go to the palace.

Looking up from the place where the coffin was lifted, the three-foot white silk hangs lonely on the dome, like a frozen cloud.

"Feng Gu's corpse is in the Beiya right now, do you want to see it later?" Lin Youxie asked aloud.

"Naturally, it is necessary." Jiang Wang said.

He didn't intend to find any information on Feng Gu's body. The professional Constable in Beiyali must have checked it more than once, and Jiang Wang didn't think he could find the clues they couldn't find.

But since he agreed to supervise the case, so that Feng Gu Jiuquan would have no worries, of course, he should also supervise whether the corpse was passive during the inspection.

Lin Youxie heard this nodded, and didn't say much, each minding their own business put on a pair of white leather gloves, and then began to search for clues in this main hall.

Jiang Wang glanced subconsciously...Fortunately, it was not the last pair of corpse membrane gloves, and of course it was not an autopsy now.

On the other side, Zheng Shangming also put on gloves and is carefully inspecting the offering table.

Jiang Wang's job is to supervise, so he sometimes looks at Zheng Shangming and sometimes at Lin Youxie.

Zheng Shangming's movements are very meticulous, and he doesn't seem to miss any inch. Lin Youxie first glanced around and then focused on a few locations.

Jiang Wang silently scored their search efficiency in his heart. While supervising, he also glanced at all around the environment.

It seems a little feeling of doing nothing...

In fact, there is really nothing to do.

Slightly redundant in this team at present.

Of course, even if he wants to join in to help gather clues, he will probably be rejected. Collecting clues requires professional ability. Before system training, his innate talent in combat was not suitable for this. It's not bad to not spoil the clues.

The search for Spirit Hall lasted for about a quarter of an hour. Lin Youxie and Zheng Shangming stopped one after another, obviously not finding any particularly valuable information. Or found something and didn't show it.

In short, the expression is very calm.

"Where to search next?" Jiang Wang asked.

"Study." Lin Youxie said.

Jiang Wang's study is familiar to Jiang Wang.

"Let's go." He leads the way directly in front.

"Brother Jiang, I heard that you have a deep friendship with the Eleventh Prince?" Zheng Shangming asked on the road.

"We don't have much contact, but we are sympathetic to each other." Jiang Wang said truthfully.

"Then are you familiar with Feng Gu?" Zheng Shangming asked again.

After asking, quickly add: "Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt you, I just know some information."

"It's okay." Jiang Wang understood completely, and said calmly:" I am not familiar with Feng Gonggong. His Royal Highness Eleven asked him to invite me to meet, so I met this person for the first time. The second meeting was when His Royal Highness Eleven’s legacy was given. At the funeral of His Royal Highness Eleven. I saw it for the third time and the last time."

"Do you think..." Zheng Shangming asked: "He wants to die?"

Jiang Wang shook his head: "I can't judge, let alone interfere with you."

Lin Youxie, who has been listening in silence, suddenly said: "Here."

They are walking fast, while speaking, they have come. In front of Jiang Wuqi's study.

Jiang Wang was a little surprised: "Lin Constable seems to be familiar with this place too?"

Lin Youxie did not answer, and pushed it without direct contact. Opened the hall door, and then walked in first.

Of course she wanted to grasp the situation at first glance, and Zheng Shangming followed closely behind.

Jiang Wang is slow.

This is the third time he has come here, and he feels different every time.

The second visit to Jiang Wuqi is dead, and the third visit to Feng Gu is dead...

I still remember Jiang Wuqi’s grandeur when he came here for the first time. The spirit, Feng Gu's mysterious danger.

But the study is empty at this time.

People are not there, and the furnishings are like yesterday.

The pen and ink on the desks and chairs, and the arrangement of the bookshelves are as they should have been. Even the bowl of medicinal soup on the table is still there.

It seems that the host’s house just happened temporarily, leaving this empty study room to welcome the guests who turned up without being invited.

It feels so lonely.

Lin Youxie walked to the desk, did not reach out to touch the medicine bowl, but bent down and sniffed gently.

Brows frowned.

"Is there any problem with this medicine?" Zheng Shangming asked.

Lin Youxie thought for a while, and said: "There are elements of restraining spiritual grass."

"Suppressing spiritual grass?" Jiang Wang looked blank.

Lin Youxie explained: "It is a medicine that will dissolve the true essence and cause severe pain. We sometimes use it in interrogations."

"That is to say... …" Zheng Shangming could not hide his shock: "His Royal Highness Eleven has been relying on this medicine to suppress his own strength. To avoid an early breakthrough to the outer building realm."

Jiang Wang did not speak.

He just looked at the jade bowl quietly.

Recalling, the day Jiang Wu gave up to Cloud Mist Mountain, he didn't drink this bowl of medicine.

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