Red Heart Survey Chapter 1381

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"The composition of this bowl of medicine is very complicated, and it can't be found out by smell analysis alone." Lin Youxie put the bowl of medicinal soup into the storage box: "I will take it back and make it again. More specific research."

Jiang Wang naturally believed in Lin Youxie's judgment.

It is hard for him to forget that Lin Youxie silently pounded medicine, the feeling of calmly enduring pain, to some extent, was somewhat similar to Jiang Wuqi. Lin Youxie's own medicine to suppress panic disorder, of course, has a deep research on medicine.

Zheng Shangming did not seem to be surprised either, tacitly allowing Lin Youxie to put away the bowl of medicinal soup, and did not make any comments. With only a cautious gaze, the shuttle patrolled the study room.

Jiang Wang is standing at the door. Behind him is a glorious daylight. In front of him are two busy blue-brand Constables.

The study is silent, but there is also a unique language describing the trajectory of a Heaven's Chosen Child.

Everyone who visits tries to find that special language to communicate with this study.

Include Jiang Wang himself.

His eyes fell on the two blue cards, but they were scattered. I thought a lot in a moment.

Since I took a picture and a book here that day, I went through Jiang Wuqi's three-day funeral.

This study room really hasn't changed at all.

It seems that for so many days in between, no one has walked in again.

He couldn't help but think...

Is Feng Gu simply mourning Jiang Wuqi, not wanting to change his arrangement during his lifetime, or does he want to leave something behind?

If you can find any interesting information in this study.

Is it Jiang Wuqi or Feng Gu?

"Feng Gu committed suicide."

Suddenly, Lin Youxie's sound transmission came in his ear, making Jiang Wang stunned for a moment.

He didn't know why Lin Youxie deliberately avoided Zheng Shangming and quietly communicated sound transmission, but he was still surprised by the information in this sentence and couldn't help but look at it.

"Be more natural." Lin Youxie said in his ears.

Jiang Wang then naturally took a look at Zheng Shangming and performed his "supervision" duties.

I don't quite understand why Lin Youxie seems to trust himself more than Zheng Shangming, who is rooted in the red. However, Jiang Wang believed Lin Youxie's analysis. The human ability and sense of responsibility are very intuitive.

"Why do you see it?" Jiang Wang sound transmission asked back.

Lin Youxie's voice continued: "Although he deliberately misled, wanted to make people think that his suicide was a perfect arrangement for the scene by the murderer. He did a good job. But deceitful. Easy, hard to deceive yourself. His corpse tells me that he did commit suicide."

Jiang Wang also remembered Lin Youxie’s famous saying-"A corpse is made up of clues."

To completely remove the complex relationship behind the corpse, and only ask for the answer from the corpse itself.

She must have studied Feng Gu's body more than once, so she can be so sure.

Jiang Wang was about to speak, another voice came in his ears--

"My father is about to come."

The voice of Zheng Shangming.

At this time, the Young Master of Captain Beiya is standing in front of the huge bookshelf opposite the book case, looking at it inch by inch... Just like Lin Youxie is also carefully examining Jiang Wuqi's The seats are the same.

It is hard to believe that he is also quietly talking to Jiang Wang sound transmission.

The three trifling people actually opened up two "battlefields" for private chat.

It is obvious that although Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie get along well, they can't be considered together.

Zheng Shangming is the only son of Zheng Shi, as it should be by rights is also the line of the emperor. He represents the emperor to some extent, and of course, he also has the interests of his Zheng Family in the inspection house.

Where is Lin Youxie?

Does it represent the four fallen Aristocratic Family, or herself?

"Why did he do this?"

Jiang Wang first sound transmission asked Lin Youxie, and then sound transmission to Zheng Shangming: "Congratulations."

Although This kind of congratulations was sneaky and weird, but in the face of the topic Zheng Shangming suddenly started, there was really nothing else to answer.

Especially what Lin Youxie said at the moment was wonderful, so he perfunctory Zheng Shangming.

Lin Youxie's voice continued to ring in his ears: "Feng Gu is very aware of Bei Ya's ability to handle cases, knowing that it is difficult to disguise without leaving a trace, and after his death, he can no longer control anyone. So he simply gave up doing tricks on his body, and simply hanged himself. With only a meaningful suicide note, he created a perfect homicide illusion. As for his purpose... his death , Will eventually lead people to doubt what and what his purpose is. He wants to use his death to let Beiya track down other things."

Zheng Shangming sound transmission came almost at the same time, but he was straight to the point: "Is Brother Jiang interested in the position of Captain Beiya? Your current cultivation base is just right. If you want to sit in this position, we will fully support you."

He did not say about him What kind of return do you want? He came forward to talk to Jiang Wang about this matter, and he had already set the conditions. Zheng Family now supports Jiang Wang, so when Jiang Wang resigns, he of course also supports Zheng Shangming.

Jiang Wang was silent for a while.

Lin Youxie and Zheng Shangming are both continuing with what they are starting, and no one urges them. They all feel that Jiang Wang is thinking hard...

Jiang Wang is really thinking, only But it's not just one question.

Communicating with two people privately at the same time, and they are all such densely informative conversations, it is difficult for him to figure out the context at once.

First of all, Lin Youxie's problem.

Jiang Wang sound transmission replied: "What do you think...Feng Gu wants Beiya to investigate?"

Then what Zheng Shangming said.

It must be said honestly that no one would not be unmoved by the position of Captain Beiya.

It has only Grade 4 in rank. But the actual power that this position can hold is close to those great characters in the Zhengshitang and Bingshitang!

This official post, called "the patrol captain of the capital patrol office and the patrol ambassador of the capital", has the function of commanding the nation’s youth brand, unimpeded travel in the eastern region, plus the four "princes of the emperor". It is difficult to describe the political energy that can be exploded by a single word.

It can be described as a model of inferior power and the most peak that the cultivator of the outer building can climb in Qi State!

It is not a secret that Zheng Shi is about to leave. At his age and state, he will not be promoted to God Pro, which will affect his future cultivation.

I don’t know how many people are staring at this position. The last time Zhang Weiyu suddenly attacked Jiang Wang in the court hall and personally led the team to investigate Qingyang Town, this is a clear example.

Many people have directly regarded Jiang Wang as a competitor. With Chong Xuansheng’s reminder, Jiang Wang is not unexpected.

He didn't expect that Zheng Shangming would suddenly mention this matter under such circumstances, and he expressed it so directly.

After thinking about it, I decided to discuss it with Chongxuan Sheng. sound transmission replied: "This is too sudden, I need to think about it."

Lin Youxie's voice sounded at this time, and methodically analyzed: "Feng Gu was the mother of Jiang Wuqi back then. The people in Lei Guifei's palace turned to serve Jiang Wuqi after Lei Guifei died. What could make him use his life to promote the investigation...what else?"

"Of course Yes." Zheng Shangming's voice also came back: "But if you are interested in the post of Captain Beiya, today's case is a good opportunity."

Sound transmission here, over there. sound transmission go.

If Jiang Wang hadn't heard the immortal state in his body, he had a good control over the voice, and it would be really difficult to deal with it.

But the shock in my heart is really unspeakable!

He remembered the words Feng Gu said in front of the wall on the day of Jiang Wuqi’s funeral--

"His Royal Highness has already got what he wants, but my old man What the dog wants has not yet been realized."

Everything is connected...

Feng Gu did not hesitate to die, creating the illusion of being murdered. It is to restart the investigation into the assassination of Concubine Lei in Yuanfeng's 38th year, and to find out the real culprit of that year!

He claimed to be just an old dog, but after Jiang Wuqi died, he had no scruples, must bite off a piece of flesh and blood of his enemy!

Jiang Wang suppressed the waves in his heart, sound transmission said evilly to Lin: "In this way, there must be clues in the Changsheng Palace that can directly contact the assassination of Concubine Lei. Right?"

Sound transmission said to Zheng Shangming: "What opportunity?"

Lin Youxie's voice quickly came back: "There is no other explanation. I hope you can help me, this The clue needs to be held in my hand."

"Why?" Jiang Wang asked back.

No wonder Lin Youxie wants to sound transmission privately, making it mysterious and secretive. It turned out that she wanted to leave Zheng Shangming aside and grasp this clue alone. But why would she feel that she would help her instead of helping the more affectionate Zheng Shangming?

Zheng Shangming’s voice also sounded at this time: “Because the background of this case is very complicated, it is far from being as simple as it is now, and it involves many issues. The future Captain Beiya needs to show The ability to deal with complex relationships requires an attitude to the emperor!"

In communicating with Lin Youxie, Jiang Wang has realized how complicated Feng Guzhi’s death is. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why Zheng Shangming took over the case and why Zheng Shi agreed to let Zheng Shangming be responsible.

Like this kind of extremely complicated and important case involving imperial court affairs, it is difficult for the handler to retreat from the whole body. Historical tragedies are not uncommon, and smart people should avoid them.

The death of Concubine Lei has been unresolved for so many years. How complicated is it?

The inexhaustible entanglement behind it is as straight as the deep sea. Thinking about it, it makes people shudder. How many people drown?

Zheng Shangming completely avoided the background of this vortex, but stepped in!


As soon as Zheng Shangming said this sentence, he fully understood it.

The position of Lieutenant Beiya is only responsible to the emperor, and the only thing needed is the emperor's trust.

Zheng Shangming took the initiative to take charge of this case, just showing his loyalty to the emperor. Like his Lao Tzu, he is only loyal to the emperor, not afraid to offend anyone, or even to be broken.

Similarly, Jiang Wang must have the consciousness to dare to bite anyone before he can be recognized by the emperor and sit on the throne of Captain Beiya first.

So Zheng Shangming said that this case is an opportunity.

This is indeed an opportunity... fascinating and dangerous opportunity.

"I probably understand..." Jiang Wang sound transmission responded to Zheng Shangming: "I will think about it again."

Lin Youxie's voice sounded again: "Because... Before death, the Eleventh Royal Highness, the Changsheng Palace has always taken care of me."

Jiang Wang frowned, thinking, what is the reason?

He replied: "If it's true as you said, there are clues like that in the Palace of Longevity. What is the difference between holding it in your hand and holding it in Zheng Shangming's hand? If you only seek the truth Let’s witness it together. Isn’t it clearer?"

Lin Youxie had already checked Jiang Wuqi’s bookcase at this time, got up and walked to the bookshelf with calligraphy and painting on that side, and sound transmission gave Jiang Wang: "Two hours before Feng Gu committed suicide, someone put something in front of my door."

For some reason, I heard this description. Jiang Wang immediately thought of what Li Yougui said...

When Lin Kuang died, someone threw his body directly in front of Lin Youxie, who was three years old at the time. She suffers from panic disorder. As the descendant of the green brand Aristocratic Family, but unable to face the corpse...

"What is it?" Jiang Wang asked.

Lin Youxie's fingers flicked across the bookshelf, and the voice that came from was very calm: "A knife used for the Dissection has my father's unique mark on it, which he lost in the past. Artifacts."

Jiang Wang's hairs stood up in an instant.

Feng Gu's death is far more complicated than imagined. Not only is it possible that the Lei Guifei case may be involved, but can it also involve the state of the famous arrest forest of the year?

"You mean..."

"It was precisely because of the investigation of Lei Guifei's case that my father died." Lin Youxie lightly said:" And for so many years, what I have been asking and investigating is nothing more than this."

The death of the forest conditions in the past years has been kept secret by the insiders.

Is it because you were involved in the secret case of the assassination of Concubine Lei?

If at first Lin Youxie's statement still only stops at the level of speculation, after combining the Dissection knife with the forest conditions of the past, the target of Feng Gu's suicide can no longer be clear.

In the Changsheng Palace, the chief of Court Eunuch died by hanging a beam. This is a sensational case in itself.

The reason behind it is even more terrifying. It goes back to the 17-year history and has been traced to the 38th year of Yuanfeng. It involves the death of Concubine Lei, the death of Jiang Wuqi's cold poison... and the death of a famous hunter, Lin Kuang!

This is a big case that is enough to shake the entire Qi State!

Seriously speaking, its development is likely to affect the political structure of the entire Great Qi Empire.

Just think about it, how many people can kill Concubine Lei and suppress so many things in Qi State?

Which is not aloof and remote!

No wonder Feng Gu said in his suicide note-"old man die without regret, and the coffin will be covered."

He knows that his death is very likely. Can't make any waves.

This is just his last effort.

There is no other way but death.

"Don't you believe Zheng Shangming?" Jiang Wang asked hardly.

Lin Youxie said: "I don't believe anyone in the inspection house."

Yes. Lin Kuang must have found something back then. At the same time, there must be someone behind the murderer in the inspection house. Otherwise, how could Lin Kuang, a famous arrester with both reputation and strength, suddenly die?

Dead unclearly.

That’s why Ulay, who crossed the forest condition and called the north and south, resigned directly...

On this kind of thing, how can Lin Youxie dare to believe the inspection house? Where are the people here?

"But you actually believe me?" Jiang Wang asked.

"Because you are really a trustworthy person." Lin Youxie said.

She said plainly.

But because of the death of father, the entire Qi State Inspection Office and even the officialdom remained vigilant. The trust she gave is really heavy!




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