Red Heart Survey Chapter 1382

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"This recognition is commendable." Jiang Wang sound transmission replied: "But I'm not sure I can help you."

Lin Youxie's trust is very heavy , But Jiang Wang has gone all the way to the present, he is no longer the boy who is full of naive visions and unconditionally believes that Dong'A will save Maple Forest City.

I will still practice faith and will not be stingy with the goodness within the scope of ability, but will not ignore the real problems.

The forest condition and Ulay, who were born in the four major Aristocratic Family, are the most dazzling figures in the green brand system, known as "Southern Uganda and Northern Forest", collectively known as the green brand double arrogance, and are the four major green brands. Aristocratic Family The hope of a renewed glorious era.

Lin Kuang has taken over countless major and important cases, and every case must be solved. So far, many of the methods of handling cases in the Beiya are pioneers left by him.

But his splendor stopped abruptly after he took over the investigation of the assassination of Concubine Lei.

Lin Kuang died and Ulie resigned.

Overnight, dispersed by wind and scattered like clouds.

There is only one three-year-old Lin Youxie, because he suddenly saw the corpse of his biological father and feared the corpse all his life.

Lin Wu Li Cheng's four major Aristocratic Family, Cheng Family has long been extinct, Lin Wu has only shade left.

A few days ago, I was so guilty that I was tortured and died, which means that the four major Aristocratic families have disappeared and no longer exist!

Now Lin Youxie wants to seize the clues that Feng Gu may leave and restart the assassination of Lei Guifei. Jiang Wang is not optimistic.

It’s not that he is not optimistic about Lin Youxie’s ability to handle cases, but that such big cases involve a lot of attention and must be promoted by a strong figure. Lin Youxie even Ulie behind her, None of them have this kind of impetus...

From this perspective, why did Feng Gu choose to commit suicide at this moment, just after Jiang Wuqi's funeral?

As soon as Jiang Wuqi was done, there was no more concern. was nothing more than trying to take advantage of the emperor's feelings for Jiang Wuqi, and at the moment when the emperor's grief had not yet dissipated, he would die as Court Eunuch, the governor of the Changsheng Palace.

I hope that the emperor will move Thunder's Fury to promote the investigation of this case.

Then the clues to the assassination of Lei Guifei were exposed and the case escalated.

Even the person who put the Dissection knife in front of Lin Youxie's door is definitely related to Feng Gu-in order to find the truth about Lin Kuang's death, Lin Youxie will definitely do his best.

Feng Gu’s design has almost reached the limit he can do.

But the question is...what is the attitude of the emperor?

On the surface, the emperor let Beiya be solely responsible for the case of the Changsheng Palace, and also took care of Feng Gu's last wish, and let Jiang Wang supervise the progress of the case, which undoubtedly worked hard to promote it.

The investigative team composed of Zheng Shangming, Lin Youxie, and Jiang Wang is also quite strong.

But from the case of Feng Gu Xuanliang to the assassination of Concubine Lei many years ago, frankly speaking, it lacks some weight.

Unless Zheng Shangming is replaced by Zheng Shi and Lin Youxie is replaced by Ulay, then he is qualified to pursue this level of cases.

Therefore, the attitude of the emperor is actually still unclear.

Maybe the emperor is waiting for something...

At the same time, combining the information of Lin Youxie and Zheng Shangming, Jiang Wang can say that he has some clues about this matter.

The key to this matter lies in the emperor!

After seeing the clues, did the emperor intend to restart the old case?

The two green cards in front of them obviously have different attitudes and positions. If Zheng Shangming finds a clue first, he will definitely wait for the will of the emperor. If Lin Youxie finds the clue first, he will definitely find it all the way to the end, in order to make the truth known to the world.

Jiang Wang sympathizes with Lin Youxie's experience and understands her feelings for seeking the truth, but cannot rashly promise things that he may not be able to do.

Those who make promises will be few.

"You don't need to do too much, just turn a blind eye," Lin Youxie said in a voice.

Obviously she believed that she could find the clue before Zheng Shangming, because compared to Zheng Shangming, who was still in doubt, she had determined that Feng Gu's death was a suicide, which was a big step ahead.

The only thing to worry about is Jiang Wang, who has been staring at them in the name of supervisor.

It is very difficult for her and Zheng Shangming to do some small actions in Jiang Wang's in front of one's eyes. That's why she needs to communicate with Jiang Wang privately.

Jiang Wang stopped talking.

The search for Jiang Wuqi's study did not quickly come to a result.

It should be said that the goals of Lin Youxie and Feng Gu are the same, one is for the dead father, and the other is for the dead benefactor. One made the case with death, and the other participated in desperately. They have to pursue the truth that has been dusted in history...

Jiang Wang is not willing to be the person who blocked the way.

Retaliation and revenge are all justified. Who can criticize it?

But if he really discovered Lin Youxie's behavior of hiding clues, he was not sure what choice he would make.

Can Zheng Shangming’s friendship be ignored? Zheng Family father and son gave the position of Captain Beiya so frankly, could he completely ignore it?

Maybe you shouldn't take over this supervisor's errand, who would have thought that there would be such a difficult situation?

But if you quit directly now, it will inevitably make life suspicious. In addition, someone to supervise will inevitably cause a de facto blow to Lin Youxie's plan.

Jiang Wang wanted to be irritable, so he simply stood at the entrance of the study, freed himself from wandering, distracted from cultivation.

He doesn't want to make a choice anymore. It's better to resign to fate, and see Lin Youxie and Zheng Shangming, who has better luck.

Dragon-Tiger has been completed, it is time to allocate more energy on the starlight holy building. After all, all divine ability spells must be based on the cultivation base.

As soon as Divine Soul moves, it has established a connection with the starlight sacred building in the distant star dome.

It is not that the power of Divine Soul is enough to cross the universe. This connection is more based on the mysterious of the starlight holy building itself.

In the vast star dome, an azure 7th Layer pagoda is suspended, with an ancient and solid atmosphere. There are cornices and hanging corners, which are picturesque and carved.

A wisp of Divine Soul descended in the meantime, showing his body shape.

At that time, the star tower was erected directly next to the stars of Yuheng, which skipped the most tedious and dangerous steps of building the starlight holy tower. There is no need to build an anchor point at the risk of losing the universe with Divine Soul, and no need to gather Power of Starlight and build a star building with little by little—after all, Guanyan senior slapped it.

Now this starlight sacred building is indeed still within the concept of Yuheng Star Dome, but the "body" of the Yuheng Star occupied by Guanyan senior is nowhere to be found.

Yuheng already has a master, and there is an ambitious generation like the Dragon God, but it is not so easy to capture the position.

Jiang Wang didn't want to contact Guanyan senior. He wanted to come to senior and now be with Xiaofan's mother-in-law, and didn't want to be disturbed.

In the star dome shrouded by Yuheng stars, Jiang Wang's star building is not the only one, and it is impossible to occupy this domain exclusively. But this star building must be in the most central position, in the Qi State of the Eastern Region and Linzi of the Qi State.

Sitting on the advantage of blessed by heaven, the falling starlight looks like a waterfall, which is very radiant.

Jiang Wang is already very familiar with the manifestation of Divine Soul.

The present manifestation of Divine Soul, if it appears directly in the vast universe, I am afraid it will be destroyed in an instant. Not in the Star Tower.

To some extent, the starlight holy building standing in the distant star dome is a "Heavenspan Palace" outside.

Just like the five inner palaces can also be regarded as five “Heavenspan Palaces”, there are more possibilities in cultivation and more choices for cultivator.

The starlight in the hidden Star Sea is dazzling.

Jiang Wang settled down and sat cross-legged among the stars. Incarnate with Divine Soul, with the help of the mysteriousness of the star building, calmly feel the connection between oneself and the universe. The Tibetan Star Sea is also the sea of ​​universe, and the starlight holy building is also itself.

The human body corresponds to the universe, so everything is possible.

During meditation, I realized the uniqueness of this starlight sacred building in the vast universe, and actively gathered the Yuheng starlight to further sculpt the sacred building itself to make it more unique, more self, and more real...

This in itself is also a process of further understanding oneself.

Insight into yourself, and then explore the universe. Take the universe as a mirror, and then look back at yourself. There is no end to the knowledge of oneself and the knowledge of the universe.

Cultivation may never end, but there are always people who make every effort to go further.

As soon as he finished his homework, Jiang Wang got up and wandered in the starlight holy building for a while, and went to the ground floor to take a look.

Senhai Dragon God was suppressed at the bottom of this star building. Under the effect of the array under Guanyan senior, he continuously provided power to this star building. So even though Jiang Wang was distracted by Dragon-Tiger during this time, the progress of the Star Tower itself was not slow, and now it is more and more solid.

The bottom of this star building manifested into an ancient stone ground, like a complete huge stone slab.

Rough, ancient, with a heavy sense of history.

When Jiang Wang adjusted it, he deliberately referred to the Sword Discussion Platform in Guanhetai and Grand Void Illusory Realm.

As the mind moves slightly, the stone slab gradually becomes transparent, so you can clearly see that under your feet is a stone prison that is sealed on all sides, connected by complex formation marks, including invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable a feeling of.

A golden Divine Dragon, curled up on the ground, seems to be asleep.

The Dragon God of Senhai was originally the golden dragon body, and later resurrected by Yan Xiao, who took control of the dark side of Senhaiyuan world and turned it into an ink color. After being caught by Guan Yan from Jiang Wang's body and sealed in this prison, he became Mo golden......

It was a bit of a mixture of light and dark, and a mixture of good and evil.

His dragon claw, dragon neck, are all imprisoned by huge locks. The chain of ash-gray, one end is connected to the lock ring, the other end is connected to the four walls, while trapping the dragon body, it also draws his power, preventing him from resisting.

The entire starlight holy building is under the control of Jiang Wang.

At this time, the transparency of the stone slab at the foot is one-way.

You can see the bottom from the top, but you can't see the top from the bottom.

Jiang Wang watched silently for a while, and made sure that the other party had no chance of escape, and then prepared to leave.


The black golden dragon in the stone prison suddenly sighed.

It should have felt the changes in the starlight sacred building itself, knowing that Jiang Wang’s Divine Soul has already arrived, and deliberately made some noise to attract attention.

Jiang Wang said nothing, watching his performance quietly.

"Who knows the secrets of ancient times? Hundred-Races Great War, the sky fell nine times, how much did Dragon Clan pay for this world? Heaven and Earth are always ruthless, and the world is the most forgetful. Fake legends are as thin as white paper, false stories are only broken dreams. Those who forget history will eventually be forgotten by history!"

The voice of the Dragon God is low, as if trapped in a great memory: "Back then, my emperor fought against the fierce mountain, and saved the world before it collapsed. Breaking the river of nine bends, breaking the seven treasures of the mountain, asking Yu Nantian, whistling in Yu Yuan..."

Here, he sighed again and again. Screamed. This sigh was quite self-pitying, and it had a profound meaning. There seem to be many stories, waiting to be told. There are endless secrets to share with others.

The secret of the dragon, the history of the dragon, the treasure of the dragon...

No one is indifferent to this.

However, Jiang Wang was silent.

The silence lasted for a long time.

Senhai Dragon God suddenly burst into laughter, and his laughter was bleak: "The former Dragon Clan pioneered the sea, and there are more than half of the followers of the aquarium. I have been in the source world of Senhai for thousands of years. There is no discernment, the virtues are not reported, the world is leisurely, it is ridiculous!"

Jiang Wang left without saying a word.

The dragon god in the dungeon continues: "Think about my dignified True Dragon, master the divine technique, and know..."

Suddenly noticed the change in the breath of the holy building, also Regardless of pretending to behave anymore, he hurriedly jumped up: "Hey, don't go! Little brother!"

But the master of the star building has disappeared, and the star building has regained its loneliness in the universe. normal.

"Damn it!" The dragon god's eyes showed sullen color, and immediately rose up,


The chains that bound him tightened, lightning is like a whip, Went around and angry!

In the flames that exploded and dissipated, the entire black golden dragon body smashed to the ground heavily and fell into a confused state. He of torn skin and gaping flesh can only breathe bitterly.


He was born with great power, aloof and remote for countless years. Once you become a prisoner, you can only show off your hatred.

His anger and humiliation can only echo in the cell.

If Jiang Wang doesn't listen, no one will hear...

For Jiang Wang.

A True Dragon is of infinite natural value, not to mention his contribution to the strength of the first star building, his vision and experience as True Dragon alone is a huge asset.

It's just that this "wealth" is not so easy to get.

With this kind of layout for thousands of years to conquer Yuheng, Jiang Wang will not be so arrogant that he thinks he has enough wisdom to suppress the opponent.

On the contrary, if you are blinded by greed, you may enter the opponent's game at any time.

So before he got his temper, he didn’t plan to talk to Senhai Dragon God. Under the suppression of Guanyan senior’s means, Senhai Dragon God had no magic cultivator and could not resist. ...The worst thing is to wait for the first star tower to absorb him into a dragon corpse.

Between him and Senhai Dragon God, time is his friend. The later, the more the Dragon God can recognize reality.

Jiang Wang has enough patience.

There is a saying among the herders of boiling the eagle, and it may not be impossible to come and boil the dragon.

After finishing the cultivation class of the Starlight Holy Building, the dilemma of faint irritability has disappeared.

Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie are still digging through the information, searching for chapters and sentences on Jiang Wuqi’s bookshelf, and occasionally they also exchange a few sentences of analysis, which are all untrue Discourse.

Jiang Wang only glanced at them lightly, and then he was ready to continue practicing Dao technique.

Although Dragon-Tiger has already been formed, the city of Flame Flower Burning City is still a bit worse.

Although there is a detailed explanation left by Zuo Guanglie, after all, the energy allocated before is not enough.

This kind of control of dao technique can best reflect the consumption of time. If you don't practice for one day, you know, if you don't practice Dao technique for two days, you know, and your opponent knows if you don't practice for three days.

But maybe it was just after seeing the relationship with the Dragon God, Jiang Wang at this time suddenly thought of the red makeup mirror.

Thus, I thought of the third choice in the Longevity Palace——

What if he could find the clue first?

Can you make a relatively more correct choice with more comprehensive information?

Is it better to decide who to give the clues to after insight into the entire process of development?

Jiang Wang now thinks of the red makeup mirror, not because of its possible relationship with Dragon Clan, but because of the reflection function of the red makeup mirror.

After many times through the catastrophe of Divine Soul, the range that the red makeup mirror can cover has reached fifty miles, and every delicate hair was completely shown and very clear, it can completely cover the palace of longevity!

Using it to find clues is definitely clearer than naked eye, and it is not limited to this study.

This is also the way he feels that he might have the opportunity to discover clues first.

Using the red makeup mirror's probing ability in Linzi is a very stupid choice, because it is easy to offend a certain powerhouse. If you hit the door as a snoop, it would be really embarrassing, and even the magnate may not be able to keep it.

But today, the Changsheng Palace is completely blocked, and the three of them have also been granted the right to search the Changsheng Palace...

Not at this time, but when?

Jiang Wang remained silent, already holding the red makeup mirror.

With the help of the red makeup mirror, the field of vision quickly spread to the entire Changsheng Palace.

The red makeup mirror is not a Good Fortune treasure, but a tool engraved with a curse. If you do not use the red makeup mirror to probe through the world in the mirror, you will be disturbed by negative emotions and vague curses without any accident.

But those things will no longer affect Jiang Wang today.

Compared with the first time I felt the Curse Power of the Red Makeup Mirror overseas, Jiang Wang today is already tyrannical.

This magnificent palace was spread out in his field of vision.

From a detached perspective, he re-observed the empty Changsheng Palace at this moment.

It's like visiting Jiang Wuqi again.

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