Red Heart Survey Chapter 1383

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The bedroom, the study, the Martial Practice Stage, the Spirit Hall, the flower garden, the quiet room, and even some hidden rooms...

Divine Soul is like water, flowing Go to.

The so-called "living and emigrating qi, raising and emigrating", on the other hand, a person will also affect the environment in which he lives.

To observe this palace in such a detailed manner is to get to know Jiang Wuqi from another angle.

The brightness of the past and the sorrow of today are all tied to one person.

One person, one life, one strand of Essence, Qi, and Spirit.

Jiang Wang observes very seriously. A peerless person like Jiang Wuqi who aims to make a step-by-step truth is bound to have his unique knowledge of this world. These cognitions may not be unified, but they must be worthy of understanding and learning.

The so-called "seeing the virtuous and thinking together, seeing the virtuous and thinking introspect."

The process of further understanding Jiang Wuqi is also a process of self-inspiration.

With the help of the red makeup mirror, Jiang Wang hardly missed any details.

I have seen a lot of valuable information, but the information that may be related to Lei Guifei’s assassination is nowhere to be found.

Looking at the two green brands Constable who are still busy in front of them, Jiang Wang swallowed a sigh in his heart.

He understands that there is another possibility-maybe he has seen the corresponding clues, but he doesn't know that it is related to the assassination of Concubine Lei.

After all, he knew only a few words about the big case in Yuanfeng in 38 years.

Who was involved, who was most suspicious back then, and why it became an unsolved case in the end... I don’t know.

Maybe I don’t know the clues in front of me. I was still a little naive about what I thought before.

After all, everyone has their own field of specialisation, maybe they can only wait for the search results of Lin Youxie or Zheng Shangming...

Jiang Wang scans casually with the aid of the red makeup mirror aimless, pay attention Li suddenly turned back and landed on the wall of the front hall.

When Feng Gu sent him away that day, he stopped in front of this wall and said a few words. That was also the last exchange between Feng Gu and him.

At that time, consultant Feng’s first sentence was-"Lord, do you believe in His Highness Eleven?"

Now I want to come, does that question have profound meaning?

Is there any hidden information where he stopped?

Since Feng Gu hoped to supervise the progress of the case in his suicide note, he should have left some clues to himself according to common sense...just like the knife Lin Youxie received .

But Jiang Wang has carefully recalled many times, and has never made any special discovery.

Feng Gu did reveal what he wanted to do in his words, but he didn't mention any more specific details.

This Zhaobi Jiang Wang has been in and out of the Changsheng Palace several times. The back of the Zhaobi is a very delicate painting, and the right is entitled "Painting of All Living Things".

The signature is "Changsheng Palace Lord".

Jiang Wuqi knows all his calligraphy, painting, poems and books, leaving a lot of calligraphy in the palace. Jiang Wang has seen a lot. Although he knows it well, to be honest, his ability to appreciate these things is only at the level of applauding. It's hard to tell where it's good...

So I just glanced at the painting on the wall at random and didn't care. Now pull yourself together and observe carefully, I can't help but marvel at it.

On this picture, the traffickers, pawns, princes and generals, thousands of people, all lifelike.

Moreover, there is a lot of traffic. There are distant mountains and shadows, still waters flowing deep, flowers, birds and blue trees, old men and urchins.

Take a closer look, it is really "a picture of all beings".

It's not just that people perform their duties, there are also stories in some places.

Playing and playing, hooking shoulders, welcoming and sending...

For example, in the lower left corner of this mural, there is a clean and decent person with a light left index finger Tap his ears, right hand pointed at the paper on the desktop in front of him... Obviously he has hearing problems and is asking to communicate with others in writing.

The man who was facing him with his head up and talking, dressed in patched clothes, had no gods in his eyes, and had a blind cane in one hand. He was obviously a sight impaired...

The communication between the deaf and the blind, the former gesticulates, and the latter talks endlessly, is really strange and weird.

For example, a farmer was walking along the river bank carrying manure, and people passing by were covering their noses.

There is only one old man holding a rod and holding his pole calmly... It is obvious that his nose is broken.

Because of this lost sense of smell, he lost some excitement and avoided some troubles.

There are all kinds of things.

The more you look at such a mural, the more wonderful it becomes.

It's really wonderful everywhere, it seems to be all about "people" and all about "life".

On this journey, Jiang Wang has seen surging forward with great momentum, and also seen the ripples of the breeze. There are a lot of people watching and knowing a lot. Originally created herringbone sword, see all beings, and evolve all beings.

After being extraordinary in just a few years, I have seen wonderful things that many people have never seen in their lives.

But after all, only "a few years".

I never dared to say that this herringbone sword has been perfection, let alone that I have seen all the people in the world

At this time, carefully inspecting this painting is like experiencing the experience of a painter. In the world built by the painter, I watched thousands of life...plentiful harvest.

Zheng Shangming, who was secretly searching every book with the secret technique, turned his head back in surprise, and already noticed the terrifying sword intent on Jiang Wang. The majesty of the mountain.

He has known Jiang Wang's strength for a long time, and he firmly believes that Jiang Qingyang is the number one Heaven's Chosen in Qi State.

After all, the lesson of the fight against Mashan was profound enough. After that, Jiang Wang was even more rapid progress. Every time a record came, it was almost aphasia, breaking the legend and creating history step by step.

But those records are far away after all.

It is right in front of him at this moment. This person stabs at the door and stands for a long time. Will the sword technique be profitable?

This is the peerless Heaven's Chosen?

In the past, Jiang Wuqi suppressed the progress of his cultivation by drinking medicine, and later Jiang Qingyang stood on post for a while to understand the sword.

Zheng Shangming looked at the military classic "Nine Generals, Eight Methods of Selecting Soldiers" in his hand, and suddenly felt that life was boring.

If you compare talents to soldiers, I'm afraid that Jiang Wang and Jiang Wuqi are the generals of one theory, and I may be discussing five things and six things...

The weight instantly touched Jiang Wang, he calmly converged the sword intent, and temporarily let go of the observation of the painting of "Painting of All Living Things", looked at Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie, who was also surprised, and asked softly. "Have you found the clue?"

He almost went to sound transmission and asked separately, but fortunately, he was still sober and didn't cause embarrassment.

Zheng Shangming shook his head: "Feng Gu's death is full of doubts, and the clues are scattered. Although some information has been collected, he is not sure whether it is useful or not. You still need to go back and compare the confession to confirm...Lin Vice How about?"

"Similar to you." Lin Youxie said lightly.

Zheng Shangming discussed and asked: "Then shall we go back first or continue?"

Lin Youxie said: "Go back first, I will test the bowl of medicinal soup."


The inspection of medicinal soup can only be carried out in the inspection house. Lin Youxie said that it is his own inspection, and it is impossible that there is no other person to supervise it. Therefore, Zheng Shangming didn't care very much, and only carefully put the military classics in his hand back far away.

"Then let's go back first and come back tomorrow." He looked at Jiang Wang: "Sir Jiang Wang will go back first, or go back to the inspection house with us? You now have the right to inspect Feng Gu's body and investigate Related files, interrogate the relevant personnel."

Jiang Wang looked at these two people and couldn't tell whether they got the clues they wanted...

That’s fine. Worry.

"Go to the inspection house." He said.



The carriage has moved, and the palace gate behind him is locked again.

The Palace of Longevity has returned to loneliness.

Jiang Wang is still thinking about the picture wall.

The location of this wall is not far from the gate of the Changsheng Palace, and the murals are painted by Jiang Wuqi himself. Of course, they can represent some of Jiang Wuqi's ideas or tendencies.

All sentient beings are covered with a single stroke, of course, the pattern is very obvious.

But does this painting of "Painting of All Living Things" mean "to see and tolerate all beings"?

Or "ruling all beings, knowing all beings first"?

Does the things that the princes and generals and the traffickers are going through represent Jiang Wuqi's views on the current situation?

Feng Gu stopped here. Is there any mystery?

In such a picture of thousands of people, Jiang Wang silently recalled the portraits of those who stopped, observing what they were doing, hoping to find possible connections.

This is meticulous and long work, hard to be distracted.

The carriage stopped.

"Here." Zheng Shangming took the lead to get out of the car.

Lin Youxie follow closely from behind.

The three people have their own thoughts and have no communication.

Jiang Wang followed them and walked into the Beiya again.

Such a yamen with immense power occupies a very large area. Jiang Wang has been here several times, but what he has seen is still mediocre, and he does not have the full picture of Beiya in his heart.

This is the first time I saw the prison of Beiya today——

An iron house stands on a bare flat ground. There are no nearby buildings all around, and the stone slabs are unobstructed. The iron house itself is just a place for guards to verify their identity, and the real prison is underground.

Zheng Shangming went to interrogate Court Eunuch, the maid of the Changsheng Palace, while Lin Youxie went to check the bowl of medicinal soup first.

Jiang Wang didn't follow either, and went straight to the morgue.

Beijing has a special morgue, which is not far from the prison...

Of course, it will inevitably give people some intimidation, as if tortured in prison. It would be like pulling directly into the morgue.

But in fact, this kind of thing is still relatively rare.

Beijing has a strict censorship procedure for killings. Those who kill indiscriminately today will be the beijing prisoners tomorrow. Those who kill without order must be held accountable.

Compared with Heavenly Prison, which is under the jurisdiction of the fighters, Beiya’s prison is much milder.

The maids like Court Eunuch in the Changsheng Palace are temporarily detained here just for the secret of the case. Once the case is closed, they can go out, so basically they will not suffer any harm.

Of course, there are also different levels in the Beiya prison, corresponding to different prisoners. The so-called "moderate" is only relative.

The deceased with identities like Feng Gu are considered to be quite high-level in the Beiya morgue, and they have exclusive use of the quiet room.

There is a special guard at the door, and no entry is allowed unless the seal of the Bei Ya.

Even if Jiang Wang entered, there was a Beiya arrester who accompanies him, quietly staying in the room, and routinely supervising matters.

Under various measures, it is very difficult to manipulate Feng Gu's body. If you want to finish your hands and feet, you won't be discovered by those senior green cards, and it's almost impossible.

A solitary sarcophagus stopped in the middle of the room.

This kind of Spirit Stone coffin is very precious, and it is not suitable for everyone. The sarcophagus itself is engraved with a formation mark to prevent the corpse from decay and retain the state of death to the greatest extent.

So when Jiang Wang saw Feng Gu, the body had not had time to change.

The body is naked, and there are some very fine knife marks, which have been checked by the blue cards many times.

Jiang Wang recognized that some of them were left by Lin Youxie. He saw Lin Youxie's Dissection corpse with his own eyes and knew her unique technique.

Close your eyes gently, and when you open them again, your left eye has turned red.

In the state of the pupil of dry sun, check the corpse and capture the details...

Of course, nothing was found.

No injuries other than the neck strangulation were found, and no traces of anyone's hands or feet were found.

Jiang Wang didn't expect him to find anything. After the inspection, he secretly used the technique of memorialization to see if he could reproduce the soul energy breath of Feng Gu...

But he died completely, Divine Soul was completely scattered, and there were no traces left.

Looking at Feng Gu's eyes still wide after his death, Jiang Wang asked in his heart: "Do you know that what you want may never be realized?"

Of course there will be no answer to this question.

Jiang Wang put away the pupil of Qianyang and turned away.

The green card catcher who accompanied Sir Jiang in the post-mortem examination is a middle-aged man who is about forty years old.

It looks very restrained and reliable.

From beginning to end, I didn't say a word.

After Jiang Wang left the house, he followed behind and walked out quickly.

When passing by the sarcophagus, stretched out his palms and quickly passed over Feng Gu's body, making his hands into fists, as if he had grasped something. Immediately after Jiang Wang, he stepped out of the morgue, closed the door and put the lock on it.

There is no smoke or fire in the whole process, and it is as natural as flowing water...

It should not be discovered by anyone.

He has such confidence. Look down low-key, without saying a word.

But what he didn’t see was...

Jiang Wang, who was walking out of the corridor, turned his left hand, and a small vanity mirror was quietly put back. .

Jiang Wang covered this morgue with a red makeup mirror, originally intended to help him find possible clues. Look at it for yourself, and look at it again through the red makeup mirror.

Didn't expect "watched" this interesting scene.

Which party is this young catcher who is accompanying the supervisor?

What does he want to do, what has he done?

Jiang Wang didn't think that it was Beiya's routine examination of the corpse. If it was just an examination, there was no need to be so secretive, and even the person who went to the post-mortem should not be concealed from Jiang Wang.

It is unfair to lose supervision and inspection.

Jiang Wang walked out quietly.

There is no need to debunk now, a person who comes out to do things can easily be cut off for follow-up clues after exposure. Second, even if he observed with a red makeup mirror, he did not discover what this person did to Feng Gu's body. Even if there is a trouble now, and if you catch this person, you may not be able to hold the "stolen", but beat the grass to scare the snake.

It would be better to wait for the follow-up.

According to the rules, he signed and drew at Chief-In-Charge in the morgue to confirm that he had been to the morgue and completed the monitoring of Feng Gu's body.

Then leave.

From beginning to end, Jiang Wang didn’t take a quick look at the catcher who followed him into the morgue, but he had already remembered his face in his heart——

Brows thick , Deep eyes, big nose.

The eyes look very gentle. But that right hand is definitely a hand that has shredded many people.

Too stretched and too stable.

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