Red Heart Survey Chapter 1384

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Leaving the morgue, stepping on the bare floor tiles, and passing the Beiya prison, he happened to meet Zheng Shangming.

In other words, Zheng Shangming just waited here, counting the time.

"Has the inspection been finished?" Zheng Shangming asked.

At the same time, his sound transmission rang in his ears: "Brother Jiang must decide as soon as possible about the matter of Captain Beiya."

Jiang Wang's heart moved.

I understand that Zheng Shangming probably grasped some clues.

Of course, it’s not convenient to talk about the matter of Captain Beiya. And just after experiencing the weird behavior of the green brand catching fast in the morgue, Jiang Wang didn't trust the security of Beiya anymore.

Sound transmission replied: "I have checked, there is nothing wrong with the body."

Sound transmission replied: "I understand."

Zheng Shangming nodded: "That Brother Jiang, walk slowly, and pick you up at your house tomorrow."

Jiang Wang refused: "Don’t be so troublesome, tomorrow morning I will meet up with Brother Zheng outside the Changsheng Palace."

At the same time, sound transmission said: "Check the catcher who just accompanied me into the morgue. This person has some problems. I also checked Feng Gu's body. I suspect he just did something."

Zheng Shangming laughed: "It’s not that it’s not troublesome, it’s the rule of handling the case. We have to go to Beiya’s carriage when we go out, and we can’t contact others."

In the sound transmission, it is replied. : "Don't worry, as long as this person has a problem, he will definitely not be able to hide. I will find a new clue in the evening, and then go to do an autopsy again. I will inform you immediately if I have any news."

"It is a rule, Then follow the rules." Jiang Wang cupped the hands: "I'll leave first."

"Go slowly."

Zheng Shangming watched him leave, turned around and walked back. That iron room.

The two of them have a long history of friendship. This is what Beiya knows, and the greeting will not arouse suspicion.

Jiang Wang did not go to Lin Youxie, but left Beiya alone.

Beiya’s carriage is still waiting outside the door, waiting to send him back home.

Although Linzi is prosperous, not many people are willing to come to places like Beiya.

The sugar vendor pushed the wheelbarrow to sell it, and several pedestrians looked anxious.

Jiang Wang couldn't help thinking...

In Jiang Wuqi's Painting of All Living Things mural, where should I be?

The world is like a net, how many people can break free?

Bent over and sit in the carriage, Jiang Wang quietly played with the red makeup mirror in his hand amid the sound of the smoothly rotating wheels.

When the outer building was made in the depths of the universe earlier, thanks to the photo of the red makeup mirror, the dragon god was temporarily immobilized, which created the opportunity for Guanyan Master to completely peel off the dragon god.

He thought for a time whether the red makeup mirror had awakened some power.

I checked it carefully later, but did not find any new changes in the red makeup mirror.

The function of the corresponding application is the same as before.

Fleshy body enters the world in the mirror, still in the white space. As for Divine Soul Ying Jie, I dare not try it for the time being...

Jiang Wang speculates that perhaps this red makeup mirror is just a special reaction to Dragon Clan.

In fact, there were many signs early in the morning.

The red makeup mirror was obtained from Hu Shaomeng of Diaohailou. From the later situation, the secret of the red makeup mirror should be exclusive to Hu Shaomeng and his Master Hai Zongming...

The red makeup mirror itself, of course, also comes from overseas.

Furthermore, in the sea-covering catastrophe, the female voice that traverses all the divine soul catastrophes at present, the name of the curse of gnashing teeth, is also "covering the sea."

At the end of the sea calamity, it was a big day that dried up the ocean.

So much information is related to the "sea".

The biggest threat to Human Race overseas is Sea Clan.

In ancient times, Dragon Clan led nearly half of the Aquarium to retreat into the sea. After a long period of time, Dragon Clan evolved into the current Sea Clan.

Jiang Wang will inevitably think about whether the existence named "covering the sea" has some relationship with Dragon Clan.

From the battle in the depths of the universe, it can also be found that Senhai Dragon God obviously has a certain understanding of the red makeup mirror. But it’s not the time to dig out some news from his mouth...

With the cunning of that old dragon, the more Jiang Wang expressed interest in the origins of the red makeup mirror, the more Will be pinched.

Red makeup mirror should still have greater potential, but before being able to survive the next round of Divine Soul, there should be nothing to discover.

However, Jiang Wang rubbed the red makeup mirror, and now he thought not about the red makeup mirror itself, but what the Dragon God said in the Yuheng Star Building.

He said that he had managed the source world of Senhai for thousands of years, and in the end he had no idea... He said that there is no discrimination between holy evil and good fortune.

Of course this is bullshit.

Dragon God only knows to use plunder and do too much evil. After the true face was revealed, of course it was unpopular and there was nothing to do.

Jiang Wang is too lazy to listen to those deceptive words.

But at this moment he suddenly thought...

What about Jiang Wuqi?

After Jiang Wuqi's death, the huge forces in the Changsheng Palace seemed to be absolute silence, and there was no movement.

Senhai Longshen's perverse acts like that, naturally, it is inevitable that the people will betray their relatives. But how can Jiang Wuqi, such a charismatic royal descendant, "do nothing"?

Even a peerless Heaven's Chosen like Jiang Wang, who has only been in contact a few times, has already admired him very much.

Where are his henchmen?

Where did you go?

Even when the tree falls, the monkeys scatter, there is not only one old Court Eunuch Feng Gu.

Perhaps before Jiang Wuqi made such a decision, he had already made a cut with the people of his line, letting Great Qi belong to Great Qi, completely opening up his political resources and letting him go. Big brother elder sisters are divided...

But there are still some people who are impossible to cut. No matter how you cut it, you can't cut off the mark of the Longevity Palace.

For example, Feng Gu.

For example...Lei Zhanqian.

The entire Lei Family is Jiang Wuqi’s mother clan. How to cut this kind of blood relationship?

Of course neither Feng Gu nor Lei Family remained silent.

Feng Gu cooperated with Wen Yanyu to manage Jiang Wuqi's funeral, and died after the funeral.

Lei Family also named Jiang Wuqi to mourn for Jiang Wuqi. On the day Jiang Wuqi was buried, it was the coffin that Lei Zhangan carried...

But Jiang Wuqi's longevity was deeply laid down. Gong Brand's confidant is more than just these few people.

For example...the famous disciple Gongsun Yu.

Jiang Wang still remembers that when he first met Jiang Wuqi at Cloud Mist Mountain, there were several important figures next to Jiang Wuqi.

A Lei Yikun, born in Lei Family. A Zhang Yong, needless to say. Another... is Gongsun Yu.

Because he was a descendant of Gongsunye who wrote "Pushing a cup for a drink, and resigning himself to a guest", he was very impressed by him at one time.

Later, he also heard Chongxuansheng and the others say that Gongsunyu is Jiang Wuqi's confidant and one of the most trusted people.

Since when did this Gongsunyu no longer appear?

What happened?

Including Jiang Wuqi's funeral, this person does not seem to come either...

The carriage stopped in Jiang Wang's writhing thoughts.

"Here, Mr. Jiang," said the coachman.

"Trouble." Jiang Wang thanked him, got off the carriage and walked to his house.

"Someone asked me to bring you a word." The driver suddenly said behind him.

Jiang Wang stopped, but did not look back.

The coachman continued: "As a new uniform without roots and bottoms, it is not easy for you to have where you are today. Things that shouldn't be taken care of, you'd better not take care of it."

After that, he flicked the rein and started to drive away.

Jiang Wang suddenly turned around!

The steed driving the car was stopped by an invisible force, and his hoofs were hissing, but the sound couldn't come out at all.

Then knelt to the ground, motionless.

The driver tries hard to struggle, but he is also unable to move even a little bit!

There seems to be a raging wave in the Tongtian Sea. The entire spine dragon seems to be held by an invisible big hand. Even the head and limbs are trapped in the wind of different shapes!

Ultra Grade dao technique, Dragon-Tiger!

Make the dragon plate, make the tiger stalk, so the man becomes a prisoner.

Too desperate, there is no room for resistance at all!

And the world-famous Heaven's Chosen, in such despair, walked slowly.

"Am I very good-tempered?" He asked softly.

"Any cat or dog can bring me a message, right?"

The driver's tongue was not sealed, but he was silent.

He gritted his teeth, saw a pair of clear eyes, and then a boiling killing intent, swept his mind!

Such murderous intention, so sharp!

He felt terrified, his body was trembling, his sweat was like syrup, and he almost knelt down, but he was determined to die, unable to move even a little bit!

Jiang Wang has reason to be angry.

From the arrest of the morgue to the driver of the car, the inspection house was infiltrated. This is also unavoidable. For a government like Beiya, which is in charge of public security and real power in the capital, if the ruling and the opposition have some strength, who wouldn't build a few lines in it?

Even Beiya's captain Zheng Shi acquiesced to this. The yamen are too big, too many manpower, absolutely impossible and too clean. He only fully controls some key positions to ensure the core strength of the green card, and other parts can only be lenient.

However, the people behind it shouldn’t be so carefree to let a coachman pass the message.

The other party just wanted to prove his own penetration of Beiya. I just want to emphasize their strength in Qi State.

Look, we are everywhere. If you offend us, you must be very careful when you sit in a carriage.

This is not a reminder at all, but a blatant threat.

Jiang Wang walked this way, after Life and Death Battle, I don’t know where is where, using the weak to defeat the strong.

Kill powerful enemies, win battles, and prove legends.

I walked step by step to today's Great Qi Grade 3 golden gua warrior, Grade 4 green brand Constable, and Jue Feng Qingyangzi position, but there are still people who are so ignorant, just send one casually. To threaten him!

Looking at the driver who was unable to move even a little bit, Jiang Wang said indifferently: "If I kill you now, no one will speak for you. No one dares to come to me because of you .No one will even admit that you have ever spoken. You died today, without a name, no surname, no sound, no sound, not even a sound...So you can understand what you are and what the people behind you are. Already?"

The coachman is already rolling his eyes.

Jiang Wang unlocked Dragon-Tiger.

The horse stood up immediately, and the coachman almost slumped, but barely supported it.

"Your luck is very good, at my door, I don't want to kill." Jiang Wang patted his shoulder, lightly said: "You also help me take a sentence back-want to teach me At least you have to be dignified to stand right in front of me when you do things. If you don't even have the courage to face me, how can your face give me any advice?"

The coachman was barely nodded.

Jiang Wang looked into his eyes and confirmed that he had heard it before turning around and walking into the house.

Jiang Mansion is not a remote place. It is also a core area in Yaoguangfang.

Pedestrians on the road noticed this scene long ago, but they only saw——

A carriage of Beiya parked there, and the horse pulling the cart seemed tired and kneeled. On the ground, the coachman reluctantly pulled the reins... and Lord Jiang stood in front of the carriage, as if saying something.

Although I can't hear any sound, it looks very kind.

After a few words, Jiang Jueye turned back to the house, and the coachman drove away.

A very harmonious picture.

This is an ordinary day for Shaoguangfang, and it is no different from the past.

Except for the eyes of Jiang's door looking towards his master, everything is as usual.

Walking into the house, Jiang Wang first went to the courtyard where Chongxuansheng lived.

Because the footsteps were aggravated in advance, so I went outside and the courtyard door was already opened.

At this time, Chong Xuan Sheng, half lying on an exceptionally wide recliner, his eyes half-opened, it was truly enjoyable.

The recliner stands beside the small pool.

This small pond was dug by Chong Xuansheng after he moved in. Some aquatic plants were planted in it and a few small turtles were raised.

On his left hand, there is a bamboo stand on which a few pots of very beautiful fruits are piled up. Fourteen has taken off his armour and is slowly peeling him.

This fatty's recent life is a bit closer to Jiang Wuxie, it's really leisurely.

Jiang Wang walked in, only when the fat mass on the recliner moved, he took a drowsily look.

"You seem to have gained something?" He asked in a funny tone.

I don’t know a trifling, a cultivator with divine ability in two houses and one divine ability. Who do you look down on!

Jiang Wang didn't bother at this time, just said: "Help me check Gongsunyu and see what he is doing now. The actions must be hidden and don't let people discover."

Chong Xuan Sheng did not ask the reason. Seeing that Jiang Wang was so serious, he also said seriously: "I will let Shadow Guard do it right away." After that, the black peel was connected into a strip and clustered on the fruit plate, while the white and tender pulp was put into Chong Xuansheng's mouth.

Then put on her armour and walked out without saying a word. For the Shadow Guard, her orders are no different from those of Chong Xuansheng.

Jiang Wang couldn't help asking: "You were drinking porridge when you went out, and you were eating fruit when you came back. Aren't you cultivated the past few days?"

" Isn't this waiting for you?" Chong Xuan Sheng chewed his mouthful of pulp and muttered: "If I don't stare, what if you remain silent and run abroad again?"

Which pot does not open? Which pot of deserves a beating is strong!

Jiang Wang turned back beckoned and closed the courtyard door after Fourteen left.

"Cough." Chong Xuansheng's expression became more serious: "Let’s talk about it, what makes you so embarrassed?"

Jiang Wang walked to the small pond and looked at it. The lines on the shell of a small turtle's back opened the mouth and said: "Zheng Shangming told me about Lieutenant Beiya."

"Oh..." Chong Xuan Sheng grabbed a fat hand. An azure fruit, took a casual bite, and said while eating: "It seems that Feng Gu's death is not simple and will involve a lot..."

He glanced at Jiang Wang and asked "Does Zheng Shangming want you to take the lead in this case, and then his father takes advantage of the trend and leaves a place for you?"

Jiang Wang has become accustomed to this fatty wisdom, and only nodded remains:" That's true."

Chong Xuansheng took another bite of the fruit, biting juice splashing all over: "Lin Youxie should have some demands, and there is a conflict with Zheng Shangming. Otherwise, such a good thing, you Don’t be embarrassed to be like this..."

"Why do you and Lin Youxie have any trouble..." He ate the fruit and said vaguely: "Um...Lin Kuang?"


He swallowed the flesh in surprise, sat up and said: "Lei Guifei case?!"

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