Red Heart Survey Chapter 1385

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Chong Xuan Sheng was frightened and flustered there.

Jiang Wang almost slipped his leg and stepped into the pool with one foot.

With his cultivation base, he can't control himself like this. It is really the brain of Chong Xuan Sheng, who has turned too fast!

He just opened his head here and talked about the Beiya captain. Even before this matter was finished, Chongxuansheng over there almost put together the original appearance of the entire Changsheng Palace incident. NS.

It seemed that he was struggling to think in the Palace of Longevity, quite sluggish.

He just used a sentence on the left, communicated an information on the right, double-line sound transmission, and then came up with a one, two, three, four...

"You guessed it." Jiang Wang didn't show the slightest surprise. With a'student that can be taught' expression, he calmly said: "Lin Youxie judges Feng Gu's death as suicide. She thinks Feng Gu chose to commit suicide to elicit suicide. Concubine Lei's case."

"Suicide?" Chongxuan Sheng thought for a while: "This makes sense..."

...What does it make sense?

"Which point do you mean?" Jiang Wang calmly analyzed with him.

"Who is so stupid that things come back after so many years? Who will be so stupid to provoke the emperor at this time?" Chongxuan Sheng said: "I have been thinking about these questions for a long time!"

"What if Feng Gu has been investigating secretly for so many years and only now finds clues to that case?" Jiang Wang was a little unconvinced.

"Feng Gu died at the time after the funeral ended, which is to show that everything was not a coincidence. Such an accurate time point is enough to prove that his death must have been premeditated, not temporary. "Chong Xuansheng glanced at Jiang Wang: "Whether it is suicide or homicide, since it was premeditated, how could it be'discovered'?"

Jiang Wang nodded in a serious manner: "You also said something. Reason."

Chong Xuansheng ignored his nonsense, a little annoyed and said: "I should have thought of it when Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie appeared at the same time. The death of a Feng Gu, even if it is a murder, How come these two people are here to check... you shouldn't be allowed to go!"

"Why can't it be these two people?" Jiang Wang habitually raised the bar.

Chong Xuansheng bit the fruit angrily: "A person who is loyal to the table and the person who is looking for the truth should not be mixed with this kind of case. Unless this case happens to satisfy them at the same time... …I have been playing chess with the stinky chess basket for a long time, and I have lost this sensitivity!"

"What stinky chess basket?" Jiang Wang is very sensitive now.

"It's not always a horse-faced king, hum..." Chong Xuansheng ate the fruit and went vaguely, then asked: "Come on?"

" No." Jiang Wang didn't have any thoughts of eating, and walked by the pool: "Oh, right, before Feng Gu died, Lin Youxie also received a Dissection knife, which Lin Kuang used back then. So She will find a way to participate in this case."

Chong Xuansheng held the bitten fruit in his hand, and paused: "so that's how it is!"


Jiang Wang:?

So that's how it is?

So that's how it is!

In the end, he only asked profoundly mystery: "oh?"

The "Biography of the Thousands of Nations" is available, and the Martial Emperor always struggles with favors in the harem and the beauty of the palace is complicated. In the situation, before clarifying the situation, I always asked the question... "oh?" Invisibly oppose the guest, control the situation, and still get the other party's intelligence and figure out the actual situation...

It's really a coup!

Chong Xuan Sheng didn’t think too much, said without thinking: “I originally thought Feng Gu was in good spirits and pitiful in wisdom. Considering your mood, he didn’t say it straight. Now that I want to come, he is not that. absolutely does not have brain."

"oh?" Jiang Wang asked again.

Chongxuansheng has long been cultivated by Jiang Wang's patience, and carefully explained: "Lei Guifei was assassinated, and the case was unresolved back then. There are historical reasons."

Jiang Wang nodded , Reservedly motioned him to continue speaking.

Chongxuan victoriously said: "In the 38th year of Yuanfeng, Lord Loulan raised troops in Mingdi, and the emperor personally conquered, and a draw was drawn... Although this battle was flat, the aftermath did not end for ten years. Lei Guifei was assassinated. The case took place during this period, and the famous arrest Lin Kuang died in this case, and the city was full of wind and rain... The emperor had to make the situation stable and acquiesced that the case should be shelved indefinitely."

" Duke Loulan?"

Jiang Wang is really curious. There is no duke in the Qi State government, and the name of Duke Loulan has never been heard.

"Due to some historical reasons, I have no hereditary Duke of Great Qi. In the 38th year of Yuanfeng, Duke Loulan was the only Duke. In the early years, Duke Loulan and his Majesty conquered the South and the North, and exterminated the country. , The military exploits shine through. The reputation is not inferior to the current military god. His name has become a taboo, you don’t know...Don’t talk about him." Chong Xuan Sheng said: "In short, Lei Guifei The assassination case had no results at the time. It was not that the results could not be found. It was shelved for political reasons. I think Feng Gu chose to pursue the old case at this time and also saw the decisive decision of the emperor who directly attacked Yan Tu. Great Qi now , Is qualified to endure some turbulence."

Jiang Wang brows tightly knit: "Following the assassination of Lei Guifei will make the country unrest?"

"At least in the 38th year of Yuanfeng Yes. Now..." Chong Xuan Sheng said: "I think no one can shake the authority of the emperor unless the god of war is the perpetrator."

Jiang Wang was silent for a moment and said, "This is It doesn’t mean that... the emperor knows who the murderer is who stabbed Lei Guifei to death?"

"Who knows? The heart of the emperor is unpredictable." Chong Xuansheng said slowly: "But regardless of the emperor knows that year I don’t know. Since there have been no results for so many years, the current emperor must not know. As for whether the current emperor will know... it depends on whether you will be officials."

Xuan Sheng's words were a bit contorted.

Jiang Wang only said——


Chong Xuan Sheng has completely clarified his thoughts, and the two mouths have solved the fruit in his hands, his tone Easily said: "Check first to find out the truth of the year. If the truth emperor should know, he will submit it to the political affairs hall. If the truth emperor should not know, he will be the emperor privately."

He laughed "Zheng Shi is indeed sinister vision! Zheng Shangming is right. Grasp this opportunity, you are Captain Beiya!"

"What if you can't find it out?" Jiang Wang asked.

"Why can't I find it out?" Chong Xuan Sheng said: "As long as you agree to Zheng Shi's terms of father and son, they will find a way to give you the truth. Even...not just them. Many people want to give you the truth."

"How to judge whether this truth emperor should know or not?" Jiang Wang asked again.

"Is this still not simple? You just have to..." Chong Xuan Sheng thought for a while, probably still feeling unsafe, and changed his words: "Forget it, just ask me when the time comes, Zheng Father and son will also help you for your reference."

Jiang Wang was silent for a moment and grinned: "Everything is delivered to me. I just need to stretch out my hand."


"Yes, you can just reach out." Chong Xuan Sheng said meaningfully: "But only because you have this value, you have the opportunity to reach out. Because you shine in Xingyueyuan, you are in the whole world. The world’s reputation spread far, because you have fought so many lives and worked hard for so long...high position and great wealth, now you can reach your fingertips."

His tone is serious: "This is You deserve it, Jiang Wang. Don't miss this opportunity."


Jiang Wang silently looked at the face of the pool.

There was a breeze, blowing a pool of water.

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