Red Heart Survey Chapter 1386

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"You are always good at persuading people." Jiang Wang looked at the ripples in the pool and asked, "Is Captain Beiya that good?"

"What do you think?" Chongxuan Sheng raised hand with an exaggerated tone: "This is the most powerful position you can touch at this stage, and it is also the gateway to the true power center of Qi State. Today you If you can become a captain of the Beiya, and when the sun is coming, you can directly enter the nine pawns and become the generals. We will send you to the Autumn Killing Army. The next step is the Military Affairs Hall! Even in charge of one of the three divisions is not impossible. Then the next step is the Zhengshitang! You are here to ask me, is Captain Beiya that good?"

"Think about Jiang Wang! This is the top six in the world, the hegemony of the Eastern Region. You can get to the top as fast as you can, and share the supreme power of the world with the top figures...this step starts with the capital of Beiya! You actually asked if it was important, how good was it?"

Looking at Chong Xuan Sheng flying by the spit star, Jiang Wang remained silent for a while.

Then said: "oh?"

Chong Xuan Sheng glared at him: "Are you learning goose barking today? Oh, keep on!"

Jiang Wang laughed: "It seems to be really important."

Chong Xuansheng's hate iron for not becoming steel said: "You know it!"

"Well, I know. Jiang Wang waved his hand: "I'll go back to cultivated first, and remember to help me check Gongsunyu's affairs."

"Think clearly and control yourself!" Chong Xuansheng shouted behind him: "cultivation base Don't improve too fast, if God is accidentally here, you can't be the captain of the Beiya!"

Jiang Wang's back figure has disappeared, and I don't know if I listened to it.



As a famous scenic spot in Linzi, there are many Beppus of dignitaries and nobles built at the foot of Xiashan Mountain.

Of course not only Chong Xuan Sheng will pick a place.

Heart-raising Palace Lord Jiang Wuxie, there is also a set of other courtyards here, usually only during the period when "Fengxia and Night" begins.

Everyone knows that His Royal Highness Ninth Prince is so beautiful, food, wine... you can enjoy food and color, and you will never suffer yourself.

His status is honorable, but he rarely stays in the Palace of Yangxin. This is different from the other Palace Lords.

As far as Jiang Wuxie is concerned, although he is the master of the Palace of Nourishing the Heart, all matters in the palace are decided in one word. But this Yangxin Palace, after all, is within the scope of Qi Imperial Palace, some rules have to be followed.

This is the problem.

In comparison, Wen Yushuixie is where he usually lives.

Almost everyone in Linzi knows it.

When Jiang Wang went to sea to save people, he went directly to Wenyu Shuixie to negotiate terms with him, which shows that.

However, Jiang Wuqi's mourning period is not long. It is obviously out of time for him to be the elder brother who is still soaking in Wenyu Water Pavilion.

So this time I lived in this other courtyard at the foot of Xiashan Mountain.

There is no need to say more about the exquisite layout and elegant style.

In all other courtyards under Xiashan, this house is also one of the very best.

At this moment, Jiang Wuxie is lying on a soft couch, his eyes are slightly closed, Tao Ran is content. The long hair was held diagonally with a hairpin, and only a loose silk robe was draped on her body. Two beautiful maids knelt and sat on both sides of the soft couch, one pinched his shoulders and the other thumped his legs.

jade hand tour the mountains, warm fragrance and play dreams.

I don't know what eve tonight is.

The soft couch stands on a stylish terrace, and you can see the beautiful scenery of Xiashan Mountain from your side.

All around, of course, there are curtains. Once you put it down, you will have a private space. When you put it down, the sky will be wide.

This terrace is very spacious, with potted flowers and caged birds. There is also a large water tank with water lilies. The flowering period is too early, but it is still blooming splendidly.

Not far in front of the soft couch, there is a stringed piano.

The stent supports the ground, like a beauty with feet together. The color of the wood is smooth, and there is jade.

After Xianqin, she is another beauty.

The stature is slender and fit, the temperament is floating in the dust, the eyebrows are also general, and he plays the piano solo.

Beauty and beauty, wonderful sounds are in your ears. The mountain breeze came, so uncomfortable.

The only person wearing black clothed, half kneeling on the ground, is the color that is not harmonious on this picture.

He propped up his knee with his left hand, and his right hand stretched out and pressed it to the ground. Represents a kind of acknowledge allegiance. The raised green veins on the back of the hand describe power again.

"You mean..." After enjoying for a long time, Jiang Wuxie said slowly: "Feng Gu's corpse, there is nothing wrong with it?"

The beautiful piano sound stopped. Come down.

"I went to check it myself, there is indeed no problem." The black clothed person who was kneeling on the ground said: "Beijing is not all about eating dry food."

"Why...hmm... there is no problem at all?" Jiang Wuxie's voice was erratic under the pressure of the beautiful maid's strength: "It shouldn't be..."

"It is true. Not really." The black clothed person said: "But it's too late to do it now..."

"Don't do it." Jiang Wuxie browses slightly wrinkle: "Why do you want to do it?" It's so stupid at this kind of time that it's too stupid. We just need the truth... the truth, do you understand?"

"Understood." the black clothed person said.

"Qi Song, I hope you really understand." Jiang Wuxie said.

The black clothed person named Qi Song dropped his head lower: "Humble, I really understand."

"So..." Jiang Wuxie asked:" Who told you to go to the Beiya in person?"

"Humble and think... will not be discovered."

"Do you think?" Jiang Wuxie opened his eyes and said In her feminine eyes, there was undisguised dissatisfaction: "You think that Beiya is your backyard. You think Jiang Qingyang is a man with only battle strength... You think you are laughing at them, you don't know you are being caught by them. Laugh!"

"Do you know that?" Jiang Wuxie asked: "Zheng Shi has already found you. Is it lonely that stopped him?"

"I can only Tell him that this matter was lonely instructed, and lonely intends to supervise the case... A good person who watches the fires burning across the river has to fight the fire now. Qi Song, do you think?"

"Humble know your fault." Qi Song said.

Jiang Wuxie turned over without even looking at him. The thin silk nightgown faintly reveals his perfect muscle lines.

But his face on the robe is delicate and feminine.

The two beautiful maids who pinched their shoulders and thighs quietly stepped away, one behind him and the other next to his right hand.

Yangxin Palace Lord just sat on the side of the soft couch, facing the scenery on Xiashan Mountain.

Qi Song is half kneeling behind him to the left.

"Everyone will make mistakes, so I will forgive you once." Jiang Wuxie said: "Since you are off the court, you are responsible for finding out the truth, and be optimistic about those people in Beiya. speaking of which, I should care about my eleventh brother alone."

"Yes." Qi Songgong answered.

"But loneliness does not need the truth, do you understand?"

"Humble and understand." Qi Song thought for a while and asked softly: "Your Highness, after finding the truth, you should Give it to who?"

He seems to really understand.

Don't be afraid of stupidity, just be clever.

Jiang Wuxie looked at Yuanshan and lightly said: "Zheng Shangming has another loyal dog ear. Lin Youxie has a limited future. Try to help Jiang Qingyang get promoted. After all, he is favored, and only he can This is a big deal."

"Understood." Qi Song solemnly bowed, then got up and retreated.

It is the winter moon, and the red maple is withered.

At this time, Xiashan is bare, but there is nothing to look at.

But Jiang Wuxie took it seriously.

There is not much expression on that face that is too delicate.

"Why did the piano stop?" he asked suddenly.

The beauty of Fuqin said: "If your Royal Highness can't listen carefully, it shouldn't sound."

"Isn’t lonely enough?"

"Your Highness I was busy suppressing murderous intention just now. How can I listen to the piano?"

Jiang Wuxie's eyes were dizzy with a smile: "Ses, too smart, but there will be big trouble."

A woman named Wu Se lightly waved on the strings with her tail finger.

dong dong dong 咚咚.

Quietly: "Your Highness is my big trouble?"

"You are right!" Jiang Wuxie laughed, but still looked at Xiashan.

People look at the sceneries, but he looks at the scenes.

"It is a pity that the beauty of the world is like a beauty, and it is easy to die..."

He sighed, then suddenly said: "I want to play a gun!"

So walked off the soft couch, beckoned with it.

A red long spear falls on the palm of the hand.

He just carried the bright red long spear and walked on air directly towards the Xiashan Mountain.

The black golden silk nightgown reflects the light,

At that time, the mountains were full of flying shadows, and the setting sun had afterglow.

People and guns are both beautiful.



There are thousands of people in the world.

There is a prince like Jiang Wuxie who always runs outside the palace, and there is also a Crown Prince like Jiang Wuhua who is almost imprisoned in the Changle Palace and stays at home.

Except for some necessary ceremonies, he can never leave the palace if he can't.

Daily planting flowers and grass, cooking and torment, enjoy yourself.

Zeng said to himself-"Changle here."

While Jiang Wuxie was playing guns on Xiashan where the maple leaves were scattered, in the Changle Palace, Crown Prince and Princess Crown Prince were playing Meal.

Waiting to serve by the side, there are only two court ladies, one takes care of Crown Prince and the other takes care of Crown Prince concubine. They are gentle and silent.

Although the dining room is empty, the two of them are talking gossip while eating, and they are not deserted.

There are not many dishes on the table. Three meats, two vegetarian dishes and one soup are all made by Crown Prince himself, and the aroma is fragrant.

A Court Eunuch came in shattered steps, with a rush of steps, obviously something urgent.

But when I walked outside the dining hall, I stopped, not say a word.

Changle Palace everyone knows that when Crown Prince and Princess Crown Prince have a meal, they cannot be disturbed.

In Crown Prince’s rules, there are not many things bigger than eating.

At least the matter he wants to report now is not as important as the meal of the Crown Prince Crown Prince.

"Is today's venison not tender enough?" Crown Prince whispered: "There are no more deer in July. I chose the one in September. This bananatail deer is not easy to feed. The meat quality is the best between July and August. You are in a hurry to eat, there is no way..."

Song Ning'er swallowed the venison in her mouth in a decent way. Locally commented: “It’s not that tender, but it’s more chewy and has a special flavor. Of course, the most important is His Highness the Crown Prince’s Major Perfection, which is delicious in everything!”

A plate of pan-fried bananatail deer is indeed delicious.

When it first came to the table, it still looked like a whole deer. But in fact, it has already been cut into thin slices, and then put it back together after frying.

Poke a piece with chopsticks lightly. The meat is thin enough to transmit light, has a banana leaf-like texture, and is oily and golden when fried, but not fatty.

Changle Palace's secret spices are sprinkled on the meat slices, and the aroma surrounds the beam. More than three turns?

At this time, a large plate is full, and there are only a few pieces left, which shows that Princess Crown Prince really loves this one.

Jiang Wuhua bowed his hand at the dining table and said sincerely: "Many thanks to the Crown Prince concubine!"

Song Ning'er waved his hand to indicate that I have no time to be polite with you.

With a few chopsticks, I cleaned the few pieces of venison left in front of me, and took the crystal clear and near-transparent white rice, and ate it in a few bites.

Then put the ivory chopsticks aside, pick up the tea bowl next to him, gu lu gu lu drank a bowl of fragrant tea, and relieved contentedly: "I'm full!"

"Drink soup "Huh?" Jiang Wuhua asked: "The banana-tailed deer antler is used as the main ingredient, along with the fungus from Zhuhe County. It is very delicious."

Song Ning'er shook his hand: "I can't drink it anymore." Now, her belly is round..."

She glanced at Jiang Wuhua, slyly and shyly: "Don't believe it, touch it?"

"Is this inappropriate?" Jiang Wuhua said so, his hand already reached up.

Long time.


Song Ning'er slapped his hand and said, "Have you touched it?"

"Um..." Jiang Wuhua retracted his hand and said with a smile: "It seems that I am full."

"Oh." Song Ning'er sighed: "The appetite for appetite is a hindrance to my cultivation!"

Jiang Wuhua smiled: "The happiness of husband and wife, isn't it just sleeping with the chopsticks?"

"Go!" Song Ning'er gave him a blank look: "Who sleeps with you?"

Jiang Wuhua said: "Who else can I have on my pillow before and after death?"

"You can say this!" Song Ning'er got up and said, "Don't bother you. It's business, I'll rest."

Jiang Wuhua said softly: "I have asked someone to prepare the desserts after dinner in Qingfeng Garden. They made them together in the morning. You might as well try them."


"I really don't think I'm fat enough?" Song Ning'er groaned, and finally turned to Qingfengyuan.

Compared to Duan Shu in front of Ren, she is obviously much more lively when the two are alone in private.

Jiang Wuhua only smiled and watched her leave, but didn't say anything else.

When Princess Crown Prince left with the servant girl, Court Eunuch, who was standing outside the door, walked in.

Bowed and said: "His Royal Highness, the latest news is that people from Yangxin Palace have also intervened in Feng Gu's case."

Jiang Wuhua pushed his job to himself. I filled a bowl of velvet antler soup, sipped it, and said, "What was expected. What about Huaying Palace?"

"There is nothing wrong with the third highness, or maybe we haven't been able to check it. Come out." Court Eunuch said.

Jiang Wuhua shook the head: "If there is no movement, there is no movement. With a worry-free character, I really want to react to this matter. The movement will never be small."

He drank a few sips of soup, then suddenly asked: "I heard someone went to warn Jiang Qingyang, didn't he?"

"There is such a thing." Court Eunuch replied.

"Impudent." Jiang Wuhua put the spoon back in the bowl: "Who can be so rampant in my great Qi?"

Court Eunuch said: "The origin of the driver Very innocent, the three generations of my ancestors drove the Beiya. Now people have disappeared... No one is to be seen alive, no corpse is to be seen. I can’t find out any clues."

"Finally, just leave this matter. Investigate it to the Beiya." Jiang Wuhua waved his hand: "Send my order, let the Emperor City Guard strengthen the protection of the case-handling personnel, especially the residences of Jiang Wang and Lin Youxie, to strengthen patrols. This kind of thing can't happen again. . This time, none of the three persons handling the case can be accidental, understand?"


Court Eunuch hurried away.

Jiang Wuhua also lost the interest in drinking soup, got up and walked outside, said without thinking: "Today's soup is not bad. You can drink it separately."

The remaining maid was used to it. She was not panicked and bowed and saluted: "Thank You Your Highness."

Jiang Wuhua just waved his hand, and she walked out.

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