Red Heart Survey Chapter 1387

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The entire Linzi is paying attention to Feng Gu's case, and of course all the attention is secretly.

Especially when the more complicated side of the case is revealed, everyone is curious and everyone avoids it.

No one will discuss the case publicly, but as long as they are qualified to know the progress of the case, no one will keep an eye on it.

This is probably the biggest political storm after Jiang Wuqi died!

Who can stay out?

As a core member of this case, Jiang Wang, who specializes in supervising the investigation process of this case, still did not stop the daily cultivation class work outside of the case.

After entering the outer building realm, in addition to the fixed cultivation in the past, there is also the development of the Tibetan Star Sea and the polishing of the star...

As long as you want to move forward Go, there will always be something to do.

Even if it is only based on the dao technique, Dragon-Tiger is in its infancy, and it needs more practice to gain in-depth control. The Flame Flower Burning City is the next Ultra Grade dao technique that needs to be mastered.

In addition, the five instant dao techniques engraved in the inner realm, such as the dead wood decision, the eight-tone burning sea, the sound of the immortal state, the hell of the five senses, and the anger, all have a certain Room for improvement.

It's okay that the eight-yin Fenhai and Shengwenxiantai are self-created. As your horizons increase, new ideas will naturally emerge. But if you want to complete the mortal wood battle, the hell of the five senses, and the promotion of anger, if you want to complete it as soon as possible, you obviously need the help of the Dao Cultivating Platform of the Grand Void Illusory Realm.

Then you need "merit"......

Grand Void Illusory Realm currently has not many channels for success. In addition to contributing a large number of cultivation techniques, it is only on the Sword Discussion Platform. Earned.

Jiang Wang is invincible at the inner government level, and the Sword Discussion Platform on the outer level is almost taken.

There are five battles a day, and it hasn’t been defeated so far.

If you continue like this, you might be able to reach the top of Taixu's first outer building with an undefeated record.

The reason why I only played five games is because in addition to cultivation, five concentrated attention completely high-quality battles can already provide enough gains.

If you simply win and push your opponent easily, there is no difference between five games and fifty or five hundred games for Jiang Wang.

That is not cultivation.

Jiang Wang does not enjoy the pleasure of killing the weak. What he enjoys is the "unique" he feels in each opponent. It is the aura displayed by the opponent in the battle. Bright battle options.

It is the accumulation of these things that can become his asset and make him stronger.

So he tends to suppress his strength in battle, try many new ideas that will not be easily tried in Life and Death Battle, and give his opponent more opportunities and more opportunities for himself.

But even so, in the battle of the Grade 4 Sword Discussion Platform, which has continued to this day, he has not really felt threatened once.

After all, at the inner palace level, he has already defeated the four outer building realms Human Demon with one enemy four. Waiting for the cultivator on the outside floor, even the elite who can enter the Grand Void Illusory Realm, it is difficult to pose any threat to him.

Especially now that the Grand Void Illusory Realm is expanding rapidly, more and more cultivators have poured in...there are also more weak ones.

Of course, with the rapid increase in the base, there will be more and more powerhouses active in the Grand Void Illusory Realm.

The powerhouse will meet at the top.

Jiang Wang will of course be the one to the top.

Grade 4 Sword Discussion Platform, after each battle, the winner will earn 200 points, and the loser will lose 400 points.

It can be clearly seen that the later Grand Void Illusory Realm needs more power.

How much work can support such a loss?

Analyzed from the visible trends, in the future, if you want to learn from the same cultivator without any hesitation, you also need to contribute the cultivation technique to the Dao Cultivating Platform as much as possible.

Powerhouse takes the power further and further, the weaker must continuously contribute the cultivation technique dao technique to fill the power consumption of using the Sword Discussion Platform, maintain their own progress in the continuous battle, and evolve to the powerhouse.

Almost all the rules of Grand Void Illusory Realm are blatantly promoting the evolution of the dao technique, the innovation of the dao technique, and the transformation of the cultivation technique.

It doesn't even lie in whether these dao techniques are powerful or effective. That kind of unique novelty and the peculiar idea that can open up the mind is the key to winning more "merit".

In turn, the convergence of countless cultivation techniques will also make Dao Cultivating Platform more and more powerful.

It is completely conceivable that one day, when the Grand Void Illusory Realm evolves to a certain stage, the innovation of dao technique will become faster and faster, and it may even promote the transformation of the cultivation world...

So the top players in the sky must intervene to supervise the operation of Grand Void Illusory Realm. Stronger than Great Void School, it can only share the power of Grand Void Illusory Realm.

Grand Void Illusory Realm's early promotion is difficult, precisely because its potential naked eye is visible!

There must be conservatives blocking the way, and there must be resistance from those with vested interests in the existing structure.

How the Great Void School persuaded the great powers to join in and jointly laid the Grand Void Illusory Realm. It is also a story of surging forward with great momentum...

Of course, it’s not yet the turn Jiang Wang and Wen.

He who will win every battle does not need to worry about the "price" of the Sword Discussion Platform at present. No matter how much, he will always be the winner, and he doesn't have to pay.

Grand Void Illusory Realm has five battles a day and earns 1,000 points, which is far more than the monthly bonus given by Fortune Land.

Fortune Land 49 Baofushan’s donation is only three hundred and forty points, and a loss on the Grade 4 Sword Discussion Platform is not enough. The value and the difficulty of obtaining it obviously do not match, so the meaning of blessed land is definitely not in donating merits, and it is not just the door to the blessed land that leads to the Hongmeng space.

There must be a huge incentive for those powerhouses to actively challenge.

And Jiang Wang can only guess that since inheriting the blessed land to the present, it has not been touched.

But he is not anxious. At least now I can feel the strength of those opponents, unlike before, I don't even understand how I lost.

He is approaching the powerhouse of that level with solid steps, and he walks very steadily every step.

He knew that one day he would be able to stand there.

Even if he directly knocks down all his blessed land levels now and loses the blessed land, he will not be discouraged...

Because he knows that he will win back.

Fighting for five games earnestly, after a careful replay, Jiang Wang was about to withdraw from Grand Void Illusory Realm, and suddenly the blue paper cranes came to him.

Reach out to catch it and unfold.

It is Zuo Guangshu's letter.

These days, he does not chat with Zuo Guangshu less, but this child is a bit strange lately, he is always talking about it. .

Jiang Wang himself is consistent, not asking Zuo Guangshu’s cultivation, or asking about the details of Fire Flower Fencheng, and asking Zuo Guanglie how he performed this technique before...

Today This letter from is still somewhat unfathomable mystery——

"Did the Golden Feather of Qi State bloom?"

Jiang Wang replied: "I only know the phoenix County."

"I heard it's beautiful."

"Really? I haven't seen it."

After a while, Zuo Guangshu's Xinfei came over and was unfathomable mystery again——

"Well, is Brother Dugu well these days?"

Jiang Wang replied: "I am very good."

Zuo Guangshu probably has nothing to talk about. He twisted and replied: "Both Jingmu and Musheng have increased their troops on the front line of the Shengsheng. A great war is inevitable. When the world is turbulent, Brother Dugu will take care. Myself. I’m also very good in Chu State, and my cultivation has made rapid progress... By the way, can’t you come to the mountain and sea boundary?"

Jiang Wang thought for a while and replied: "People are in Qi State. , Everything is entangled."

Soon the paper crane is back——

"It doesn’t matter if you love it or not."

Jiang Wang wrote back again. , It’s throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, it’s been a long time without a reply.

Maybe it's cultivation. This child has always worked hard.

temperament is as mature as Lord Jiang, and of course he doesn't care about children. He shook his head and left the matter behind and quit Grand Void Illusory Realm.

He is most concerned about the case of Feng Gu.

Lin Youxie pursued the truth for many years. Feng Gu used his death to unfold the clues. I don’t know how many people coveted the post of Captain Beiya. He sent someone directly to follow the sneaky people in the morgue. Warn yourself of someone...

Too many factors are intertwined, and this case has become extremely heavy.

It's not just complicated.

It’s like a very huge fishing net that has been spread for many years and entered the water very deep. Although most of it is still hidden under the water, everyone knows that it has entangled too many things and caught the net. Too many things.

If you want to lift it up, you don't have to have strength.

A person who accidentally touches this net will fall into the bottom of the water.

Like the driver who has "checked no such person."

Speaking of which, he also deliberately used the technique of remembrance to simulate the Divine Soul message of the coachman, but the induction has disappeared.

Maybe it has been killed, or it may have been erased by powerhouse. No matter which kind, such a chess piece that has been in the Beiya for many years and has an innocent net worth, it is purposely thrown out for A bang on Jiang Wang is enough to verify the power of the man behind the scenes.

Or, the other party just wants to irritate himself?

Using such a move, let yourself be unwilling to ignore it?

There are so many things that can’t be clarified one after another.

Jiang Wang simply doesn't think about it, and sticks to his own thinking.

Now he is participating in this case as a supervisor. The other two handling cases, Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie, need his cooperation. He takes the initiative, and there is no need to go in circles with people in secret.

Sitting quietly in the room for a while, the night was already extremely dark.

Zheng Shangming’s person came to Jiang Mansion for taking advantage of the night and brought a letter with him, emphasizing that only when he saw Jiang Wang, he would be willing to hand in the letter.

Steward Xie Ping personally brought people to Jiang Wang courtyard.

This is an ordinary-looking man. He took a look at Jiang Wang carefully, and then he believed in his arms: "Young Master said that this letter must be signed by Sir Alex and cannot be passed by others. Hands."

"Work." Jiang Wang accepted the letter.

The man only gave a salute, turned around and left without any muddle.

Xie Ping still wants to give it away, but one inadvertently, the person has disappeared.

Zheng Shi has been operating in the position of Lieutenant Beiya for many years. He is not waiting for a while. He has all the people under his hand. These are also Zheng Shangming's resources. Not like this Jiang, even Steward was hired by Chong Xuan Sheng.

If you go to the street and hire someone, you may not be able to determine what the colors are in your home. It is all other people’s eyeliner and it is not impossible.

Basically, only those who can use the family to have children can be called the Aristocratic Family. Serves as servants for several generations, innocent and reliable.

Like Jiang Jueye, they are still in the upstart stage.

Jiang Wang said while opening the letter: "It's not early, go down and rest... By the way, it's winter, set aside some money, put some winter clothes up and down for everyone, and be willing to spend it. The money is enough to buy."

He was originally hard to imagine so detailed. In a letter from Dugu Xiaoxiao, he reported on her work in Qingyang Town in all detail, including one such item. Expenses, so it was easily called Xie Ping.

"Good!" Xie Ping went down with great enthusiasm.

My master is poor because he is poor, and he treats others very well!

Jiang Wang Zhanxin looked at it and raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Zheng Shangming said in the letter about the arrest of the morgue. He only said that it was the person sent by Yangxin Palace to monitor the case. In addition, Feng Gu’s body was not manipulated. People just checked it by the way...

Jiang Wang really didn't expect, there is something about Jiang Wuxie here.

But if you think about it carefully, isn't it just such a few groups of people in the upper strife of Qi State?

Involved in the assassination of Concubine Lei, how could Yangxin Palace not pay attention?

Jiang Wuxie, this person, has always felt a bit frivolous and not solemn to Jiang Wang.

Many people in the ruling and opposition parties have criticized him, saying that he is "extravagant and extravagant" and "frivolity cannot be the king."

But Jiang Wang has never underestimated him, and after learning more about Jiang Wuqi, he has paid more attention to Jiang Wuxie.

The reason is very simple--

If Jiang Wuxie is a mediocre person, why should he compete with Jiang Wuqi?

There are many sons and daughters of Qi Tianzi, and there is no shortage of mediocrities!

A heart-raising palace is standing there, where Jiang Wuxie's weight is.

It is the same level of weight as Crown Prince, Huaying Palace Lord, and Changsheng Palace Lord.

If Jiang Wuxie is only regarded as an ordinary slutty prince, it is to treat these people as fools.

Speaking of which, Jiang Wuxie’s entry is certainly logical, but it undoubtedly adds a bit of weight to this case.

"Flick the lamp and read the letter, Lord Jiang is really sensitive and eager to learn!" Chong Xuansheng's voice rang outside the door.

Jiang Wang had already noticed his footsteps, so he only said without thinking: "Zheng Shangming's letter. You are here now..."

Chong Xuansheng walked into the room , Looking at Jiang Wang, his expression is a bit complicated. "There is news from Gongsun Yu."

"Where is it?" Jiang Wang put the letter away and said directly: "Arrange for me to see him."

"Carriage is already Ready." Chongxuan Sheng said: "I asked someone to buy a few boxes of supplements a few days ago, and I will arrive in Linzi after dawn. When the time comes, I happen to be going to see my grandfather, so you hide in the box. Wait. When you arrive at the Hou Mansion, follow the people who go out of the city to buy and leave in disguise. People who dare to monitor Bowang Hou Mansion, It shouldn't be too many, Shadow Guard will take you directly to the target place."

" Can we go now?" Jiang Wang asked.

Chong Xuan Sheng ill-humoredly said: "Do you think it’s normal for me to visit my grandfather in the middle of the night? If it’s you, do you have any doubts? And it will be dawn in a few hours, Mr. Jiang, have you forgotten that you will go to the Changsheng Palace to investigate the case later?"

Jiang Wang turned his head and looked out the window, only to think that the day passed very quickly.

"Is Gongsunyu far away now?" he asked.

"It's not very far, Biwu County." Chong Xuan Sheng said: "But you must be too late to go now, and he...why is he so anxious to see him?"

"Okay, let's talk about it tomorrow." Jiang Wang didn't answer, but said: "I will study the dao technique for a while."

"That..." Even though you can see that Jiang Wang will not be I really want to chat, Chong Xuan Sheng still knocked on his chair: "Do you think about the things I told you during the day?"

"Still thinking about it." Jiang Wang laughed and asked. Said: "Speaking of dao technique, when can you take off the divine ability of Chongxuan?"

"divine ability this thing, after all, it also depends on luck." Chongxuan wins grinned: "Then you cultivation? , Fourteen is still waiting for me. "

His fat figure just walked out of the room.

If you want to use his wisdom, if you want to pretend to be led by Jiang Wang, it is difficult to be natural.

Jiang Wang was silent for a while, and soon sank into the world of dao technique.

Compared with the commotion in the world, the greatness of the cultivation world is even more intoxicating.

Until the long night is long.

Until the morning light fell into the house.

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