Red Heart Survey Chapter 1388

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Not long after dawn, the carriage with the Beiya sign drove in and waited outside the gate of the Jiang Mansion.

The coachman is another strange face.

Jiang Wang subconsciously recorded his soul energy breath before looking towards the carriage.

Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie are both here, sitting side by side, each silent.

everyone has their own field of specialisation.

I haven't seen it overnight. I think they should have made some progress in their respective cases. They just look at their expressions, but they can't see any changes at all.

People who are good at finding clues are naturally good at hiding clues.

Jiang Wang bent over and got into the carriage, sitting right in the middle.

"This coachman belongs to my own house." Zheng Shangming opened the mouth and said: "Near your home, there are more guards patrolling the streets. It was requested by the Changle Palace. There are also near the home of Deputy Lin The Crown Prince issued a strict order, and must guarantee that the case will not be disturbed."

Jiang Wang knew that this was the result of the threat of the coachman’s transmission.

It's not that he, this Jiang, is not worthy of a bigger battle, but that the coachman has disappeared in various senses, but no one can be held accountable.

"I see." Jiang Wang said.

For today's search, he lacks interest. What I was thinking about was what clues Gongsun Yu could provide.

Initially planning to cultivation all the way to the Palace of Longevity, Lin Youxie suddenly opened the mouth and said: "The results of the inspection of the bowl of medicinal soup on the Eleventh Royal Highness have been obtained."

"How Say?"

"In addition to restraining spiritual grass, there are also sun flower, red feather powder, red-bellied spider foot... all medicines against cold poison."

"It seems there is nothing unusual." Jiang Wang said.

"Yes." Lin Youxie turned his head and looked towards Zheng Shangming: "Is there anything from Zheng Constable's interrogation yesterday? I heard that you went to the autopsy again at night?"

Zheng Shangming smiled bitterly: "I thought I could gain something, but I thought more about it. It's inevitable to go wrong in handling cases like this."

Lin Youxie nodded, and asked: "Then Zheng Constable Do you have any ideas to share today?"

"You need to broaden your thinking in handling the case, but you must not think about it out of thin air. You still have to look at the clues, search for evidence, and talk about other things." When this nonsense, Zheng Shangming The expression is serious.

Lin Youxie only said: "Zheng Constable is right!"

Jiang Wang was expressionless throughout.

Co-authored these two people all the way from Beiya, and they were in the carriage together for so long, without saying a word! Just wait for him to come, and then play a perfunctory way.

"Master Jiang does not seem to be in a high mood?" Zheng Shangming asked pointedly.

"oh?" Jiang Wang asked back.

"I think you have been silent." Zheng Shangming explained.

Jiang Wang muffled: "You are responsible for investigating the case after all, and you only need to reach an agreement."

"Yes." Zheng Shangming nodded and stopped talking.

Carriage once again came to the Palace of Longevity in a strange silence.

Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie are indeed very active in their work. They devoted themselves to the search of the Longevity Palace, from the front hall to the back hall, from Jiang Wuqi’s bedroom to the court Eunuch court ladies’ rooms... Not let go of any clues.

Jiang Wang followed behind him silently, barely speaking unless necessary.

The scope of the search this time covered the entire Changsheng Palace. Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie almost went over the corners and corners, and it was not until sunset at Western Mountain that the search was over.

"Did Sir Lin find any useful clues?" Zheng Shangming asked.

"Thousands of things, more complicated and confusing." Lin Youxie shook the head, and asked: "Where is Lord Zheng?"

Zheng Shangming also shook his head: "With Sir Lin The same. I think Feng Gu's death...will it be related to Pingguo's revenge?"

"Probability is great!" Lin Youxie said the matter.

Jiang Wang silently watched them set up the stage to sing, and didn't say anything.

"Did Mrs. Jiang find anything?" Lin Youxie asked suddenly.

"Nothing found, you two are quite normal." Jiang Wang turned around and said: "Go back."

Lin Youxie and Zheng Shangming are now obviously aiming. When Lei Guifei was assassinated, they all knew what the other party thought and pretended not to know.

Lin Youxie just wanted to find out the truth of the year, make it public, and return her father to be innocent.

Until now, Lin Kuang's cause of death is recorded in the Beiya's dossiers as "ineffective in handling the case and committing suicide in fear of responsibility". His fame was lost!

Zheng Shangming also wants to find out the truth of the year, but whether this "truth" is made public must conform to the emperor's likes and dislikes, so as to pave the way for him to take over as Captain Beiya in the future. If Jiang Wang is willing to serve as the captain of the Beiya first, then he will give up this benefit. If Jiang Wang is not willing, he will perform well by himself.

This is the conflict between the two, so whoever finds the truth first becomes the key to the problem.

So they said they were cooperating in handling the case, but they also guarded each other, and they kept secret clues that could not be made public.

As Jiang Wang said, there is no need for them to pretend.

So he left.

The heavy palace gate slowly closed, temporarily sealing the palace.

The three blue cards sat on the carriage in silence.

Interestingly, everyone on this carriage feels that they are close to the truth.

Although they are silent, they have their own goals and choices.

Lin Youxie needs Jiang Wang to turn a blind eye. The open eye is called "Truth" and the closed eye is called "Responsibility."

She wanted to grasp the clues to the assassination of Concubine Lei first and unearth the truth of the year.

Zheng Shangming asked Jiang Wang to agree to take over as Captain Beiya before sharing the clues in this case with him.

He also needs Jiang Wang to turn a blind eye, but the opened eye is called "loyalty", and the closed eye is called "truth".

And Jiang Wang himself, wants to make a choice after grasping the truth.

The best result is that the final goal of the three people can be the same. That is the situation in which Chongxuan Sheng said, "The emperor should know the truth."

But Jiang Wang also had to prepare for the worst.

Of course, Lin Youxie and Zheng Shangming are looking for clues this day, and Jiang Wang is silently cultivation.

But in fact, during the whole day, only three people were testing each other's patience.

Carriage put Zheng Shangming and Lin Youxie down at Beiya, and then sent Jiang Wang back to the house alone.

After watching a boring scene in the Changsheng Palace for a day, he didn't want to go to the Beiya again. Anyway, the clues from both sides will not be shared with him, so he simply left.

"This is so boring..."

This is Jiang Wang's only thought after leaving the carriage.

Fortunately, he is also prepared.

Step into the mansion, go directly to your bedroom, close the door to cultivation.

He is not like this one day or two days, but every day all is like this, it is natural.

Jiang Wang is trapped in cultivation and cannot extricate himself from it. Chong Xuan Sheng was very diligent and busy to please Bo Wanghou while Chong Xuan Zun was away.

Jiang Wang on the front foot returned to the mansion, and Chong Xuansheng on the back foot took fourteen and swaggered out the door.

He pulled two carts full of supplements and went straight to Bowanghou Mansion.

This kind of swaggering behavior is not uncommon to him. Probably not many people in Linzi don't know that he is filial to Young Master...

He is well-deserved if Chongxuan Zun is not there. Young Master of Hou Mansion, although more time this fatty only wants to live in Jiang Qingyang’s house.

As soon as he entered the gate of the Hou Mansion, Chong Xuansheng took Steward's hand and said seriously: "These are the tonics that I bought very hard. They must be collected by the warehouse. It's a problem!"

Steward is flattered and should be repeated.

Chong Xuan Sheng waved his hand and strode in. Of course, he didn't need anyone to lead the way. When he reached the courtyard, he yelled from afar: "grandfather, grandson is coming to see you!"

"What are you yelling, yelling!"

The weight on the recliner Before Xuan Yunbo spoke, he carried the pony to the Old Master and pinched the foot of the heavy Xuan Mingguang. He had already assumed the posture of the elders, and yelled: "Old Masters are more than a hundred years old, and the cultivation base has begun to regress and can stand it. Are you bluffing like that? Let's scare you out again! It's really, so big, and not sensible at all."

Fourteen stood outside the courtyard.

Chong Xuan Sheng walked in alone, greeted Chong Xuan Mingguang’s saliva, with a smile on his face: "My uncle taught it so. Didn’t I just buy two car supplements? Just for grandfather. There are no three longs and two shorts!"

"At this age, there is no God's presence, what is the use of supplements? Spending the wrong money all the time. After that, let you be the master?"

Chongxuan Mingguang taught his nephew, and the massage on his hands kept on, turning his head and looking towards the Old Master. The seriousness instantly turned into flattery: "Father, do you think this is the truth? This person in the house, you can't find too extravagant. My son has been careful calculations for so many years, and the ledger is so beautiful. Tell me..."

Old Master only looked at him faintly: "I listen to you, and I feel a little disgusted with me for living too long. What do you mean?"

This look is too familiar!

Why would it not be a fight?

Chongxuan Mingguang has been shocked since he was a child, and suddenly panicked: "Son...son doesn't mean that."

"Shut up if you can't speak." Old Master impatiently Pull the leg back: "Sit and go!"

I thought this guy came to the county every day to be diligent in order to beat grandson Chongxuan Jue Zuncheng. This is a bit more obvious. . He can understand as the leader of the family.

Huh! didn't expect this piece of waste material has several points of wanting to inherit the family business!

What a big face!

Why don't you cut off quickly?

Chong Xuan Yunbo couldn’t help but reflect on himself. When did he give this guy the illusion...

If he hadn’t had his grandson in front of him, he would have been worried about his uncle’s dignity. Kicked out.

"Oh." Mingguang Chongxuan moved the little Mazha aggrievedly and moved away.

Chong Xuan Sheng shook his fat body and approached him, which was called a swaying posture.

Looking at Chong Xuan Mingguang, with a smile on his face: "Uncle, you are over sixty. You can also eat these supplements. I will buy them later if they are not enough."

The most annoying thing about Mingguang, a handsome man who is the enemy of time, is that others mention his age. But at this time, in front of Old Master, you can't attack, you can't scold your nephew shouldn't care about him, right?

I could only say "good child" in his mouth, quietly turned his face, and gave Chongxuansheng a hard look.

Chong Xuan Sheng was laughed, but he didn't react at all.

Chong Xuan Yunbo half leaned on the recliner, and said slowly: "Why do you suddenly remember to send me supplements?"

Chong Xuansheng moved the next person up to the chair Leaning against the Old Master, sitting up smiling hehe, leaning forward and saying: "Isn't this caring about grandfather all the time? You are the Heaven-supporting Pillar of the Xuan Family clan, and I need to take great care of it!"

Heavy Xuanyun sighed uneasily: "Can the Heaven-supporting Pillar that needs to be cared for, can you still support the sky?"

This is for the family, and the Old General, who was armored after being removed .

I have been on the battlefield all my life.

And he is so old.

Chongxuan Sheng stopped smiling, and said seriously: "You are in one day, the sky will not fall."

" Shenger, you are very smart, I have never seen a few A child who is smarter than you."

Chong Xuan Yunbo looked at him and said in a slow voice: "But smart people tend to be smart and don’t put the rules of the world in their eyes, and feel that they can control themselves. Anything...sometimes, we should know that enough is enough. Even if we re-Xuan Family, we can't mix everything."

Chong Xuan Sheng wants to use Bowang Hou Mansion to cover and send Jiang Wang quietly went out of the city, and it was impossible to hide it from Chong Xuan Yunbo.

This is not a major event, which made the Old Master jealous. Naturally, it was the assassination of Concubine Lei.

"grandfather don't worry, I know how to measure it." Chong Xuan Sheng said.

"Yes!" Chong Xuan Mingguang said abruptly from the side.

Chong Xuan Sheng looked at him in surprise.

Can you understand what we said?

Chongxuan Mingguang looked at his fat nephew with a proud expression of "I caught my hand", "I heard that you are in the business of gambling shops, right? Words hurt people! How many families are ruined and how many wives are scattered. Is this a business done by a serious family? It’s simply ruining my reputation for Xuan Family! Today I’m talking here. I am not at odds with this "gambling" word! I reiterate that Xuan Family is not at odds with this'gambling' word! You can't go wrong, when the time comes, it's too late to regret!"

"Father." He probably knows it too, no matter how fierce he speaks. It’s useless. Turning to find Chong Xuan Yunbo for support: "Tell this kid to shut down."

Chong Xuan Sheng was shocked: "Uncle, I saw you strolling around two days ago. The casino is coming!"

Chong Xuan looked up and said, "Will visiting a casino be the same as opening a casino? Is it a nature? You are the victim, I am the victim! Let's blog Wanghou Mansion, can you do business that hurts people?"

Chong Xuan Yunbo is obviously a little tired, but he doesn't have the mood to point eldest son.

If you can teach well, why wait till today?

I only waved his hand weakly at Chong Xuansheng: "It's really unnecessary to do business in this area."

"In fact, grandson only bought a few percent of the stock, and it was not Under someone else’s name..." Chong Xuan Sheng explained something like this before saying: "Since grandfather and uncle have spoken, grandson will be closed when he goes back." I can change it, it’s great. Although Shenger has a bad idea, after all, he is the son of our Xuan Family. The foundation is still good!"

He made a straight face again, played a set of graces and performed: "Go back now Close it, so as not to have too many nights and dreams. Then the casino will open for two hours, and I will be pricked in the backbone of Xuan Family for two hours! I am sitting here, like sitting on pins and needles!"

Regardless, said with a smile: "Uncle is right, my nephew will go back to close the casino."

He said to Chong Xuan Yunbo: "grandfather, then I will see you next time."

Chong Xuan Ming Guangsheng was afraid that his fat nephew would take advantage of his genius son’s absence, so he robbed the Old Master of his favor with his rhetoric, rushing to say: "Go, go, Old Master has me here. Don't worry about it, go back and have a good cultivation. , Your cultivation base is too far behind!"

Rao Shi Chong Xuan Sheng has always upheld the principle of "you are right" against Chong Xuan Mingguang. Hearing this is a bit of a blow-your old man Are you embarrassed to tell me about my cultivation base?

But think about it, still laughed, and left the yard by himself.

If there is an uncle like this, what else do you want?

Chongxuan Mingguang didn't know the thoughts of Chongxuan Sheng. He watched his fat nephew go, and consciously won another important game for his son. He was very excited.

What can Zun'er do if she doesn't worry about it by herself? What can I do with this family?

I glanced around and saw that there was no who was there, so he leaned back to Old Master.

He looked attentive and mysterious: "Old Master, you just said Qingtian, you can’t hold anything... I understand you! Here, I have a prescription, that’s Very easy to use..."


Here, Chong Xuan Sheng was almost out of the Hou Mansion, and suddenly heard angry roar from the backyard, as if the veteran returned to the battlefield. , Like an angry lion awakening, like a fierce tiger roaring a mountain——

"I killed your unfilial son!"

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