Red Heart Survey Chapter 1389

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Jiang Wang followed the carriage purchased by Bowanghou’s Mansion and escaped from Linzi City.

In fact, I haven't encountered any interrogation at all.

It is the Shadow Guard who led the way by Chong Xuan Sheng Tiao. He is an acquaintance who impressed Jiang Wang.

When the Taixu turret opened in Tianfu City, that shouted to see the true meaning of Tao...

Looking at the appearance, he looked loyal and honest, otherwise he wouldn’t be at that time. Was selected by Chong Xuan Fat.

When I was really doing business, I was taciturn, and only led the way throughout the whole process, without a word of nonsense.

Chong Xuan Sheng mentioned that these Shadow Guards were trained by his Uncle Chong Xuan Chu Liang. Jiang Wang also trusts their ability and loyalty.

Biwu County is just east of Linzi, not far away. After traveling all the way, I quickly rushed to the destination-a manor on the outskirts of Chifeng City, Biwu County.

This is a dark night with a bright moon, and the sky is sporadicly lit with light.

The manor with a large area is like a giant beast in a potential shadow.

"Gongsunyu and Yang Jing are good friends. After leaving the Palace of Longevity, they lived in seclusion here." Shadow Guard explained here, seeing Jiang Wang look blank, adding: "Yang Jing is Biwu County The younger brother of the county guard Yang Luo."

What Jiang Wang didn’t know was that Yang Jing had also participated in the selection for the Yellow River Club. Number one genius in Shangbiwu County. However, it is not ranked in the entire Qi State range, and even the Master's gift has no chance to participate.

Of course he also understood the Shadow Guard reminder and explained: "I just asked Gongsun Yu to ask a few questions, there will be no conflict."

Shadow Guard faintly said: "Presumably you will not visit with a name post on this trip."

"Yes...My trip needs to be kept confidential."

"It is hard not to conflict. "Shadow Guard is obviously very experienced, and he reached out and handed out a map of the structure of the manor: "Gongsunyu almost stayed here after he came here. No foreign visitors, and few people know that he is here. This manor is Yang Jing’s property usually only comes to live for a while during hunting season, and it is very quiet. The room where Gongsun Yu lives has been marked on the map. When you visit, you can be quieter."

Jiang Wang took this picture. The information is indeed very informative, and I have done hard work in intelligence. While watching, he asked: "I don't know your name yet. I don't know how to call it?"

"Blue Brick." Shadow Guard didn't explain the meaning of the name, but said: "I'll give it to you outside Watch. Every quarter of an hour, there are two bird calls, which means everything is normal. Three consecutive bird calls means that an accident has occurred and you need to leave. If there is no sound for more than two quarters of an hour, I am dead."

There is nothing wrong with this reminder, except for the "Death" character, which he said too often...

It's like saying, I'll eat myself when I'm hungry.

We can only say that the soldiers trained by the murderous tutor are indeed extraordinary.

Jiang Wang would like to say something, I'll go and have a chat, don't be so nervous. But after thinking about it, he didn't say a word, took the layout plan of the manor, and turned over into the garden.

Such a painstaking effort came to Biwu County quietly.

How can you say it without being nervous?


Biwu County Shou Yangluo is the Peak cultivation base of Wailou. It is comparable to a cultivator in the same realm that can be guarded in any place in a hegemony such as Qi State. With the help of Biwu County Seal, battle strength cannot be taken lightly.

Only places like the three counties of Yangdi, because they are newly attached, have given Huang Yixing a chance. Of course, he has always been the town's ambassador, and he will have time to be the county guard in the future.

However, for the current Jiang Wang, the county guard of Peak Realm in the outer building means that there is no other official figure in Biwu County that can compete with him.

So Jiang Wang sneaked into this manor with a very relaxed mind.

It’s not that Biwu County has no one but Yang Luo as his opponent. For example, Bay County has a former minister, Stone Gate County has Li’s family, Great Lake County has Tian’s family... Of course, Biwu County is also a bit secluded. Characters, but those characters will not appear here.

This manor where Yang Jing used to live while hunting, was decorated with a lot of thought. The rockery corridor is very common. The decorations are not extravagant, but they are all just right.

Jiang Wang didn't want to appreciate it. According to the picture, he quickly found the courtyard where Gongsun Yu lived.

This yard is small and the layout style is ancient. At a glance, it is simple and nothing superfluous.

The manor at night is very quiet, only Gongsunyu’s bedroom is lit.

Jiang Wang thought for a while, didn't do anything to cover up, just pushed the door in.

A man with a high crown and a quaint temperament sits cross-legged on a stone couch.

Different from many places in Qidi, Biwu County has the custom of sleeping on a stone bed, and I don’t know how it was formed.

Qi State expanded all the way and became the overlord of the Eastern Region. I don't know how many countries have been annexed in the middle. Therefore, the domestic folk customs are different, and many customs can't find the source.

This stone couch is very large and can be roughly divided into two halves.

The side where Gongsun Yu sits is rolled up with a pillow, and a low table is placed in front of him. On the right side of the low table are piles of books, all of them look old. Obviously it has become a habit to read at night, not overnight.

On the upper left corner of the low table stands a pine tree-shaped candlestick, which is of extraordinary quality. The candlelight was still, and there was a warm and calm feeling.

Jiang Wang didn't hide it when he walked in, so of course he noticed the movement and looked up.

He still holds a book in his hand, the pages of the book are spread out, faintly yellowed.

He recognized Jiang Wang.

On Cloud Mist Mountain, Jiang Wang exploded the sea of ​​clouds with an eight-tone flame bird, which amazed everyone, he was impossible to forget.

But he didn't seem to be surprised, he just looked at Jiang Wang quietly, casting questioning eyes.

Under the control of Shengwenxian, the sound of the entire room will not flow out for half a minute.

"How long have you been here?" Jiang Wang asked.

Gongsunyu just looked at him and didn't speak.

Jiang Wang realized that he asked a nonsense. He was able to find out where Gongsun Yu lives now. How could he not find out when he moved in?

"I came to you, I want to ask you some questions. I hope you can help me out." Jiang Wang said directly.

Gongsun Yu still just looked at him.

Not even the scroll in his hand moved, it was silent as a sculpture.

He is a famous discipline.

Among the hundreds of families, the most arguing is the leader, and the title is "Swords and Swords".

A taciturn master's discipline, it cannot be said that it is not a kind of irony.

I still remember that when he was at Cloud Mist Mountain, this person was still arguing and talked. How long has it been since then, has it been silent like this?

What happened?

Jiang Wang vaguely felt that the answer he was looking for might be in it. Does Gongsun Yu know all the secrets Feng Gu knows?

"Can you talk to me, why did you leave the Palace of Longevity?" Jiang Wang asked.

Gongsunyu's eyelids drooped slightly, but he still did not respond.

Jiang Wang didn’t want to give him a sense of oppression, so he sat on the tea stool, turned the inverted teacup, poured himself a cup of herbal tea, and slowly said, “I’m in the Eleventh Royal Highness. I didn’t see you at the funeral."

Gongsun Yu was expressionless.

Jiang Wang took a sip of tea and continued: "You are the confidant of His Royal Highness Eleven, and the person he trusts most..."

He put down his tea cup and looked at Gongsun Yu "Do you think that when your Highness left, did you have any regrets? Do you want to help him fill the regrets?"

Gongsunyu suddenly smiled, with a bitter smile, and he smiled and shook his head .

Jiang Wang didn't understand for a while. He shook his head for the former question, or for the latter question.

"His Royal Highness 11 is gone, but I think maybe we can do something..." Jiang Wang said: "Would you like to share with me what you know?"

Gongsun Yu Jingjing looked at Jiang Wang and suddenly opened his mouth. His mouth opened extremely wide, and it was extremely disrespectful, so that people could see...only half of his tongue was in his mouth!

His tongue is broken!

A famous discipline loses his tongue, just like a swordsman loses his sword.

This is the most proud part and the most dependent part.

Who cut his tongue?

"Who did it?" Jiang Wang heard his voice a little dry.

But Gongsun Yu just looked at him.

The mouth has been closed.

Behind the candlestick, the scholar brought by Gao Guanbo seemed to have all the desire for communication taken away by the truncated tongue.

Jiang Wang asked: "Shall we write and communicate, can we?"

Gongsun Yu shook his head.

"Or if I ask you a few questions, you can nodded or shake your head."

Gongsun Yu did not move his head, just looking at Jiang Wang.

In his eyes, there is only silence that rejects others.

He doesn't want to say anything, he doesn't say anything.

Jiang Wang sighed and said: "Did you know that Feng Gu died? Three-foot white silk, hanged in the Spirit Hall of the Eleventh Highness."

This sentence seems to be Finally touched by Gongsun Yu, he reached out into his sleeve...

Take out a dagger, throw it lightly, and throw it at Jiang Wang's feet.

He held the sleeve corner of the right hand with his left hand and made a please gesture.

This is his last expression tonight.

His meaning is obvious.

What he will not say.

Either leave or kill him.

Jiang Wang was silent for a while, picked up the dagger on the ground, got up and walked forward.

This bedroom is no more than twelve steps away.

The distance between him and Gongsunyu is no more than six steps.

He wants to kill Gongsun Yu, and it will not take more than a breath. Gongsun Yu did not resist, and it would not affect this time.

One is the world-famous young Heaven's Chosen, and the other is a famous master who was once a budding figure in Linzi.

Before today, they only met once.

There is almost no other intersection with each other.

Cloud Mist Mountain is so different from each other.

In this world, everyone is experiencing their own life.

It's just Jiang Wang's surging forward with great momentum to sing for the world.

The stormy waves of his Gongsun Yu were all in the half-cut tongue and swallowed in the abdomen.

Over and over again, chewing alone.

Gongsunyu gently closed his eyes, very calm.

No regrets and no complaints.

But he only heard a light sound, which was the sound of a dagger gently knocking on the low table.

He opened his eyes, and there was no silhouette in front of him.

Only the dagger resting on the low table shows that the man has indeed been here.



Leaving the courtyard where Gongsunyu lived, he unblocked the sound.

Jiang Wang didn't have any expression on his face, he just returned along the original road, jumped out of the manor, and went to rendezvous with the Shadow Guard named Qingzhu.

Birds rang every moment and never stopped, indicating that under the watchful eye of the blue bricks, nothing unusual happened outside the manor.

Not far from the south side of the manor, there is a mountain forest with blue bricks hiding in it, and the manipulation of bird sounds is not obtrusive.

Jiang Wang's Body Like Wind, brushed through the night, but suddenly stopped in front of the forest.

He put his hand on the sword.

"I didn’t have any bad intentions here, just to find old knowledge. I have never hurt people or damaged the manor. If you don’t believe me, you can go back to the manor for inspection." He said in as gentle a tone as possible: "Please Don’t hurt the people I’ve brought."

"The level of bird-handling is good, but the call is too regular."

Step out from the shadow of the forest. The youngster with a medium weight and carrying a bow and a sword, his sharp eyes looked at Jiang Wang: "Introduction, I am Yang Jing."

The sound of the bird stopped.

The dark moon is shallow, and the night is without wind.

"Under Jiang Wang." Jiang Wang kept his distance and proactively said, "I took the liberty to turn up without being invited tonight. Please forgive me, Young Master Yang. If there is anything, I can make up for it. , Your sir, just say it."

Yang Jing looked at him and said: "Long admiring the name!"

There are two cultivators in the forest, wearing strong costumes, holding them. The blue brick tied up by the big five flowers came out.

Looking at the appearance of Qingzhuang's bloody nose and swollen face, it is obvious that he has suffered a bit. But fortunately, there is no disability, and there is no problem with the cultivation base.

"A thin name is not enough." Jiang Wang said: "There are 28 friends in the forest. Why don't you come out together so that I can get to know them together."

A black shadow came out of the forest.

All of them crossed their swords at their waists, with a cold temperament, and faintly formed an army.

Yang Family has been able to take root in Biwu County for such a long time. Although it can't be considered, it does have something that cannot be underestimated.

Yang Jing laughed dismissively: "How did you guess that it was me and not you that caused other troubles?"

"If it was me that caused other troubles, It shouldn't be makes it possible for me to detect it." Jiang Wang explained quietly, and then said: "Please give me a chance to make up for the offense."

"No need." Yang Jingqi He lifted his chin, and his men loosened the tie on the blue brick.

He looked at Jiang Wang and said: "My friend is okay, and your people are okay."

Jiang Wang said sincerely: "Thanks to Young Master Yang for his generosity."


"My friends don't want to see guests, I hope there will be no next time."

"If there is a next time, I will hand over the famous post first." Jiang Wang said.


"Then we won't bother." Jiang Wang cupped the hands and left with the Shadow Guard named Qingzhu.

"Just let them go like this?" Looking at the back of these two people, one of his subordinates asked.

"Otherwise?" Yang Jing sighed: "That's Jiang Qingyang!"

"But this is Biwu County." The subordinate said.

"Biwu County is very small, and the world is huge!" Yang Jing shook the head: "It seems that it is time for Brother Gongsun to change residence..."



"Does it still hurt?" Jiang Wang asked as he walked on the road.

Blue brick grinned: "It's nothing. It's just because of me...your whereabouts are still exposed."

"He won't say it." Jiang Wang confidently said "Judging from Yang Jing’s posture tonight, it’s really not easy for you to find here."

Qingzhuan said calmly: "We will do well the things that Young Master explained."

Jiang Wang remembered the way he exaggerated the truth of shouting...

Can't help but ask: "Are you all from the army?"

"Ah, yes." Blue Brick said: "Training under the command of Master Yutu."

"There are really no weak soldiers under the famous generals!" Jiang Wang praised.

Qingzhuan is probably not accustomed to being praised, and turned to: "Shall we go back to Linzi now?"

Jiang Wang glanced at the sky.

Sigh: "I can only go back to Linzi."

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