Red Heart Survey Chapter 1390

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It rained heavily that day.

It's like a river in the sky broke its dike, and the water poured down from the sky.

After so many years, many details have been blurred.

The only thing she was impressed with was the heavy rain.

It was night, and she was copying Qi Lu in the room. She was crazy during the day and had to make up some homework at night, lest her father come back to teach.

Nanny is holding the soles of her shoes next to her to accompany her.

The rain outside crash-bang, and a flash of lightning illuminates the window from time to time, accompanied by thunder rumbling.

So that when the rapid knock on the door sounded, she did not immediately hear it.

Until there was another knock, the nurse got up and opened the door.

She also looked out curiously, because Daddy said he would be back in a few days.

Who will it be this late?

She is not afraid of bad guys, no bad guys dare to come to her house, her father specializes in catching bad guys.

The moment the nurse opened the door, she only heard a sound of "peng"——

A group of dark shadows fell into the room.

The black shadow lay on his back, his eyes closed tightly, his lips were black, and there was a big incision on his neck. The blood has not yet drained...

Daddy is back NS.

Later, one hand covered her eyes.

Wu grandfather seems to be scolding something angrily.

She can't hear it all.

Buzz~ Buzz~ in her ears, thunderous again for a while.

Her eyes are not pitch black, but red.

There is blood everywhere...

The bloody, hideous knife edge has been exposed to her for so many years.

She can always see.

They said that Dad committed suicide...

They said that the best Constable in the world was ineffective in investigating the case, and they feared suicide.

And she only remembers father saying that the glory of the green card is worth defending with everything in life.

When a lot of voices started arguing again.

Lin Youxie opened his eyes in the darkness.

Sitting up calmly, leaving the bed, in the darkness, walked to the table against the wall.

Her "boudoir" should be different from any woman's residence in the world. The house is full of bottles and jars, various files, legal classics, and some weird "evidences."

But it is not confusing.

Everything is divided into categories, arranged neatly and orderly.

Father said that doing things must be organized. No matter how complicated a case is, as long as all its details are sorted into categories, the truth will be obvious at a glance.

She is obedient.

She works hard to learn Qilu, and has not been playful for many years.

Heartbeat is very fast and very hard. She mixes some medicine ingredients in proportion and starts to pound the medicine.

The wooden pestle is in the stone mortar...

True, true.



Judging from Gongsunyu's performance, he obviously knows something.

But since he didn't want to say it, Jiang Wang didn't want to force it either.

Everyone has their own choice, you can be right, but this does not mean that others are wrong.

Responsible for others is the devil among the devil.

Maybe the people by fair means or foul can scrape some information from Gongsunyu, and Yang Jing's horse will be impossible to keep him. But if Jiang Wang is willing to by fair means or foul, why should he work so hard to find Gongsun Yu?

The difference between people is what they do, not what they do.

When I returned to Linzi, the sky was already twilight.

Under the cover of Shadow Guard, Jiang Wang quietly returned to his mansion, as if nothing had happened.

This night, he really got nothing.

He is not depressed.

Gongsunyu's situation is itself a clue.

As a master of the discipline, she broke her tongue, but as the confidant of the Longevity Palace Lord, she chose to live in seclusion. There is no reason for these impossibles.

When did he leave the Changsheng Palace? What happened to the Changsheng Palace during that time?

There are definitely not many things that can force Gongsun Yu to this field.

The answer lies in pain.

The Shadow Guard investigation will take some time, and there is no news from Beiya for the time being. Jiang Wang cultivated in the house for a while, until Steward came to remind the time, Shi Shiran went out.

Wear long sword on the left waist, white jade on the right waist, and azure clothes. He is a good boy in Linzi.

The carriage is already prepared. After loading Jiang Wang, the carriage driver will go straight to the ruins of the city.

Li Longchuan mentioned it a few days ago and asked him to go to the house for a light meal today. After all, it is something that has already been promised, and Jiang Wang will not miss the appointment easily.

In front of the Hou Mansion, the carriage stopped. Although the driver has been recruited not long ago, he has also been specially trained by Steward.

An official from the Mansion of Ruichenghou came out: "It’s from the warrior's family, right?"

When Jiang Wang got out of the carriage, he hurriedly greeted him: "Lord Lord My Young Master had ordered it a long time ago, and you can go in directly when you come."

While the steward showed Jiang Wang the way, he called for someone to come and greet the old Jiang Family coachman.

It's not the first time I have come to Destroy the City of Houfu. Jiang Wang walked in with his familiarity, and within a few steps, a heroic Young Master with a jade belt on his forehead walked out.

"Brother Jiang!" He waved enthusiastically and smiled brightly.

Jiang Wang followed laughed: "Isn't it just a light meal? Why come out to welcome me so formally?"

"There is no way." Li Longchuan deliberately said sourly:" Shouldn’t I be able to shoot a horse in an officialdom? I have an official status now and I have to think about my future... You are a Grade 3 golden melon warrior! It's still far away.

Jiang Wang didn’t answer his words at all, and looked around: "Who else did you invite today?"

Li Longchuan took his arm and walked straight in: "Just you One!"

Jiang Wang was sprinted by him, and he took the time to ask: "speaking of which, where do we eat wine instead of eating, why do we have to come to your house?"

Li Longchuan rolled the eyes: "Why is my chef unable to serve you?"

The courtyard of the Hou Mansion is deep, and Li Longchuan grew up in such an environment since he was a child, and he was born with aristocracy. Jiang Wang started from scratch and earned his current position without showing any timidity, hehe haha ​​walked all the way.

Only when he arrived at the dining hall, Jiang Wang realized that this "potty meal" was unusual, and almost had the urge to turn around and run away.

In the dining hall, there are Li Old Taijun, Li Zhengyan of the contemporary Marquis of the city, Mrs. Li Han of the Marquis of the city, and Li Zhengshu, a bachelor of Donghua...

Not seeing the elders With a guilty conscience, the problem is that apart from them, there are only two brothers and sisters Li Fengyao and Li Longchuan.

Obviously it is a family banquet, and it is the most private one.

He ran into him so hastily, it was a bit disappointing.

Furthermore, if he had known these elders were there, where would he dare to choke time for dinner?

Don't say that you will come and wait before dawn, so you have to show his Jiang Qingyang's gift of knowledge by an hour or two in advance.

It's good now, it seems like a table of people are waiting for him.

Except for Li Longchuan, who can he wait for?

Therefore, I am sincere and fearful, and my feet are empty.

"Good child." Li Old Taijun smiled and waved: "Come on, sit next to me."

Li Old Taijun sits in the top position, next to her right hand , Sitting with Li Zhengshu, Li Zhengshu will go over again, it is Li Zhengyan and his wife.

Although Li Zhengyan has a higher title, Li Zhengshu is even older, so there is no problem in sitting like this at the family banquet.

On the left hand side of Old Taijun, there was Li Fengyao sitting in an empty seat. When Li Fengyao went to the left, Li Longchuan had already walked over and sat down.

Obviously, the empty space is reserved for Jiang Wang, the guest.

In front of this old lady, Jiang Wang really had no right to refuse. Although he couldn't figure out his head, he still bowed one after another to Old Taijun, Mr. and Mrs. Xuchenghou, and the scholar of Donghua, dear. He walked over and sat beside Li Old Taijun.

The greatest hero of the dignified battle of Xingyueyuan, the person who dared to ask who was the first under the presence of God, sat blankly next to the old lady, like a little quail shucked up.

"Today is my grandmother's birthday banquet. Her elder wants to call you to sit down." Li Fengyao sat down and said softly.

Jiang Wang hurriedly got up and saluted the old lady again: "I am so rude!"

If I had known that today was Li Old Taijun’s birthday, Jiang Qingyang would be struggling again. , And will not thin the birthday gift. Now it came empty-handed, let outsiders know, and still wonder how to joke.

"Sit and talk." The old lady took his hand, pushed him back to the seat, and groaned: "It hasn't been long since I came to Zi, who learned these useless courtesy? Is it Longchuan? I’m the Li’s generational generals, but I don’t like these and some!" Li Longchuan cried out: "I don’t know what politeness is, how can I teach him to go?"

Jiang Wang glanced at him complainingly

He helpedlessly said: "The old lady won't let me say, how dare I say?"

"Good child, I let the dragon Chuan coaxed you." The back of the old lady patted Jiang Wang's hand: "When I am old, I can't stand the noise, and I don't want to ask them to organize or set up the venue. I just want to close the door and sit with my family. You don't. Will you blame grandma?"

When these words came out, Li Zhengshu just smiled.

Li Zhengyan's hand holding the cup was paused, and the marquise Li Han next to him was no longer able to suppress the surprise in his eyes.

Obviously, this big family didn't know in advance that the old lady would say such a thing.

In these words, I think Jiang Wang is his family!

Jiang Wang is really flattered.

With the status of Li’s stone gate, if Li Old Taijun wants to organize a birthday banquet, I’m afraid that most of Linzi City will be alarmed. Say.

Especially at the critical moment when the Lei Guifei case was advanced, after he was threatened by the coachman...

The old lady was supporting him.

"It is an honor for Jiang Wang to sit with him..." Jiang Wang babbled for a long time before finally saying: "Grandma."

"Good child." Old The wife smiled, instructed: "Let's open the table."

The people who have been waiting for a long time, they filed in and offered all kinds of delicacies.

The old lady at the banquet kept adding vegetables to Jiang Wang, asking this for a while, and that for a while.

On the entire dinner table, the two of them were talking.

The others all ate silently, and only the old lady asked her name before answering a few words.

It can also be seen that the status of the old lady in this family is indeed Supreme.

Jiang Wang is a bit uncomfortable, but there is no denying that he was a little upset during this period. In this kind of homely narration, he gradually became quiet...

Since then, he has been dependent on father.

He has never seen his grandfather, grandfather, and grandmother. He has almost never experienced this kind of elder relationship between generations...

If you want to come, if you have a grandmother, It should be Li Old Taijun so kind.

unconsciously, the banquet comes to an end.

The old lady drank the fragrant tea and looked at Jiang Wang kindly: "Grandma is too old, and she becomes confused when she is full, so she won’t drag you to talk nonsense, and let Feng Yao accompany you. You go shopping in the garden..."

"Grandma, you don't have to worry about it." Li Longchuan did his part to stand up: "I will take Brother Jiang to the outside..."

He sits again After going down, silently filled himself with another bowl of soup.

The old lady retracted her eyes and still looked at Jiang Wang with a smile.

Even if Jiang Wang is dull, he can see what the old lady means, and he can't help but feel embarrassed.

It was Li Fengyao who stood up generously: "Let’s go, Qingyang."

"Hey, good." Jiang Wang has nothing else to say, one to the elders. After another salute, he got up and followed Li Fengyao and left.

Li Old Taijun is a good child by himself.

Li Zhengshu and Li Zhengyan both responded with a smile.

I don't know if it is an illusion, but Madam Ruichenghou's face is not so pretty.

Jiang Wang has no qualifications to care about, nor is he an accountant's character. He just walks next to Li Fengyao with his head sullenly. A bit unfathomable mystery tension, and some embarrassment of being at a loss.

Tian is pitiful. It is the first time that he has been led by such an obvious red line, and the object is Li Fengyao, who is inexhaustible...

The old lady looked at the two children with a smile. The more you look at the back, the more satisfied you are.

When they disappeared, her smile disappeared.

"Look, what a polite child." She said in a serious manner: "It's a pity that some people, a lot of age, are not as sensible as a child."

Mrs. Dechenghou looked ugly, but after all she didn't dare to say anything.

The undercurrent between grandmother and mother is called Li Longchuan's head so big that he can't wait to bury his head in the soup bowl.

Li Old Taijun lightly snorted, he gently pushed the tea cup: "The old woman has gone back to the courtyard, so as not to disturb anyone's eyes."

Li Zhengshu's eyes were stunned. With a smile, he quickly got up and helped: "Mother, I'll see you."

Li Zhengyan also quickly stood up: "Brother, let me see my mother."

"Yes. Don't." The old lady glanced at him lightly: "Marquis is The head of the family, how can I give an old woman impolitely? Please sit down."

The angry Li Zhengyan sat down helplessly.

The old lady slowly left the dining hall with Li Zhengshu's support.

As soon as Li Old Taijun left, Li Han looked towards her husband: "Marquis, do you comment?"

Li Zhengyan felt a headache and quickly moved out a versatile sentence: "The old lady is getting older, and let her be happy..."

He paused: "Besides Jiang Wang, it's good..."

"I'm not saying that Jiang Wang is not good , I am not against it." Li Han's dissatisfaction said: "Feng Yao is always my daughter, right? I haven't had much contact with that Jiang Wang, the old lady is already like much is underestimated?"

Li Longchuan, who was listening in silence for a long time, rolled the eyes: "Who can look down on my sister?"

"Is there anything to do with you?" Li Han's glared.

Li Longchuan shrank his neck and continued to drink soup.

"Alright, alright." Li Zhengyan persuaded: "This matter mainly depends on the meaning of two children, whether it is successful or not, or whether it is successful or not. Who are we to be the master of Feng Yao?"

"Have you finished drinking?" Li Han stared at Li Longchuan, "Hurry up after drinking, don't you know I'm an eye-catcher?"

"Drink it!" Li Longchuan put down the bowl quickly and fled as soon as he lifted his footsteps.

Li Han turned his head and looked at her husband, grievingly said: "I am not angry, nothing else, just rely on her. Feng Yao’s major event love, Her old man didn’t discuss with me either..."

Li Zhengyan lowered his voice and said: "This matter is wrong with the old lady, because the husband knows your grievance..."

" Cough." His voice returned to normal: "I'm going to visit Zhu He in two days. Madam would like to go with me?"

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