Red Heart Survey Chapter 1391

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"Many elderly people are like this. They have experienced too much. They have been here for most of their lives, so they are actually more stubborn."

The tall Li Fengyao walks in Hou In the mansion garden, the reflections were overshadowed by the crowd. The always cold and alienated voice has several points of easing to Jiang Wang: "The pits they have stepped on, don’t want you to step on them again, the mistakes they made, don’t want you to make them again. The beauty they see, I hope you have them, They stubbornly believe that with their life experience, everything can be built for you. But the world is changing, and everyone’s life is different...You don’t need to care too much."

"Ah, No."

In front of Li Fengyao, Jiang Wang was a little bit cramped.

For him, the image of Li Fengyao was initially established in the description of Li Longchuan and Xu Xianggan. The two were subdued by Li Fengyao, and seeing Li Fengyao was like a mouse and a cat. Jiang Wang as their gang of scoundrels, Innate is short of Li Fengyao.

Every time I see you, I am respectful and cautious.

Although Li Fengyao did not treat him as cruel as the rumors, he did not even show him his face...

Compared to Jiang Jueye, Li Fengyao himself is generous. As he walked, he said: "Which Star Domain do you stand outside?"

The topic became too sudden, and Jiang Wang was taken aback.

"What?" Li Fengyao stopped and looked at him with those beautiful eyes: "I don't deserve to discuss cultivation with you, Great Qi First Heaven's Chosen?"

"No such intention!" Jiang Wang hurriedly explained: "I was thinking about the case...Yuheng, it is Yuheng." A smile flashed in Li Fengyao's eyes, turned his head, and continued. Go forward: "Qingpai has its own position. You shouldn't tell me about the case."

"Yes, I will just think about it in my heart, I won't say it." Jiang Wang at this moment He was as cautious as a Mongolian boy who had just entered the school, and he could fully understand the feelings of Li Longchuan and Xu Xiangqian.

This elder sister...the aura is too strong.

"But I can talk about cultivation. After all, the long road can confirm each other." Li Fengyao looked up at the sky, and suddenly saw two bright stars, echoing each other.

Since Seven Star Valley and his party, Li Fengyao has never seen Li Fengyao show his strength.

Jiang Wang didn't realize until today that Li Fengyao was silent and had already erected two star buildings!

If you think about it carefully, you shouldn’t be surprised.

As early as in the Seven Star Valley, when he was still in the Dragon Realm, Li Fengyao was already the realm of the divine ability. Then I heard that the divine ability she took off was not convenient for fighting, but it was helpful for cultivation.

After the Secret Realm of the Seven Star Valley ended, she has been cultivating on Ice Phoenix Island, and it is not very long to return to Linzi.

And this elder sister of Fengyao, is a ruthless character who changed her name on the stone gate Li family tree!

Even if you are loved by your elders, if you don’t have extraordinary talents, how can you change Li’s rules at this age?

"The star building is the foundation of Taoism, and the outer realm is the realm of Taoism." But no matter what Li Fengyao's realm is, Jiang Wang is much calmer in an instant when he talks about cultivation.

He was embarrassed with the'elder sister', and talked with the'Fellow Daoist': "It is nothing more than summing up the past life knowledge, even if it is shallow, it should be close to the truth. The truth is asking Taking Yuheng as an example, I’ve been thinking about what kind of Dao' can stand proudly in the universe, where I want to go, what do I want..."

Li Fengyao obviously didn’t. 't expect He really talked about cultivation, but he also listened carefully. Then he said: "Speaking of the Outer Building Realm, my father is in the hands of the nine pawns, and there is a general in the Outer Building Realm named Gu Xing in the army, which impressed his old man."

Jiang Wang also did not. I understand why Li Fengyao suddenly talked about the general in the Zhanfeng Army, but he also made a gesture of listening carefully: "This man is very strong?"

Li Fengyao glanced at him: "It's probably not as good as you He is strong now. But this person, a long time ago...probably in Dao Li 3920, he was relieved of his military position and went to sea for many years. Now he is the Island Lord of Bajiao Island."

"This person is very important in the Wind Chaser?" Jiang Wang asked.

"If it's important, how can you leave? How can you let him go after the wind?" Li Fengyao said quietly, "I just thought of him today... Are you strange? He has a fellow villager, and I don’t know if it’s a friend, but I know it. The last name is Du Mingfang. It is a Constable in Beiyali, and it is also a cultivation base in the Outer Building. This Constable, in the process of arresting a Tamron-level suspect, actually perishes with the suspect. Together."

Jiang Wang was silent for a moment before he said: "It's weird."

He only reacted at this time.

The three-nous-nine-twenty-two year of the Dao calendar is the 38th year of Yuanfeng!

Where is Li Fengyao discussing the cultivation of the outer floors? It was to provide him with clues to the case that year!

"Okay. After hanging around for so long, we can all have business." Li Fengyao laughed rare.

Such an unparalleled ice-beauty just smiled softly, as if the whole Frosty Winter was relieved from the cold. The winter moon is bright because of it.

Rao is Jiang Wang's mind already involved in the raging case, and he also stunned in front of this chuckle.

"Go back," she said.

"Hey, good." Jiang Wang answered obediently.

"Then I won't give it away." Li Fengyao stopped: "Grandma likes you very much, come and see her more."

"Okay." Jiang Wang said softly "Fengyao elder sister."

Then turned around, walked along the flower path, and left the courtyard, which was deeply destroyed by the city.



Speaking of which and the stone gate Li's association began early in the morning with Li Longchuan.

When Tianfu Secret Realm first met, Jiang Wang was cautious about Li's attitude towards stone gate.

Mainly because of the poem-"The world sings stone gate Li, who else knows Fengxian Zhang?"

The same top-level famous door, after the restoration of the country. Why did the stone gate Li's stand upright, but Fengxian Zhang Clan fell to this point?

While feeling sorry for Fengxian Zhang Clan, I can't help but look at Li's stone gate a little bit more.

Later, he sent Qiu Shan bow to Li Longchuan on behalf of Chong Xuan Sheng, and with Xu Xiangqian's help, the two sides were officially married.

What kind of Aristocratic family is Li's stone gate?

The ancestors can enjoy the merits of restoring the country, and set up the Spirit Temple in the Hall of Protecting the Country, which is at the forefront!

For so many years, famous men and talents have emerged in large numbers, and they have always stood among Great Qi's top elites.

Jiang Wang, a rural man from a small remote country, has never felt arrogant in contact with such famous people. Whether it is Li Longchuan, Li Old Taijun, Li Fengyao......

From the very beginning to the present, all he feels is respect.

This is true now, when he was far from being famous.

So why did Li's stone gate enjoy the glory for a long time?

Maybe this is the reason.

Sitting on the carriage back home, Jiang Wang thought quietly.

The Aristocratic Family like Li's stone gate can ignore many rules.

However, Jiang Wang, as a member of the blue card system, has to be cautious when participating in important cases investigated by the blue card.

Li Fengyao will not mention Dao Li 3920 for no reason, let alone mention Gu Xing for no reason.

It’s not good to say, a trifling, where are the characters on the floor level outside the stone gate worth remembering?

Only Gu Xing's later destination is quite interesting.

Bajiao Island is an island controlled by the Tian family overseas.

Is Gu Xing's dismissal from chasing the wind and choosing to go to sea to venture out in the past, is it related to the Tian family?

And what Li Fengyao specifically mentioned, what role did the green brand Constable named Du Fang, who was perish together with the cultivation base of Wailou and the suspect in the Dragon Realm, played in the big case of that year?

Li Fengyao is not always idle, mentioning this person.

Every additional clue brings you closer to the truth.

Jiang Wang has a hunch that he is already not far away from it.

While thinking, suddenly the curtain wind moved, and a silhouette flashed in.

Jiang Wang is not shocked, he has a big hand, dao essence is violent, Divine Soul Power is turbulent, his left eye has turned to crimson...

All this happened in an instant , And disappeared instantly.

The five fingers protruding out have been pressed to the door of the opposite side, hovering for a while, and then retracted.

"I almost killed you!" He was frowned.

Lin Youxie, who sat down in the carriage, was still wearing an azure scarf with hair, dressed in menswear, and said without any fluctuations in his expression: "If you can't even control this, then you will be called Qi in vain. State is the first Heaven's Chosen. Unless, you really think you can kill me."

Can be far inferior to his cultivation base, bully this distance... I can only say that I am worthy of Lin Kuang’s daughter .

Independent sect secret art such as "Nianchen", there must be quite a few...

"Master?" The coachman is on the road outside the curtain.

"It's okay." Jiang Wang responded aloud.

The voice in the car was imprisoned. Jiang Wang had a headache and said: "If you are going to visit me just and honorable, you can go to the door with a name post. If you are going to visit me secretly, and Why did you get into my carriage on the street?"

"Because you have a famous post, you have to ask your steward to ask about the origin, and you have to consider your mood and see if you want to see guests. "Lin Youxie as it should be by rights said.

Jiang Wang:...

"And." Lin Youxie said: "As long as it is calm enough, it is actually more hidden during the day than at night. Suddenly sneaking into your carriage on the street, also It’s much more secretive than knocking on your back door in the middle of the night..."

Facing Jiang Wang’s complicated eyes, she concluded: "A little knowledge of case-handling, I hope it can help you."


"Are you here to teach me today?" Jiang Wang asked quietly.

Lin Youxie was silent for a while, and said: "I already know who the murderer is."

Jiang Wang's expression became serious: "The murderer in the Lei Guifei case?"

"In fact, Feng Gu has left a lot of clues." Lin Youxie said: "It's right in front of our eyes."

"For example?"

"Feng Gu hanged himself in the Spirit Hall, facing the northeast corner when he died. At the funeral of His Royal Highness the Eleventh, the Spirit Hall station on the first day, who was standing there... Do you remember?"

Jiang Wang thought about it for a while, and said seriously: "at first is the Huaying Palace Lord, and later...the Queen."

"This is the first clue that Feng Gu gave. Queen of the Dynasty!" Lin Youxie said: "This is a clue to those who were also present at the time, including you, of course, Jiang Jueye."

"This is too far-fetched." Jiang Wang shook his head and said:" The funeral lasted three full days. I don’t know how many people entered the Spirit Hall to worship."

"But there are not many people who can stand in that direction, almost no one else."

"How can the direction the deceased face be used as a clue?"

"Feng Gu committed suicide. This is a carefully planned suicide. Every detail is the result of his careful consideration. Generally speaking. Suspended beams committed suicide, either moved towards the door or moved towards the direction he wanted to see. Feng Gu is obviously in the latter case."

As someone who also appeared on the first day of the funeral, Jiang Wang actually felt in his heart Already faintly believe.

Because he has also been thinking about what clues Feng Gu left for him!

But he still said: "This can't convince people."

"So there is a second clue." Lin Youxie asked: "Remember the bowl of His Highness Eleven Is it medicinal soup?"

Jiang Wang looked at her.

Lin Youxie said: "I have already told you the ingredients in that bowl of medicinal soup. In addition to me, there was also a pharmacist who tested the ingredients at Beiya. The ingredients are not bad at all. But time Did not say."


"There is a new medicine. It is added after the bowl of medicinal soup has cooled for at least one to two days. Go in. Besides Feng Gu, I can't think of anyone who would do this. This medicine is red-bellied spider feet."

Jiang Wang was silent.

He usually just doesn't know how to pretend in front of Chongxuan Fatty, and he really doesn't understand the red-bellied spider feet.

If there is something wrong with this medicine, Zheng Shi also heard the ingredients of medicinal soup that day, why didn't he respond?

"It is also spiritual medicine that resists cold poison, and it is not special in this bowl of medicinal soup. But the red-bellied spider itself is very special." Lin Youxie continued: "It has an alias, called 'Eating spiders'. This spider gives birth and eats. Ten spiders hatch at a time, eat nine of them and keep one of them."

"Why did Feng Gu deliberately add such a medicine? His Royal Highness 11 passed away , This bowl of medicine is not for people to drink, but for people to see. Who is it for? Maybe it's me, maybe it's you. Your Royal Highness Eleven’s biological mother is dead, who is this spider-eating spider referring to... I think, It goes without saying."

Jiang Wang was moved!

If Feng Gu really wanted to imply something, then these hints added up are indeed enough...

Then, in the 38th year of Yuanfeng, the assassination of Concubine Lei The murderer, turned out to be the current queen?

If the person behind the scenes is really a queen, then this case is so crushed, it is completely understandable.

If it is the shadow cast by the queen today, Feng Gu, as the director of the Longevity Palace Court Eunuch, can indeed only affect the case with death!


Jiang Wang quickly withdrew from the shock and calmly said: "But these can only show Feng Gu’s hatred at best. He can think that today The queen is the murderer of Concubine Lei, but his suspicion is not evidence."

The meaning Jiang Wang wants to express is very simple——

Only these, to lift the thunder The assassination of the imperial concubine is far from enough.

To put it bluntly, Feng Gu is not a dog in the Changsheng Palace. Compared to the queen, what is he?

He took this bite without pain or itching.

His suspicion is insignificant.

More than Feng Gu?

What's the difference between his Jiang Qingyang and Lin Youxie's suspicions and Feng Gu?

Only with solid evidence, is there a possibility of shaking the queen's authority.


They rashly began to doubt, only to die!

He hoped that Lin Youxie crashed into the carriage today, and talked about it with evidence,

But Lin Youxie hooked the head: "How can there be evidence? "

Her voice is extremely bitter: "So many years have passed. How can someone who can do such a big case keep the evidence until now?"

Time Never keep anything for anyone.

That’s why in the past seventeen years, there has been a heavy despair.

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